DuraLux Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

DuraLux Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

By Fortino Rosas / August 16, 2021 / 62 Comments

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    Have you ever wanted to install wood flooring in the bathroom or basement but couldn’t bear the risk of moisture or standing water ruining your floors?

    Fret no more! The newest vinyl flooring could be a moisture-proof, wood-look solution for nearly any room in your home.

    Most luxury vinyl plank floors offer water resistance to a certain point. You cannot wet mop many of them.

    In addition, many require specialized cleaning products to prevent voiding their warranty. Not DuraLux Performance. More on the waterproof qualities in a moment.

    DuraLux Performance luxury vinyl plank flooring was born in 2017. It was created to be super simple to install in nearly any room—even basements, sunrooms and heavily used bathrooms.

    At around $2.30 per square foot, this flooring is not only a very affordable option, but a smart investment for certain rooms—but not all rooms. This product is thin and easy to install, but that flexibility comes with some downsides, mainly weight restrictions and area rug warnings.

    But before we get into the details of DuraLux, let’s look at what makes luxury vinyl plank flooring one of the preferred flooring choices for homeowners across the country.

    Why Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?

    Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring is becoming more and more popular for homeowners who want an affordable and durable alternative to wood and tile flooring. Not only is LVP flooring about half the cost of wood and stone flooring, but it is in many cases far more durable.

    DuraLux LVP floors offer the same advantages of other luxury vinyl floors: they are “life proof” durable, mimic the look of natural wood, and are extremely easy to clean and maintain.

    While the total life of LVP floors may be shorter than stone, tile and wood, the benefits could outweigh the negatives. Unlike wood, LVP floors are highly resistant to scratches and dents. They are optimal in homes with pets, kids and floors with lots of foot traffic.

    In case you’re still shopping multiple flooring types for your project, (i.e. wood, tile, laminate, carpet, etc.), check out our recent article on the pros and cons of vinyl plank flooring.

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    About DuraLux

    DuraLux is a private-label brand sold exclusively at Floor & Décor stores around the country.  Headquartered in Atlanta since 2000, Floor & Décor is a specialty retailer in the flooring market.

    They offer a wide selection of wood, tile, stone, vinyl and laminate products. They also have deeply discounted prices.

    In case you aren’t a do-it-youselfer, they can recommend professionals in your area who can help with your project. They even offer free work site delivery!

    The DuraLux product is tailored to the do-it-yourself installer. You can install it in up to 64,000 square feet of space without any transition molding.

    It comes in 19 different colors, from blacks to rich browns to grays. These colors are what we would call the most common colors. However, the selection in this line is somewhat lacking if you happen to be looking for something a little more unique.

    Planks come in one size: 6 inches by 36 inches, and 5mm thick. These floors have a 12 mil wear layer. That is far lower thickness than many of the other LVP flooring brands.

    You can install this flooring right out of the box with no adhesives or special tools needed. This flooring is specifically designed for easy installation by homeowners who like to do the work themselves.

    It comes with a standard Lifetime Residential Warranty and 10-year Commercial Warranty.

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    The Core Difference

    DuraLux offers luxury vinyl plank flooring with a special difference: a rigid stone core. This is truly unique to the DuraLux line and provides superior dent and scratch resistance and a mind-blowing impact resistance that is double that of most other LVP flooring—despite having a much thinner wear layer than others.

    Each plank is constructed with a clear top layer, which provides even tougher scratch resistance. Plus, the built-in underlayment features sound reducing and anti-microbial effects. This means a DuraLux floor is a quiet, warm floor.

    The look is very close to real hardwood, but not as realistic as some of the other LVP brands we’ve seen. With an easy click-lock system and no glue or other tools required, these floors are ready to install right out of the box and right on top of most types of existing flooring.

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    Waterproof & Environmentally Friendly

    DuraLux claims its floors are 100% waterproof. This makes them a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms where moisture, spills and sitting water might ruin other types of floors.

    Its waterproof properties also allow these floors to be wet mopped, making them super easy to clean and maintain. A regular vacuuming every few days or so will be especially important for those blessed by gobs of pet hair floating around on their floors.

    Like many other LVP flooring options, DuraLux is FloorScore certified for low VOC emissions. In addition, this flooring does not use formaldehyde-based resins or ortho-phthalate plasticizers in its construction, making it an environmentally responsible and healthy choice.

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    Is DuraLux flooring good?

    DuraLux luxury vinyl plank flooring is an excellent product for everyone who’s looking for a durable, affordable, scratch-resistant solution for their home. This flooring type is made with a rigid stone core, making it much more durable and resistant to dents and scratches than similar alternatives.

    The DuraLux luxury vinyl is ideal for high-frequency rooms and homes with kids and pets. In addition, it resembles natural wood, so many people who don’t want to spend a fortune on hardwood floors opt for this alternative.

    Can DuraLux be used outdoors?

    DuraLux vinyl floors are meant to be installed indoors and are perfect for any room you can think of. These vinyl floors are especially suitable for high-traffic areas since they’re highly resistant to wear, scratching, and easy to maintain.

    You can count on the DuraLux vinyl floors to be an excellent solution for basements and sunrooms as well. Be sure to read the manufacturer instructions or get in touch with the brand if you’re unsure whether you should install it in certain rooms.

    Is DuraLux waterproof?

    The DuraLux vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should let spills and water stay on the floor without caring for them; however, it does mean that you can clean the DuraLux vinyl floors with a wet mop, in addition to daily or weekly vacuuming.
    These vinyl floors will be a great addition to rooms such as bathrooms and the kitchen since spills can often happen in these areas of your home. Since it’s moisture-proof, it’s also a common solution for basements, restaurants, cafes, etc.

    How do you clean DuraLux vinyl plank flooring?

    DuraLux luxury vinyl plank flooring is surprisingly easy to clean and maintain. Since it’s a waterproof option, you can use a wet mop for daily or weekly cleaning. You can also use a vacuum cleaner as often as you need, but make sure it’s suitable for vinyl floors.

    Always follow the maintenance instructions given by the manufacturer. You should avoid abrasive cleaners, wax, and bleach products because they can cause damage to your new vinyl floors. Instead, only opt for cleaners specifically made for this material type.

    Overall Opinion

    There are a few distinct negatives to DuraLux floors. The use of rubber backed area rugs can cause staining on these floors.

    Also, they do not recommend installing these floors in rooms with heavy furniture or cabinets, stating that the fixed weight limitations to these floors is 500 lbs., which means kitchen installs could be problematic. However, if you get this flooring home and after a few planks decide it’s not for you, Floor & Décor offers a 90-day return policy (for uninstalled products).

    Because this flooring line is exclusive to Floor & Décor stores, there are very few, if any, online reviews. However, Floor & Décor has knowledgeable staff onsite at each of their stores, so tap into that knowledge to determine if this is the right floor for you.

    The company itself has received overwhelmingly positive reviews for their service and selection, and the few reviews we’ve seen online show most people are happy with DuraLux. Their Facebook page is also a great source of information.

    Be cautious about using the chat function on their website, however. We found the representatives there to be lacking in deep product knowledge.

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    About Fortino Rosas

    Chief Floor Critic, 32 years of experience in flooring installation and sales

    Fortino Rosas is an independent flooring contractor with 32 years of experience in residential and commercial flooring installation and sales. He joined the Floor Critics team to share his expertise with our readers. Fortino has acquired vast knowledge and skills in the areas of product selection, space planning, and installation. He has installed flooring in residential, government, and commercial office projects in the Midwest. Visit Website.

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    62 thoughts on “DuraLux Vinyl Plank Flooring Review”

    1. The Duralux flooring for the most part is good stuff but has a learning curve to install… I found that slightly tilting and pushing together each plank until it looks as if the seam is about to disappear… Then very carefully taking a 3/4 in thick by 3 inch wide by about 10in long piece of pine wood. Push flooring down to floor, place pine against edge of flooring, then gently tap the wood to lock the flooring groove into place… Often you will hear a very distinct click. But make sure flooring is down to floor before hitting the wood piece, if up in air you can break off the locking groove. Cutting custom shapes can be a royal pain with this stuff… But I do a general box cutter cut top and bottom the best I can. Then pliers and or wire cutters to break away, or chip away unwanted areas. The clean up with the box cutter blade again… BTW, this flooring will dull blades “extremely fast”… So buy several blades….. Now my down side part of the review… Scratch resistance, there is none… Our cats slipping around on the floor (it is very slippery to pets) causes their claws the scratch the beejeebers out of the flooring…
      For the most part we are satisfied, just wish it was more scratch resistant… Like the one customer, I do have a couple of areas that make a cracking noise when you walk across that small area.

    2. Joseph Chiarella

      DuraLux Performance Lenox Estate Flooring. I am a homeowner who purchased this flooring to install it myself. Our home is a 1 floor home of about 1800 sq feet. I’ve installed flooring before and am a very handy person. This floor looks great and we liked the ridged feel. Most of the home had tile under the laminate flooring that I removed. I can say that this floor was a little more difficult to work with than I had hoped. The issue is the locking mechanism. The vinyl is very fragile and if you hit it too hard the tabs break. After struggling to find the best compromise I thought I had it figured out. Now that the floor is complete it makes a snapping sound when waked on in some areas where the planks did not lock together properly. I would rate the look a 9, but the install was very difficult and would not work with this product again as a DIYer. If you are having professional install you will probably be OK, but add $2 a square foot to the cost.

    3. Michael Hayden

      Bought DuraLux’ “Volakas Marble Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Plank – Foam Back” from Floor & Decor. It is for a 250 Sq Ft kitchen and dining room. Looks very nice. Some of the squares were “dirty” at first (white will show more dirt), so I cleaned them like crazy. Some are lighter and darker, which I guess is the “Carrera” marble look, some soft grey, purple, white, etc. This isn’t a major concern because it still looks nice and was put together correctly, very functional. The issue is the easy scratching. Table and chairs had plastic tips on bottom, which scratched floor very badly. I could understand hardwood, etc. But if I went with porcelain or even laminate wood, I would not be having this issue. Product or Store is not very transparent of what to do in order to claim the “100% lifetime residential warranty”. I am reading that an inspector needs to come out through Floor & Decor, for whom we have to pay. This will be interesting. Perhaps it would be better to go and re-purchase a couple boxes of it and just replace the scratched ones. We shall see.

    4. Francisco Medrano

      We installed this crappy floor in the house. It’s true the ends don’t stay down. We thought possibly we may have gotten a bad batch. We reached out to Floor and Decor and after a couple of months they finally got back to me and we had the flooring inspected. The inspector concluded that it was an installation problem. We returned some boxes of unused flooring and followed the guidelines that the inspector stated. We got another batch and started to install that and has the same problems. The edges are already coming up. It is a complete disaster.

      1. Hi. For the Duralux “Performance” design I noticed the ends are Up on the display. Then I grabbed two display pieces and locked the ends together. I tilted one of the pieces up a little, and that caused the top end to be permanently bent. So I recommend always keeping the pieces flat. The ends are fragile, so don’t tilt the pieces while they are locked. I tested this with a few other products and brands and most are more rigid and did not bend. Myself, I’ve used UltraLux before with success, but be careful of the “Performance” design.

    5. Is this flooring ok to be placed over previously laid floating LVT? I know it’s easy to pull up but it evens out my floor even more.

    6. I just started installing and one of my dogs stained it. It took a while to get the stain out but now I’m worried and reading the reviews above is disappointing, Not sure I should continue installing, have to find other cost effective options.

    7. We installed the Duralux in our hall, living room and dining room. It’s in high traffic areas with six people in the house. It has a wavy look and feel to it (long seams don’t lay flat) The male end of the short seams began to bend up right away and when a dining room chair or a foot drags across it, it opens the seam even more. Now after only 4 months of normal wear, the long seams are cracking from the stress of the interlocking joint being walked on. We have to use tape to keep our es from falling out. I loved that it is quiet and warm but it’s falling apart! I started to file against the lifetime residential warranty and they told me I have to pay for the inspector. I guess we get to rip out a 7 month old floor and start over! Worst flooring I’ve ever seen! Interesting they don’t have a place to leave reviews on the Floor & Decor website, now we know why!

      1. Oh dear that’s discouraging. I have already bought it and partially installed it. I have been trying to get an answer to a question fro F & D with no luck. One lady had me n hold for 40 minutes.

      2. Here’s some tips from flooring contractor never done it before I suggest hiring a professional.
        I have installed many different brands of lvp the only difference I noticed about Duralux it is stiffer and can handle more weight then other brands without leaving dents. And tends to hide any wavy flooring underneath a little better anyhow but only so much.
        because all brands say the slope for wavy floors should be no more than 1/4 inch every 10 ft
        To get an idea slide a 6-foot level around and it should not teeter totter anywhere or be able to put a pencil underneath it if there is a dip.
        Otherwise the floor needs to be leveled somehow.
        unless you like roller coasters.lol

        but since duralux is stiffer, when installing around and through
        doorways it is more difficult to do without experience and making sure that it is fully connected. otherwise, when dirt and small particles get into the crack over time. and will gradually separate and come apart. And no matter how many times did hit it down, squeeze it together, or curse at it. The only way to fix it is to take it all apart put it back together correctly, totally clean.(this applies to every brand of lvp flooring).
        So to help around the doorways, I always remove the baseboards on all my jobs then put back on top later. then I undercut the door jambs and remove some wood with a multitool 1/16 to 1/8 inch thicker than the floor for it to slide under, to manuver into place.
        unless!? you. or pay some halfass installers to do what I call, “the Home Depot quarter round special”, making the floor about a quarter inch away from the door jambs and baseboards and then slap a quarter round on top.
        but if you ever plan on changing your baseboards you will find that the floor is actually inch or so away from the wall and it will always need quarter rounds .
        also Home Depot never finishes 1/4 rounds correctly. leaving sharp edges or gaps at the doorways, hallways,stairs, closets and transition pieces.

        Important! So when installing lvp flooring. becareful, of the click lock side and end pieces because they are all brittle in every brand. so make sure you do not have any damaged boxes, accidentally dropped one on his corner even six inches from the ground or have them slide around in the back of a pickup.
        otherwise the whole box trash and you will be fighting a losing battle. because when you’re installing even a little smallest fly turd in the groove will make it not click together completely. with no matter to what brand of lvp flooring you get as they all click very tightly together. ( so water doesnt go through the cracks)

        also, when you are done.
        I **highly** suggest buying those little felt pads to stick on furniture or chairs with metal feet.
        because all lvp flooring brands ,have the same type of wear layer coating on top and will scratch moving heavy furniture or chairs without them, plus they make furniture really easy to move around.
        (i think a pack of 200 with all diffrent sizes is only $10 on amazon.)
        one more helpful advice. When you pick a color make sure that is not too solid of a color or too dark. (can be dark with lots of color variation)

        Unless you actually never plan on walking there or want to constantly clean.
        because every little dust bunny, the smallest piece of pocket-lint or a bit dandruff from your little doggie will stand out.. not 1 mile ;but 2 miles away.

    8. DuraLuxChelsea Gunstock Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Plank—get it off the shelves! The locking edges are as brittle as a saltine cracker. I had several chip right under my finger as it was being handled. They’re sharp too. I grazed the locking edge and it slashed my thumb. Within 48 hours, some of the male end edges have popped up and cracked. Product is not a vinyl plank, it’s a thin slate veneer with a textured plastic top and a rubber skid layer on the bottom…..no flexibility. “Stone core” layer is light grey. Why? Any slightly open seam is clearly visible. Why wasn’t it dyed medium brown so it wouldn’t show? If I hadn’t wasted so much time already, I’d pull it up, rebox it and throw it through Floor and Decor’s front door. Very disappointed.

    9. We installed our duralux vinyl planks only a few weeks ago and they are already scratching in the kitchen. A couple scratches in the middle of the floor so I have no ideal what would have caused it. We do not have a dog. The floor constantly looks filthy no matter how many times I clean them. Any type of spill is super obvious. We hate this flooring and they’re very disappointed that we ever put it in. There were no reviews on Floor Decor website which is a shame on that company.

    10. We have in our laundry room DuraLux Performance
      Volakas Marble Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Tile and I dropped a sharpie marker on it and went to clean it with a magic eraser and it now looks a lot whiter in the spot I used in on. I am thinking I took the top layer off and wondered if there was a way to correct the problem without taking up 4 rows, if I had to replace 2 planks…it would be ok if it wasn’t the first thing you see when you walk in the room…

    11. I love my DuralLux Waterproof Luxury Vinyl floors, but my question is, someone spilled something on my floor and i now have spots that i can not get off. I’ve tried soap and water ( still there), any suggestions on how to clean my floor?

      1. Use magic eraser. It worked perfectly on mine. But in case it’s not the same for your floor, just try a tiny spot first to make sure it doesn’t damage.

    12. We installed this product in April over well cured (30 years old) cement floors in the basement. The product is excreting a strange reddish liquid which dries quickly and becomes flakey. It will mop off, but it returns. Is anybody else having this problem?

    13. I just installed the Duralux Highland Gray Salvage and it’s beautiful. It has a rustic charm and feels like real wood. You can take a hammer to it and it won’t make a mark. I absolutely love it and it’s in my kitchen/hallway, laundry and main living room.

      1. Hi there, I just purchased highland gray salvage for my basement. I loved the color so much, how would you say yours has held up? Do you still love it and is it durable? Thanks so much in advance for responding

    14. Disappointed in mine. Several scratches already and it’s just a few weeks old. At this point, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

      1. Margaret E Owens

        I am disappointed as well, looks great in kitchen but in less than 3 months we have 4 broken boards which we have to replace. May be waterproof but not durable.

        1. Hi there, I just purchased highland gray salvage for my basement. I loved the color so much, how would you say yours has held up? Do you still love it and is it durable? Thanks so much in advance for responding

    15. We had Duralux installed In our home after a water hose line froze and ruined our floors, I vowed I’d never deal with the mess of that again. (long story short we had some masonry work being done outdoors and the hose was not disconnected after use) Busting up glued down floors was a nightmare.

      At first, I thought the floors were scratching when I moved furniture but it turns out that is the protective layer and they mop right up without showing any evidence of scratching. I must have looked at over 20 samples and tested them with water and nails hammers and this by far outweighed the other options (bamboo, hardwood, engineered hardwood, nuvacore, you name it). We had an engineered hardwood before that and within a year was ruined by our dog. We have a dog and 3 kids and I have yet to find a single scratch! We love this floor so much we are replacing our carpet upstairs with it! Also, Floor and Decor is so easy to deal with – we have used their products for several small renovations.

    16. Has anyone installed floor and decor lvp duralux over ceramic tile. I have not seen anywhere that it is ok. Not wanting to do anything with the grout lines of the tile (12×12 size). Lowes Smartcore specifically says it can be installed over tile.

      1. Hello, I am currently installing this over 16×16 ceramic tiles. The only issue I have is that the floor is uneven in certain places and the grout lines can be an issue. I have installed with a size pattern and a continuous lay and I probably would not do that same size pattern part again. To minimize the connections that fall in the grout lines.

      2. I have installed almost 3000 sq ft of the Pebblebrooke Oak in 2 different houses and a lot of it was done over 12×12 tile and it lays down perfect. I have had almost no problems with the product aside from it being a little wavy when I put it over wavy floors in the first place. I have performed an experiment and put it down in a bathroom (my own house) over tile, first I put it down over the majority of the floor and used the bathroom as normal for a couple of weeks to see if water would pool under the flooring in the grout lines and it did. It’s a pretty small bathroom and I didn’t want to break out a bag of self leveler for such a small area so I used silicon caulk and a putty knife and filled all of the grout lines. I also installed it under the toilet so this section of the floor is definitely not floating. So far so good but would love to hear if anyone else has done it this way so I should know whether I should plan on pulling it back up and doing something else in there. LOL. Pro tip that I can tell all of the people that are experiencing poor seam locking is to make sure that the seams are extremely cleaned out before you snap them together. A little piece of atomic dust can telegraph to a lip, also make sure that you aren’t pulling the pieces apart because the only go together well once unless you take an inordinate amount of care in disassembling them. Last tip is that every piece needs to be knocked into place to make sure that the gap is gone, sides and edges. Make sure that you are using spacers on the wall so that you aren’t knocking the lines out of square. I personally am very satisfied with the product and look forward to putting it in many more customers houses.

    17. My planks keep coming up at the seams, I like the flooring but I am forever having to rubber hammer them down and it gets worse when you have more than light traffic walking on it. My installer said that it’s a floating floor. Well, I have two other rooms previously done that don’t come apart and the seams are not that obvious.

      Do you have any idea what is causing this? It happens on the whole floor, even non-walking areas. The floors actually look wavy.

      1. I have noticed that the male side on the short side of the plank can be broken on install and then it will separate (lift higher) from the plank next to it. You will need to look very closely at it, as it is hard to see the small crack in the channel.

      2. I installed mine a few weeks ago and its already coming apart at the seams. Looks beautiful but im highly disappointed. The interlocking system is very fragile

      3. Make sure that your subfloor is level or at least close to it, if not a floor lever will have to be laid down first and make sure that if you do this or have a contractor do this that the first prime the floor otherwise you will regret it later on. Another thing to make sure of is that the installer cleans the seams on every piece. I use a brush on nearly every piece and keep a vacuum handy to clean up the dust pile. I would also suspect that your installer didn’t set each piece, it takes a little more time but it keeps the seams where you want them, set and closed.

    18. I found it very difficult to transition through multiple doorways because of the angle to get the flooring to lock. I could say more but the worst is a chair with plastic feet has scratched the floor in less than a week.

      Worst flooring ever… I’ve put in 4 different kinds of flooring and by far this one will disappoint you.

    19. Is this floor compatible with underfloor radiant heat? If so, what is the recommended max temperature?

      Am I right to assume that I would not need to install underlayment since we have heated floors? The site says that the underlayment makes the floors warmer, presumably because it insulates the floor from the cooler basement below it.

    20. Can you put DuraLux under a toilet (toilet sits on top) or does it need to be butted up against the toilet and caulked?

      1. I installed in our master bathroom. Put a toilet on top of it. No issues for the past 6 months or so. This floor was installed on top of ceramic tiles. I had to put some glue in those uneven spots so that it does not move. Even though this is the locking floor, I would recommend to glue it down to minimize movements and create a very solid effect.

        1. cynthia h buoniconti

          You may want to check your warranty…I think gluing down 100% waterproof luxury vinyl planks can void the warranty…


        I have the same question. Can I put it under the toilet or do I have to go around it? And what is the best way to secure it down if I have to go around the toilet?

      3. I just put it under a new toilet in my house and filled all of the grout lines in the existing tile floor to keep the water from the shower collecting under there. Only been a few days now so I can’t speak to the longevity of it but so far so good. The silicon that I used to fill the grout lines seems to really hold the floor down so I don’t think that glue will be necessary, at least in my application.

    21. I own a Home Remodeling business, and I personally love this product! I like it so much I had my home approx 2200 sqft of DuraLux installed everywhere! I have a dog and lots of traffic. I love the way they look and feel. I give this product two thumbs up!!

      Floor and Decor nailed it!!

        1. For Duralux and any other floating floors, kitchen cabinets should be installed on the subfloor and not on top of the floor as this prevents the floor from expanding and contracting.

          When you install it, leave 1/4” expansion between the floor and the cabinets.

        2. OK, think of it this way – if you do install a refrigerator over this flooring and the worse case scenario happens and it leaves indentations where it sat, who cares? It is where the next refrigerator will also sit.

          I have used this in the homes of many clients and when installed PROPERLY, we have had zero issues. Remember that the quality of the finished product is entirely dependent on a quality installation.

    22. I got Duralux floors throughout my house (except bathrooms), even in kitchen. I love my floors! I have dogs and my house feels much cleaner. They are so easy to clean and they look great. Someone asked if they are hardwood. You have to look close and tap on them to be able to tell that they’re not. With dogs my carpet just felt dirty and I was afraid they had a pet smell even after I cleaned them. No longer a problem. I’m so happy to have these floors! (I also got porcelain tiles for bathrooms. Floor and Decor was great to work with.)

      1. I have samples interlocked together on my counter with water sitting on the seams. So far, duralux appears to remain dry. Nucore, on the other hand (that is in the next aisle over at Floor and Decor) leaks. The cork on the underside gets pretty wet.

    23. We just had the Dura Lux Performance floor installed throughout our house and it looks great. It was installed over existing tile that was outdated and Floor and Decor was great to deal with. Even better, the installation crew was even better. They worked tirelessly from start to finish, moved our furniture, and walked through every room when they were finished to ensure my wife and I were satisfied. Thanks again Floor and Decor, and I will keep posting as we get used to our new flooring.

      1. How is your flooring now that you’ve had it for a while? We want to install over tile also but this didn’t seem very cushioned compared to some others we’ve seen. Does it lift at all? I’ve never had a floating floor before.

      1. Virtually none of the LVP products available today are made in the USA. Most are made in China or other parts of Asia.

    24. Hi, we love our Blue Ridge smart core floor. Installed 36 boxes, went well.

      Can I clean the floor with water and Murphy’s oil soap?

    25. Hi – In researching these floors, I have a couple questions. I fell in love with the DuraLux Highland Gray Salvage. Gorgeous! Is it diamond hardened or does it have titanium?

      Top coating? Also, is it CARB2 compliant? (Never heard of any of this, but a website discussing pros and cons of waterproof vinyl said to ask these questions). Thank you so much.

      1. Did you ever get an answer on this? I’m looking at going with the exact same flooring for a rental house we own.

      2. The article above^^^ says this: “DuraLux is FloorScore certified for low VOC emissions. In addition, this flooring does not use formaldehyde-based resins or ortho-phthalate plasticizers in its construction, making it an environmentally responsible and healthy choice.”

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