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Pergo Flooring Review: Pros vs Cons, Options & Pricing

You awake from your slumber in a sweat and the question that’s been haunting you during your whole remodel spooks you yet again- “laminate or hardwood?”

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question, and as an interior decorator, it’s one that I’m still plagued by every project I start. Though this question is a doozy, the bigger question of where to purchase flooring causes an even larger headache.

To help others with this same problem, I set out to see if Pergo would live up to the scrutiny of a design professional. Pergo claims on their website to have an “array of styles that suit any space, time-saving installation and outstanding warranties,” which is a pretty bold statement.

Will Pergo live up to their hype and be all that and a bag of chips?

Let’s dig a little deeper to see what Pergo really has to offer:

The Styles

The age old question of laminate or hardwood is eliminated by Pergo’s set of offerings. There’s a wide variety of each option for your flooring needs.

Which one is right for you? Here’s what Pergo says:


Who would you think that would do laminate flooring the best? How about the people that literally invented laminate?

Pergo invented the laminate floor over 35 years ago and still leads the industry in laminate flooring. They’re dedicated to creating quality products without the use of any toxic chemicals that pass a set of third party tests to ensure quality.

Laminate isn’t water-proof, but it comes pretty close. Pergo says that their laminate is water resistant, giving you a 30 minute window to clean up spills.

The price point for Pergo’s laminate lands in the $2.50 to $3.00 per square foot range. This puts their prices at right about the industry average, which is $2.40 to $4.00 per square foot.

If wood floors aren’t your thing, Pergo offers laminate flooring in stone and ceramic styles as well. Essentially, Pergo offers everything except for the kitchen sink; they’re a flooring company, after all.


Offering styles catering to the DIY handyman and professional installer, Pergo has you covered no matter what kind of hardwood you need.

If you’re an engineered hardwood lover or you’re a sucker for solid, there are 3 styles you’ll be able to choose from:

Engineered Hardwood

In case you’ve never heard of engineered hardwood: don’t fret, you’re not alone. Despite semi-popular belief, engineered hardwood isn’t the mutant cousin of the solid hardwood floor.

Engineered hardwood is a layered hardwood floor that has a separate backing layer from the layer that is used to lock the flooring into place. Engineered hardwood is typically easier to install and has the same feel that solid hardwood does on the feet.

Pergo Max

If you can’t fathom hiring someone else to do the job for you, Pergo Max should be your floor of choice. This engineered hardwood should click right together to ensure an easy installation process.

Pergo Lifestyles

If you’re confident in your abilities to install flooring that requires more elbow grease than clicking into place, your ideal flooring is Pergo Lifestyles. This is also an engineered hardwood, but requires the help of staples or glue to install.

Solid Hardwood

If you’re looking for the ultimate classic hardwood, this is it. One layer of wood is topped with one layer of finish for the die-hard(wood) enthusiast.

Pergo American Era

Do not try this at home, kids. Pergo’s American Era collection is the top of their hardwood line and its solid construction should not be installed by someone without prior flooring experience. Go ahead and hire someone- your wallet will thank you later.

Pergo’s hardwood and engineered hardwood is on the lower end of the price spectrum, ranging from about $2.80 to $5.00 per square foot. You’re getting a bargain considering that the average engineered hardwood is from about $4.00 to $7.00 per square foot and the average solid hardwood is from about $4.00 to $10.00 per square foot.

The styles for hardwood aren’t as varied as they are for laminate, however, there are dozens of finishes for each style to choose from.

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The Warranties

Pergo’s warranties aren’t as clear cut as they claimed they were. Depending on which product you buy and where you buy it from, your warranty will be different.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Pergo product, you’ll need to order from a big-box retailer rather than directly from their website. They’re found in most Lowe’s stores and Home Depots across the country, but some smaller retailers will carry their lines, too.

Home Depot and Lowe’s have different warranty levels for each of the different products described above. Before buying any product from this company, I’d suggest doing your warranty research to make sure that you’re getting the coverage you and your lifestyle will need.

If buying from another retailer, you’ll need to talk specifically with that retailer about their Pergo warranty. There’s no info on the website for any other companies’ warranty besides Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Be acutely aware of what you’re buying and make sure that you’re not making an investment this large without protecting yourself. You wouldn’t ride a motorcycle without a helmet, so don’t purchase flooring without a warranty.

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The Reviews

With a company with as long of a history as Pergo, you’re bound to find reviews that are both “print out and put on your fridge” worthy and “report the user as spam to make the review disappear” worthy.

Here’s what some Pergo customers had to say about the products they purchased:

The Good

Some of Pergo’s customers are over the moon with their purchases, such as this customer from Elk Grove, California.

“Bullet Proof Flooring. Okay, I didn’t actually shoot at my floor. We installed some Pergo American Cottage from Lowe’s 10 years ago. This floor looks exactly the same as the day it was finished.”

The Bad

Unfortunately, there are overwhelmingly more unsettling reviews than there are positive ones. Here’s what Jane of the Woodlands said:

“I purchased $6000 worth of Pergo Max hardwood flooring from Lowe’s. It was professionally installed. After 1 month, the floor is so scratched that the installer recommends replacing the entire floor – the scratches cannot be fixed. No help from Pergo on this matter.”

Here’s what Marilynn of Lincoln said:

“Our Pergo Max flooring is less than 4 months old and looks like it’s years old. It has fine scratches apparently from sweeping it with a broom. When I mop it with a damp cloth and water only, it leaves streaks and smears and dulls.”

And here’s what a flooring installer from Ohio eloquently said:

“Garbage in a box.”

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The Verdict

Pergo’s flooring does not seem to be of best quality, whether it be laminate or hardwood. The reviews online were divisive, with an average rating of about 2.5 on each of the websites I examined.

People either loved the brand or absolutely hated it. People who professionally installed their product seemed to be more likely to give a positive review than those that went the DIY route of installation.

Would I personally recommend Pergo for a client? Most likely not.

Does that mean you shouldn’t purchase Pergo? Not necessarily.

If you’re looking for a product that’s on the cheaper side and you’re redoing flooring for a small space in your home, Pergo can be a great choice. If you’re doing a full remodel in hopes to maximize the price of your home when you sell it in 10 years, Pergo probably isn’t the brand for you.

Have you purchased and installed a Pergo product in the past? Comment below and let us know what you think about Pergo.

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Ashley Rose Marino

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67 thoughts on “Pergo Flooring Review: Pros vs Cons, Options & Pricing”

  1. Avatar

    I own apartments and my guys and I have literally installed over 50000 sq feet of the old Asheville Hickory. Loved it and with some knowledge and practice, we cut out the bottom of the door frames, slide Pergo under them laying flat, and then with some tapping or pulling would always get it to lay flat, lock well, and look good. Can’t do that with the new locking system. And the old was tough and difficult to scratch. Why when you have a good product would you SCREW IT UP by discontinuing and changing the locking system is beyond me. Guess I’ll look for a new brand, even though most basically lock the same way now.

  2. Avatar

    What is the difference between the Timbercraft+ and the Portfolio+? I am not able to find any type of comparison. Also Lowes and Homedepot on carry a limited selection…with 100 differenent options between Outlast+, Timbercraft+ and Portfolio+ how can you see more the product besides those little 4×4 samples that really don’t help?

  3. Avatar

    Beautiful pieces of laminate for sure. I’ve done several rooms in similar products, but this one looked the best, so I bought it. Unfortunately. the pieces simply do not lock. No matter how they are laid out, pressed down, tapped with a rubber tapping block, pushed, pulled or changed, they always slip out, leaving a wide space between the pieces. Pergo is selling an unusable product. I will have to just stop and go buy another brand.

    1. Avatar
      Laura with Pergo

      Hi Tom, I’m Laura with Pergo – I”m sorry to hear about your installation experience. Please consider calling our hard surfaces technical services team at 888-387-9881, option 3 – they may be able to assist you with installation advice. They’ll likely need to know the nature of your subfloor and which underlayment is being used. I apologize again for your experience.

    2. Avatar

      Unfortunately I’ve had the exact same experience. Two wasted weekends, with nothing to show for it other than trying to put together a puzzle whose pieces don’t fit. Even just trying to lock three pieces together in the middle of the floor showed to me that a visible gap was inevitable. Maybe the tolerances for over 6’ long pieces means that any manufacturing imperfections are magnified. They do have a great look, but that doesn’t matter much when there’s this much gapping. It’ll be interesting to see if Lowe’s website will actually allow a negative review to be posted.

      1. Avatar
        Laura with Pergo

        Hi Patrick, I’m very sorry to hear about your experience installing your floors. If you would like to call our hard surfaces technical services team at 888-387-9881, option 3, they could assist you with installation advice. They’ll need to know the details of your subfloor and which underlayment is being used. I’m very sorry again for your experience. Laura with Pergo

    3. Avatar

      You must be doing something wrong with you installation technique. I instalked approximately 350 sq. ft and it went very well. I have installed approx. over 2000 sq.ft. In other areas of my home with other brands of laminate flooring – all high end products and Pergo is by far the easiest to install.

      1. Avatar

        After 22 years we finally got new Pergo Max flooring in our foyer. After a week it was scratched by our 10 pound cat and was informed by Pergo that pet claw scratches and wear in high traffic areas are not covered by the warranty. WHAT??? What a sorry product. I see a class action lawsuit on the horizon. Selling inferior flooring?? Lowe’s needs to let potential customers know about this.

        1. Avatar
          Laura with Pergo

          Hello Joyce, I’m Laura with Pergo. I’m very sorry to hear about your experience with your floors. Pergo floors are scratch resistant but not scratch proof. Scratches are not covered under the warranty for Pergo Max Hardwood (if you need a copy of the Pergo Max Hardwood warranty, you can find it on the Pergo website). If scratches occur, you may be able to cover them with Scratch Away or Old English Scratch Cover. These products are available at most grocery stores or online. Apply the product only to the scratch itself, using a clean, dry cloth. I apologize again for your experience.

          1. Avatar

            This is a sad response and pushed me away from your product which I was considering before reading this post …. The original commenter already said they understood the warranty so why would you offer to send it to them? That is talking down to the customer and not a good sign of customer service.

  4. Avatar

    100% true and honest review!
    Installed Pergo Portfolio. Wet Protect Technology. Waterproof Natural Park Hickory Laminate in my living room. 250 sq. ft.,
    1: After preparing my floor, installation was easy (I am a skilled trades worker just to note) and finished in 1 work day. Did the project alone …
    2: Not 1 damaged plank in any of the boxes i ordered. 15 in total.
    3: Felt pads under all feet of furniture and tables.
    80 lbs. Pit Bull and no scratches as of yet with no area rugs.
    4: Left a few cut pieces outside in the rain for 2 days (just to see what would happen. because I do live in a state wit all 4 seasons) and it hasn’t warped or bubbled til now.

    1: Floor occasionally creaked (just from settling i’m sure, but not from walking across it) after install.
    Loving the look of the floor (wish we could post Pics here)!
    I will try to update this review after 6 months…

    1. Avatar

      we loved our pergo floors, but 3 years ago we installed a new one and hate that one, it is not very resistive to water, or its defective on several boards, not much water lands and its usually dried right away it was very dissapointing. The last floor lasted us over a decade. Agree how it stands up to scratches from most anything like dogs and furniture. We found it makes a poor choice for any room near water at all or entry doors so we are redoing the floor and not with Pergo. We tried calling them and they have one on terminal hold with no chat or email, options, that is bad business. Glad you were happy, we are done with them.

      1. Avatar
        Laura with Pergo

        Hi Anie, I’m Laura with Pergo – I’m very sorry to hear about your experience with your floors. If you need to file a claim on your flooring, you can do this through your retailer – the retailer is the party who files the claim with Pergo on your behalf. I’m very sorry again for your experience.

      2. Avatar

        Hi, two wildly different experiences. Replaced slightly more than half the floors in my house 3 years ago using Pergo Max Nashville Oak. Very easy DIY install, still looks great even with our two large dogs on it every day. No complaints!

        Fast forward to right now – Pergo Max is apparently discontinued (or at least the Nashville Oak was) so we were directed to Pergo Timbercraft Valley Grove Oak – bought 11 boxes and it was noticeably more expensive than the Max was. Total garbage! Pieces don’t fit together or lock together worth a d, and when you try to tap them together using a plastic block and mallet the top is chipping off everywhere! Very noticeable gaps between many of the boards – and it has been a serious struggle to get them to look as good as they do. Effing garbage product – working on returning it to Lowes now.

        1. Avatar
          Laura with Pergo

          Hello David, I’m Laura with Pergo. I’m very sorry to hear about your experience with your recent flooring purchase. I understand from your comments that you are or have returned your flooring to the retailer; if you would still like assistance, please feel free to contact the Mohawk hard surfaces technical services team at 888-387-9881, option 3, with any installation-related concerns. I apologize again for your experience.

  5. Avatar

    Pergo outlast + has a lifetime warranty, but on the website, it says the lifespan of laminate is 5-10 years? That doesn’t sound very durable?

    1. Avatar

      Hi Emily, I’m afraid I don’t know all the claims that this specific website makes about laminate, as this site is unaffiliated with Pergo, but all Pergo flooring (laminate, hardwoods and LVT) carries a limited lifetime residential warranty. All warranty documents and product information are available on the Pergo website. I hope this helps clarify!

  6. Avatar

    The timercraft so called waterproof Pergo is a rsiky install…..if you look at their warranty guide it says for spills or pet accidents not sitting there for more than 30 minutes……if your dog pees on the floor overnight and it bubbles you are screwed and the warranty wont cover it… careful. I think im going to use smartcore pro instead to make sure no problems with pet accidents.

    1. Avatar
      Laura with Pergo

      Hi Dave, I’m Laura and I work for Pergo – there are two types of TimberCraft, one that is waterproof (called “TimberCraft with WetProtect”), and one that is not waterproof (just “TimberCraft”). TimberCraft with WetProtect, the waterproof version, has a limited lifetime warranty to resist damage from moisture due to wet mopping or household spills. Please feel free to check the TimberCraft with WetProtect warranty on the Pergo website. For the non-waterproof version, spills should be cleaned up promptly. I hope this helps clarify the difference between these two lines of flooring.

        1. Avatar
          Laura with Pergo

          Hi Arielle, there is not a specified time limit by which water needs to be cleaned up off our waterproof laminates (for our non-waterproof laminates, 30 minutes is the time limit given in the warranty). However, the warranties for our waterproof laminates do not cover damage from excessively wet maintenance, flooding or standing water. The flooring is warranted for resistance to damage due to occasional wet mopping and household splashes and spills. I hope this helps – thanks for your question!

  7. Avatar

    Listen—You CANNOT install (easily) following instructions without tapping block – it will take forever. I learned this the hard way. Purchase a tapping block, install long sides first, press down forcefully so that they “click” then tap (hammer) in so that the short sides connect. This will save you a ton of time.

  8. Avatar

    We have DIY installed Pergo Timbercraft 12mm Brookdale Hickory in two rooms. It is kind of a pain getting it to lineup right and you have to go slow. It gets a little easier after you figure it out. If it isn’t tapping in place easily, stop and realign the joint otherwise you’ll crush the locking edge beyond hope. I found that by inserting the locking tab of each new piece into the last one at about a 45-degree angle and tapping lightly across it with a rubber mallet they line up and lock together easier. The new piece won’t be completely flat to the floor until you tap it the rest of the way in with a tapping block and/or puller.

    We have had it in two rooms for 6 to 8 months and it’s holding up well so far, but it’s a slow process doing it yourself if it’s your first. So, we are paying somebody to finish the rest of the house. So far pretty happy though.

    Both rooms get pretty regular traffic, no dogs though (2 cats and a messy kid). I have dropped some miscellaneous hard or metal things on the floor that made me cringe, but it hasn’t seemed to damage it at all.

  9. Avatar

    I’ve purchased 1200 sq feet of Pergo Max Hickory From Lowe’s. I have installers with 20 years experience, and they say WTF! This stuff is total JUNK.

    The end joints don’t fit. Great price for a low income rental.

    1. Avatar

      Totally agree. Locking mechanism s…s…sTINKS if you know what I mean. Many are bowed by about 1/16, but that’s enough to throw it off. I will never ever ever buy Pergo anything again.

  10. Avatar

    I purchased pergo laminate flooring 1 year ago for my new home, thinking I was getting the best. The transition strips kept breaking. I ordered them three times. There was a little bit of a spill, I cleaned it up ASAP.. Still it bubbled… this was the worst decision I’ve ever made. I will never ever go back to Pergo, they will not honor any warranty. They sent out one person to review he said it was faulty… they sent another person out and he said there’s moisture? There’s no moisture… they will work to get out of their #Warranty any way they can and they just told me it’s just the way it is… too bad. A nightmare. This review also went on for months before they said “too bad, the way it is.” Bad pergo!!!

  11. Avatar

    The negative comments seem somewhat suspicious and almost not believable. I can only speak to the Pergo XP. I have installed 1300sq ft of Riverbend Oak and 950sq ft of Warm Grey Oak in two properties. I cut small pieces of each and soaked them in water for three days, just out of curiosity-no issues of swelling or delaminating. In addition I have two 60lb plus Labs and have seen zero wear or scratches in the past 20 months. I would advise to do your own testing before just accepting some of the reviews.

  12. Avatar

    I purchased Pergo flooring when it was first imported and sold only by Color Tile stores in our area. The floor I installed in my kitchen used a special Pergo glue. It has held up extremely well and still looks very good. I have no swelling or edge curling, even though a lot of liquids have been spilled on it. This floor was expensive, over $5.00 a foot when purchased in the early 90’s. Since then I have installed it in several other rooms. I do believe the Pergo you buy today may not be as good as the first Pergo I purchased. I think they have a price point to keep to so they can compete with all the other Pergo copycats some of which told me that laminates would never be accepted by the American consumer.

  13. Avatar

    Better off with anything else you can buy. I’ve installed a lot of different laminates and some of them were cheaper ones because that’s what other people wanted to pay. Never have I seen a laminate flooring that doesn’t stay when you snap it together. That’s the whole idea behind the flooring that you don’t have to nail or glue is when you snap the joints together it stays in. This doesn’t. It’s very frustrating when you have to get across the room and then realize that halfway across the room it’s coming forward on you and you have to tear everything up and redo it. Absolute garbage.

    1. Avatar

      I’m really sorry that I did not read your review before I purchased Pergo TimberCraft. The flooring itself looks very nice and my expectation was that installation would not be an issue as I have installed other laminate products without problems. It really should be illegal for Pergo to sell this junk as I consider it to be a fraud for them to state that this stuff snaps together. It does not and it does not stay. It is by far the worst flooring product for installation you can get.

  14. Avatar

    I have had Pergo Outlast for two years in the Auburn Scraped Oak. It’s beautiful and really doesn’t show dirt or smudges. If you drip water it is hard to find sometimes. This is due to the dark color and low sheen finish.

    I brought home around 25 samples and the ones I liked best, I smudged, dropped dirt and made footprints on to see how it would hold up. This one is amazing. It doesn’t scratch. In fact, I dripped paint on it and used a screwdriver and knife to scrape the stuff that dried into the texture. I used nail polish remover to get some off of the texture. It worked and you can’t even tell.

    The only damage is from a glass bowl that got knocked off and scratched the floor. It wasn’t noticeable but later my cat spilled water overnight on it and it swelled only in that spot. We have had spills left overnight before and never had any problems. We are shopping for the same flooring for our new house. We might even use the same color. (It does show dust.)

    1. Avatar
      Howard Kornblum

      Thank you for this review as I am about to order pergos outlast applewood color. I just love the texture and the finish and will be ordering a pallet…480sqft.


  15. Avatar

    I had Pergo Maple installed in 201 it is beautiful. It is not as beautiful as it was when it was first installed. But it has held up nicely.

    My dishwasher overflowed on it and I used every towel in my house to mop up the water and make the floor dry quickly. No buckling or anything. This happened 2 times. I was sure it would warp but it did not.

    I still love the floor. It is a laminate, so I use laminate floor cleaner on it. I do not use wood cleaner on it. USE one LAMINATE cleaner. Even if you have a Swiffer use only Laminate cleaner on Laminate. If you do not you ruin the shine and dull the finish right off.

    I had a lab that slid through the kitchen and thought it was a slide, he loved it and it never ever showed a scratch. I have dropped tools, a hammer and pans on the floor and not a mark. If you drop glass dishes on the floor kiss them goodbye. They break but don’t scratch or cut the floor. I had Pergo Atlantic Maple installed in my upstairs 3 bedrooms 5 closets and a L shaped hallway in May of 2016. So far, it shines like a diamond and no chips or warps on any of it. Easy to clean. It does have a very high shine on it so it is slippery if you are wearing socks on it with no shoes on.

    I love the super light color. I bought it from a picture as there was no sample of it at the Lowes and was worried about the shine as we are over 70 and did not want to fall on it, but no problems so far. Super easy to dust mop and wet mop with Laminate floor cleaner. I spray it on and don’t have a lot of water on the floor that way.

    I would love to put it in my kitchen as it is so shiny but my old Pergo still is nice so can’t justify replacing it. I say use it but I would not put any laminate in a bathroom as I think it could be a problem if your wax ring or pipe would break and no one would be home at the time. I was retired so when my kitchen dishwasher overflowed I was right there to clean up the water. I would not use it in a room over concrete because it would be too cold and would need a lot of leveling of the concrete to make it level enough to lay it over.

    Laminate will not install well over floors that are unlevel. Thank heavens I do not have any squeaking floors due to the fact that we made sure all of the squeaks were taken care of when we removed the carpet before the installer installed the Pergo. If I were to use a Laminate I would only install Pergo.

  16. Avatar

    Terrible product! I am a diy and installed various types of laminate flooring in other homes that we have owned. Currently installing 22 boxes of Pergo Outlast Antique Cherry and it is advertised as “lock and click”…no way! The manufacturer’s written instructions and website videos were useless, the edges do not lock together. I had to develop my own 5 step process to install the floor, including special tapping blocks, temporary shins under flooring to get them to lock in etc. The base material is actually pressed cardboard! Junk… do not buy this product!

  17. Avatar

    I cannot find any reviews on Pergo timbercraft. Please!! Has any one had it down for a while? Any opinions about scratching, fading etc?

  18. Avatar

    Installed Pergo XP in two houses. Would not recommend to another customer, ever. Any water gets on it and seeps into the edges and you will have delamination problems. The edges will curl up. Your customers will not be happy when they spend 4k and have problems in two months – just because they spilled a glass of water on it, or ran a damp mop over it.

    Replacing one board is a serious pain. The really only true repair solution is to pull it all up. Absolutely do not install this in bathrooms or kitchen – beware of front door entrances too. Any moisture will ruin the flooring. It takes a lot of work to trim and cut this flooring to go around all the areas in a house. It is really about as durable as cheap particleboard furniture. You’ll regret doing all that work. Can’t believe they sell this cheap cardboard flooring without a class action lawsuit already. Lost lots of money on this.

    1. Avatar
      Vickie Helpingstine

      Guess we must be talking about a different product :😉, cuz we not only have had this in our bathroom for 3+ yrs & love it! But upon loving the bathroom, we did whole house & not one single issue yet. It’s been about a year, but we’re very careful – bought expensive area rugs and all – think the key is it’s only as good as the care you put into it. Saying you spill & wipe up just as soon as you see (then yes, you will have a mess). My dog peed on floor (sorry, she was in process of dying), I mean it was all over. I dove in there and got it cleaned, dried and used an oil on top after the cleaning. And it did excellent.

  19. Avatar

    I had Pergo installed in my house 27 years ago, and it is still good. I had a kid and two dogs. My kid used to roller blade in our living room and the dogs would skid on it all the time. My cleaning lady has mopped those floors for the past 15 years with a wet (but not dripping) mop. Over time, the corners and edges have become more prominent but not anything that would make the floor replaceable. The only time I had problems with my Pergo floors was during hurricane Katrina that ripped parts of my roof, and allowed some water to pool under the floor via a corner wall.

    I am changing the floors now because I am tired of the color and want to go for the gray shades. I hope the new Pergo floors are of the same quality as the original ones I got 27 years ago. If they are not, I will be mourning because I love laminate flooring. Nothing looks as clean in a modernistic and busy household.

  20. Avatar

    This article and review was so refreshingly helpful! It didn’t help me decide, but it gave me a lot more things to consider!

  21. Avatar

    I had 104 boxes of Pergo XP installed. 60 boxes for living room, family room and 2 hallways. About 6 months later another 44 boxes installed in bedrooms. My 93 year old mother was then required to use a walker and oxygen. Within a month of her using a rollator walker with rubber wheels she was seeing marks.

    I could not feel anything so I assumed they were scuffs and called Pergo for some help. I tried their suggestions with no luck and finally they sent out inspector. With a magnifying glass he says they are ‘micro abrasions’. Pergo then denied the claim saying scratches are not covered.

    They advertise with a Great Dane on their website which implies that it is durable. Yet when you read the warranty all it says is ‘trim pet nails frequently, replace metal and plastic wheels or casters with rubber, put felt or rubber pads under furniture, and put rugs by entry ways’. Well the rollator walker has rubber wheels! Their warranty is worthless and will never buy again. Their customer service is equally terrible.

  22. Avatar

    We’re thinking of installing laminate flooring, instead of wood. We have a yellow lab. It’s a busy household. We looked at many different brands and have narrowed it to Shaw Pinnacle Port in Sable Hickory, Pergo Outlast, and the Frontier by Eternity. Looking to see if there are any reviews about which floor is the better choice.

  23. Avatar

    JuIy, 2016 – purchased from Lowe’s, Pergo MAX Premier San Marco Oak Embossed Wood Plank Laminate Flooring ( MAX Premier) – featuring Premium PermaMax® wear layer with ScratchGuard Advanced surface protection for superior durability, scratch – and scuff-resistance. 12mm thickness for maximum stability and a natural wood-floor sound. AC 4 Rating – Limited lifetime warranty; installed by a professional installer who did a great job with it.

    It still looks beautiful in spite of infrequent cleaning with Microfiber-Chenille mop, don’t wax or buff (I am 82 years old and not a very good housekeeper). My visitors are in awe at the way my floor looks and commented that it makes my place look bigger than their unit (same floor area as mine).

    I have spilled liquid on it but cleaned up as quickly as possible and no damage done. I roll my desk chair casters back and forth on it while working on my computer at my desk and do not see any damage to my floor. I am very happy with my Pergo floor to date, July, 2018. Terry O’

  24. Avatar

    I am a professional flooring installer working exclusively for Lowes, and I only install floating floors. My opinion is worth what you paid for it, but here goes….

    Flooring is similar to anything else you buy. You’re not going to have the same experience buying a Kia as you would a Mercedes. And even then, some people have terrible experiences with more expensive brands, and vice versa. The thing to remember is generally a person who gets online and writes a review is generally the unhappy person. The people who are content with their new floors just don’t take the time to write reviews.

    Personally I would steer clear of ANY engineered hardwood product. The veneers are so thin, and they’re usually no way to fix dents or scratches. Laminate floors are great, if you get the right kind. The biggest factor that sets a laminate floor apart is a beveled edge. Non beveled products look cheaper and show moisture swelling far worse than beveled edge.
    That’s my 2 cents… Thanks for reading!

    1. Avatar

      Is the bevelled edge product from Pergo sealed in a different way? What makes it show moisture damage less?


      1. Avatar

        I have a cottage on a river making it prone to dampness. I leave the heat on in the winter at a very low level. It can be as low as 7 C. ( 48 F ) in the winter when I arrive. Can I put down laminate flooring in this situation?

    2. Avatar

      Seth- dude- what kind would YOU recommend then? I would appreciate your input. 3 kids, 1 husband, & 1 lab. Thanks!

    3. Avatar

      Yes, what brand would you recommend? I have my grandma my husband a toddler, 4 dogs, 2 cats all in my house. 2 of the dogs frequently pee on the floor because grandma doesn’t let them out like she should. Looking at new flooring and need something that will actually stand up to life. We wear our shoes in the house too.

  25. Avatar

    Pergo TimberCraft Wet Protect is a great looking floor. We just finished up about 2500 sq ft of it. Cons when installing: edges are sharp, we were having issues with mil thickness being inconsistent. We also noticed at the headjoints where the boards tap together on the short end were not meeting up correctly. This wasn’t everywhere but did have some issues. The floor also has a creak effect. We were sure to clean, sweep and vacuum. This floor also scratches easy. I’m excited to see how everything holds up. I wouldn’t recommend this to new customers. I hope this helps!

    1. Avatar

      Can you exchange the board of a different thickness? Thanks…considering for our kitchen and dining room. gail

  26. Avatar
    Mary Linn Courtney

    I’m ready to purchase the Pergo Timbercraft from Lowes. But am a bit afraid after this article. It looks beautiful & I have my quote… readying to set up their install, yet now may do more research on the Timbercraft product.

  27. Avatar
    Elizabeth Stephens

    We had Pergo Outlast installed in our home a year ago. I have two German Shepherds. After a year I have to say this stuff is bullet proof. We live in Oregon where it rains alot, so the dogs can get pretty rowdy after being couped up. The floors do not show any scratches from them tearing around. The wet they track in mops up easily. I’m glad we did not try to install it ourselves. The floor is beautiful and durable. We love it!

    1. Avatar

      Hi Elizabeth, which flooring color did you go with? I was in Lowe’s today looking at the Outlast. I have a German Shepherd and I’m terribly worried about scratches but so far so good for you?

  28. Avatar
    Crystal D Brunson

    I see no mention of Pergo’s waterproof flooring on this website but they have a product called Timbercraft that they are marketing as “waterproof laminate”.

    1. Avatar

      I understand that this is a brand new line of flooring. Perhaps that’s why it is not mentioned . When I checked at Lowes 2 weeks ago, they were not selling it yet. Hopefully it is there now as I am interested in it!

  29. Avatar

    After calling my friend in Ohio that had put Pergo down about 15 yrs ago and her saying she still loved it and it look great, we decided to install it here. We bought it all and had it in the living room, which they said to do, for a few days before installing it. My husband broke his hip and here were all these boxes, I called and ask my brother-in- law to cut it and I would install it ( to which he and my husband both kinda laughed). I watched all the video’s I could to learn and with my brother-in-laws help I installed it. The click and lock that it does is really easy. That was about 7 yrs ago and it is still as beautiful and I love the easy care. If you are going to DIY, take the trim off or get the oscillating tool which I used. If I could do this at 65 then anyone can do it.

  30. Avatar

    I’ve had bad Pergo and I’ve had fantastic Pergo. The stuff we put down was defective and Pergo made good on the warranty by installing their most durable line at the time (12 years ago). We have a very high traffic home, pets, kids, you name it and we are not careful. That stuff was like armor! I have to replace it due to a major flood. Of course, I want an equally durable product, so I’ve been reading every review I can find. Excluding the cheapest and unheard of brands, it doesn’t appear that price is a reliable indicator at all. Consumer reports gives Pergo Outlast a 96 and nothing else comes close. I’d lay my bets on the Outlast BUT, I really like the look of the Timbercraft wet project Brier Creek Oak. It’s 12mm thick and has a 10 light commercial warranty, but it’s so new, there are NO reviews. None. My contractor had me looking at more expensive brands, but they all had terrible reviews. What to do… what to do?

    1. Avatar

      Happy to read your review. We are finishing our basement and leaning towards pergo timbercraft plus wet protect. Did youy end up using it? If so, what do you think of it so far?
      Congrats installing it yourself!!!

    2. Avatar

      What did you go with? I read the CR also. And have read reviews on Mannington, Shaw etc… And a product of Abbey, manufactured by CSF.

    3. Avatar

      Did you go with Pergo Timbercraft Brier Creek Oak? I ordered 90 boxes and it’s pending pickup and install. There are very few pictures online other than Pergo’s photos. I’m trying to see photos from consumers who have the product installed in their home.

  31. Avatar

    Pergo XP Asheville Hickory is a beautiful floor. So far it has been a pain to install. If you look at the end joints you wonder how they could possibly fit together. We have put down 4 boxes and I would love to return the stuff, and may do just that.

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