how to clean vinyl plank flooring

Best Ways to Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring

You’ve just been handed the keys to your first real home (complete with vinyl plank throughout, of course). There’s nothing in the world that could dull your sparkle right now.

Little did you know when you bought the house that not properly taking care of your shiny new vinyl plank floors could easily dull their sparkle.

If you’re feeling a sense of panic sit in, don’t worry. Vinyl plank flooring is actually one of the lowest maintenance flooring types you can install in your home.

With some daily love and care, your shine can be easily be upkept by following a few guidelines unique to your new flooring type.

Before we get to tips and tricks on the best ways to clean, let’s learn a bit about your brand new floors:

What is vinyl plank?

Vinyl plank is a super versatile flooring option that has surged in popularity over the last few years. The durability of vinyl compared to classic wood has made this flooring newcomer a staple in new home construction and renovations.

Nowadays, vinyl plank is a great choice to install in rooms such as bedrooms or living rooms (AKA rooms where you would traditionally find solid wood floors). The real beauty of vinyl is that you can also install it in places like kitchens and bathrooms where you can’t install wood without having warping.

The best part about vinyl plank is that it’s incredibly easy to maintain, even if you have kids and pets making messes every hour on the hour.

You’ll want to follow a few steps to make sure your floors are properly taken care of:

Your first step? Getting an adorable door mat welcoming all of your visitors to your rad new home.

The next steps? Keeping up a consistent cleaning schedule that’s specifically designed for your vinyl plank.

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Everyday Cleaning:

If you leave dust and debris on your floor, you run the risk of seriously damaging and scuffing the finish on it. You may be wondering: how does this damage happen from just a little bit of dirt on the ground?

Small specks of dirt actually have sharp edges that can damage your floor over time. Fine particles of grime can act just like sandpaper and slowly remove the finish from the floor as you track it around your home with your feet or shoes.

If you want to avoid having to live with less than perfect floors, there’s a ridiculously easy way to avoid excess dirt to keep them looking pristine.

What you’ll need to clean your vinyl plank daily are two things that you probably already have lying around your home. A simple broom or vacuum will do just the trick.

If you’re looking for something specifically designed for laminate floors, here are our recommendations for products that you’ll be eager to break out:

Brooms and Vacuums

As far as brooms and vacuums go, you should be using one daily to upkeep your vinyl plank. When you’re using a product that often, it needs to be good.

If you’re more old school and sweeping is therapeutic, the O-Cedar Floor ‘N More and the OXO Good Grips Sweeper will attract any dust and hair on your floor.

If the hum of a vacuum is music to your ears, the Dyson Animal 2 or Shark Navigator will do the job nicely. Pro-tip: invest in a quality vacuum built for dealing with pet hair if you have dogs or cats – you won’t regret it.

No matter which you prefer, as long as you have a daily routine and you stick to it, your floors will thank you by dazzling visitors as soon as they walk through your door.

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Deep Cleaning:

If your floors need a little bit more TLC than your daily routine, once you finish sweeping and vacuuming up dust, you can get out your trusty tile mop and bucket to finish the job.

Before doing anything to your floors other than vacuuming and sweeping, it’s a safe bet to go and consult your trusty friend Google for floor specifics. You’ll be able to look up exactly what cleaning products your manufacturer suggests to use so you get the most out of your vinyl plank floors.

First, a note on Steam Cleaning: AVOID steam cleaning vinyl plank flooring. Your LVP is built tough, and while the PVC material is waterproof – it’s not meant to withstand steam. Instead, simply stick with a mop or swiffer (as discussed below).

If nothing specific is mentioned, here’s a safe way to clean and protect your floors:

For weekly vinyl floor cleanings, all you need to do is add a bit of warm water and plain ol’ dish soap to a bucket and mop away. For those days where your floor needs just a little more of a pick me up, add a bit of white vinegar to your soap and water solution to get that sparkle back.

After mopping with your desired mix, be sure to go back over your floors with a clean wet mop to get all of the extra soap and vinegar goodness off of your planks.

Since you probably ditched your old mop in the move, here are some tips on choosing a mop to use on your vinyl plank floors:


When buying a mop to use on your vinyl plank, it’s imperative that you choose an option that doesn’t include a built in scrub brush option.

Remember what we mentioned about dry dirt destroying finishes like sandpaper on the floor? Adding a wet scrub brush into the mix is like taking a jackhammer to your varnish.

You’ll want to choose an option that ideally has a microfiber mop head to protect your floors from any unnecessary abrasions.

If you’re in the market for a new mop, check out the Twist and Shout Mop or the O-Cedar EasyWring Mop.

They’re both awesome microfiber mop options for any kind of floor and won’t break the bank, either.

Many people have written to FloorCritics asking if their Swiffer can be used on their vinyl plank floors. YES, Swiffer WetJets can be used. Just be sure to avoid flipping the mop over to use the abrasive scrubber.

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Other Do’s and Don’ts:

Though these tips aren’t specifically related to cleaning, they’re vital to increasing the longevity of your floors. You’ll want to keep these 3 do’s and don’ts in mind when living with luxury vinyl plank:

Do keep your furniture on felt pads to avoid scratches if they’re moved across the floor.

Don’t buy furniture with rollers because these will scratch your floor (unless the furniture is on an extra large area rug of some sort). 

Do put down plywood when you need to roll large items into your home, like a new couch or fridge. Don’t assume that your floors can handle the impact of large items being dragged across the floor because spoiler alert: they can’t.

Do use a soft cloth or a nylon bristle brush to get stuck on stains off of your floors. Don’t use a knife or an abrasive cleaner to scrub away any stains because you’ll end up scrubbing away the laminate top of your vinyl plank along with it.

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Are You Up for the Challenge?

As long as you keep our tips for cleaning in mind, you’ll be on your way to keeping your brand new home as flawless as it is now.

Remember to keep up a daily (let’s be real – weekly) sweeping or vacuuming routine to keep those small but sharp dust particles off of your varnish. Also be sure to break out your trusty microfiber mop at least weekly to do a deep cleaning.

After reading about how easy it is to take care of, aren’t you relieved that you have vinyl plank? I can assure you that not even the largest of dirt particles can steal your sparkle now.

If you have vinyl plank in your home and would like to share some tips on how you care for your LVP floors, be sure to leave a comment below.

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255 thoughts on “Best Ways to Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring”

  1. Avatar

    I used a hardwood floor polish by mistake on my new vinyl floor, so do you think I’ve ruined my floor. Will it just wear off or should I try to clean it with something else. Please help!😥

  2. Avatar

    Help! We just built a new house and put in quite a lot of the Shaw click vinyl flooring.I am so sad about it.It shows every water spot and print and smudges that you would normally never see on floors.What can I do? I was told to clean with just vinegar and water which I have been doing.My floor has a really dry look.Always has had that.I cant even mop without showing all the mop swipes.Is there anything else to do besides replace the flooring…and who can afford that?!

    1. Avatar

      We have Coretec Plus and it is better than our old wall to wall carpet but it does have a natural looking no sheen appearance. Some people do not like it. Your sample should have looked the same. Laminate flooring generally has the sheen many people like but it is not water proof. It also damages easier. The vinyl will wear longer. Good luck

      1. Avatar

        I clean houses for a living. Make sure you are mopping with the wood and use a mop with a pad. Get as much of the water up as possible( going with the wood). Please don’t use any gloss products like mop and shine. This will give you a great look at first but will show a lot of scratches as well as peel. If you want a shine to your floor you will have to hire someone to put down polyurethane and this will last for a lot of years. Hope this helps!!

    2. Avatar

      I use a luxury vinyl floor cleaner- there are several brands on Amazon and microfiber pad on a stick mop which I also bought on Amazon I do sweep and use a swifter before mopping

    3. Avatar

      I’ve had Shaw LVT for years with no issues. I was told to only use R2X; diluted vinegar is too acidic and will damage the floor.

    4. Avatar

      Hello Twinmom, OMG you too ? i just spent a fortune on Cortec 100%waterproof vinyl and i bought myself a new job clean it every time i walk on it , sneakers, slippers, etc. dosen’t matter shows every mark , i’m not gonna change it spent a lot on money on this ..BIG disappointment

    5. Avatar

      I also have Shaw lvp Flooring, you need to be using either zep neutral floor cleaner or Shaw has a neutral floor cleaner you can order. Zep can be purchased at Lowes or Home Depot. I have also noticed if your family wears socks and you use fabric softener or fabric softener sheets it tends to leave spots like oil on the floor. I now wash socks with clothes that I don’t add fabric softener or fabric sheets. Hope this helps!

  3. Avatar

    Is there a robot mop (thinking of buying iRoomba Braava Jet 240) that is okay to use on Rigid Core Vinyl Plank flooring?

  4. Avatar

    I have those clear shiny spots all over my house! I have LVP from Lowes in every room.) Did you ever find anything to get them up?

  5. Avatar

    I agree with Francis that my Roborock S6 that has a separate mop unit which is really a little container of water with a pad that attaches to it, and has been enough so far to keep my floors clean (it’s a new house and I’ve used it for approx 2 weeks).. with the mobile software you can create zones so it only cleans where you want it to, and doesn’t clean where you don’t want it to. It’s also less expensive than an iRobot which doesn’t have a mop.

    However, I’d still like to know if I could use something like Bono professional which says it is safe on LVP floors?

  6. Avatar
    RJefferson Babbitt

    Spilled some ammonia based cleaner on the floor accidentally. Cleaned up with paper towels, then cleaned twice with CoreTec recommended cleaner. Have I ruined the floor, or is this just a “near-miss”?

    1. Avatar

      Probably ruined it. I did the same when my dog pee and made a mess instead of taking the stain away. I imagine that ammonia is even worse. Please let me know if you solve the problem though

  7. Avatar

    I was going to take up carpet and put down Cortec Vinyl planks. I have back problems and difficult for me to vacuum. Was told the Cortec Vinyl planks would be easier to take care of. After reading all these comments decided there is no way I could be mopping 1,960 square feet of flooring daily and still look dirty. Thank for letting people know how much work they are. When you are elderly don’t need more work. Maybe carpet is better.

    1. Avatar

      We have Coretec on around 1200 square feet of our main living area. We have two dogs. The product we chose is light and the dog hair doesn’t show unless the sun is shining on it. We don’t vacuum every day, more like 1-2 times a week. Then I follow up with a quick wet mop weekly. The spills and messes are very easy to clean. I love the look, feel, and ease of it. My husband and I are over 60 and it is doable.

      1. Avatar

        I agree. I love ours. It was installed in May and we just mop with plain water and it looks great after. It shows dirt spots but they clean easily. Our carpet was terribly dirty thanks to our puppy but this floor has been perfect for our needs. Plus I have allergies and carpets hide dirt and dust but it is still there. I much prefer the care of our new floors to our old carpet.

    2. Avatar

      We ripped out all the carpet in our two bedrooms on the main floor, the living room, and dining room, and installed vinyl planks. They look great, the air in the house smells fresh again, and I vacuum probably three or four times a week, because we have two dogs. These floors are so much better than the carpet, and vacuuming is quicker, too.

    3. Avatar

      What was not mentioned is robo vacuums and mops! I wouldn’t have any solid floor without a robo vacuum! It works great with no effort! I have seen the mops but haven’t tried it, but I’m assuming they work just as well.

    4. Avatar
      Shannon Nelson

      Ho Mike,

      I have 3500 sq ft of Coretec and it’s the best thing I ever did. We use a rumba vacuum that goes off every morning on its own and vacuums the house and sweep when needed. And it’s so much better for my families health to have Coretec due to the flooring not holding the dandruff off pets or the normal dirt, like carpet does.

    5. Avatar

      They are horrible to keep clean…I have never hated a floor as much as this one, and my entire house is done in it….oh, it still looks clean, until you take a paper towel to it after mopping it…its textured and its the worst…if you do go with a lvp…go with one that is NOT textured.

      1. Avatar

        we have a vinyl plank floor that isnt textured and its terribly hard to keep clean! I would NEVER put this flooring in a house again!Shows every footprint and smudge.

  8. Avatar

    Always check with the manufacturer of your floors. Mine states that I need to use a pH neutral cleaner. If I followed this article I would ruin my LVP with acidic vinegar and or alkaline Swiffer wet jet!

    1. Avatar

      yes! i’ve read these before and i did use dish soap and vinegar in small amounts diluted with water and it fills the floors terribly….. best thing i have found is the galloway house “quick shine” floor finish and floor cleaner….. i love the floor finish….. it’s like a wax almost but so easy….. and the floors are beautiful for months!!!! i use the cleaner in between but it eventually fills the shine but i haven’t found a cleaner only that doesn’t….. any recommendations?

      1. Avatar

        I have used non-ammonia glass cleaner on my floors for years…both hardwood and LVP. There is no streaking or rinsing needed when using a glass cleaner, such as Glass Plus. It’s gentle on the floors and does not leave a residue.

    2. Avatar

      You are correct. It must be a ph Neutral floor cleaner or you could ruin the floor and the warranty. Zep has one, Bona has one etc.
      I am curious about the robotic vacuum/mop. Which one is good and how much are they?

  9. Avatar

    Can I mix a little rejuvenate all floors cleaner into a pail of water and clean my LVP floors with a microfiber mop? How much,and will it have some shine and clean well?

      1. Avatar

        I also use Rejuvenate LVT cleaner , it does a very good job. My question is if you have used Rejuvenate all floors restorer? My floor is only 3 yrs old but I have many scratches in it. My planks do not have any shine, which I like, but wonder if the restorer will leave the floors looking shiny ?

  10. Avatar

    You cannot use a roller BRUSH to clean these floors.
    Neither should you use vinegar.
    Just a few drops of Dawn in a bucket of warm water is what is recommended

    1. Avatar

      Many sites recommend the use of vinegar mixed with water and a few drops of baby or jojoba oil. to care for vynil planks floor. Please clarify your suggestion of not using vinegar. Thank you

      1. Avatar

        My vinyl plank flooring is extremely dirty. Used a clearner stating good for vinyl flooring. Still does not look clean. My flooring is a mat finish

        1. Avatar

          Hi, I have a cortex matte finish floor, I also have a large dog and a family of four. I have only had the flooring for a year and a half and somehow it’s lost it’s luster. I clean my floors a few times a week with a stiffer or with a mop and bucket with dawn dish detergent. I still see smudges on the floor after I’m finished mopping. What can I use to restore the finish.

        1. Avatar

          I have a Miele vacuum. Is it okay to vacuum with it on my vinyl plank floors? The floor vacuum does not have a roller, but the base does.
          Also the manufacturer said to just use water to clean the floor

        2. Avatar
          Karen Goodwin

          I use a walker with ski’s on the back legs and yes, it does mark my floor. Also have used tennis balls but my kitchen is the only plank flooring so the tennis balls are no good for carpeted rooms.

      2. Avatar

        I used vinegar mixed with water and a few drops of baby oil. on my LVP and it actually made it look spotty and I noticed that the oil and water did NOT mix and made droplets on the floor which I had to constantly go back over. NOT WORTH IT!! We now use Bono and it is easy and gives a great shine. Our problem is that our mop flips over when you are mopping.

    2. Avatar

      OMG! This site just brings up more questions than answers. Use white vinegar & water. Don’t use vinegar. Use Swiffer wet jet – don’t use it. Use steam cleaner. Don’t use steam cleaner. Vacuum every day? What? I used to vacuum carpets once a week. Sweep every day? I thought this was supposed to be “easy care.” No pets, no kids. I had CoreTec LVP installed in my kitchen (by necessity, damage to vinyl) since kitchen extends into laundry room and wanted waterproof. Loved it so much I had it installed through rest of house. It is a matte finish beach-sand color, so I don’t need to get it shiny. So many conflicting opinions here I don’t know what to do. Sure can’t afford to take LVP up and go back to carpet. Have to admit, I had no idea how much dust & debris was hiding in my carpet until I started sweeping the LVP. Sure wish CoreTec, Shaw and other manufacturers would weigh in here to give us THEIR suggestions.

      1. Avatar

        I agree with you about this article .. I have new LVPF throughout my whole house and love it! It’s a matte finish and I don’t think it ever shined. I just sweep then mop with Swiffer Wet Jet but i was looking to see if there was another alternative. I guess I’ll locate the manufacturer (bought these from Lowe’s) to find out their recommendation.

      2. Avatar

        I also have sand colored flooring. I looked at the core-tec website and they recommend using a neutral based cleaner. We use Don Aslett floor cleaner (from his website or Amazon) and an O’Cedar mop that has a washable head and a refillable canister for cleaner. 2 teaspoons of cleaner per canister. This will last 2-3 washings for us. We have a lot of floor and the project seems daunting, but usually doesn’t take long at all. What I miss one week, oh well, I can get it next time!

      3. Avatar

        You really need to look at the manufacturer of the floor you have. We just installed LifeProof vinyl plank flooring. We saved one of the instruction sheets from the 82 boxes we installed. It specifically states, for this brand, to not use vinegar. Basically water and a mop will do the trick. I have a Roomba that I will program for every morning and that helps with the dust and hair.

    3. Avatar

      Ph Neutral is 7
      between 8.7 and 9.3
      What Is pH of Dawn Dish Soap? Dawn is a famous label that produces cleaning products. According to the Materials Safety Data Sheets, the pH level of Dawn dish soap is between 8.7 and 9.3 which makes this washing product moderately basic.Jan 11, 2020

      1. Avatar

        I just looked it up on Amazon so you can buy it there. But after Reading many reviews it sounds like the mop itself if you get the kit is not good at all. I’m thinking about just buying the cleaner

  11. Avatar

    I just had my waterproof vinyl flooring installed I cleaned it just once with my steam mop now after reading moments I am worried if I could have caused any damage

      1. Avatar

        Steam cleaning LVF can damage it And it can void the warranty. Nest to call manufacturer and ask how to care for your floors. I did.

    1. Avatar

      I installed plank vinyl in my house six years ago. I also have three small dogs that spend the majority of their time inside. They have accidents, especially when it is raining or snowing. I have rags that I use to clean up pee spots. I also use a shark steam cleaner on my floors weekly without any damage. However, I do not let it sit in one place and steam, I keep it moving. I also turn on ceiling fans to ensure rapid drying.

        1. Avatar

          Shark steamer can void the warranty on you LBP flooring. Please verify with the manufacturer and/or where you purchsed

    1. Avatar

      I too have vinyl planks. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t covered my tiles. I feel they are very high maintenance. They have a matte finish, and show every little speck of dirt, or smudge. Whenever we walk in the house with sneakers on, you see the sneaker print on the floor.

      I did use Holloway House Quick Shine, when the planks were first installed. I called Holloway, they told me only to use that every 6 months, in between, just use hot water. They said not to mix products, because another brand may not be a match to Holloway. Using water is a better choice. It actually does work. My only complaint is, when you’re finished washing the floor, you can actually see the mop marks. Then I need to go over with a soft micro fibre cloth. It’s a project when your cleaning 2000 square feet. If you like shiny, the Holloway does the trick.

      1. Avatar

        My question is…after you use the Holloway does that take care of all the smudges and print that show up so easily? I almost despair at keeping my floor clean looking!

    1. Avatar

      Yes.. I have used it bit ight doesn’t handle dog hair well despite claims. I can only finish the kitchen and have to dip and clean. Have mine ayu and kept my GSDs.

    2. Avatar

      I also have a serious question?? Please cleaning a business of 2800 sq ft . Floor has white vinyl!!! Tiny pin holes in the flooring as made this way . Dirt gets in those tiny holes. It’s cleaned Dailey 2 times a day. Still can see dirty. I am using the bissell crossway, it helps but have to get down in knee and scrub tiny holes . Is there something that I can use to help me am there for 8 hours.

    3. Avatar

      I do, with the fiber ONLY roller that doesn’t have the plastic bristles. So far so good…I use water with a drop of dawn and white vinegar…1/4 c per bottle of warm water. gets the dirt up nicely. The vacuum sucks up any excess water so no worries about too much or too long.I am thinking about trying Quick Shine fo a bit more shine…hmm…

  12. Avatar

    The glue which seeped out when installing my luxury vinyl plank flooring has left permanent shiny spots on what is a matte finish plank, how do I remove it?

    1. Avatar

      I used WD40 on a microfiber rag. Gently rub off glue then use dawn dish soap and water to clean residue of WD40. Glue is gone with little effort😊

  13. Avatar
    Bobbi Romanowski

    Can the cleaning solution be used to treat scuffed up areas, wet puppy paws and “spot” cleaning? Do you have the ratio of water, to dishwashing soap, to white vinegar, if needed? What temperature should the water be? One major step I learned during this process is to mop in the same direction your planks are installed. I’m using o’cedar, promist max, with the flip option. Great for having a 2-3 step mopping process.

  14. Avatar

    After you use your wood cleaner, go back over it with clear water and a few drops of baby oil then a dry mop to rub in the shine.

    1. Avatar

      Everything I have read, no, it will damage the finish. Simple warm water and Dawn does the trick. Going to try adding a little white vinegar next time.

      1. Avatar

        Recipe for vinegar, dish soap, water solution please. That won’t take the shine off will it. We have the luxury vinyl planks. Love our floor.

  15. Avatar

    Problem: my vinyl plank flooring has started to warp at joints: sides and ends!! We’ve been very careful and have followed the cleaning routine that the installers, and flooring company recommended on floor purchase. How do we fix the problem?!?! Thanks for your input.


    1. Avatar
      Nancy Anderson

      Isn’t there some type of warranty on the flooring through the manufacturer? If you’ve been caring for it as recommended, there should be some recourse on the problems you are describing.

    2. Avatar

      Contact flooring company. We had to use their installers in order to have valid warranty. From my understanding they should come out to assess the problem and if they can’t fix it they will send a rep from the flooring manufacturer. Apparently there are micro chips in some of the products, for example if glue was used, they are able to detect if the recommended brand was used before warranty is valid. It sounds like the installer didn’t allow for movement of the planks due to humidity, weight and breaks, like the doorways.

      1. Avatar

        I’d ask for proof about a microchip being placed in “some of the products … if glue was used, they are able to detect if the recommended brand was used….” This just does NOT sound possible. I think it’s bunk on the part of the manufacturer to avoid honoring their warranty. I would have asked for proof, in writing, before I’d believe any of this. What else is this “wonder chip” supposed to be able to detect?

    3. Avatar

      Dee, my v did the warping, or the floor mfg called it “cupping” I had mine installed August of 2018 and in May 2019 had to have it replaced. It was a product of Shaw and was bought at Nebraska Furniture. Each of them worked really well with me and it was replaced at no cost to me. I did choose and upgraded plank, but only because I wanted to. Now that cost me $1500.00….

    4. Avatar

      What brand and size like plus plank. Did you leave the recommended hat on all sides of the floor edge for expansion contraction and do you have a vapor barrier what is the moisture reading ? Asking for a floor I stallern

    5. Avatar

      It’s called cupping. My floors started the same after about 7 months and the warranty covered it. It was Shaw flooring but came from Nebraska Furniture. They are the ones who came and inspected the flooring. They are the ones who removed the old and installed new flooring. I did upgrade and spent a little more for a better grade but that was my choice. Didn’t have to.

  16. Avatar

    I’ve found the best mop and product is by Shaw. The product is called Shaw R2X Hard-floor Cleaner. Their mop that comes with the kit is great as well. It comes with a wet and a dry mop head. I refill my solution with their gallon bottle. Trust me. You won’t regret this product. I was not happy with my floors until I tried this product. Now I don’t have to worry about spots and streaking. The scent is also very gentle. It’s just a very clean scent, without being overpowering.

    1. Avatar

      Hi Valerie, is it OK to use wood cleaner on a vinyl floor? My concern is will it dull the vinyl over time?


      1. Avatar

        Hello. I looked up the Shaw R2X cleaner on Amazon and it does clean hardwood, ceramic, and resilient flooring.
        What is resilient flooring?
        Resilient flooring, also called vinyl flooring is a flooring created from carefully selected natural and synthetic materials. Today`s resilient flooring is a highly engineered combination of polymer materials.
        I just had vinyl flooring installed so I am excited to try this out.
        I hope this helps everyone out that had questions.

  17. Avatar

    The tips on cleaning are helpful with all the variants tried and trued. I installed Lifeproof vinyl planking and found a few light scratches and need info on how to hide or conceal them. All the floor techs I talked with don’t have any idea or suggestions to help. All do agree that no furniture scratch remover will work without some damage. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    1. Avatar

      I too have life proof vinyl planks. I use Old English and a rag, works great for filling in the scratches and restoring my floor. But I also have expresso colored floors. If your floors are light maybe try it on a spare sample of your flooring or in a discrete location.

    2. Avatar

      The man who came to finish the doorways of our new flooring said if it gets scratched—rub some olive oil on the scratch and it will go away. Haven’t tried it—just passing it on.

    1. Avatar

      No, I would not advise to use this! My directions on the the Metroflor Engage Genesis vinyl plank very specifically says, DO NOT USE STEAM CLEANERS. Clean the debris daily from your floors and use a neutral cleaner. Mine recommends the make Prevail Neutral Cleaner, but check with the info sheet that came with your floors. Otherwise you can check other neutral cleaners in your area. Hope this helps!

  18. Avatar

    We have LifeProof vinyl planks throughout our entire house. We love it! We have 3 dogs, and the flooring stands up to claws and accidents (one dog is elderly). We’ve been using the Bissell Crosswave to mop up major messes, which I actually use with a water/vinegar mix instead of the costly cleaner. I’ve also mopped with floor cleaner designed for vinyl AND have used a steam mop a couple of times. I haven’t noticed any dullness (though we chose a dark gray plank, so that might be why) or warping. I will probably opt for tile when I build a house in Texas because that’s the norm there, but vinyl is a good option for people who want wood floors but can’t go with real wood or laminate because of price, pets, or children.

  19. Avatar
    Heather Hoskisson

    Yes! I am on my knees scrubbing to get dirt out of the grooves… Way too much work. I am going to try and buy a long broom with a scrubbing brush head. Will have to vacuum, scrub and then mop. 😭😢😭

    1. Avatar

      Our last renters left our brand new vinyl plank flooring with a greasy like film on kitchen and living room. We have cleaned with vinegar and water but has little effect. The living area had rugs on it. Help!

  20. Avatar

    I also purchased an entire house of Coretec vinyl plank and I am so disappointed. We had a major flood at the house and our one and a half year old gorgeous laminate floors were ruined. Many people suggest vinyl floor planks. First, I had to go with a darker color than my wood laminate and it is not as shiny. I am sick. Any suggestions for getting it shiny? And yes it does leave spots.

    1. Avatar

      I add a few drops of baby oil (tablespoon) into warm water white vinegar and dawn dishwashing soap (just a few drops).

    2. Avatar

      I use Quick Shine for a great shine in my floor. Omg the best shine ever. You can use this on all types of floor. It will look like glass. Just make sure you wait at least half an hour to walk on it. Quick Shine!!!! The Best.

    3. Avatar

      Pauline, I’m just reading your post about your floors. I have dark brown vinyl plank floors as well. I am so unhappy with them. No matter what I’ve tried to clean them with you can see a residue or just hazy and dull look. Have you found anything that works? Thank you

      1. Avatar

        I use Armstrong floor cleaner for laminate flooring. I buy it at Walmart about $5 bottle. I pour a little in the squirt bottle, add water to dilute to a very pale blue and spray my floors mopping with a microfiber mop head. I change my mophead after each mop job. Make sure you sweep first so not to mop mud into your floor. Mop the direction of the grain on the flooring. Start with a small area that is out of sight to test. I think you will be pleased.

  21. Avatar

    If you are considering vinyl planking go with Flooret which is only sold online. Beautiful, high quality product. No regrets!!! Love my vinyl floor!

    1. Avatar

      I Bought Flooret Two Years Ago and Love It. I Didn’t Know How To Clean It. So I Called And They Said Vinegar And Water, But Guess What It Had Dulled In The Kitchen Area. It’s A Forty Year Wear Layer So I Think I Have To Call Them. LVP was Brand New Two Years Ago, And I Don’’t Think They Really Thought It Would Dull The LVP. I Did NOT Use The Vinegar And Water On The Rest Of The House After It Had Dulled The Kitchen. So Now I Just Use Water.
      I’m Afraid To Use Anything Else.
      After Reading These Conments, Maybe I’ll Use A Little Dawn Or Rejuvenate.

  22. Avatar

    I have CoreTec Harrison Oak vinyl plank flooring in about 2,000 sq. ft. They are a matte finish and have distressed look to them. With 2 60 pound dogs who do not shed and 6 grandchildren who visit often, I only need to sweep once or twice a week.

    I mop only with Rejuvenate floor cleaning made specifically for LVP. Leaves no residue and you do not have to rinse. Dries in minutes. Leaves no footprints. My floors look the same as the day they were installed. Love them.

    Do not use steam on these floors or use anything that will leave a residue.

    1. Avatar

      Ok so I have CorTec Calypso vinyl plank flooring and love the color and feel underneath my feet! However we can’t seem to find a cleaner or solution to the problem of them SHOWING EVERY STEP TAKEN wether we are in slippers, socks, bare feet. We leave our shoes in the garage! We have even used Coretec’s recommended Encore floor cleaner. WE can clean them one day and the next they look absolutely horrible and filthy dirty. Please help!

  23. Avatar

    I really hate my vinyl plank floors and they cost us a small fortune. They are dull-looking, and if you happen to walk on them with wet feet, the tracks are there until you mop again. If I had it to do over, I would never opt for vinyl plank flooring. I clean using only water with sometimes a very small amount of a mild dishwashing liquid. I wish I could use something to make them less depressingly dull.

    1. Avatar

      I also purchased vinyl plank flooring. I hate it! I was talked into it because of a flood mishap in the laundry room. Because the flooring had to be replaced in that room, the bathroom, hallway, etc. the kitchen and hallway floor that butted up next to it had to be replaced for continuity. Long story short, the vinyl plank flooring is “gritty” feeling and so dull it looks like the old linoleum floors we had in the 50’s – 80’s after we would strip them to rewax them. A floor person at Home Depot recommended Rejuvenate floor cleaner and Rejuvenate Shine-It Floor Polish. It does give that dull floor a little sheen, It’s not perfect but I don’t cringe everytime I look at my brand new disgusting vinyl plank floor. Good luck!

      1. Avatar

        I just had mine installed. I haven’t even moved in yet, and I am already so sick that I went with this Vinyl Plank. I hate it! Why a company would recommend this flooring is beyond me.

        Mine has been moped four times. It is smeared and muck-looking all over. I put this all over my house. I am just sick!

        1. Avatar

          Sounds like the crew who installed it used glue. My vinyl floating floor is beautiful and pet proof.

        2. Avatar

          I had it installed over 4 months ago, used Rejuvenate, terrible, now it is also streaky and agree that it was expensive and I am not impressed. Trying to get the Rejuvenate off and find some way to like this as it is throughout my entire main floor.

    2. Avatar

      I’m having the same issue! They always look dull and it makes me sad. We just built and I was so excited about these floors. 😕

    3. Avatar

      We use 1 gallon water, and 1/2-1 cup of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of baby oil… it brings out a nice glow, not extremely shiny just brightens up our floors. But, you need to go back and mop with plain water.

      1. Avatar

        What type of mop do you use? Your method sounds the best.

        We are thinking about putting this solution in a spray bottle to apply then using a sponge mop?

    4. Avatar

      We purchased a high quality LVP and paid several thousand dollars to do it. It is a medium/dark shade with a slightly variegated look. I hate it. It shows every foot/paw print, every dusty tennis shoe print, everything. I can clean it multiple times a day and it gets dirty within minutes. Maybe if you live in a house without pets/kids and walk around in clean socks it might stay clean for you for more than a day.

      1. Avatar

        Totally agree! Would never go for COREtec again. Spend all day going behind my 2 labs getting up drool marks & paw prints & people footprints. Have tried cleaners specific for vinyl laminate flooring & the old vinegar/ dish soap method & even a steam mop— nothing works wonderfully. Never had this problem with real hardwood. ☹️

    5. Avatar

      I vacuum and dry mop every other day. Our installer said to use one drop of Dawn in warm water and to wash the floor in the direction of the grain. Halfway through mopping, dump solution out and mix another batch to complete the washing. Next, wash it with clean warm water, dumping halfway.. Follow that with Rejuvenate (Bottle will fit on a Swifter WetJet to make it easier to apply). Our floors look great all the time and we love them!

      1. Avatar

        That sounds like a lot of steps and hassle. I thought LVP was supposed to be easy and durable. It sounds like you really have to baby it.

  24. Avatar

    I thought this floor was going to be so easy to maintain. If I had known I wouldn’t have bothered purchasing it. I have no choice now. I mean, I like it, but how can you clean in between the planks without scrubbing? I didn’t know that I couldn’t use any harsh chemicals as I do normally. I’m a germ freak! Has anyone lived with vinyl floors for a good time? Can you give me tips?

    1. Avatar

      For cleaning and disinfecting I use the vinegar and water method. It’s natural, gets the stains up and kills germs. This is what I do weekly or more often if needed. My floors are the Mohawk regal weathered barnwood planks. They have a slight sheen on them which I prefer. Unfortunately if you use the wrong product on them you can be taking what little sheen you had on them in the beginning off. They don’t tell you that. I found that through my own research that is how I found the vinegar and water method.

    2. Avatar

      I read that Neutral PH Floor Cleaners are recommended for vinyl plank. I found a good one in OdoBan with Splash O’ Citrus (much better than regular OdoBan). I have cats and it gets the litter dust up and makes the floor look a little bit shinier. No rinsing is required and it is pretty streak-free. I really like the results. The floor feels better and cleaner to the touch after I have mopped with the OdoBan.

  25. Avatar

    Has anyone tried Fabuloso to clean Vinyl flooring? It says it’s a multipurpose cleaner that doesn’t leave residue.

    1. Avatar

      I have vinyl plank throughout my home and have used the Fabuloso multi purpose cleaner. Smells great, seems to get the floors clean but still dull looking. I’m in search for a product to bring back the shine.

      1. Avatar

        There is a product called Allure. It now has to be ordered on Amazon. It comes in two finishes. It keeps the shine for several weeks. I used to use it exclusively on my vinyl plank floor. Then could not find it in stores… glad to find on Amazon.

  26. Avatar

    I have textured vinyl flooring in light gray planks. Beautiful floor until dirty. Takes scrubbing to remove the dirt from the texture. Lot of work!

    Does anyone else have this problem? How should I clean? I have to use a scrub brush to remove and sometimes bleach water!

  27. Avatar

    I have asked this question over and over. I have asked all our neighbors who all have our identical floors. And they all say they have been using the H2O floor cleaning system that is a steam system. No problems, no warping or lifting. How can this be?

  28. Avatar

    Use a cleaner that does not leave any residue. Home Depot has a product called Zep – Neutral Floor cleaner 1 gallon concentrate that you mix with water 1-2oz per gallon of water.

    Use a regular sponge mop, squeezed tightly so the sponsee is damp. You must wipe the floors dry in order to not see streaking etc. Then do not walk on the floors with any type of rubber sole or bare feet, or even with damp bare feet (even with socks on). Dog prints that are damp will show too.

    It’s like LVP, it is more work than it’s worth in durability – unless you don’t care about seeing feet, paw or shoe prints. Not shiny, very dull. We went with CoreTec med/light in color, lone natural oak floors.

  29. Avatar

    We installed Shaw Bella Duca (medium with slight variations) 1 year ago in our entire house (approx. 2700 sq/ft) and we absolutely love it. It is so low maintence. We live in South Florida with lots of humidity, a pool, and two puppies weighing 50 lbs each. We have zero scratches, scuffs, marks.

    We entertain constantly and our dogs run wild with bones and toys in the house. We were very diligent when installing- ripped out all old tile and took 2 days to sand down subfloors so we would have an even install..we believe this is crucial after living with them.

    You WILL feel any small bubbles or dips, so be sure your subflooring is in tact. We vacuum every few days and mop once a week with Zep Neutral floor cleaner. It was the best choice for us as wood in Florida is asking for trouble and I don’t care for tile and carpet. Best of luck!

  30. Avatar

    Something we learned before we inherited (as a buyer) VPF: both a friend and a family member, two separate incidents, lost their first (new) installation of VPF when their dishwashers (neither very old) flooded the kitchen right after the new flooring was installed.

    Had a thought: Seems too coincidental…gonna make sure our inherited (15 yo) dishwasher isn’t likely to do that before we use it…had an appropriate repairman look it over, okayed it, then asked him, “Is there any way the install of new flooring may have triggered the flooding issue with either/both dishwashers in those cases?” He didn’t think so at first, but on checking underneath the dishwasher — voila! — it’s LIKELY in both cases that a specific spot was bumped and damaged and caused both those curious incidents — in both cases the dishwashers had been successfully used for years without problem and in both cases the new VPF had JUST been installed and the dishwasher was used the first time afterward in each case.

    We can’t remember what particular spot the repairman identified, but he was solid on that having been the issue and having likely been dislodged or something of that sort during installation — this after he originally thought not but changed his mind on examination of that spot and area on our dishwasher and flooring interface. We managed to avoid that problem, thankfully. We think the dishwasher had NOT been used prior to selling after the floor had been installed, as it did need some work on it before we used it, and the house had been being set up for sale in recent history before we bought it (from a landlord-type, and probably very cautious about the sale) – for which we were very thankful, even though we had to buy a bunch of lightbulbs so we could see in the dark in our “new” old home.

    1. Avatar

      We have Armstrong vinyl deluxe planking installed in our home, about a year old. It is looking dull. Armstrong has a product called “New Beginnings” that is supposed to strip off the worst stains and then Shinekeeper to make it shine again. The problem is, the stuff is violent and the walls, moulding and doors have to be taped off ahead of time, scrub 3 x 3 sections hands and knees on the floor. 3 to 4 days once or twice a year. No videos on youtube or their web sites on how to apply.

      Stay away from armstrong. Bad product, expensive to install and maintain. Poor customer service.

  31. Avatar

    I have been cleaning houses for 16 years. Don’t use vinegar on your floors except for tile. It will take the finish off. Also any time you use a product that puts wax down you are putting a buildup on your floor. The best thing to use is water with a very gentle mild ph balanced soap. Very diluted.

    1. Avatar

      Yes, I found a spic n span brand today, fresh linen. It is does not have phosphate/ph so I will be using that. Directions say nothing acidic. If it is citrus, orange, lemon, scented it is acidic. Directions specifically say no vinegar.

  32. Avatar

    Just had Armstrong Prizm Hard Core flooring installed. After installers left I noticed some scratches and places where the color had come off. Does anyone recommend a touch up for these spots?

  33. Avatar

    I laid Shaw Vinyl Click and Lock planking 7 months ago and find it very easy to maintain. A once a week vacuuming and every two weeks mopping is all it takes to keep the shine. Glad I switched from carpet to Vinyl planking.

    1. Avatar

      I also have Shaw Vinyl plank flooring. What type of cleaner do you use for mopping? I’m nervous about buildup and/or stripping the floor.

  34. Avatar

    We were instructed by a flooring sales company not to use vinegar (I asked specifically because that’s what I normally like to clean with) on our vinyl plank flooring. They told us it can damage the finish.

  35. Avatar

    My husband and I are getting vinyl flooring in our kitchen with some other home renovations in a month or so, and you’ve really helped us know how to prepare to take proper care of it. I had no idea that dust had sharp edges to it, but I do work hard to keep a clean home, so giving it a good, daily sweep won’t be a problem at all for me. Mopping is something I planned to do every week, as well, so it sounds like we’re ready to have that lovely, luxurious vinyl installed.

  36. Avatar

    After choosing vinyl plank flooring for the main floor of our new condo, I read this article and the comments and was concerned, but by then it was too late to make another choice. After living with it for almost a month, I’ve learned that for it to look its best, you have to immediately wipe up spills (Including water drops), and vacuum once a day to keep it looking clean. This has also cut down significantly on the amount of times I have needed to mop as well. At first it seemed as if the floors scratched easily, but since I’ve been doing this daily cleaning, I haven’t noticed any new ones. Now that I have a system figured out that works, I am happy with my floor, but there is definitely a learning curve involved.

    1. Avatar

      Our main living floor is vinyl plank which was installed in the house before we bought it this summer. In the weeks we were moving it was clear that sweeping and vacuuming was going to have to be an almost daily thing. It just always seemed to get dirty. I bought a robovac during Amazon’s Prime Day deal and I wished I would have bought this things years ago for my last house. We almost never have to sweep, the robovac does its shift each night while we sleep and I’m quite honestly shocked at how much it picks up each week. We mop it according to the methods in this blog post, just mild soap and water. It’s a snap. Get a robovac… It takes care of a that daily thought process of ‘… the floor is dirty again… where’s the broom?”

      1. Avatar

        Thanks for all the comments. I just had new Armstrong LVP flooring installed. Rated as excellent by Consumers Report. Also bought a new iRobot to use. So far I love it. Have it in dining room, kitchen, and entry way.

    1. Avatar

      I bought quick shine multisurface floor cleaner and the finish on amazon. Very reasonable, used irobot vacuum, mopped with quick shine cleaner using microfiber mop, no rinsing needed. Once dry apply the finish with separate microfiber mop head. I used a refillable bottle sprayer to spray on floor and mopped it with a damp mophead. Dries in minutes, then added 2 additional layers. A lot of work, but results are amazing on my nucore mixed mocha floors.

  37. Avatar

    I just had dark colored luxury vinyl planks installed throughout 2 levels of my home. Regrettably I did not realize how dull the planks are. What product can I use to gain shine? Thank you.

    1. Avatar

      My exact thoughts! It’s so dull looking. I now wish I had spent more money and got real hardwood. Very dissatisfied, 20 grand later.

      1. Avatar

        We have had vinyl plank flooring laid throughout our entire home and it is not dull.

        1. Sweep or vacuum every night. I bought a terry cloth sweeper/mop by Libman from Fred Meyer.

        2. Use white vinegar 1 cup to one gallon of water. Using a spray bottle to apply to flooring and using a damp terry cloth mop.

    1. Avatar

      The book that came with my luxury vinyl said No oil soaps or dishwashing detergents. Only a nonrinsing biodegradable cleaner that leaves no residue and requires no rinsing. No Swiffer Wet product.

      1. Avatar

        Hmmm, I was just at a house where the LVP, like what I’ll be getting in my new home was being installed. The floor guy said that I could use the Swiffer wet jet. Seems you just don’t know what to believe anymore.

        1. Avatar

          If you have animals, don’t use a Swiffer. The residue left on the floor can be toxic to animals that might lick things off the floor.

      2. Avatar

        My smart core ultra floor is giving me fits, has some residue that can only be cleaned with alcohol. I have gone back to contractor and asked for professionals to clean the floor. No one should have to clean board by board with alcohol. #nothappy #shawflooringfailsme #manufacturerdropsball

  38. Avatar
    Magdalena Conde-Jimenez

    We had the first floor of the house installed with Shaw Vinyl flooring. We hate it. We were told it was low maintenance. The floor is dull, easily scuffs and scratches. Have not been able to remove the scuffs, you see water stains. We paid so much for these floors and we hate them. We listened to the designer who said they were maintenance free. Should have gone with porcelain or ceramic.

    1. Avatar

      Hi Magdalena,
      Did you just install the floors in September? I was about to order Fusion vinyl planks in my entire first floor, including the kitchen and entrance, and I am now having second thoughts. I need these floors to hold up for at least ten years. I am worried that the light “natural oak” look will show all the dirt, but the medium “gunstock oak” look will show all the scratches. I really want the consistency of having the same floor throughout to make my house look bigger, but it seems that maybe the LVP only belongs in rooms that don’t get much traffic, like a bedroom, living room or formal dining room. Would you suggest I stay away from the vinyl at least in the kitchen? I don’t want to be a daily slave to my floors. Thanks for your thoughts.

      1. Avatar

        We just had it installed and did a mocha color which I hate. It is so dull it makes me cry! Everything shows up on it, constant dust! I wish my contractor would have had more experience with it and recommended a lighter color so that it wasn’t so dull. We went this due to having pets and kids, so we will see how durable it is.

        1. Avatar

          I’m curious where you bought the product? Did the store you bought it from actually Do the Install? Installers don’t normally talk customers into or out of products, they just put down what you bought. Leveling is a giant problem with LVP. Spending the extra money for a good Install is Key on these Especially in Florida where nothing is ever Level.

    2. Avatar

      We feel the same way as you do with our newly installed Shaw LVT. Our concrete floor was not leveled well enough before installation. The tiles are having to be uninstalled, floor leveled properly and then reinstalled. It looks great, but sounds hollow/cuppy and cheap, (which it was not) when we walk on it. Also wish we had done porcelain or ceramic.

    3. Avatar

      I too went with Shaw luxury vinyl tile and was told it was low maintenance. I can’t believe after replacing the old vinyl tile that was in my kitchen that I would have the same problem with a build up in the dirt in high traffic areas. I was also told water and vinegar but I’m telling you it doesn’t do anything to clean the deep down dirt that’s already embedded in a floor that’s only a year and a half old. I should’ve went with ceramic tile.

      1. Avatar

        We just recently installed LVP in a white and light grey oak color. It is MAGNIFICENT. With our white cabinets and island in the kitchen as well as a beautiful white dining room set with black leather chairs, it is awesome! No problem at all to wipe up a little spill with plain water and dry it off. We also just use the dusting head every day. Next project is the carpet, and then new counter tops.

  39. Avatar

    I’m not crazy about Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring. I wish I had went with hardwood. Felt on the furniture legs or the bottom of furniture is the pits. If I had know all this and more I would never had bought it.

    1. Avatar

      You’d still need felt or rubber on the bottom of your furniture legs with wood or laminate flooring. What I would suggest is using rubber pads under furniture which you don’t regularly move such as your couch, entertainment center, etc. I would then put felt on items that regularly have to move such as dining chairs or small furniture you might move while cleaning your floors.

  40. Avatar

    We just replaced all of our flooring with Vinyl Plank. Love it. Until we had to clean it. Our dog got sick. I need to clean this floor… What am I supposed to use besides water? That’s just not going to work.

    1. Avatar

      I use Mr. Clean all purpose spray cleaner and Bounty. We rescue and rehabilitate cats, so as you can imagine it can get messy, that’s why we invested in the vinyl plank.

    2. Avatar

      I had floating boards installed and then when I moved I had the same ones installed. I love them and I use the flat microfiber mops a couple times a week to pick up any dirt or hair. I always go in the direction of the planks, I can do 2 rooms before I need to give the cloth a good shake and then do the rest. I use the same or similar microfiber mop with a half bucket of hand-hot water with a couple spoons of vinegar and a squirt of dishwashing liquid. I wet the cloth then wring it out, tightly attach it to the mop head and proceed to wipe the floor (but always in the direction of the boards). Your cloth should only be damp and certainly not leave puddles of water on the floor. By the time I have finished it is nearly dry, however if you want you can go over it with a dry cloth. Again always go in the direction of the boards and your floor will always look superb.

    3. Avatar

      Home Depot floor person recommended Rejuvenate floor cleaner and Rejuvenate Shine-it Floor Polish. It is not perfect but it does give that dull looking floor a little sheen so I don’t say to myself everytime i look at it, “I hate this floor!”

  41. Avatar

    I have vinyl laminate flooring in every room. Installed a year and a half ago. Love it. Dry Swiffered every other day. Every two weeks, wet Swiffered. Floors look great, and three of my friends installed the same flooring. We all are happy.

    1. Avatar

      I was told by the installer to never use a wet Swiffer. I would ruin the floor. That the swiffer leaves a residue that when walked on with shoes etc, just puts more dirt down. He said use one part vinegar to 3 parts water.

      I actually found a microfiber mop with an attachment you can put water in and use like you use the swiffer.

  42. Avatar

    We recently installed LVP and love it. The manufacturer recommended a ph neutral cleaner and no steam or vinegar. Our roomba runs daily to keep after the cat and a good deep vacuuming is done weekly just because. Our ph neutral cleaner leaves the floor with no streaks and the matte finish gets a bit of a shine to it.

    Regarding rugs: get a commercial quality walk-off rug for outside the front door and other traffic entry ways. For inside, use only natural fiber backed rugs (never rubber). You may need to use a non-slip underlayment. Get one that is rated for vinyl. Lots of info about these products on the internet.

    1. Avatar

      My lvp manufacturer recommended only vinegar, and I hate it. It streaks. Since you’re happy with your ph neutral cleaner, can you please share what it is? Thanks.

    2. Avatar

      I am getting this flooring in a couple weeks and was wondering about using my Roomba, so thanks for clearing that up. If you read this could you please let me know the kind of ph neutral cleaner that you are using? There is not much info out here yet and my Lowes where I bought the floor tells me different things depending on which associate I speak to, so I think they have no idea. I am getting smartcore ultra premium.

      1. Avatar

        I use “Once ‘n Done” Resilient and Ceramic Floor Cleaner. It does a good job cleaning. I am disappointed that my new LVP floor shows every footprint and needs to be cleaned every time my grandchildren leave. But it does look good after cleaning it.

        I have the LVP tiles with acrylic grout in the kitchen and mudroom. I absolutely love it and it never shows dirt or footprints. It looks like ceramic tile but warmer and softer.

      2. Avatar

        Our roomba runs each night. We use a dust mop too on occasion. We use rejuvenate in our spray mop. If we have a pet issue we soak up urine with paper towels and then use Clorox wipes and then mop with rejuvenate. So far so good.

        We put the felt pads on our furniture. Takes a bit of time and a small investment but worth it in the long run. We have rug pads made of pvc instead of rubber. Read your manufacturer’s warranty for acceptable rug pads. Our warranty also said no soap or bleach and we heard vinegar was a no go too.

  43. Avatar

    Cleaning luxury vinyl flooring is easy-peasy! Use a white vinegar and water solution and a mop that squeezes to damp. This will clean away dirt, grime and germs; providing a sparkling clean, disinfected floor without any damage. This method is also better than having your children or pets down on a floor cleaned by chemicals. Go with manufacturer suggestions for rug backing materials. Never use a steamer. A Swiffer is ok, but a better choice is a BONA brand product that sprays a floor conditioner specially made for luxury vinyl. Vacuuming or sweeping with a soft broom or even a dust mop is good for frequent touchups. Don’t make maintenance harder than it needs to be. Enjoy your floors!

  44. Avatar

    I have found contradictory information on cleaning products. Dawn soap leaves it dull and doesn’t disinfect enough for me. I vacuum and use swiffer dry pads that really take up most of the dirt. You would be amazed at how well they clean dirt and pet fur and get at edges of floor better than any vacuum. I’m going to try white vinegar to disinfect with a few drops of olive oil and see what happens. Otherwise will stick to wet swiffer, which has not harmed it and leaves it beautiful, and weak bleach mixture of 2 tsp per gallon of water. This is the vinyl planks’ worst feature, not being able to disinfect.. mop with water only my foot! Nasty!

  45. Avatar

    So, just had vinyl wood flooring put down. Before it was installed, ceramic tile removed and then the glue had to be removed. Needless to say, dust everywhere. We tried to use a swifter to mop up dust. Now it has left a stain of film. Also foot prints on the vinyl tile. How do you remove the stains/film or whatever you call them?

    1. Avatar

      I am having the exact same problem! Did you get an answer? Because I am about to rip it all up! So frustrating! I thought vinyl flooring was easy to care for?

    2. Avatar

      Hello, I have the same problem. This is terrible. I just had my floors installed, after we removed ceramic and hardwood floors, we chose COREtec Plus floors. And this was a huge mistake, the floor look dirty constantly. I know the they are matte finish but this is beyond any possible way to keep it clean. It looks very bad after they are clean and there is traffic in place. Any suggestions for this floor? Or this is a manufactured mistake when they made these floors?

      1. Avatar

        I just had 2000sq ft installed and am having the same issue! Have any of you found a solution? I’m devastated as I heard so many good things about LVP and was so excited to have it installed!

        1. Avatar

          We had LVT installed almost a year ago and it always looks dirty. I hate it but it’s too expensive to take it out and put something else down. I’m almost ready to pull it all out and just have concrete floors.

      2. Avatar

        Bissell Hard floor expert, along with the bissell hard floor cleaner that vacuums and mops at the same time. A little bit of vinegar and warm water. I have put LVP in my last 2 homes. The entire house… Once they are clean it’s very easy to maintain.

      3. Avatar

        We have Coretec plus in Bicayne oak. With 2 kids and 2 dogs, we just have to sweep or vacuum every day and them mop at least twice a week. We generally use Bona, but I’ve been finding that water and vinegar work better.

        With a full house, LVT has been a savior for us. They tore up the hardwood we had before and we don’t have a single scratch now (we’ve had the floor in almost 6 months)

    3. Avatar

      Just bought a Shark robot and I’m in heaven. Use everyday and keeps dust, every dust, away! It’s a must for hard wood or vinyl floors. I got sick of seeing dust every afternoon when the sun hit just right. Amazing how you can try dust mopping yourself and think you did good job. Nope. Shark robot picks up everything. Now about the footprint marks and dullness, that I haven’t mastered. I will try the vinegar solution and see what happens.

    4. Avatar

      I just had vinyl plank flooring put down this past week and had “smear” marks that wouldn’t come up with Bona.

      On another site someone suggested Magic Eraser. I tested in an inconspicuous place. I wet the Magic Eraser, wrung it out the best I could, wiped it in the direction of the grain, then immediately followed to dry with a soft cloth.

      No more smear marks. I will say we have a vinyl plank that is a matte finish vs shiny, so test in an area not very visible first. Good luck!

  46. Avatar

    I put a rubber mat at the door entrance, however In two weeks I have discovered that the mat is turning the floor yellow! Any suggestions on how to remove the discoloration, and/or what product can be used to stop the floor from holding dirt? Cleaning every day is not a viable option.

    1. Avatar

      Rubber products cannot be used on vinyl plank flooring.

      It is a total pain to keep clean!! Manufacturers recommend daily cleaning. Don’t know why anyone likes this stuff.

  47. Avatar

    I just purchased a two-year old home that has vinyl plank flooring through-out. I have researched the best way to maintain this flooring on a daily basis. But, is it safe to polish the flooring, perhaps, once a year? If so, what product is recommended for vinyl plank flooring?
    Thank you for any advice!

    1. Avatar

      No, do not use hot steam! I just use water and my wide plank Vinyl flooring throughout my entire first floor, including bathrooms, laundry room, hallways and kitchen. Gorgeous still 2 years later!

    2. Avatar
      Stephanie Eads

      I have a house full of vpf. And the one definite that was given is no steam mop and no wet swiffer. I see someone above doing wet swiffer, so??

      1. Avatar

        I have been using dry then wet swifter on my Motorhome which we had Coretec installed in. It feels sticky and looks dirty. Dealer said to try vinegar and water.

  48. Avatar

    Can I use my Haan upright steam cleaner for the apartment wide plank vinyl flooring I have inherited? It does a great job on my last hard wood and ceramic tile floors. Dries so fast as it is hot steam.

    1. Avatar

      Never use a Steam Mop on floating vinyl planks as you are forcing steam in between the planks and eventually they will warp.

  49. Avatar

    Painters left small specks of overspray paint on my floors. They will not clean up and I need to do this without causing any damage to the floor. What should I use?

    1. Avatar

      I used only my fingernail. The paint flecks easily popped off the vinyl planking; very few areas required patience and more work (still with only my fingernail). Result: pristine vinyl planking again, with zero scratches.

    2. Avatar

      Use Denatured Alcohol. You’ll find it in the paint section of your hardware store. It’s just a very strong alcohol solution. Dampen a paper towel with it. It will gently dissolve the paint spatters away, I guarantee.

      Test first on a piece of your flooring to make sure it won’t dull the surface (it shouldn’t). If it DOES dull the finish, I’d try plain old rubbing alcohol next. It’s a much weaker solution. Whatever you do, don’t use Goof Off! It will dissolve your flooring! GOOD LUCK!

    1. Avatar

      I found this in researching cleaning vinyl plank flooring but can’t vouch for validity
      • For stubborn scuffs, try putting some WD-40 lubricant or jojoba oil on a towel and rub the area until the scuffs disappear. Clean thoroughly with the vinegar and water solution to remove any traces of lubrication.

      1. Avatar

        be sure to check your manufacturer’ maintenance guide first – some specifically state not to apply any type of petroleum based product (i.e. – oil) on your floors!!

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