LifeProof Vinyl Plank Flooring Review – 2022 Buying Guide

By Fortino Rosas / April 11, 2022 / 414 Comments

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    LifeProof Vinyl Plank Review

    LifeProof vinyl plank flooring, formally known as Allure flooring, is an excellent choice in LVP. It has many features that will appeal to both your senses and your wallet.

    In this guide, we’re going to take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of LifeProof vinyl plank across 9 key criteria.

    Our Overall Rating of LifeProof Vinyl Plank Flooring

    Below is a summary of our rating for LifeProof luxury vinyl plank flooring across 9 criteria. Keep on reading for more details.

    LifeProof Vinyl Plank Overall Rating
    – Quality construction
    – Easy to install
    – Works with radiant heated floors
    – low VOC
    – Low-maintenance vinyl flooring
    – One of the largest ranges of vinyl plank flooring colors
    – Authentic texture comparable to hardwood
    – Warranty applies to the first owner only
    – Interlocking tabs are weak
    – A lot of problems are reported with DIY installation

    LifeProof Flooring Manufacturer Overview

    LifeProof is not a company but a flooring brand manufactured by Halstead New England – the largest member of HMTX Industries. Halstead has been supplying special order LVT, vinyl plank flooring, and luxury vinyl tile across Canada and the US for over 30 years.

    The company is based in Norwalk, Connecticut, USA and has green-certified offices in Rincon and Calhoun, Georgia as well as associated offices worldwide. Although Halstead is an American company, they do their manufacturing processes in China including their LifeProof Flooring.

    The Complete LifeProof Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Buyer’s Guide

    1. Selection: Styles & Colors

    Floor Critics Rating: 5.0

    LifeProof offers both luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring options. Although they offer four main color categories for each flooring type, you’ll find them in a ton of different colors and finishes that mimic hardwood, stone, and marble tiles. We can assure you that you’ll surely love their flooring design varieties!

    When choosing colors and styles for your flooring, make sure to consider your existing home design. This makes sure that you will be choosing one that complements your walls, furniture, and other decorations. LifeProof sure gives you a lot of options to choose from to suit any interior design theme.

    Below are the major categorizations of LifeProof’s luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring:

    Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring
    LifeProof Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

    Wood-Look Vinyl Plank
    Grey Vinyl Plank
    Brown Vinyl Plank
    White Vinyl Plank
    Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring
    LifeProof Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

    Stone-Look Vinyl Tile
    Marble-Look Vinyl Tile
    Grey Vinyl Tile
    White Vinyl Tile
    Source: Home Depot

    Vinyl Finishes and Wear Layers

    In addition, although most LifeProof LVP flooring colors come in a single width option, you will also find beautiful multi-width options. This is great if you don’t want their standard rectangular planks. Plus, they are deeply embossed to resemble natural wood grains like oak, hickory, and pine.

    Various Lifeproof Flooring Colors and Finishes To Choose From

    These LVP planks can look aesthetically pleasing throughout your home. They come in stunning shades of gray like Rustic Wood or Lighthouse Oak, and beautiful brown hues like Heirloom Pine and Shadow Hickory. LifeProof also offers traditional wood finishes in addition to more trendy and rustic looks.

    If you can’t decide which color or finish to choose, you can request free samples of this flooring to take home. You can also return the planks for up to 90 days after purchase.

    2. Durability & Quality

    Floor Critics Rating: 4.0

    LifeProof vinyl planks provide great durability performance using their Ceramic Bead, Ultra-Fresh Layer, and ISOCORE technologies. They are water, scratch, stain, and dent resistant as well as antimicrobial and noise-reducing. These make the planks ideal for creating flooring that will last for years.

    Many people choose luxury vinyl flooring because of its durability and waterproof features. It is far thicker and more resistant to damage compared to traditional sheet vinyl which is only made of a thin layer of flexible vinyl. Thus, LVP flooring, including LifeProof’s, is expected to perform well against scratches and weather-related damages.

    However, one major problem encountered by installers is LifeProof’s weak interlocking tabs that break easily because of the light plank material. So if you are looking for more durable options, we recommend buying heavier options.

    Proprietary Technologies

    LifeProof flooring products use four main technologies that enhance their durability and performance:

    1. Ceramic Bead Technology: These planks have a solid virgin vinyl layer and a ceramic-bead-enhanced wear layer that make them extremely durable and resistant to scratches.
    2. Ultra-Fresh Layer: The underlayment and top layers of the planks are treated with Ultra-Fresh technology that eliminates odor and prevents stains, mold, and mildew. The technology is permanent and is built into the products.
    3. ISOCORE: The cores of the planks (called by LifeProof “ISOCORE”) are made of closed-cell PVC foam that gives strength and rigidity to the planks. This foam core is usually found in thicker materials to make them lighter but still stronger than traditional sheet vinyl flooring. It also works as a barrier to moisture and water.

    Mil Wear Layer Thickness

    The thickness of the wear layer is important when buying new vinyl plank flooring. A thicker wear layer means a more durable flooring. LifeProof offers three kinds of wear layer thicknesses for different rooms, including high-traffic ones: 6 mil, 12 mil, and 22 mil.

    Below is a comparison of these three rigid core wear layer varieties based on their performance:

    6-mil Wear Layer12-mil Wear Layer22-Mil Wear Layer
    Thickness6.5 mm or 7 mm6 mm6.5 mm
    Scratch ResistanceSuperiorSuperiorExtreme
    Temperature Resistance50°F – 100°F50°F – 100°F-25°F – 155°F
    ApplicationLow – MediumMedium – StandardHigh-Traffic

    The thickness of the wear layer makes the planks resistant to scratches, marks, and skids. Therefore, LifeProof LVP is a good option for homes with children or pets. Though for those with an active home, I would recommend looking for a 12 millimeter (or higher) wear layer to protect your floors.

    Pre-Attached Underlayment

    You’ll also appreciate that there is a pre-attached underlayment on each board, which means they are warm and comfortable to walk on. (They are also quiet, unlike hard tiles.)

    The noise-reducing underlayment is made of a 1mm HDPE plastic pad. Therefore, this vinyl flooring is perfect to install in top-floor apartment units because it will minimize noise of footfalls heard by neighbors below. It’s also cost-effective because with other vinyl flooring brands, you may need to buy your underlayment separately.

    Does LifeProof Wear, Stain, & Fade Easily?

    The proprietary technologies used in LifeProof make it wear and stain-resistant. However, we recommend not installing your flooring under direct sunlight because it may fade, buckle, or form discolorations.

    100% Waterproof 

    Another feature that you’ll appreciate is that these floors have a rigid PVC core and are 100% waterproof.

    If you are looking to floor a room prone to wetness, such as a kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, then LifeProof vinyl plank floors will give you the look of natural wood while holding up much better under the elements.

    Also, the backing doesn’t collect moisture and deteriorates over time. In fact, Home Depot tested the waterproof capability of LifeProof LVP planks by installing them on a shrimp boat. If it was able to withstand the damage-causing factors in this setting, then it will surely withstand the conditions in your home.

    Is LifeProof Luxury Vinyl Flooring Good?

    Yes, LifeProof vinyl floors are an excellent choice for both residential and commercial settings. This vinyl flooring is easy to install because it has a floating and interlocking installation type. What’s more, LifeProof is 100% waterproof so you can install the flooring in humid environments.

    LifeProof vinyl flooring is durable thanks to the thick wear layer made from ECB (enhanced ceramic beads). But let’s not forget about the authentic embossing on each vinyl plank. These finishes have a real hardwood floor aesthetic, so you can have the look of real hardwood floors at a fraction of the cost.

    Is LifeProof Vinyl Flooring Good For Basements?

    LifeProof flooring is an excellent choice for basements. When it comes to durability, nothing comes close to LifeProof luxury vinyl planks. 

    Since LifeProof is also waterproof, it’s the best choice for basements or anywhere water may come into contact with your floors. LifeProof vinyl flooring is floating, so you can install the planks on almost any subfloor, including concrete. The planks are also treated to prevent stains and odor.

    So if you’re creating an entertainment area in your basement, the vinyl flooring will add a lovely aesthetic to your space, especially if you pick sterling oak. LifeProof vinyl floors are scratch-resistant, so they will hold up well in high-traffic areas.

    Lifeproof LVP can last up to 15 years if you maintain your flooring carefully and follow the installation guide.

    3. Warranty

    Floor Critics Rating: 4.5

    Companies often offer a lifetime or 10 to 20-year limited residential warranties and a 10 to 15-year commercial warranty for their luxury vinyl planks. On the other hand, the LifeProof vinyl plank floors come with a lifetime limited warranty for residential use and a 5 to 20-year warranty for commercial use. However, it is not transferable.

    LifeProof Vinyl Plank Warranty

    LifeProof offers the same lifetime limited warranty for residential use, but they have different light commercial warranties for the three wear-layer thicknesses ranging from 5-20 years. Their warranty covers manufacturing defects, stains, fading, wear, and water damage but they have set conditions before they can approve your claim.

    Additionally, to benefit from this warranty, wearing must be through the wear layer to the point where the printed pattern is altered. Fading must be to the point where the flooring is completely discolored. Stains must be from normal household routine cleaning aids, chemicals, or routine maintenance.

    The warranty also covers water damage that affects the structural integrity of the flooring; however, it doesn’t cover flooding.

    What’s Not Covered?

    The following are not covered by the LifeProof warranty:

    • Damage caused by fire or burns
    • Construction or installation
    • Damage due to improper installation
    • The use of improper cleaning aids
    • Damage caused by heeled shoes
    • Any scratches, dents, or scuffs caused by vacuum cleaners
    • Fading caused by exposure to sunlight
    • Loss of gloss on top of the planks
    • Minor color differences between planks

    This warranty only applies to the original buyer of the LifeProof flooring and at the original installation site. The LifeProof vinyl flooring warranty is non-transferable.

    Things to Note

    Doing the following will void your LifeProof flooring’s warranty policy:

    • Gluing down, nailing, or fastening your LifeProof flooring to your subfloor. 
    • Using any additional underlayment for sound suppression.

    You can find more information about LifeProof’s warranty here.

    4. Price

    Floor Critics Rating: 5.0

    You’ll get considerable savings with LifeProof flooring while still getting that excellent performance that more expensive brands offer.

    LifeProof vinyl plank pricing

    Priced per square foot, this flooring is generally sold by the case. The planks generally cost around $3 to $4 per square foot and a case covers around 20 square feet.

    To compare LifeProof’s price with other brands, vinyl planks cost around $4.00-$7.00 per square foot. Although you can find planks as low as $2 per square foot, they won’t give you the performance you are expecting.

    In addition, expect to pay extra for the following:

    • Trimmings: $0.50-$3.00 per square floor
    • Vapor Barrier: $.025–$1.50 per square foot

    Also, underlayments can cost from $0.20 to $5.00 per square foot, but since LifeProof comes with a pre-attached underlayment, you’ll be able to save more. LifeProof says that their planks don’t need a vapor barrier for installation, but you will need to use one if you are installing in damp or humid areas like your basement.

    5. Availability

    Floor Critics Rating: 4.0

    Although you can only find LifeProof products at Home Depot, it’s a good thing that they have several stores worldwide which makes finding them easier.

    How To Purchase LifeProof Vinyl Plank Flooring

    LifeProof luxury vinyl plank flooring, formally called Allure, is sold exclusively at Home Depot.

    You can order LifeProof vinyl floors, as well as other popular flooring brands like the Floorte line made by Shaw, online or at your local Home Depot store. However, not all styles are available to ship to your home directly.

    There is also an option to ship your order to your nearest Home Depot location for store pickup. There is no shipping fee for this service.

    Buying Tip: Spend more on higher-quality materials if you are installing in high-traffic areas. Cheaper products are prone to scratching, staining, and other damages. They are also actually harder to install.

    6. Installation

    Floor Critics Rating: 4.5

    What’s great about installing LifeProof is its ISOCORE and DropLock 100 end joints make it easy to work with and slight imperfections won’t be noticeable on your flooring. You won’t also need special tools and it doesn’t require acclimation before installing it in residential areas.

    LifeProof Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation Review and Guide

    One of the many benefits of LVP is that it’s easy to install. In fact, if you like DIY projects, this is one you can handle yourself. You can install LifeProof vinyl planks the same day you bought them which is great for projects that you want to finish fast.

    One feature you’ll love about LifeProof is that the planks come with a pre-attached underlayment, saving you time during the installation process. Also, you will simply need a few tools like a tapping block and a soft-faced hammer.

    LifeProof’s LVP is designed with floating or interlocking planks that you can install directly over your subfloor. So if you are replacing your tiles tile or other floors, you may not even have to remove them. Simply lay your floating LVP over the existing floor.

    However, in some cases, you may need cushioning or a vapor barrier system. When in doubt, you can always ask an expert.

    Note: Your existing subfloor should be solidly attached. LVP cannot be installed over another floating floor (in other words, do not attempt to install your LifeProof vinyl planks over laminate, for instance).

    In addition, listed below are the approved and non-approved subfloors when installing LifeProof flooring:

    Approved Subfloors

    • DRIcore
    • VCT
    • Metal
    • Non-Cushion Sheet Vinyl
    • Tile
    • Hardwood
    • Chipboard
    • Particleboard
    • OSB
    • Plywood
    • Concrete

    Non-Approved Subfloors

    • Rubber
    • Hardwood or Parquet Over Concrete
    • Sleeper Substrates
    • Cork
    • Laminate
    • Floating Floors
    • Cushioned Vinyl Flooring
    • Carpet

    Thus, you will need to remove non-approved subfloors including old adhesives before installing your LifeProof vinyl planks. 

    Proceed to Home Depot’s detailed installation guide for LifeProof vinyl planks for more information about approved subfloors. The guide also includes the things you need to take note of before installation and the tools you will be needing. 

    You can also follow the steps in the short video below on how to install LifeProof flooring:

    Installation Costs

    As for the installation costs, professional installation can also cost between $2.00 and $10.00 per square foot or $30 to $50 per hour. If you want more specific pricing, you can request a quote.

    Does LifeProof Vinyl Floors Need A Vapor Barrier?

    LifeProof vinyl floors don’t need a vapor barrier. This is clearly stated on the product’s installation requirements. Even though the installation requirements state that you don’t need a vapor barrier, you may want to add one if you’re installing the planks over concrete. This is especially true if you’re installing your vinyl flooring in a basement.

    A vapor barrier is a piece of material used for damp-proofing your floors. The vapor barrier can be a sheet of plastic or foil to prevent water vapor from diffusing into the floor. Furthermore, this vapor barrier is typically 6mm polyfilm.

    Again, be noted that you mustn’t use any additional sound suppression underlayments because it will void the LifeProof warranty policy. But sound-detering underlayments are different from vapor barriers; the latter should be fine to install.

    If you’re concerned about leaks when installing your LifeProof flooring, then consider including a 6mm polyfilm underlayment.

    Useful LifeProof LVP Installation Considerations

    Below are other installation tips from the manufacturer you can follow:

    • Bring your flooring to room temperature before installation.
    • You can install your flooring in temperatures between 50°F and 100°F, so they are also ideal for seasonal homes.
    • Buy 10-20% more planks than needed for corners and trims.
    • LifeProof is designed for interior applications only. It is not suitable for outside areas, camping trailers, saunas, boats, RVs, areas prone to flooding, non-temperature controlled settings, and even on vertical surfaces and stairs.
    • DON’T use LifeProof to seal existing floors from moisture.

    Other Things to Note

    Many DIYers are complaining about the performance of LifeProof after installing them. But, professionals who have installed a lot of Lifeproof flooring said that it is among the best out there and that problems only occur when the installer doesn’t have much experience and doesn’t have the right tools.

    Also, one problem that professional installers encounter most of the time is having flooring that isn’t level but this is due to a poor subfloor. In short, the issues encountered by DIYers are not due to LifeProof itself but their lack of experience.

    7. Care & Maintenance

    Floor Critics Rating: 5.0

    When cleaning and maintaining LifeProof vinyl flooring, always follow the recommended cleaning guide by the manufacturer. This avoids voiding the warranty and ensuring that your flooring will still be as good as new for years to come.

    LifeProof LVP Care and Maintenance

    How to Clean Lifeproof Flooring

    For routine cleaning, simply sweep the floors, use a dust mop, or even a vacuum with a hard floor attachment.

    Since they are 100% waterproof, you can also mop your LifeProof floors when you need a deeper cleaning. Just make sure to use a cleaning product approved for LVP on your floors when using a mop.

    How To Maintain LifeProof Vinyl Floors

    LifeProof Luxury Vinyl is a high-quality vinyl plank flooring that is easy to maintain. It includes many features designed to help the floors last a long time, even in high-traffic areas.

    With ISOCORE technology, these luxury vinyl boards are difficult to damage. But if needed, you can simply replace damaged planks with new ones.

    LifeProof’s drop-and-lock end joints make it easy to install and effortless to switch out a plank if there is some major damage to it.

    In addition, below are dos and don’ts when cleaning and maintaining LifeProof flooring:


    • Use a mop and warm water for everyday cleaning.
    • Sweep your floor regularly to remove first using a soft-bristle broom.
    • Wash your floor with non-abrasive and pH-Neutral floor cleaners for vinyl floors.
    • Always remove liquids promptly.
    • Protect your flooring from direct sunlight by using UV-tinted windows or window treatments.
    • Remove pointy shoes.
    • Keep your pets’ nails trimmed.
    • Put non-rubber mats under chairs.


    Don’t use the following on your flooring:

    • Vacuum cleaners with rotating beater bars engaged
    • Bleaches or ammonia
    • Detergent-based cleaners
    • Mop and shine or abrasive products

    8. Health & Environmental Safety

    Floor Critics Rating: 5.0

    LifeProof has a FloorScore certification which means that it emits low VOCs to ensure that you breathe good quality air so it is a healthy choice for your family.

    LifeProof eco-friendly

    LifeProof floors are formaldehyde-free and phthalate-free. So, you can trust that this line of flooring is safe, free from many of the harmful contaminants that some products contain.

    Since LifeProof LVP is antimicrobial, it is also a smart choice for anyone who suffers from allergies. This LVP is specially treated to prevent the growth of mold and mildew on the surface or in the underlayment. This will prevent staining and foul odors.

    Moreover, the manufacturer has green-certified offices worldwide to promote sustainable and safe processes for their manufacturing activities.

    9. LifeProof vs. The Competition

    Floor Critics Rating: 4.0

    When it comes to waterproof flooring, LifeProof is the most affordable and most popular option. It is also more comfortable to walk on and easier to install compared to other options. However, among its major disadvantages is its weak interlocking tabs and not being resistant to fading. So if you want more premium options, there are better alternatives that are more expensive. All in all, LifeProof still has the balance between durability performance and pricing.

    LifeProof vs. the Competition

    LifeProof LVP vs. SmartCore

    Key differences:

    • LifeProof is cheaper.
    • SmartCore has more flooring types, but LifeProof has a better traditional wood carving look.
    • SmartCore is more user-friendly for DIY installations. LifeProof can’t withstand uneven installation and can get damaged.
    • SmartCore’s warranty is transferable, LifeProof’s is not. But, LifeProof offers up to 20 years of commercial warranty, unlike SmartCore that only offers up to 10 years.

    LifeProof LVP vs. COREtec

    Key differences:

    • LifeProof is cheaper, but we think COREtec is more innovative.
    • COREtec is thicker and thus, is more scratch-resistant.
    • COREtec has nice beveled edges, LifeProof doesn’t.
    • The rubbery underlayment of LifeProof is more comfortable to walk on.
    • COREtec recommends professional installation of their planks. LifeProof is easier for DIY installation given that you do it right.

    LifeProof LVP vs. Proximity Mills

    Key differences:

    • LifeProof is cheaper.
    • Proximity Mills has integrated UV coating which makes it fade-resistant when installed in verandas and sunrooms. LifeProof is not built for exposure to sunlight.
    • Proximity Mills has 5, 7, and 10-year commercial warranties while LifeProof offers 5, 10, and 20-year warranties.

    LifeProof LVP vs. NuCore

    Key differences:

    • NuCore is cheaper and also less durable.
    • LifeProof is easier to clean while NuCore is a bit sticky when cleaned.
    • NuCore offers more designs to choose from but LifeProof still has more than enough styles.

    What Is Comparable To LifeProof Vinyl Flooring?

    Shaw Floors Paragon Plus Vinyl Flooring
    Source: Shaw Floors

    Shaw vinyl flooring is one brand that is comparable to LifeProof. The Shaw brand offers a series of luxury vinyl planks that come in three ranges: Floorte Pro, Floorte, and DuraTru. Each of these Shaw vinyl ranges offers 12 color palettes and species variations.

    Although Shaw flooring is on par with LifeProof, the price of these vinyl planks will cost a bit more. But Shaw is definitely worth the price you pay. Most of the planks in Shaw’s line are 5mm thick and the wear layers are 20mm thick.

    Shaw’s luxury vinyl floor planks are ideal for high-traffic areas because they are scratch-resistant, waterproof, stain-resistant, and less toxic than some competing brands. Shaw offers vinyl plank flooring with a fiberglass core that’s made with virgin vinyl.

    What’s more, Shaw luxury vinyl plank flooring is comfortable to walk on and elegant to look at. You can add these vinyl planks to any part of your home, including basements and bathrooms. Shaw vinyl flooring is so durable that it’s suitable for families with pets and children.

    Similar to Lifeproof, Shaw flooring is easy to install because it has a click profile that requires no tools or adhesives. Simply click the Shaw planks into place as you’re installing them. Shaw vinyl flooring is designed to fit any taste, so it will enhance the aesthetics of your interior decor no matter what theme you’re going for.


    Who is the manufacturer of LifeProof vinyl floors?

    The manufacturer of LifeProof vinyl flooring is Halstead New England. This manufacturer reduces cost and distribution layers. 

    What are the disadvantages of vinyl plank flooring?

    Although LifeProof luxury vinyl flooring offers many benefits to homeowners, there are some drawbacks to this type of flooring.

    One of the shortfalls of vinyl flooring is that it can’t be refurbished. This means that if your floors get scratched, dented, or tarnished over time, you’ll have to replace the planks. They can also emit VOC (volatile organic compounds) which are organic chemicals that have high vapor pressure at room temperature. These VOCs can be detrimental to one’s health. That’s why it’s important to select vinyl planks that have low VOC emissions like LifeProof.

    Do LifeProof vinyl plank floors scratch easily?

    LifeProof is a highly durable type of vinyl flooring that’s scratch-resistant, so this type of flooring is ideal for high-traffic areas. If you maintain your LifeProof vinyl floors, they will last for up to 15 years. 

    Can I install LifeProof vinyl over concrete?

    Yes, LifeProof vinyl planks are designed to be installed over any type of flooring. You can even install LifeProof over wood or tiled flooring. 

    How thick are LifeProof vinyl planks?

    The LifeProof vinyl planks are 6mm to 7mm thick. The thickness of this flooring gives you the look of hardwood flooring and the durability of laminated floors. What’s more, the thickness of these vinyl planks adds to the durability of the flooring, which means it’s ideal for areas with high foot traffic.

    Final Thoughts

    LifeProof Vinyl Plank Flooring is a great option for anyone who loves the look of hardwood flooring but doesn’t want the headaches that can come along with it.

    Planks are available in a variety of beautiful wood-grain looks. And with today’s technology, the resemblance to wood is so close that your guests may not even realize it’s not real wood.

    This LVP is also ideal for people who have health issues because it has low VOCs. It protects against harmful allergens too.

    LifeProof is also easy to install and easy to maintain. And at a cost of around $3 a square foot in most areas, it is also a budget-friendly product.

    But you can’t just buy it anywhere. LifeProof vinyl plank flooring is only available through Home Depot.

    If you have any comments or first-hand experiences with LifeProof vinyl floors, please post them below or share your pictures via our social media.

    About Fortino Rosas

    Chief Floor Critic, 32 years of experience in flooring installation and sales

    Fortino Rosas is an independent flooring contractor with 32 years of experience in residential and commercial flooring installation and sales. He joined the Floor Critics team to share his expertise with our readers. Fortino has acquired vast knowledge and skills in the areas of product selection, space planning, and installation. He has installed flooring in residential, government, and commercial office projects in the Midwest. Visit Website.

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    414 thoughts on “LifeProof Vinyl Plank Flooring Review – 2022 Buying Guide”

      1. Mils are thousandths of an inch. Some people incorrectly use mils and millimeters interchangeably. You do not want those people designing anything for you that is cut out of metal.

    1. I installed 700+ sq ft of the bamboo vinyl flooring myself on 1/31/20 in our family room, dining, and kitchen.
      It was more difficult to get it snapped together than other laminate flooring I’ve installed, but once I got the hang of it, it was pretty smooth sailing. It is fragile and the interlocking tabs can be easily broken during installation.
      My biggest issue is that within the 1st month we have found excessive scratches under the dining table and chairs. It has also scratched under the children’s toys like Lego table, and play kitchen. The floor is RUINED within a month! I am so disgusted. We spent nearly $3000 and I spent over 10 hours installing it. And it isn’t covered by warranty.
      If you buy this flooring, BEWARE, it scratches easily.

    2. I bought 2 boxes of Lifeproof floor tiles to redo my bathroom floor. I started installing them today but they would not lock together on the long side. They locked together on the short side but nothing I did would make them come together on the long side. I took a close look at 2 short pieces that I had trimmed off and I determined that there is a manufacturing defect and there is no way possible that they would fit together like they are designed to do on the long end. I called Home Depot to inquire about this and tell them my situation and I will be taking these back. I am not a happy camper.

    3. Can this floor be installed over electric radiant heating system? If so, any suggestions on which radiant system? We installed this flooring in our home in Texas last year. Over 2400 sf of it. Love, love, love it. We wanted to buy the exact same floor for our summer home in Washington state.

    4. You people are making me nervous. Some say its indestructible and some say it scratches just by looking at it.
      Ive read most lifeproof LVP is 6 mil wear layer so I can only assume most of you, good or bad reviews, must have a 6 mil wear layer.
      Is it the pattern people are using? How can it be do different???

      1. Kathy, a 6 mil wear layer is not good! I would never sell a home owner less then a 12 mil or your wasting time and money. Actual flooring stores sell the better product and u can get a 20 mil for only a dollar more per square. Don’t; e fooled by the other stuff because ur wear layer is the most important!

    5. Love the floor and install wasn’t too difficult. Love the texture and non shinny finish. My only complaint is when my dogs drink they drip water and it leaves water spots which are hard to remove if they’ve dried.
      I give this floor a 4 out of 5 because of the water spots

    6. We dropped around $1800 on our LVP, 2 years ago. What a huge waste of money! We laid it over the original hardwood, flooring (1950 home). It looked good for about 6 months. We started noticing white spots. It was actually chipping, from the flooring, itself. The flooring has shifted and buckled in areas. It is not large dog, friendly. If they run through and slide, you will see the marks. We will be pulling this junk out, within the next month and going to a stone, flooring. This flooring may work for a sedentary home with chihuahua’s but not for active adults with children and retrievers.

      1. We are having the same problems with ours we did our whole house and we got them to come out and look at it and they are saying it is our fault why the scratches are there but it is from our dog but why say it’s scratch resistant if it isn’t I don’t recommend it to anyone we spent over $5,000 on it

        1. It’s scratch resistant….not scratch proof. There is a difference. With larger dogs, that run when the doorbell rings, it could be an issue.

          We have it in our living room, with two Lhasa Apsos, who are
          lazy pups, and we have zero issues.

    7. This flooring is poor and overstates it’s value. I’m not sure the author has installed the flooring. I was oversold and regret my $1000 purchase. Even the homedepot guy said they have lots of complaints. HD must make a decent margin on this product. It’s not what they claim.

      Becareful. This floor will lift.

      1. I’m a Installer of 41years and I have never had a complaint about this product. I have install over 250,00 sq ft . No Issues

    8. My partner is looking at an apartment with LifeProof Vinyl Plank Flooring, but she has serious environmental sensitivities and is concerned about it containing PVC, which is toxic and outgasses; and that it would have biocides and fungicides that are likely toxic. Could Jennifer, or someone with cogent knowledge, address these concerns? Thanks!

    9. Installing Lifeproof rigid core vinyl plank flooring as we speak. The floor looks beautiful but installing it has not been easy and it doesn’t lay flat on concrete subfloors like Home Depot and the flooring company claim. Some seams look great while others are completely buckled. We are laying it in a basement that will be used as a home gym so I’m gonna live with it but probably won’t buy Lifeproof again. We were considering laying it in some our downstairs bedrooms but will not be now. Be careful with this flooring unless you are certain your subfloor is incredibly even.

      1. We are currently in process of pulling out our Lifeproof vinyl. We were replacing worn out berber carpet – and installed the vinyl right over concrete bsmt floor- staff at HD said “no problem” and “no underlay required! it is built in!”…..They were wrong. This is first summer with it, and started to notice dampness between the joints of the floor. We pulled up a corner, – dry. Pulled up another corner, – dry. All we can figure is with moderate humidity and the 25 yr old concrete floor sweating, moisture accumulated to the point that we have puddles in the middle of the room on the concrete floor as we rip out the vinyl. Took a day to dry the concrete and all is good- but will be looking for a new, breathable product to put down now.

        1. But did you apply a plastic vapour barrier on the cement floor before laying the vinyl planks? That is a necessary req’t.

          1. No — it isn’t. As the man said, the employees told us, as well, and it’s in the literature — it can go on any floor. The reason someone pays the money for luxury plank vinyl is because it’s waterproof from the bottom up. That’s why you spend the extra cash — otherwise, laminate would do the trick a lot cheaper.

            1. Yes, you MUST put a vapor barrier down over basement concrete slabs before installing a LVP floor. Vapor barrier isn’t required if the concrete is on a level above grade. The material is waterproof, but the vapor barrier is there to control moisture rising from the slab and reduce the chance of mold or mildew growing underneath the flooring. Also, concrete slabs are typically not flat enough for LVP without some work leveling them. Grinding down high spots and filling lows will give excellent results. The floor is only as good as the prep and a lot of people that have commented and had problems probably did not prep adequately. Don’t let the guy at HD mislead you into thinking you just lay this stuff on the floor and go. Prep work is essential for trouble-free installs!

            2. I am wondering if I install this flooring in my garage if I can park a car on it??. I have a large garage with even cement and would like to seal it and install this product? Any thoughts

          2. No!!!! – that will void the warranty per install instructions.. Please everyone – READ THE INSTRUCTIONS THAT COMES WITH THE PRODUCT.

            1. It doesn’t seem anyone is having any luck with the warranty anyway. If you install it yourself, it’s the fault of the installation. See other comments.

          3. I 100% regret having Lifeproof LVP installed. It was installed 4/14/22. Today is 5/13/22. The floor is impossible to clean and is always dirty. The contractors scratched it when putting my fridge back. They chipped a plank and filled it with putty of some sort. When mopping yesterday (4x and it’s still dirty) I had to pull white cat hair from between the planks. The finish is matte and I am so disgusted. I only did the floors because I had a water leak in my kitchen. I wasted about 4k between flooring and the contractor. (Who also chipped my counter) I plan to rip this garbage out as soon as I have the money.

    10. I invested on this floor ,looks good but does not install easy. The problem is that almost every corner where the floor connects seems to not be completely even. there is a hairline lift on several corners and is just impossible to get completely flush. Another thing is that you have to be extra extra gentle when connecting the floors or they will break at the inner connection..I have installed several floors and would not recommend this floor to anyone,,,very frustrating and you lose a lot of flooring.

      1. Not really sure what everyone is talking about. We acclimated our flooring for two weeks in the house and aside of about 5-ish boards that may have kind of not lined up well but we literally just finished the family room and the living room is almost complete. Smooth install, no problems getting them to set right. No buckles, no seams showing, no gaps. It is just beautiful. We have installed other hardwood floorings and these are the most quiet we have had. And the connection from board to board were easy to get in. You have to be meticulous but if you take your time and line up the snap grids, it works just fine. (Did our whole house 50 boxes.)

        1. Did you have transition pieces or have to work backwards at all? We are I stalling now and it’s not easy almost ready to give up.

        1. Ok, I’m a little freaked out here as I read all of the negative comments. Just got done with demo (tile and carpet) about to correct cracks, holes from truss supports and then put down Level Quick RS Where there was tile.

          Plan to use either Red guard or Quietwalk for the extra moisture protection, still on the fence a little. Currently have a local HD referring to corporate about Quietwalk as it is recommended when purchasing the LifeProof LVP from the HD Online store in the first place but IAW the manufacturer any additional soundproofing will void the warranty.

          I am interested in Quietwalk because of its unique wicking properties that allow the concrete slab to breathe. This of course does concern me a little due to the warranty and points me in the direction of just laying down Red Guard.

          Reading all of the above comments are making the rest of what I mentioned seem like nothing as we have purchased 70 boxes, which we saved for three years to accumulate. It is all still in my garage on the same pallets they were delivered just two weeks ago.

          We have a teenager, a preteen and a six year old. Not to mention a pit bull, pit bull-lab mix, a small boonie dog as well as two birds and a cat all in about 2,500 sq ft of living space.

          I am truly hoping we did not make a mistake in this purchase but must know the truth of this product as I will simply return all of it asking for a full refund or credit applied for something else.

          Please someone, anyone if you do not mind; provide me with some serious guidance on this as I am now not nearly as excited nor confident in LifeProof flooring, which by the way I convinced my wife to choose over tile. Trust me I had my reasons. I do not want to own the economic catastrophe beholden to this product as a mistake. I’ll never get up from under that one.

          1. I’m a contractor for over 20 years. I have installed this product and other much higher end LVP flooring(Armstrong $8 SF, not impressed) and this product has been my favorite to install. I liked it so much that I installed it on my own home. It is a great product, wears well, holds up to my 8 year old and three cats, easy to clean, and looks good. When installing I lock the flooring in, then using a tap block, I tap the plank towards the installed plank and it fully seats the flooring. On the butt seam you will have slight lippage. A few taps with a hammer and block and the seam is perfectly flat. This flooring locks tight. If you don’t take the time and consideration to making sure the flooring is seated properly then the floor can easily be compromised.

            1. I just installed 9 boxes of the thick, 8.5mm thick planks. While it mostly looks great. I had about. 6 boards where no matter what did. The micro beveled edge would not lock in. I pressed with all my weight and could not get the edge totally in. Or if I did it will come out after a row or two later. If it was not fir that I would give it 5 stars. Having installed all of it already. I had no solution other than putting a thin line of gorilla glue on edge in hopes floor will not separate as it contracts etc. Two weeks so far and not apart yet.

          2. I have over 3ksf of it in my home as well as installed in rentals, never had an issue with it at all. A lot of my family and friends use it now as I recommend it so often. I’ve been doing flooring for 15+ years.

            1. This flooring was just installed in apt. above me. Horrible insulator of noise! Flooring was wall-to-wall carpeting before with no problems. Noise now (especially footsteps, things being dropped) is intolerable.

          3. No worries. Life proof is a great product . One of the easiest floors to install. I have a Rottweiler and he runs and slides all over the lvp . Highly recommend this product. 41years experience. Installing floors.

            1. Glen, what thickness did you use? What do you recommend for a house with high traffic from people and pets? Do you ever see an issue of furniture digging into it when it gets moved around?

            2. I have just had lVP installed & it is gorgeous. It was installed by pros, not me. The only concern I have initially is how to clean it. The instructions say to use ph balanced cleaner. I don’t see that info on any floor cleaners, so can you be more specific? Some cleaners warn against using on unsealed flooring, is lvp sealed or unsealed? Help me out here, please.

          4. Chalk a line on your longest wall approximately 3 board rows out. Get your 3 rows in and straight on the line. When lining up but joints, don’t push them to far where the overlap. Make sure subfloor doesn’t have humps and dips in short distances. Don’t hit but joints to hard. Make sure your floor stays straight and square, check your grooves to make sure they aren’t damaged or broken. Keep boards but joints staggered atleast 10″ apart, keep 1/4″ of clearance around everything. If you literally install it as directed. It’s bulletproof. That’s the biggest failure in “DIY” floors is that most people do not pay attention to detail or they may make a mistake and act as if it’s no big deal but then turn around and bash a product because of there own negligence. All LVP floors and floating floors will do the exact same things if attention to detail is not applied.

            1. Matt, u make an excellent point. Thank you. My only concern is putting this on a concrete basement floor. I would like to add a DMX 2.0 underlayment for warmth, moisture barrier, and height as my baseboards are 9/16 off the floor(I’m hoping a 7/16 thick shoe, 11/16 high, will be cover the gap and be sturdy enough). Do u have any experience with DMX installed with LifeProof?

          5. There is a video on youtube where a guy takes a key and rakes it back and forth over Lifeproof. He bought Floret before he knew about Lifeproof. You could see scratches on Floret but not Lifeproof and wishes he had bought Lifeproof. So many mixed reviews on all brands!

        2. My son was a flooring specialist at HD and sold a ton of Lifeproof LVP. So much so that when he bought his home he purchased 1200 sq ft of it to install himself. He and his wife installed it over concrete slab foundation and had no issues. It’s been in place for 4 months now and looks and wears perfectly. They have two cats with claws and have seen no evidence of scratches or the like. In their office space they have caster chairs and there are no divots or scratches from rolling over the flooring. I hope this eases your mind and that you have an easy time with your install and love it as much as they do!

    11. I installed Lifeproof in our entrance area about 4 years ago. I specifically went with it due to the waterproof characteristics. I absolutely love it. I am reading all of these reviews about scratching and while the area I did has many throw rugs and infrequently moved chairs, I have never had a scratch or mar.
      I must admit after reading these reviews I’m getting nervous as it will be installed in my active kitchen. However, until someone can show me a better product, I’m going with Lifeproof.

        1. Just an observation: I have to wonder if those of you with scratching and denting are being sold Lifeproof, but being delivered an inferior product. We have dropped things on it, and my two dogs have claws. Not a scratch. I found one tiny hairline scratch in the living room and one in the master bedroom. I’m sure the guy who installed it did that. He was a total of. I slide barstools and a cabinet that weighs around 125 pounds on it, still no scratches.

          1. May 2020 will be 2 years since installing Lifeproof flooring. Stone driveway,3 dogs (2 large). I’ve actually found quite a few scratches, however not from the animals. More from furniture, I do have pads on all of our furniture. I’m not sure how easy it will be to replace a plank, but will definitely try.. Other than the few scratches, I love it!!

            1. Valerie, if you don’t mind me asking what thickness did you use? Also, have you noticed if high heel shoes will leave marks and does the bottom of a metal frame couch dig into it?

          2. I have had mine 3 years now, it does not scratch but is getting wear spots! turning white wear my I get on and off my bar stool at kitchen counter and wear my dogs lay in same spot I am very disappointed with this floor

            1. Amy, if you don’t mind me asking, what thickness did you use? I have been looking at different flooring for the whole house.

      1. We just installed 1,000 sq ft of the lifeproof flooring in our home in July 2019. We have 4 dogs, throw rugs, pads under furniture, we sweep and mop a dozen times a day. My floors are soooo scratched from my dogs nails it’s unreal. We had better luck with cheap laminate wood floors from Lumber Liquidators before this. They didn’t scratch and look like garbage after 6 months. We researched these floors for about 2 years before we pulled the trigger and dropped $3,000 on them. Biggest waste of money.

        1. We just had Life Proof LVP installed in our dining, kitchen, laundry and master bath. It installed beautifully, but I noticed that it had a very dull appearance. I followed directions for cleaning and used 1 part vinegar/3 parts water, and it didn’t appear any better. I also noted several scuffs and scratches made by chairs with pads on them. I recently tried Rejuvenate floor Cleaner for LVP, followed by Rejuvenate Floor Restorer which helped hide the scuffs, water stains, paw prints, etc., and made it shinier. My old dog pee’d on it, and cleaning it made it dull and spotty. Very disappointed.

      2. We have had LifeProof luxury vinyl in our home on our main level and bedroom for three years. We LOVE it. We have three cats and a dog and no area rugs and this flooring looks as good as the day it was installed. Our floor is Harrison Pine and truly looks amazing. I was so surprised to see the negative reviews. Our experience has been five star.

        1. Thank you for this comment. We’ve just installed Harrison Pine (Dark) on our entire main floor and it looks fabulous! We have a few other home renos to do on the main floor before installing on the second level. Some of the comments regarding the lack of durability have me a little nervous but I so appreciated reading this one.

      3. Hello. I’ve had Lifeproof LVT in my kitchen, living room, hall, and master bedroom for 2 1/2 years. Not be single problem. It’s just my hibandband I, but we also have two dogs and a cat. And it’s amazingly clean. We dribble all the time, scatter flour–the usual household stuff. I just woke up spills soon after the mishap. We broom sweep it and vacuum it when it needs it. I’ve only actually washed it once!

      4. Frances V Koehler

        I had allure vinyl planks installed over concrete in my basement. Home depot said vapor barrier not needed. The planks were glued to each other, floating. It was a total waste of money. The glue did not hold together even though a heavy roller was used to apply pressure. The glued edges eventually failed and I am left with a ripple effect across the entire floor where edges have come up. There was no water in the Basement. This was a big basement and a very large waste of money. Home Depot now says allure should be installed over a vapor barrier but at the time they said it was not needed. Home depot would not give me my money back as they did not install it even though my installer followed all directions given including rolling the floor with a weighted heavy metal roller.

        1. What you bought was an entirely different Product line. LifeProof has interlocking channels that must be tamped together with a plastic block and hammer.

        2. Not the same flooring these do not glue they snap together. I have large kitchen and open area install 2 years ago with 3 dogs that run like crazy and no scratches.

      5. AJ, please reply how you rectified this. We are about do put LifeProof throughout our entire 1st level of home. How does the floor look, feel, & did it set properly ?

    12. This flooring is absolute garbage. As many, many others have said: I have had this floor for 24 hrs and there are scratches and dents EVERYWHERE. If something, anything, touches this floor it will scratch. We are two cleanly adults in this home and we have hardly put it through anything. Moved everything with felt movers and even got scratches from those. A glass fell from countertop height and put an 1/8 in deep gash in the floor.

      Save your money and get something else. Do not listen to the people claiming it doesn’t scratch. All I can say is you will regret getting it.

      1. Agreed.

        We just installed 1,000 sq ft of the lifeproof flooring in our home in July 2019. We have 4 dogs, throw rugs, pads under furniture, we sweep and mop a dozen times a day. My floors are soooo scratched from my dogs nails it’s unreal. We had better luck with cheap laminate wood floors from Lumber Liquidators before this. They didn’t scratch and look like garbage after 6 months. We researched these floors for about 2 years before we pulled the trigger and dropped $3,000 on them. Biggest waste of money.

      2. I’m going to call bs, I’ve installed most of the different colors of life proof and have had zero issues. We have 3 kids, 2 kids cousins, 2 cats and every type of toy ridden and drug across this for years and have no scratches or dents. We have toys gal off bunk beds and have never left a mark.

    13. Horrible floor! They and the salesmen don’t tell you how easily it scratches. When you find out after and complain they tell you anything heavier than the plank itself if dragged across the floor can scratch it. You can’t throw a coat of wax on it or have it refinished some day. You’re stuck with it. Standing water isn’t even supposed to be left on it. Nothing with an acidic base like juice. So if your kid dribbles o.j. on the floor and you don’t notice, it will stain. If your kid leans on a toy truck to push around the floor or your grandmother comes over and uses a walker, or a pebble is stuck in your sneaker, SCRATCHES every where! They and HomeDepot withhold all this information and more.

      1. Exactly what brand, model flooring are you referring to in your post? I see many posts in this thread talking about LifeProof vynal but without addressing style or thickness details. Others are not even addressing what brand or even if its vynal planking. All questions in this forum can be answered simply by reading the lifeproof/product specifications on the home depot app.

        1. Your right Bruce , they are not naming the product they are talking about. I just purchased 54 boxes of the Lifeproof 12mil vinyl flooring. I did a hard scratch test on it with the handle of a butter knife. The mark could only be seen just a little in the right lighting but rubbed it right out just with my thumb. Tested both the sample and the plank. I then rubbed both pieces together face to face real hard and no marks or scratches on either. I think this is great flooring, not sure what others are buying. I’m sold on this lifeproof.

          1. Your experience mirrors mine. I don’t understand these complaints. Maybe they installed an Armstrong flooring that is not Lifeproof?

            1. Sorry I have LifeProof essential oak and it only comes in 6mil. Worst flooring ever! It covers every square inch of my 1985square foot ranch style home. I have 3 chihuahuas my floors are scratched everywhere. Please also understand I live alone, so no heavy traffic No children no excessive wear and tear. Just plain poor quality flooring. I am glad you have not had to experience what the rest of us have. I am still saving so I can replace it all.

            1. Hi,
              LP comes in 6, 7, and 8 mm thickness. It comes in 6, 12, and 22 mil wear layer. Some of the 6 mm thick planks are residential, residential/ light commercial, and commercial. The same with the other planks. The warranties vary based on the thickness, and wear layer too.

          2. I believe you may have purchased the 12mm Lifeproof Laminate floor.. The Lifeproof Vinyl floor has a wear layer measured in MILS,, which is on 6MILS and the industry standard is 12MILS.. That’s why there are all the complaints about the luxury vinyl planks scratching,,,the sea layer is sub par..

        2. I have Fresh Oak rigid luxury vinyl planks, 12 mil thick. I think the planks are 7″ wide. Installed easily. No vapor barrier. I think the surface is ceramicized, which seems to repel dirt, as well as increase durability. Best floor I’ve ever owned.

          1. Kathleen A Diedrich

            12 mil thick? We are also looking at Fresh Oak. Only one we have found is 6ml wear layer and 7mm thick.

            The wear layer for LifeProof flooring is 6 mils with these exceptions: Ocala Oak: 12 mils

          2. Carol, if you don’t mind me asking, where did you find yours at? No ones mentioned ceramicized surface to me before.

      2. Brindle, what thickness did you go with? I’ve been checking out flooring and can’t decide because of course everything has some bad reviews. But was curious as to the thickness being a problem.

      3. Brindley, what thickness of the lifeproof flooring did you use? I’ve been checking out flooring to replace the carpet in my house. I love everything about lifeproof except some of the bad reviews. Was curious as to weather or not the thickness may have something to do with it?

    14. Not satisfied with our vinyl flooring. It inclicks easily and scratches very easily also. Would not use this flooring again. Would not recommend it

      1. The floor under the LVT has to be level. If it’s not, that could account for the clicking, especially if you have concrete subfloors. Concrete can have little indentations and such. Those indentations may not be noticeable unless you get down on your hands and knees and look at it from the side, with your cheek almost touching the floor.

    15. We installed 300+ sq feet main floor entrance hallway, kitchen and bathroom, installed very nicely, looks stunning, waterproof to boot.. highly recommended.

    16. It is really interesting that people are having trouble with Lifeproof vinyl planks.I have had it for two years on my basement floor which is concrete and have had zero problems,no scratches,no anything.Like any flooring if you drag heavy abrasive things it my scratch.People seem to think it’s supposed to be indescribable. No flooring is.You ave to use some common sense about your flooring.Iv’e also read that it is hard to install because you can break the edge locks off.You do have to be a little careful but it is very easy.Take your time and you will not have any problem.

        1. It comes apart regardless. I’m a contractor, professional clothing installer, and a Realtor and about to rip out 15 boxes, of 74 that I bought, because it’s already separating in places, but even worse than that, it’s as noisy and hollow sounding to walk on as cheap 7 mm laminate. If you use any underlayment, your warranty is voided. You’re MUCH better off with a high quality, 12 mm laminate and good underlayment.

          1. Sounds like a poor installment job to me. I have installed countless square feet of this product, over many different surfaces, traffic areas, and sun lit areas. Never have I had an issue with separation when installed according to spec.

            Leave it to a professional installer if you are having that type of issue.

            1. HUGH J BAUERS III

              Hello RRR Services. Have you ever installed this over 1/4″ Masonite? and have you ever heard of Cali vinyl flooring plus? if so which between the 2 do you prefer? Thank you in advance

    17. Absolutely garbage! I am disabled and use a rolling chair to move around my house. I Specifically was looking for flooring that would stand up to the chair. I was Steered to the Lifeproof flooring by the Home Depot sales associate stating “it is life proof and 💯 guaranteed if any issues”. It scratched easily with sliding a light box across it and did not last for even a year before it started to fray and peel around the edge of planks. Oh and as far as that 💯 guarantee, they send a “independent inspector” out and if the subfloor is not completely level within a 1/4 inch in a five foot span then the guarantee is null and void! I don’t recommend it to anyone!

      1. I too had a similar experience … less than a year and my laundry room is FULL of scratches from sliding the laundry basket around. Now I will admit I don’t sweep every other day but, I don’t think they should call it Life Proof. I will say it does handle water very well, but just too soft.

        1. I got the Scratch Stone for my kitchen six months ago. It has held up well to four German shepherds. Good news is, it hides all the dog hair; bad news is, it hides all the dog hair. Sweeping and quick mop are easy. So far so good.

    18. If I sometimes get a little seepage onto my old tile basement floor do I need a vapor barrier installed first to prevent possible mildew/mold or is that built into the underlay part of LifeProof vinyl luxury planks?

      1. We installed this flooring ourselves over 6 months ago and have not had a single issue. With 17 grands and counting we wanted something tough and it seems we made the right choice. There is always someone visiting and kids from 11yrs down to 6mo here on a regular basis. There is a lil buggy the kids push around that has left scuff marks that mop right up and one day my husband slid a dresser across an area not thinking and it left some deeper scuff marks until he used a sponge and rubbed them right out. You can’t even see where they were now. I don’t understand the bad reviews at all. We love this floor!

    19. Absolute garbage. Scratches SO easy just by sliding a chair,box,garbage can etc. my take don’t buy had much better luck with wood

      1. We are in this same situation! Just put it in 2 months ago, and needs replacing by our doors. Quite expensive, and very disappointing!

    20. We have a concrete floor that is in good shape, but we do not heat the building in the winter and it could easily end up well below freezing. Can we use this product?

      1. Daniel Estabrook

        Certain versions only have a 6mil wear layer. You can tell by their warranty period. The 6mil wear layer versions have a 5yr “light commercial” warranty. The 12mil wear layer versions have a 10yr “light commercial” warranty. The 21.7mil wear layer versions have a 15yr “full commercial” warranty. We’re getting the Alys Oak which is 72″ long and has the thickest wear layer.

        1. Most LifeProof luxury vinyl flooring has a 6 mil wear layer. Its warranty is lifetime for residential and 5 years for commercial use.

    21. I have LifeProof throughout my home. It looks good, but I definitely need to put down some larger area rugs. I was specifically told by the installer NO jute-backed rugs. But I was also told no vinyl backed. What’s the best option for area rugs? And are those rug pads vinyl? I want to make sure I’m putting down something that won’t mess up the floor. Thank you. Home Depot has been no help and the buying experience was horrible. I’m half-way sorry that we went with LifeProof. But too late now.

      1. Curious why the installer would say no vinyl backed rugs? Doesn’t make sense to me. This flooring is very hard to scratch or mar. I would double check on that .

        1. Thanks Byron, I agree. But he was firm on no jute-backed or vinyl. Many of the non-slide things for under rugs are also vinyl, so I’m still bare-floored and not loving it. This article also says to clean with approved products, but gives no suggestions. It never feels clean when I walk barefoot no matter how much I sweep or damp mop. So far, I’m not a fan.

          1. I bought Ruggables and the rug pad is fine for the LifeProof LVP flooring. I found out what the Ruggable pad is made of and it’s compatible. I love the flooring and love Ruggables as the rugs are washable and very low maintenance like the flooring. I have both in my beach house!

      2. I actually put Evoke vinyl in but as far as rugs you can buy felt mats to go under the rugs from Home Depot , Amazon etc it look up hardwood safe rugs.

    22. This flooring comes in only 4 patterns plus another 4 that are the same, but reversed. It would seem simple enough to put one of each in a box of 8. That is not the case. Some boxes had 6 or 7 of the same and I ended up with a very imbalanced load. I returned 2 boxes that were all the same and 2 more on the next load. They were just put back on the pile for the next person to deal with. They don’t allow you to go through boxes in the store (because opened boxes are not saleable, I’m told). The only option then would be to order lots extra and return the extras in opened boxes.

      I would have returned the lot, but I had already started flooring. The first batch I picked up was reasonably balanced. Except for this, it is good flooring. I would not recommend it for anyone wanting more variation, especially over large spaces, or don’t want the inconvenience of sorting and returning flooring.

    23. We just purchased LifeProof waterproof rigid vote vynel plank flooring. Can you please be specific with names of some cleaners that are safe to use & won’t hurt the flooring?
      Thank you

        1. The maintenance instructions say do not use vinegar. I called the number and was told two products that are neutral ph, that is not too acidic or basic. Home Depot sells both. We bought the one the company customer service lady says she uses: OdoBan No Rinse Neutral pH Floor Cleaner. Zep also has one approved cleaning product.

    24. Is this Lifeproof vinyl truly allergy proof. It appears vinyl can outsource for some time with Dioxin. is Lifeproof FloorScore IAQ certified?

    25. Andres Rodriguez

      Under installation it states that “once installed, no acclimation is needed…” My question is: is there acclimation required prior to installation? Thank you.

      1. There is no acclimation needed before or after with this flooring. we installed it in our kitchen same day as purchasing.

    26. Eric S Seaberg

      After I ordered all my supplies, Home Depot did not carry in-sore the color I wanted, it took 6 weeks for flooring to arrive. The transitions I ordered had a delay in shipment. I laid out almost my whole house while waiting. A week after I finished Home Depot said the shipment is now back-ordered. No biggie, I had to install all baseboards and shoe anyway. Two weeks later, yesterday, I get an email that Home Depot cancelled my backorder. What do I do now that I have no transitions to install in the color I need if Home Depot is the only place I can order from?

      1. I just had installed Lifeproof Trail Oak vinyl planks. And bought a Shark NV800C vacuum. It has a the DualClean feature. The Floor setting causes the bristle and soft brush rollers to spin more slowly than on the short or deep pile carpeting. Can either or both brush rolls really damage Lifeproof vinyl planking? If so, one solution might be to buy a replacement bristle brush roll and trim the bristles.

    27. In new construction the subfloor is 5/8″ plywood. Do I need to lay another layer of plywood before installing this?

        1. One and 7/8 plywood underlay is crazy! McKrackin must sell plywood. I installed over 3/4″ underlay and love the results and the wear. Used Lifeproof.

          1. Same here. I had to laugh when I read that. One layer of 3/4″ plywood is fine. We used the old subfloor that was already there, but replaced a few pieces that had been damaged at some time before we bought the house. It was water damage.

      1. Can I install this flooring directly over the old glue that was previously used for carpeting? All the old existing carpet and padding has been removed. Also, if that is not advisable could I use underlayment – so I would not to have to scrape off the old glue? If so what underlayment would be recommended. Thank you in advance.

      2. Yes, obviously with the proper cups under each leg and leave your piano in place once situated. We’ve had no problem at all with baby grand.

        1. Oops, did not realize this is a LIFEPROOF forum. We have NuCore. But our first choice was LifeProof if they had our color and the wear layer was at least 12, preferably 20.

          1. I’m at a loss between NuCore and Lifeproof…. The NuCore flooring I’m looking at is titanium. Do you like the NuCore?

          1. On Monday night July 23, 2019, our basement had a flood due to a flash flood type rainstorm. We wet vacuumed and dried the floor but there is water underneath the flooring. Should we rip out the flooring or try to use an industrial fan to dry the basement area? Thanks.

    28. We had the flooring put in. It’s nice and looks amazing. BUT, the reviews that say it’s hard to damage and it’s scratch resistant. Didn’t test it in a house with people living in it. It scratches super easy and sucks because I’m constantly tiptoeing on it to make sure I don’t scratch it. Felt is on the bottom of all chairs and furniture. I sweep and mop. But if you move the laundry basket over to pick up something or it scratches. The only way to not scratch this floor so it’s scratch resistant is to not use it. Very disappointed!

      1. I read your review and was surprised. So I took my sample of Lifeproof Beacon Oak Light Vinyl Plank Flooring and tried to gouge or scratch it with a sharp metal file with no luck. Then I tried to use the file to sand it with no luck. You cannot tell that I made any attempt to damage it. Not saying I could not find a tool in my shop that would scratch or damage it, but no way a laundry basket would do any damage to the ceramic enhanced surface of this Vinyl Plank Flooring that I am holding.

        1. the reality is, you can’t trust half the reviews you read online. I’m sure there are people here with legit complaints. But I’m equally sure that the other half are people with an ax of some sort to grind. (social media folks working for companies selling alternate products, is one example).

          (Yes, believe it or not, many companies hire social media people to manage their reputations online. Sometimes that effort can bleed over into doing things that are less than ethical on forums such as this)

      2. We took a sample to try to destroy and watched a demonstration on a large plank without any damage. We just installed it throughout the entire house and there are scratches everywhere and, all furniture have pads. Less than 24 hours in and it’s all damaged. Very disappointing!

      3. What the fork product did you purchase? I have three cats and two LARGE dogs, and my floor is warm, hides the dirt well (I sweep daily and can’t believe the mess that I am only seeing int he dustpan), is impervious to drips from the water dish, and doesn’t have a scratch on it!

    29. We just had lifeproof flooring installed & love it. My question is what type of padding should we use under throw rugs with rubber on the back & the best place to purchase it?

    30. Deborah A Shipley

      Can i place this over tile? I have Italian tile all on main floor. Want to re-do with the lifeproof flooring.

        1. If you install this over tile, you need to float an embossing leveler compound over the top of the tile to fill in the grout lines or they will show up through the lvp after a while

    31. How well does this flooring perform when the conditions are dry? I have baseboard electric heating in the winter and it can get very dry.

    32. I would not install this product over concrete basements. We installed ours over a 6 ml vapour barrier, as per Home Depot instruction in January. We were told we would void our warranty without the vapour barrier. We got really cold temperatures in February and now have buckled flooring. A flooring inspector came and did a report and said that we did not leave the 1/4 space required, that isn’t true, we did. They denied our claim and now we will have to go to Home Depot directly or our house insurance.

      I would not buy this product ever again.

      1. Update:

        The weather has warmed up and the big gaps that appeared are now narrowing. Weather has a lot to do with this flooring, both cold and warm.

          1. This flooring was installed in our new kitchen, and it scratches so easy! There are even marks under the kitchen wastebasket. Kitchen chairs were a nightmare. Moving the refrigerator out to clean behind it, disaster.

      2. Your experience is counter to expectations that product should shrink at colder temperatures. The backing on lifeproof promotes airflow underneath to evacuate moisture and a moisture barrier may have interfered with this process.

        I suggest you remove the moisture barrier and see if that improves the performance in the next winter.

    33. Can you use LifeProof flooring in a sunroom that is built over an elevated deck? It will get 20 degrees in the winter so I didn’t know if it would separate with temperatures fluctuations.

      1. This product will not perform well for the sunroom you are considering. The temperature changes are too great for the specifications needed for this tile. Carpet, Porcelain or rubber tile should be better choices.

    34. I’m planning to install this in a new house. Do I need to put an underlayment on the subfloor or can I just lay the flooring? It says the underlayment is included.

      1. No, it comes with underlayment… if you add more you will avoid the warranty. I just bought $3000 worth of this floor.

        1. Never use felt or tar paper under vinyl ! It has a petroleum base and the fumes trapped under anything vinyl will damage it. This is also true for vinyl siding.

    35. When installing this floor in a bathroom, should it be placed under the toilet or up to the toilet? Does it expand and contract like most floating floors do? If installing it under the toilet can the toilet be secured down tightly to avoid leaking?

      1. LifeProof™ can be installed under toilets; leave proper expansion space
        around flange and use a premium waterproof 100% silicone caulk. Do
        not anchor toilet through the material.

    36. I am considering this flooring for use in a cabin which will not be heated when unoccupied during winter. Installation guide indicates it should not be used in this way. Is it possible that it can perform adequately under these conditions?

    37. I want to install Lifeproof Vinyl floating floor on concrete. I also have a slate pool table in that room. Wondering if that will still work or not? Thank you

      1. I installed over concrete and have a baby grand piano on it. I’ve had no issues. I recommend putting felt pads under furniture in case you need to move it.

    38. We have the slate look in our bathroom and I really like it. However, when I damp mop it I love it! It is not shiny shiny – just looks rain washed and it deepens the pattern. NOW is there a product i can use to maintain that look?

      1. LOL, you made me think of Armorall… But I highly advise against using Armorall on your floor… Unless you really want to slip and slide and crack your head open on the floor.

    39. I just had this installed in a small bathroom. It looks horrible. We used the Breezy Stone color. All photos show an even toned product with no variation of color between planks. Now I have a bathroom with one length that stands out like a sore thumb. I wish I could post a picture. It is not acceptable on any level.

      1. The best part about this flooring is it’s easy to replace damaged planks. So, just replace it with one you like better!!

    40. Are there any patterns that are available in both the waterproof LVP and water resistant LVP? I am interested in the waterproof for the bath but don’t need that level of protection for the surrounding home office, bedrooms and hallway where water resistant would be sufficient. Husband would like it to all match in color and pattern. Thank you.

      1. Considering installing LVP over in-floor heating (geothermal hot water). Current engineered hardwood is delaminating, either due to temperature (water enters system at 103 degrees F), defective product or badly installed underlay. Floor has to be taken up to see the cause.

        Question is what temp is LVP designed for?

    41. What about the PVC in the LifeProof Vinyl Flooring? I understand the PVC is quite toxic, so am concerned that it is in this flooring. Anyone know if the levels are problematic or what amount of PVC is in this flooring?

      1. PVC is used in every home from the PVC plumbing you use for water to the raincoats you put on and the IV tubing used at hospitals. I personally wouldn’t let that sway my decision.

    42. Home Depot said LifeProof vinyl plank can be laid directly on cement, but I have read that leveling must be done first? Thank you.

      1. We had to level ours out in some areas. There are still some areas that feel hollow when we walk on them. The installer told us that it will eventually conform to the floor beneath. It’s been a few months however and it hasn’t conformed. I still like it a lot despite that drawback.

      2. Only if the concrete is not smooth. Lvp can accommodate more unevenness than laminate without failing. Slight humps and dips are ok.

    43. Yes, install flooring after the cabinets are set. Cabinets should sit on your solid sub-floor or solid finished floor. Run the new flooring up to the cabinets and cut to size so the kick-plate covers the edge; shouldn’t even need a shoe molding unless you want to run one.

    44. Installed the in-stock Seasoned Wood Multi-Width approximately 1 year ago in my apartment complex laundry and entryway area. Installed approximately 300 sq. ft. over plywood subfloor. Many issues with the product. The lock flanges are very flimsy and break easily. Not well designed. The wear layer does not clean up well – stains easily, water spots are left no matter how clean the mop water. The attached pad/underlayment makes the product feel spongy, cheap. Much better options out there. I’ve used Lumber Liquidator CoreLuxe product that looks better, cleans better and contains a much better locking flange design.

    45. My wife and I just put Lifeproof in our house and it’s beautiful. We have 3 kids and my wife does daycare, and it holds up great. Went in easy and is just an all-around great floor. No complaints and I’m very sensitive to smells and chemicals, and it has treated me great.

      1. 1 year later from this post, are you still happy with the floor? I just installed 700 sq ft of it in my basement. I love the look and the install was easy. I scratch tested this product against many other LVPs out in the market, including ones that have a 24 mil wear layer. From my observance the lifeproof won even though it has only a 6 mil wear layer. The only thing I can think is most others use a urethane wear layer that is very soft regardless of its thickness and the lifeproof has ceramic beads in it’s wear layer. Reading some of these reviews freak me out, so I am curious if you are still equally as happy 1 year later. Thank you in advance.

    46. We want to use this product for our main floor renovation including a new kitchen. Is there any reason it cannot go under the kitchen cabinets? I understand a “floating floor” should be able to shift slightly. Will putting the new flooring under the cabinets prevent this? Am I better off putting this flooring down after the cabinets are installed?

      1. I would recommend installing the cabinets first then installing the floor. While all situations may not require one, a very small expansion gap should be left around the perimeter during installation as an extra safety precaution.

        These gaps can be covered by base, base shoe, or caulked. Once again, depending on the product you select installation method, and individual circumstances you should always refer to the manufacturer warranty for detailed information on each floor.

      2. Be careful though if you have crown moulding for your cabinets – I have 3/4″ red oak flooring installed under the fridge. The cabinets are installed on the sub floor. That 3/4″ puts the cabinet above the the fridge up just enough so that if I were to install the moulding I have, it wouldn’t fit with the adjoining cabinet above the dishwasher. Hindsight……

    47. I can’t get the flooring clean. I use a spin mop and mop it three times, the first pass is the worst but the next 2nd and 3rd look the same. People’s feet get dirty-feeling walking on it without socks. Not sure what’s going on? Is it the ink coming off? Not very happy with this.

      1. I have a click vinyl floor that is 2 yrs. old. I did find a slight residue on the surface when installed. So after some research I discovered that Dawn foaming dish soap has a neutral ph, actually the same as the expensive vinyl flooring cleaner. I usually put a drop of Dawn foaming dish soap in my spin bucket. It doesn’t streak and has removed the slight residue from when the floor was new. I love this product and will lay it in my basement next week. I live on a farm and I’m constantly running in and out taking care of animals and tracking in the outdoors. It cleans up well and looks as good as the day I laid it. Good luck!

    48. We had a plumbing problem and water got under our seasoned wood lvp and came up between cracks. Should we replace the flooring even after we put fans around and had plumbing issue resolved? I am concerned about mold and mildew forming on the backing. Ty

    49. How does this flooring stand up to heat? Looking at all flooring options for a hot yoga studio. Bamboo is used a lot, but there are also issues with it. With LifeProof being anti-microbial and 100% water proof, if it can stand up to heat it would be perfect!

    50. Hi, My association has strict soundproof requirements. Do you happen to have the 2 soundproof ratings for the underlayment? I am ready to order but can’t without those numbers.

    51. Has anyone used this product to replace the flooring in a motorhome? I cannot find anywhere where the weight of it is stated.

    52. Can this be laid directly over “sheet vinyl”? The sheet vinyl was peeling back by tub. That piece, about 12″ X 48″, has been removed. Contractor has used some kind of patch, possibly plaster, to feather it out. Doesn’t seem right.

      1. Typically cutting out the loose areas of the sheet vinyl is all you would have to do. A feather finish product or self-leveler would be all you need if there was a concern of a low spot in the sub-floor. Plaster patch would not be ideal to use with Lifeproof but you should always refer to the product information.

    53. Looking to install where pets are notorious for having accidents. Although it is waterproof, should we be concerned about pet urine getting between the interlocking planks?

      1. I can not 100% tell you no, but I can tell you my daughter gets out of the shower and gets out soaking wet leaving the floor soaking wet and you there has been no damage so I do not believe that it has gotten between the planks. I believe it stays above on the surface as long as it has been installed according to directions.

        1. How do you know water is not getting under the tile? I want to know if you can put a sealer on it. Can’t get an answer.

        1. I keep seeing the words, “…if it is installed correctly.” What recourse would we have if we have it installed by Home Depot, who is the only company selling this brand, and pet urine seeps through even a tiny bit, leaving a remnant of enzyme, luring the pet back to the same spot and remarking it? We pet owners are seeking a TRULY liquid-proof product.

          1. After many weeks of researching these types of flooring, I am returning to say that, the way these floor planks join together…WHEN INSTALLED CORRECTLY, no liquid, including urine, will seep through…period. Just make sure the installer (or yourself) seat the planks properly. The water will eventually evaporate and you can just clean the water spot by rubbing it. Urine, though I couldn’t get our furkids to urinate on demand (hahaha) will simply sit on top, but CAN stain it if not removed “within a reasonable amount of time.” So unless your pet urine goes unnoticed for a long period of time until it dries, you should be fine. This is the exact reason we gave up on carpet and have gone with waterproof vinyl planks (rescue dogs).

            Let me add, though, that unless you caulk at the baseboards, water WILL be able to get under your flooring that way, but will still not damage your flooring. You can either take it up, let the substrate dry out real good, reinstall your flooring, or depending on how bad your flooding is, use commercial dryers and dry it out.

      2. I have not purchased these floors. I can tell you most items that are “waterproof” are NOT urine proof. Call the manufacturer directly.

    54. Marion Scott Ratliff

      I am remodeling my kitchen. This floor does not have to acclimate from what I understand. Just bring up to room temp. We were going to use tile under the cabinets. Now we are going to install the Lifeproof Biscayne herringbone tile. Since this does not have to acclimate like a normal laminate and is waterproof I thought we could put the flooring in first under the cabinets. Will it be ok to put this under our new cabinets? I didn’t think this would be a problem talking with the salesperson at HD? Thanks

      1. I wanted to install cabinets over our flooring. Just spoke with our installer – he said since it contracts and expands – it will void the warranty. I’m disappointed because I specifically asked the HD rep about this and she said “no problem”… Now I wonder about my refrigerator. My washer and dryer. My dining room table – they are all heavy. Is that going to void the warranty as well? Kitchen cabinets are attached to the walls, not the floor. Most will be shimmed to level, so I’m really confused about this warranty – which I cannot find on the HD website… just spent a lot of money – now having second thoughts.

    55. I’m using double vanity with granite top in bathroom. The vanity is on legs so you can see directly under vanity which means I need to do vinyl flooring under the cabinets to the wall. Am I going to have buckling problems? I’m reading do not put this flooring under cabinets. Well, a 72″ double vanity with granite top is pretty darn heavy and is a type of cabinet.

      1. Cecilia,

        You can place this under “legged ” cabinets the same as furniture without worry. The only reason they recommend not placing under cabinets is to prevent cabinet removal in the event of needing to replace any damaged planks.

    56. I’m looking to purchase Lifeproof Russet Meadow Hickory from Home Depot but cannot find how/where to purchase moulding to match…

      1. Under the toilet. You can never get flooring perfectly fitted up to the toilet. As a realtor, I see these DIY mistakes all the time.

    57. I started a project and had to stop, because when we moved the furniture back onto the new flooring it split at the seams under the weight. We were hoping it was just a bad area, but it happened everywhere. The locking system is also difficult to install and it breaks easily. It looked great until we moved the furniture back in.

      1. You’re absolutely correct, locking mechanism isn’t anything to write home about. Lifeproof looks very appealing but the locking mechanisms aren’t up to par. Breaks very easily and a few were broken right out of the box. $3 per sq ft, I expected more.

        1. Agreed! I would say it is a “precision” product, meaning not much wiggle room and it is not necessarily DIY proof. We started installing ourselves and maybe started man-handling it a bit to get rid of some gaps and ended up crushing the clay like locking mechanisms at the seams which results in buckling at the seams

    58. Considering replacing my entire first floor with lifeproof. The trouble is my family room is currently carpet and my kitchen and foyer are ceramic tile. We don’t want the hassle to break up the tile so we would like to put the lifeproof right over it. If we do that the floor will be higher than our family room sub floor (without the carpet). Any ideas on how to make the floors even? Our kitchen, foyer and family room all flow together. Thanks!

      1. I had the same issue. I removed the carpet and had new 3/4 inch plywood put down over the existing subfloor which raised the floor in the carpeted areas. Also if you have a grout lines in your ceramic tile floor you should consider putting down a self- leveling product to fill in the grout lines.

      2. I removed my tile in my foyer before installing, air compressor with an air chisel gun worked wonders. Wasn’t bad at all to do. If you have doors and raise the floor they will need to be cut down and make sure the baseboard is where it should be. I removed all the base prior to install. Also be careful with the locking mechanism for lifeproof, needs a little more to be desired for in that department. Good luck.

    59. I have a small bathroom. It’s a long hallway (10×3), then I have to pass the toilet and into a small linen closet which would make that 10×5. Would you remove the vanity and install under it or not? Also, most of the LVP are 7″ wide or 8″, and there are a few I don’t like that are multi. Is this flooring worth installing in a small bathroom? I do like the multi gray Sterling oak. Dark would make the bathroom look smaller, and I don’t want the gray to be too light. Any suggestions would be helpful. I do plan on installing myself to save money.

      1. Hi Patricia. Your choice is perfect for bathroom applications. Actually, it’s perfect for all indoor applications. I’m currently doing our whole home in it. Sterling oak in 1 bedroom, Choice oak in 2 other bedrooms and Alpine Backwoods in all the other areas. It’s easy to install so you’ll have no problems. YouTube has some good videos with tips. I think you’ll find your color choice to be just the right shade, without making the room look small from being too dark.

        As for your cabinetry, it will not go under the cabinets. Just run it to the edges of the base and trim it out with baseboards or quarter round.

    60. I’m looking for decking for our swimming pool project, would LVP be suitable? Slippery when wet? Salt water pool, would it stain or degrade the product? Sunlight a problem?

      1. Hi Tony. LVP is not for outdoor use. However, lifeproof does make a porcelain wood-look tile that is for outdoor/indoor use and is more slip resistant than normal tile. I think it would be perfect for your desired application.

    61. I’ve been experimenting with a sample. The “scratches” made by pets and wood chairs have all been removed with a vigorous rubdown with Simple Green and a rough cloth. They obviously were not gouged into the surface, but were just material applied to it.

      1. We have a 215# dog and we want to know if this flooring will hold up. I’ve read a lot of comments about scratching.

        1. Hello, 215! We have a BullMastiff 150 pounds and an Olde English Bulldoge. They play very hard with each other and we have not seen anything as far as scratching is concerned. I feel that people who are getting scratched flooring must have a serious abrasive ie. sand,tiny pebbles or something because our dogs can’t destroy it.

    62. I have an ‘office’ room which I use for multiple purposes, including electronic building and repair, which means I use soldering irons in the room and the occasional drop of hot molten solder may accidentally land on the floor.

      I asked one of the sales people at the local Home Depot if LifeProof flooring would be damaged by solder droplets. They could not answer my question but gave me a sample piece I took home and tested.

      With a soldering iron just inches away from the flooring sample I dropped numerous large droplets of molten solder on it. Once cool enough to touch, I easily popped the solder balls right off the flooring. The rosin flux from the solder remained on the flooring and I used a paper towel soaked with acetone to wipe off the rosin.

      For the final test, I showed my wife pictures of the solder and rosin and asked her find those places on the sample flooring….. she could not. The flooring looked perfectly fine like I had done nothing to it. That sold me on using the LifeProof flooring for my room.

      As far as the scratching others have reported, I did not test for that on the sample I had, but where I will be using it the only furniture movement will be office chairs, one with rollers and one without rollers.

    63. I live in Hawaii and the product is sold at my local store. I’m having some trouble understanding what is meant by temperature control. Average temperature during the day is 80 F, and we do not run an AC in the house. Is this product able to be installed without air conditioner? The trade wind does a good enough of a job cooling the house in the evenings.

      1. I think when they state temperature control they mean that the foam backing is a great insulator for those who are like me and live in Illinois!

    64. We installed this floor throughout our entire house, and within the first week it has scratched horribly just from moving furniture around. Very disappointed every time I look at my living room floor.

      1. We have a lighter shade of the flooring so the scratches didn’t show up at first but we did find our dining room chairs caused some scratching. I bought some felt tips for the chairs so I’ll see how those do. We also have dogs, but have had no problems with scratches from their nails. We tested a number of samples and types of flooring before we chose this one and this resisted scratching better, by far. But not scratch-proof, unfortunately.

      2. We layed the flooring throughout our entire house as well. Beautiful flooring but not scratch resistant as advertised. We have scratched in our kitchen from the chairs even after we placed caps on the legs to prevent scratches. You have to treat these floors delicate. Not what I was looking for living in the state of Alaska where we have harsh winters and bring all sorts of stuff inside on our shoes.

        1. I installed Seaside Oak, a fairly dark brown-gray, throughout the bottom level of my home and had the same problem. After some trial and error, I found that a light application of mineral oil made the scratches almost completely disappear.

    65. I’m using this floor in a salon, although I’m happy about waterproof and durability I’m concerned that color stain from hair color will stain it. Is there a protective coat I can put on to help fill without changing the look of the floor? Like a sealant of some sort? What do you recommend?

    66. We have installed Life Proof flooring in the living area which includes a wood-burning fireplace. Is the floor flammable? Do we have to cover it to prevent damage from sparks?

    67. I’ve read comments elsewhere about DIYers saying this floor is difficult to install as the tabs break off easily. Anyone have that problem? Also we have a heavy tredmill. Will this cause the flooring to buckle? Thanks!

      1. I just installed ~1100 sqft in our home during the renovation and it went together without a hitch. I will say I have installed other products before, both laminate and vinyl. The interlock mechanism used is not the finest I’ve seen on this type of product, but I had no problems. I honestly used just a non-marring rubber mallet on about 90% of the install, tilting the tiles into the previous and then laying flat. Once the tongue is in the groove I hammered on the face of the plank with the mallet at a sweeping angle and it generally slides right in. Invest in a puller bar for tight spaces such as against walls, otherwise a 2×4 worked fine in other areas I needed it without any damage to the planks and their tongues/grooves.

        We went with the Seaside Oak and it is very nice, the wife was very happy. I will say that I would like to see the wear layer made thicker. We found numerous scratches from furniture and appliances, even though they all were either on rollers or plastic/felt feet. In the several years we had Coretec at another home, we never experienced scratching like this even with 2 children and our dog so invest in a touch up kit.

        Ease of install 7/10
        Cost of product (as compared to others) 9/10
        Ease of scratching and damage 6/10

        All in all a pretty good product for the money. I especially liked the underlayment, it makes the plank feel very nice under foot. Not too spongy but gives just enough, better than laminates with a good 3-in-1 underlayment.

    68. I’m wondering if this particular type of flooring will stand up to ice melt when people track it in to the store that I plan to put it in?

      I know that I’ve encountered small problems with PVC type materials in the past ( i.e. Plank decking). Could you please tell me you have tested or know the reactive implications of ice melt and this floor?

    69. Can you tell me about the possible VOC’s and/or dioxin content of this vinyl? How bout off gassing of these chemicals?

    70. stephen m duplissis

      I plan on using this product on the wall above the shower. Can I use some sort of adhesive? If so, what do you recomend?

    71. We are looking to install this in our laundry room. We have a drain in the middle of the floor that we would need to cut out and likely caulk around. Can this be done?

      Previously we had linoleum (which we just pulled up).

    72. We just put this flooring all through our house and the floors were uneven. We were told there was no need to make the floor even as this type of flooring is very giving and should not be a problem. Just wondering if anyone has had issues and will there be any problems down the road by not leveling the sub floors?

      1. Mine was not installed correctly and is now buckling. It should have been leveled and has even cracked. In one spot it has no give. Make sure you level it. I have to have reinstalled.

        1. Dan, How did you remedy the situation? We just had this product professionally installed and within two months time with minimal traffic, we have buckling and uneven seams. I’m now not sure how to correct the situation. Should we just get some new planks? Or replace the entire floor with a different brand?

          Thanks for your reply.

    73. At what degrees should house be at all times for this tile? Thinking of installing in summer house which is shut down for winter. House is in New England by the beach. Will moisture from basement affect these tiles?

      1. Yes, absolutely. As long as those appliances are properly installed and maintained, you will have no trouble with the lifeproof vinyl. In fact, it should perform better than hardwood flooring in the case of a leak. As with any flooring material though, be sure to keep it as clean and dry as possible as this will extend the already great lifespan.

        1. My concern in this case is not for leaking since the flooring product claims to be waterproof, but for the “dents” made by the weight of the appliances through their supporting feet. Given the softer nature of this flooring material, I’d be concerned about denting and other damage to the top surface. It would also make moving the appliances harder if they get embedding into their dents.

          Does anybody have any experience with this?

          1. We had this installed in the kitchen, living and dining rooms last fall. We have a heavy refrigerator and a stove on it. After 9 months, there is a very shallow, almost imperceptible dent under the refrigerator. However, that has not prevented the fridge from being pulled out to clean. By the way, the flooring is slick enough so that its easy to pull the appliances out. Vinyl flooring we had before was always sticky from humidity and stained from the appliance feet. This is great stuff.

          2. Actually, Home Depot suggested to install AROUND the appliances. I would do so, because vinyl will expand and contract due to temperature, and if you have it pinned by heavy things like appliances, it’ll have nowhere else to go but buckle.

    74. Karen Schwarztrauber

      We installed Lifeproof in our sunroom and it is wonderful. Easy to install and looks great.

      Caution, if the installers do not follow the directions and take their time, ask them to leave. It isn’t worth the hassle if not done correctly.

    75. Can you install over tile if you fill in grout joints even with the tile, thus eliminating removing tile, etc? Thank you.

      1. David, there’s no need to fill in the grout joints unless they’re abnormally deep. The expansive cushion on the bottom of the bottom of the lifeproof vinyl flooring is designed to easily fill such gaps.

    76. Can this flooring be applied in a three season porch in Massachusetts? As of now, there isn’t a heat source in this area.

      1. Gayle, lifeproof vinyl flooring is only designed to be used in a temperature controlled (or indoor) environment. Performance of the floor will be greatly decreased especially in the MA climate.

    77. Hi! How hard is it to replace a damaged plank of lifeproof vinyl flooring without taking the whole floor apart?

      Thank you!

      1. I was just at a flooring store talking to the flooring guy. He said if you have floating floor, you have to start at the wall closest to the plank you want to remove and remove all the way from the wall to the plank.

      1. Susan, as long as the thermostat is kept below 85 degrees Fahrenheit, the floor should perform well. You may experience a decrease in efficiency, but it should be minimal. It is a more efficient option than carpet.

    78. Can I install this product in a sun room? Looked at it in Home Depot and the back of the plank says it cannot be installed in a sun room. Is this true?

      1. We just had one room installed and we already have a scratches on it from moving a piece of furniture and vacuuming. We are not happy and going to contact Home Depot and the company. Not impressed with the 100% lifetime residential warranty and 0% worries. Not the case! We hope they honor that warranty.

        1. I would love to hear. We just installed it throughout our entire new home first floor and we have scratches EVERYWHERE! It makes me cry just looking at it. So utterly disappointed. For a few dollars more, I could have had real hardwoods!

          1. Nicole and Michele, sorry to hear of your poor performance with lifeproof vinyl flooring. Home Depot should honor the warranty as long as proper installation procedures are followed. I will warn you, however, that the floor you installed will, under almost any circumstance, outperform real hardwood. The lifeproof vinyl has a wear layer made of ceramic which is much more resistant to scratches than hardwood. If you’ve experienced issues, you may want to speak with a flooring expert to better understand the care and maintenance of your floors. I wish you the best with the warranty and finding something to better suit your needs!

      2. Nicole, I have seen many mixed reviews about scratches in this flooring. We have a ninety pound pit bull and kids. We haven’t gotten a single scratch in ours and have had it down for almost 9 months. We’re doing the rest of our home in it.

        I suggest you buy a case, lay it throughout your home and give it a trial run.

    79. I sell Lifeproof Luxury Vinyl Plank every day, and it is by far the most frequently purchased flooring system we offer. I’ll try to address some of the questions that have come up, but you can also go to any of the Lifeproof Vinyl Plank listings at homedepot’s website (such as “Sterling Oak”, our bestseller) to Search through the questions/answer section posted at the bottom of each listing. Use keywords to narrow down which topics you wish to view, like “heated floor” or “island”. Halstead, the maker of Lifeproof, is very good about actively responding to consumer questions. They can also be reached directly using their 800# which can be found in the documentation also provided within the listing.

      Just to correct a couple of points made in this article: 1) The author refers to “6mm” and “12mm” when in fact she means “mils”, NOT millimeters. One mil = 1/1000th of an inch… 2) Since LVP is a floating floor system, it cannot be installed over any other floating floor system, which eliminates laminate from the list. Only solidly attached flooring systems like glued-down sheet vinyl/linoleum, nail/glued hardwood, or ceramic tile are appropriate flooring substrates for LVP.

      Proper leveling is everything when installing vinyl, because over time even the thickest planks (Lifeproof is approx. 7mm thick) can depress into holes or old grout lines lurking beneath it. Take the time to level out your old floor, or your wood or concrete subfloor flaws, using a product like LevelPro (which is self-leveling) or one of the premixed patching compounds that come in a pint or gallon size. The size of the issue determines which type of product would work best. They all dry quickly so that you can proceed directly to your install, often within the same day.

      Re: Heated floors… According to the mfg., you can install LVP over a properly imbedded floor heating system. They say: “This product can be installed over radiant heat concrete subfloors. The radiant heating system must be cast 1/2 in. below the surface of the concrete slab and should be operating at least 2 weeks before installation. Set the temperature of the radiant heating system to 68°F 48 hours before, during, and 72 hours after installation. You may gradually raise the temperature starting 72 hours after installation. The finished floor surface must not exceed 85°F (29°C) for the life of the floor. Because radiant heat creates a dry heat that can lower interior humidity levels, it may be necessary to add a humidifier to maintain the humidity level between 30-85% to prevent damage to the vinyl floor. Consult with the radiant heat system manufacturer to ensure that the system is compatible with vinyl flooring.”

      Re: Installing LVP underneath thing, the mfg. says: It’s typically fine under standard rolling appliances, but specific concerns should be reviewed with your installer. However, LVP should NOT be installed underneath an island or underneath cabinets due to the danger of the weight damaging the click-lock system. Instead, install around those fixtures.

      Re: Outdoor areas or non-temperature controlled rooms or structures… installing in those scenarios would void the Lifeproof warranty.

      1. Hi Mia – Wow! Thank you for this helpful, awesome comment. And, for that matter, all of your other helpful contributions. 🙂

        I’ve updated this guide with corrections re: mil (NOT mm) & the clarification re: installation over existing floors.

      2. Just a question about the leveling. Would I need to try and level the grout lines so they are the same height as the ceramic tile? Currently mine are lower than the ceramic tile, which is how most ceramic tile is. Thanks for any advice you can provide.

    80. How is sound proofing? Looking to instal in a condo with concrete between floors. WIll I have any issues with unit below me?

    81. Bob Schumacher

      Can this product be used in a RV where the temperature can reach 90 degrees in summer and also – 15 degrees in the winter?

      1. I installed Lifeproof Vinyl in my motor home on a good level floor and it has buckled in the center of the floor. It was not glued down except under the living room slide, other wise it floats. The temp. in Arizona heat can be as much as 118 during the day time. Can this be fixed or did I use the wrong product ?

    82. I am remodeling a kitchen. Everything in the kitchen is removed. Is it allowed to install the waterproof vinyl plank flooring under the new counters, refrigerator, oven and dishwasher without violating the lifetime warranty?

      1. Do not install your flooring under kitchen cabinets. People often replace flooring to update a kitchen but only replace cabinets when doing a major remodeling.

      1. I have the same question as Christiane – I want to install an electric heating system under the vinyl floor. Will it work and will the warranty be valid. I don’t want to create an odor because of the underlaying heat.
        Please respond asap as I am ready to purchase a floor and Christiane has been waiting since 4-21.

        1. Christiane and Matt, I think you will find the answer to your question in other comments, but to summarize, lifeproof vinyl flooring works very well with radiant heating. You must, however, keep the floor temperature below 85 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid damaging the floor and likely voiding the warranty. Check with your installer or representative for humidity concerns.

    83. I’ve heard so many negative comments about hardwood and big dogs. This is one of the reasons we are considering lifeproof. I noticed a comment about scratches from furniture and how its not as hard as hardwood. Thoughts?

      1. I am also considering lifeproof vinyl. Worried about how it scratches. We have had Mannington with a diamond finish. It was a very bad flooring, had to be extremely careful.

        1. This is what I am wondering also. I have 5 dogs. I don’t want to spend over 6 grand to replace our floors just to find out it is going to be full of scratches.

          1. I have 9 very active dogs & I’m wondering about the floors scratching as well! I’m with Cindy, don’t want to spend the $ if they are going to look totally horrible! Thanks for your time.

    84. We just installed Essential Oak vinyl plank flooring in my father’s bedroom. He occasionally has urination accidents on the floor. What product is best to clean this mess the morning after? Also, if we want to make the floor look with a gleam, what product should we use?

    85. Hi,
      I love this LVP but I definitely want the least toxic option out there. Are there pthalates in the Ocala Oak line? Thank you for your help

    86. Cary Clifford Congleton

      What kind of underlayment can I put down on the floor, I have a large area rug. I don’t want to damage this beautiful floor.

      1. My understanding is that it’s rubber matting that should always be avoided, as it can discolor LVP. Also, make sure and use “feltie’ type furniture protectors under everything, including floor lamps, magazine racks, and of course under sofa and table legs.

    87. we are looking at putting this in our mud room/ playroom. It’s also off the pool and people will be walking on it between the pool area and to get to the nearest bathroom. Water may set on it for a few hours while we are in the pool. also getting wet from snowy boots coming in off the garage. Would water being on it for a few hours damage it?

      1. This product is 100% waterproof, mold and mildew proof. It can be used in bathrooms and kitchens, it would be perfect. I just did the bathroom floor about 2 months ago. Getting ready to do the kitchen soon. Got appliances coming first. Its a great product, the underlayment in built right into it and you should be able to install it right over your existing floor. I say go for it!

      2. LifeProof is completely waterproof, so it is highly recommended for those areas that will be experiencing lots of water and moisture. It also has a lifetime residential warranty.

      3. Water may make its way down to your subfloor, and will eventually dry off, but there’s a mold/mildew inhibitor on both the top and bottom of Lifeproof planks. Water does no damage whatsoever to the planks themselves, even if long submerged.

    88. We pulled up linoleum because there were two layers. Some of the backing is still attached to plywood base. Can we install Life Proof Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl flooring right over it or do we have to scrape it off?

      1. Either scrape it off, or use a self-leveling compound to create a level surface on top of the old torn layers prior to installing LVP. All vinyl, no matter how thick the plank, can eventually reveal flaws in an uneven subfloor.

      1. Other than assuring that the concrete is well leveled, Lifeproof can go straight down with no additional underlayment—above or below grade, and in any room of the home. Additional underlayment can actually void the Lifeproof warranty.

    89. Would like to glue down the click vinyl plank flooring on my steps. Would it ok to use PL 400 or some other adhesive?

      1. Lifeproof is not designed for stairs/steps, so any install you do would be at your own risk. However, you can in many cases buy a Cap-A-Tread system that matches the Lifeproof, and it installs beautifully on stairs.

    90. Some of the information in your article is INCORRECT!!! I have learned this the hard way. My customer was told at Home Depot that this Lifeproof Flooring would be IDEAL and PERFECT for their front porch. This porch is NOT climate controlled, and gets direct sunlight. It also suffers temperature variations.

      The Installation instructions inside the packages of flooring state very clearly to NOT use this product in an area prone to flooding or overly wet. Also that it is NOT suitable for areas that receive direct sunlight. Area MUST be climate controlled.

      I verified this information through the 800 number to the manufacturer who explicitly told me to NOT use this product as was directed by the “experts” at Home Depot.

      That said, I have used this product successfully on a concrete basement floor that was dry, and climate controlled. Install is straight forward and reasonably easy. I scraped the hell out of my knuckles several times installing it. So watch out for that.

      1. Thanks for your comment, Jon. Could you point out what sections of this article are incorrect by your estimation? I appreciate your help in making sure this page is a positive resource for Floor Critics readers. 🙂

        1. I left a comment earlier addressing a couple of errors, and the poster above is correct about the topics she covered. These and many other consumer concerns can easily be researched right on the HD website, in the Q&A section located at the bottom of each listing. Going to the Lifeproof Sterling Oak listing, for example, there are currently several hundred questions and answers, and you can use a keyword search box to narrow down your inquiry. The manufacturer, Halstead, is great about addressing consumer questions, and fellow DIY-ers chime in a lot too… with varying degrees of accuracy, lol.

          The poster above notes that info given in the HD showroom is at times inaccurate, and that’s a factor of ongoing training of new associates, unfortunately. Misinformation happens, but by studying that Q&A section, which is a wealth of information, and taking any lingering questions directly to the company’s toll free number (located in the documentation also posted in the listing), you’ll insure you’re picking the right product for your application, and laying it down properly.

          1. Thanks, Mia. I’ve updated the guide to remedy the errors you pointed out, and appreciate the helpful criticism!

    91. We would like to install lifeproof luxury vinyl flooring in our family room. this room is used daily. we have 2 sofa bed couches, a treadmill, and a flat screen tv and heavy stand, plus other misc. items. will all this weight be too much on this type of floor? Will this do any damage to the floor? Thank you

      1. Lifeproof planks can handle 250 lbs per square inch. But always use either felt or vinyl protectors under all furniture feet, or use vinyl cups (never rubber, which discolors LVP) that can help distribute the weight of furniture pieces with stiletto type feet. That would be true for hardwood or laminate, as well.

    92. I have existing tile that is ceramic tile on my floor and would like to install lifeproof flooring over without removing the tile. Is this ok to do?

      1. You can! However it’s advised to use a patching or leveling compound to fill in grout lines before you lay down the planks, as even the thick planks can eventually sink into those enough to be seen, especially in high traffic areas.

        1. we installed over our tile and did not fill in the grout lines and have had no issues whatsoever. The LVP layer underneath is thick enough that nothing was needed other than the planks

          1. how wide was your grout lines? Home Depot grout lines more than 1/4 inch wide will need to be filled in. I have grout lines that range from less than 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch.

    93. Khara A Peregrin

      We are interested in putting LVP in our basement. We haven’t had flooding but if for some reason that ever happened are you able to uninstall the flooring dry it out and then reinstall the same flooring or would that flooring be trash?

      1. It would be trashed. It happened to us from Hurricane Irma.

        We had just put down Lifeproof and we flooded. The floor was ruined, all the locking rails broke off. We pulled up rinsed and dryer to re use. It would not lay flat and lock together.

        However we are still going to install again and just say the heck with it. Once in 35 years flood.

    94. Hello we are considering this product for our laundry room, which does have afternoon sun from the window in the door.

      Question: Will the appliances mark the flooring over time? Just wondering if I should consider ceramic instead.

      With thanks, Darlene

    95. What about using it on a wet slab? A wet slab as in it doesn’t have moisture barrier under it. This is a old house built in 1953. Do i need a vapor barrier? Or can I install it directly on the slab?

    96. Where is lifeproof made? Reason I’m asking: I want to buy it in the USA and take it to Canada, will need to know this to avoid duty. Also, a company web page needs to be available – not just home depot site.

      1. Per Halstead (the manufacturer), the product is made in China.

        The website can be found here:

    97. I am looking to put down a radiant floor mesh for heating in my kitchen. Can this product be put over the top of that like tile, wood or laminate can? It seems to have a much softer underlayment and we were worried about this.

    98. Charlene James

      I plan to install lifeproof in my home. I want to add an underlayment to increase height a little. What kind will be compatible with lifeproof lvp?

      1. Any additional underlayment would void the warranty of Lifeproof, due to the problem of ‘popping’ the click-lock system.

    99. I have radiant floor heat throughout my house. Can I install this product over a think concrete slab that has 120 degree water flowing thru tubes in it?

    100. Elaine Cerullo

      I love the look of the Alys Oak but there is only one picture at the home depot website. I would like to see more before I spend 4.39 sq ft. The other pictures shown are of other/similar floors. Where can i find more completed projects using that specific floor?

    101. Put down flooring and jammed ends – it will not lock & has a ridge. This is in the middle of the floor in one spot only. Any ideas on how to make it lock down?

      1. I had a lot of ridges and issues due to a subfloor the was far from level. I was able to get all but one ridge out by very slowly going along the ridge, applying the weight of my knee resting on a rubber sanding block (no sandpaper) and tapping from the side. The weight flexed the planks to better match the contours. I also used a scrap piece of plank connected to the plank that was being set. This will keep you from damaging the plank.