TimberTech vs Trex

TimberTech vs Trex – Which One Will You Pick?

By Fortino Rosas / November 19, 2020 / 0 Comments

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Composite decking is a popular type of flooring that’s durable, easy to install, and effortless to maintain. There are many products on the market, but the best overall are TimberTech and Trex. Today, I’ll be giving you a comparison guide on TimberTech vs Trex so you can decide which one is best suited for your requirements.

I’ll be covering information on both of these composite flooring brands, where you can buy them, and how to install them. In the reviews below, find out if both TimberTech and Trex offer various style options and how durable each of them are.

To learn more about TimberTech and Trex, refer to the frequently asked questions following the reviews. After reading my comparisons, you can make the decision about which of these decking options is ideal for your home.

TimberTech Review

Key Highlights

  • Made with 80% recycled material
  • Comes in coconut husk and sea salt gray color
  • Scalloped profile


Do you want a gray or light-brown decking to complement the exterior of your home? TimberTech offers its decking boards in a stunning sea salt gray and coconut husk, either of which will elevate the outdoor aesthetics of your home.

TimberTech Review

The TimberTech composite decking is versatile, so you can use it to create patios, greenhouse flooring, balconies, and more. These decking boards have a stunning realistic finish with a wood-like texture.


TimberTech’s boards are made with 80% recycled material that is eco-friendly. The brand also offers a new line of composite decking that includes a color-blended prime. These boards are three-sided, capped composite planks that are highly durable and weather-resistant.

Furthermore, TimberTech features a protective outer layer made from polymer that covers all sides of the board. The protective layer makes the TimberTech decking resistant to moisture damage.

Style Options

There are multiple design options for you to pick from, or you can customize your boards by combining your favorite colors. There are also a number of finishes available, such as wire brushed, low gloss, and classic cathedral grains.

TimberTech offers single-width decking boards defined by straight, consistent lines. You can also add a border around your decking to frame it., and there are multi-width boards available too, if you want to create a unique decking pattern. You can visit the TimberTech website where you can use their design tool to play around with various patterns.

Where To Buy TimberTech

You can buy TimberTech decking from the brand’s website. Additionally, there are physical TimberTech showrooms you can visit to find the decking you want. A store locator on the TimberTech website makes it easy to find a store near you.

Home Depot stocks TimberTech decking, as does Lowes. When you order your decking, your product will be delivered to your door.


  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple design options
  • Sustainable product


  • Low scratch-resistance
  • Higher expansion and contraction rates

How To Maintain TimberTech Flooring

TimberTech decking can get dirty, but the advantage is that it doesn’t require extensive cleaning. Simply rinse your decking every week to prevent the buildup of dust and debris. When you rinse your TimberTech, ensure there’s proper drainage in order to prevent mold growth.

Avoid using rubber mats on your TimberTech decking or leaving carpets on it for extended periods. Leaving mats on this type of decking will discolor the surface of the boards. There are certain products, such as sunblock or insect repellent, that can cause discoloration. If you spill this type of product on TimberTech decking, wipe it off immediately with a cloth.

Ease Of Installation

TimberTech decking is one of the easiest floorings to install yourself. There are helpful videos and guides on the TimberTech website for you to follow. This is called the deck building resource center.

If you don’t want to install the decking yourself, you can opt for a professional to come and do it for you. TimberTech works with trained contractors who will install your decking with the utmost care and precision.


TimberTech offers a lifetime limited warranty on its decking boards. There’s a 50-year stain and fade warranty as well as a 30-year limited product warranty on all TimberTech decking.

Top 3 Best TimberTech Products

TimberTech Pro Decking

The TimberTech Pro Collection has four-sided polymer capping that prevents wear and tear on the boards. These decking boards are stain- and moisture-resistant and, like all TimberTech products, the Pro range is low-maintenance.

There are three collections to select from under the Pro range, namely Tropical, Legacy, and Terrain. Select between a full-profile board or a scalloped design for ease of installation. The TimberTech Pro range has elegant colors that are in traditional browns such as Tigerwood, or select a neutral tone such as Whitewash Cedar. The Pro range features a hand-scraped finish, and they have a complex blend of colors. You can buy these decking composite boards in a wide variety of lengths and widths.


  • 4-sided capped composite decking
  • Comes in a variety of colors and sizes
  • Easy to maintain
  • Scratch resistant


  • Only has 73% recycled plastic
  • Expensive

TimberTech Azek Vintage Range

The TimberTech Azek decking boards come in a variety of sizes and cap configurations. This collection has a 50-ear fade and stain warranty that also covers cracking and flaking. The Azek decking is durable, so the boards won’t split, rot, or tarnish over time.

TimberTech’s Azek has three collections for you to pick from, which are Arbor, Vintage, and Harvest. Between these three collections there are 17 colors available. There are natural and traditional wood grain patterns that blend well.

This range is perfect for patios and balconies with a vintage or traditional aesthetic. Lasty, the Azek decking boards are lightweight, easy to install, and effortless to maintain.


  • Capped decking boards
  • Durable
  • Comes in 17 colors
  • Excellent warranty


  • Not as rigid as wrapped composite boards
  • Doesn’t have an authentic wooden look

TimberTech Edge Range

The TimberTech Edge range is the most affordable line the brand offers. This means it’s suitable for homeowners on a budget. These decking boards are made up of a combination of wood and plastic materials. TimberTech’s decking is only capped on three sides.

This TimberTech decking range has a 25-year warranty on stains and scratches. Additionally, the boards are resistant to splitting, cracking, rotting, and tarnishing over time.

There are two collections under the Edge range, namely Prime and Premier. There are four colors for you to pick from, and they all have a slight wood grain finish. The boards are made from 73% recycled plastic and reclaimed wood.

Lastly, the TimberTech Edge range doesn’t require any sanding or staining, so it’s easy to maintain.


  • Most affordable TimberTech collection
  • Robust
  • Sustainable
  • Comes in full-profile construction


  • Only capped on three sides
  • Doesn’t have many color options

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Trex Flooring Review

Key Highlights

  • Various sizes to pick from
  • Multiple color selections
  • 95% recycled board
  • Scratch and mold resistant


Trex decking is another homeowner favorite. There are multiple colors for you to pick from, such as Island Mist, Tiki Torch, and Lava Rock. You’ll also appreciate that Trex decking comes in various sizes for small to large-sized areas.

Trex Flooring Review

Trex decking is versatile because it can be installed inside or outside of your home. These boards are made with 95% recycled material, so they are eco-friendly too. The embossing on a standard Trex plank will occur every 39 inches.


Trex manufactures decking boards that are highly durable. This composite flooring is stain-, scratch-, and mold-resistant. There are two different profiles available, including scalloped, which is seen in entry-level planks, and the traditional full-bottom plank.

Whether you pick a scalloped or a full-bottom decking, the embossing is the same on both profiles. The wood grains and the texture of the embossing create a natural look and feel.

A Trex board is made up of two pieces: the protective shell and the composite core. The protective shell covers three sides of the board, which are the top and sides of the plank. In the middle of the Trex board is a composite material that’s a combination of sawdust and plastic.

These boards are heavier than pressure-treated wood, which helps keep them in place. Lastly, Trex boards have a higher scratch-resistance rating, so this flooring is suitable for homeowners who have active pets.

Style Options

Trex decking offers three style options: Transcend, Enhance, and Select. Each style comes in a variety of colors and patterns for you to pick from. The Transcend range comes in earth tones, while the Select comes in five tones. Enhance comes in two style options, Basics and Naturals.

The Trex Enhance range pairs well with the brand’s railings, so you can create a consistent design throughout your space. All of the Trex decking boards have realistic wooden patterns, so you can create a classic or rustic aesthetic inside and outside of your home.

Where To Buy Trex Flooring

Trex is one of the largest suppliers of composite decking on the market. That’s why you’re able to purchase Trex decking at any local building retail store. Trex decking is sold in more than 40 countries worldwide. You can purchase Trex decking at US retail shops such as Lowes and Home Depot.

If you’re not sure which colors or styles to choose, you can visit the Trex website to request samples of their decking. There’s also a store directory you can refer to if you’re looking for a retailer that sells Trex decking near you.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Termite- and insect-proof


  • Expensive
  • Fasteners are pricey

How To Maintain Trex Flooring

Maintaining your Trex decking boards is quick and easy. A bucket of warm, soapy water and a mop or a brush is all you need to rid your decking of dirt buildup. You can use a cleaning aid that’s safe for composite decking, and you’re able to use a pressure cleaner to loosen dirt between the boards.

To rinse your decking, you can wash away soap or debris using water from your hose. If you have stubborn water stains, use a soft cloth and some white vinegar to wipe away the stain. Sometimes mold can grow in between your decking boards, so use vinegar and a scrubbing brush to loosen the mold, and then rinse it away using water from your hose.

If you spill food and drink on your Trex decking boards, you must clean it immediately to avoid staining. The boards are scratch-resistant, so you can use a soft-bristled brush to scrub away any sticky or stubborn marks.

Ease Of Installation

You can install your Trex decking on various subfloors such as timber, steel, and sandy ground. Since Trex decking is resistant to pest and termite infestations, it’s safe to install directly on top of the sand outside.

Trex boards are easy to cut to size, so you can fit them into any space. When you’ve cut your decking boards, it’s important to coat the edges with a sealant. Once you’ve laid your boards out in the pattern you want, you can start securing them in place with nails.


Trex decking materials come with a 25-year limited residential warranty and a 25-year warranty on stains and fades. This warranty will only apply if you adhere to proper maintenance tasks such as cleaning up spills within 7 days to prevent staining.

Additionally, the warranty will be voided if you’ve damaged your Trex decking by scraping your boards with tools or if you paint over them. So make sure you’ve read the Trex warranty terms and conditions before you install this decking.

Top 3 Best Trex Products

Trex Transcend

The Transcend range is a composite decking product that requires no sanding or staining. It’s also sustainable flooring that has 95% recycled materials inside the boards. This decking product is UV-resistant and doesn’t get damaged from liquid spills. Each board is capped on three sides for protection against wear and tear.

Trex’s Transcend range has a 25-year limited warranty on stains and fading. These boards have deep grain patterns for a realistic wooden texture and aesthetic. Additionally, there are multiple color options for you to pick from.

For ease of installation there are various profiles to choose from such as grooved and square-edged constructions. Under the Transcend range there are three collections, namely Tropical, Southern, and European. Each of these Transcend collections have different colors and finishes.


  • Low maintenance
  • Comes in various colors and sizes
  • Has different profiles
  • High-performance decking


  • Only capped on three sides of each board
  • Expensive

Trex Enhance

Trex Enhance is the second best decking product from the brand because of durability and versatility. These decking boards can be used indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, the decking pairs well with Trex railings for a neat and classic outdoor appeal.

There are two collections under the Enhance range called Basics and Naturals. For easy maintenance and affordable, authentic-looking decks, pick Basics. On the other hand, if you want high-quality wood grains and five natural color options then pick Enhance Natural.

These Trex boards come with hidden fasteners for a streamlined look. The boards are made with 95% recycled plastics, and this flooring has a 25-year limited warranty of stains and fading.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Splinter-free finish
  • Comes in classic earth tones
  • Easy to install


  • Limited profile options
  • Screws are close to the edges

Trex Select

The Trex Select decking is the most affordable product out of all the Trex collections. This flooring is easy to install and has high-performance shell technology. There are five color options for you to pick from for a classic or rustic appeal.

Trex Select boards come in various widths and lengths with either grooved or square-edge profiles. This decking comes with a 25-year residential limited warranty for scratches and fading. These boards have a soft, splinter-free finish, so you can walk on them safely.

The Trex Select decking is mold-resistant and can withstand the elements, so it’s perfect for patios and balconies. Trex Select decking pairs well with the brand’s railings and hideaway fastening systems.


  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable
  • Offers grooved and square-edged boards
  • Highly durable


  • Doesn’t offer many colors
  • Low scratch-resistance ratings

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Trex Decking vs TimberTech – What’s The Difference?

The most notable difference between the two decking brands when you read TimberTech vs Trex reviews is the warranty period. Trex has a 25-year warranty whereas TimberTech offers a 50-year warranty.

Trex Decking vs TimberTech - What’s The Difference?

Another major difference between the two brands is the protective coating. TimberTech boards have a protective polymer coating on all four sides. Trex boards only have coating on the sides and the top of the boards. The bottom doesn’t have coating, so it eliminates surface separation.

Trex decking has a higher resistance to scratches than TimberTech. With regards to maintenance, you don’t have to sand or stain the Trex or TimberTech decking, and they only need to be washed with soapy water if they’re extremely dirty.

TimberTech and Trex decking are both highly durable products that won’t crack, tarnish, or warp over time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is Better, Trex Or TimberTech?

TimberTech is considered a superior choice to Trex. This is because TimberTech offers more realistic-looking decking boards and they’re covered by a longer warranty period. TimberTech also offers a variety of sizes and colors for you to pick from.

On the other hand, Trex is also an excellent product, and the brand’s Transcend range is considered the most durable composite product on the market. However, it’s covered by a shorter warranty period than TimberTech, and there aren’t many colors or designs to pick from.

Which Is More Expensive, TimberTech Or Trex?

If you look at TimberTech vs Trex pricing, you’ll notice that TimberTech is more expensive than Trex. But that doesn’t mean Trex is a low-grade product. You’ll simply have to pay more if you pick TimberTech for your decking.

Lower-tiered Trex and TimberTech decking is on par, but higher range TimberTech decking is more expensive. You can expect to pay between $2,300 and $3,500 for 320 square feet of TimberTech decking. For Trex decking, you can expect to pay between $6.50 and $8.50 per square foot.

Does TimberTech Get Hot?

No, your TimberTech decking won’t get hot. On the TimberTech website, it states that the decking will stay cool to the touch. This is because heat affects TimberTech decking similarly to how it affects natural wooden decks. What’s more, TimberTech makes their decking boards with colors that are highly reflective and inorganic pigments that reduce heat buildup.

So you can rest assured that if you pick TimberTech products for your decking, your outside area will stay cool. It’s perfect for residential settings as well as for restaurants and outdoor entertainment areas.

Is Trex Worth The Money?

When you look at the most notable beneficial features of Trex, you’ll know that this product is worth the price you pay for it. The Transcend decking boards are the most durable composite decking on the market, and they come in a variety of stunning colors.

Trex decking boards are extremely durable, easy to install, and effortless to maintain. This decking material is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. This flooring is also water-resistant, so it’s able to withstand rain and high humidity. 

You’ll love how stylish Trex decking is, and there are many finishes and patterns that allow you to create an elegant or rustic aesthetic in and around your home. Trex is an eco-friendly brand that provides authentic-looking decking boards.

What Is The Most Durable Decking Material?

The most durable decking material is aluminum, but this is by far the most expensive and you may experience heat buildup. The second most durable decking material is composite flooring, which is a blend of wood fiber and plastic.

Composite decking can last between 30 and 50 years. This decking material will give you the aesthetics of wooden decking but without the drawbacks you experience with natural wood flooring. A composite decking material is suitable for gardens because it’s resistant to termites and other types of pest infestations. You can get water-resistant composite decking that won’t swell or rot when exposed to water.

Both Trex and TimberTech are the most popular composite decking materials on the market because of their durability, long service life, and realistic wood finishes.

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The Verdict

After reading the Trex or TimberTech reviews, which one have you decided is the best composite decking for your needs? I recommend using TimberTech if you want better choices in design and sizes for your decking. You can create unique patterns for your patio or balcony, and their brand offers frames too.

On the other hand, if you’re on a tight budget and you’re looking to spruce up your home without breaking the bank, then Trex is for you. There are earth-toned colors for you to pick from, and the embossing gives you an authentic wooden aesthetic. Bear in mind that Trex does have a shorter warranty period than TimberTech, but this decking has a higher scratch-resistance.

Based on the information you’ve read in today’s reviews and guides, which composite decking are you going to pick? Have you used TimberTech or Trex products before? If you have, let me know what your experience was by leaving a comment below. You can also share your finished flooring via social media. I look forward to hearing from you.

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