the 6 best dyson vacuums

The 6 Best Dyson Vacuums

Your local Best Buy employee knows that you’ve been eying up the Dyson vacuums since, well, you started shopping at that Best Buy. If you have to answer another “just looking again?”, you may have to buy something to just to hide your embarrassment due to your lack of vacuum knowledge. Dyson’s product listings are …

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tarkett laminate flooring review

Tarkett Laminate Flooring Review

Would you like to redo your floors with European flair? Are the environment and issues of sustainability important to you? Then we recommend you take a look at Tarkett’s laminate line. Tarkett is a 130 year old German company that makes a wide range of products and flooring, including sports stadium astroturf (in addition to …

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wicanders cork flooring review

Wicanders Cork Flooring Review

Let’s say you’re awake one night pondering what to do about your ancient and boring floors. You’ve looked at many options, but none of the traditional materials stand out to you. In your searches, you come across an advertisement for a strange product: cork flooring. After some quick research, you discover that one of the …

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Moduleo Vinyl Plank Review

When you think of Belgian products, you may envision velvety chocolate, tasty waffles, and imported beer, but Moduleo vinyl plank flooring? Not exactly the first idea that comes to mind is it? Although that combo would make a great TV show or tasty snack, sadly it won’t get you any closer to finding the perfect …

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mullican hardwood flooring review

Mullican Hardwood Flooring Review

Before you bought a house you had no idea how complicated this flooring thing was, am I right? Heath concerns, environmental concerns, installation, price, and above all style- these are all swirling around, vying for your attention. Do you want tile? Concrete? Wood? So many choices.  We’re here to help.  This review specifically talks about …

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