shaw vinyl plank flooring review

Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

Is there such a thing as the best vinyl plank flooring on the market? Probably not.

With today’s technology, there are actually a good number of high-quality options.

And there are definitely some options to avoid. But we’re not here to talk about what to stay away from.

Instead, let’s talk about one of the really good vinyl plank flooring products on the market – Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring.

Shaw is a reputable company that produces a quality product, which has many great features. Plus, it is easy to find at most major home improvement stores.

So if you are looking for a top-notch product that looks great, and is easily accessible, read on to learn more about Shaw’s Vinyl Plank Flooring.


Shaw flooring has been around since the 1950s and officially became Shaw Industries in 1951. While it originally focused on carpet flooring, the Company began producing hard surface flooring in 1993.

Shaw has become a leader in vinyl plank flooring producing seven different lines of luxury vinyl planks within the Floorte collection. Within each line, you can find many different variations and species.

Their vinyl plank flooring comes in designs to fit any style preference and budget. You can find planks that range from 2 mm in thickness all the way up to 6.5 mm.

The flooring is elegant looking, comfortable to walk on, and quiet. It’s a great fit for families with children or pets.

The majority of these planks can be installed easily in just a few hours without too big of a mess. And you can lay them directly over hard-surface subfloors (like tile or laminate).

Shaw’s vinyl plank flooring is durable, water-resistant, stain resistant, and great for high traffic areas.

The Company offers LVP with fiberglass filling that is made from virgin vinyl. Virgin vinyl is considered less toxic and more durable than recycled vinyl.

Additionally, Shaw LVP is easy to clean. Most products feature Shaw’s OptiClean technology, which helps the flooring resist tough stains.

Overall, Shaw vinyl plank flooring offers good quality products at a reasonable price point.

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Styles & Options

Shaw offers a variety of LVP to choose from. Their seven different lines of vinyl planks are Premio, Classico, Aviator, Navigator, Easy Street, World’s Fair, and Urbanality.

Premio and Classico are their two top lines and each has a total thickness of 6.5 mm.

Premio is their trendy, high-end line – and the most expensive. It offers styles that have a battered or “rain struck” look, a 20 mil wear layer, and beveled edges.

Classico is similar in quality but offers more traditional wood-look flooring. It is also less expensive than Premio, has a 12 mil wear layer, and micro-beveled edges.

Aviator, Navigator, and Easy Street are Shaw’s midline LVP flooring options.

Both Aviator and Navigator are 6 mm thick and have 3.2 mil wear layers. Easy Street has a 4 mm thickness and 20 mil wear layer.

Aviator LVP comes with Versalock technology and squared edges. It offers basic wood looks like oak and scraped hickory.

Navigator also has squared edges and is an embossed flooring with scraped style wood designs.

Easy Street LVP has locking planks and a large beveled edge that looks very realistic. The Easy Street collection offers wide grain planks that come in darker shades of wood.

World’s Fair and Urbanality are Shaw’s two economy lines of vinyl plank flooring. Both of them are 2 mm in thickness and you have the option of either 6 mil or 12 mil wear layers.

These two types of LVP are both glue-down options. World’s Fair has some options that are embossed, however, Urbanality does not.

The cost per square foot of these vinyl plank floors can vary depending on where you live. However, they generally range from over $4 per square foot for the high-end Premio to about $1.50 for the economy style World’s Fair LVP.

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Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring, like most other LVP products, is fairly easy to install. As mentioned earlier, Shaw claims that most of its LVP can be installed in just a few hours and with very little mess.

This flooring is also one that you can easily install yourself and requires very few tools to do so. You may need a tapping block or soft-faced hammer, which are both inexpensive to buy.

Most of these luxury vinyl planks have either locking technology or are glue down planks. And in most cases can be installed directly over a subfloor.

Just make sure that your floor is fairly level and clear of debris and dirt before you begin.

You can also hire a professional to install them for you, especially if the floor needs some additional work to prepare it for the planks.

Even if you do pay for installation, the project should be less costly than other flooring projects.

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Shaw is a flooring company with a long-standing reputation for producing good quality products. And its vinyl plank flooring is no exception.

There are many different companies that offer LVP products, however, you need to be careful for health and safety reasons which one you choose. Shaw uses virgin vinyl, which is less toxic than the recycled PVC products that some other manufacturers offer.

The vinyl plank flooring from Shaw comes in a variety of shades and styles and there are options for any budget. From trendy to rustic looks, or more classic styles like oak and hickory – you can find a beautiful one for your home.

And since LVP closely resembles wood, with Shaw vinyl planks, you can get a true wood floor look at a fraction of the cost.

This vinyl flooring is also very easy to install and keep up with. Whether you prefer interlocking planks or a glue down option, Shaw offers both.

Shaw LVP is featured in most major home improvement stores like Home Depot, Menards, and Lowes. Or you can purchase it from an online store like Wayfair.

Have you ever purchased Shaw flooring before? If so, what was your experience like with it?

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14 thoughts on “Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring Review”

  1. Bought 60 sq. ft. of Shaw LVP for our bathroom. It took all day to do what should have been a 4 hour job. I couldn’t get the tiles to lock together. If I got one side locked, it would pop off when trying to connect to the row already installed.

    VERY FRUSTRATING! Also broke some tiles trying to butt the seams together that just didn’t seem tight. Very important in my opinion for a watertight fit! (Maybe why some said the floor buckled a few weeks after installation?) This flooring is not for those with no patience or high blood pressure! As I said we bought only 4 boxes and halfway into the install I noticed we had no pieces that fit the tile pattern! The pieces we set down all matched up until halfway through. The grout lines on the edges of the tiles were shorter at the ends unlike the ones already down, thus the tile pattern started running off!

    My wife didn’t seem to care she liked it, but I told her they should all line up evenly. Over all the floor looked good when I finished but I’m still not happy with the tile pattern running off. A professional installer probably would have gone back for a box of tiles that matched the pattern because his reputation was on the line. That’s why I was upset about with how they lined up. But I was running out of time and patience and just wanted to finish the job.

    So if you’re thinking about buying this type of flooring take your time and don’t rush it. A quick tip! Maybe try taping ends of planks all together when fitting them into the next row so they don’t pop off when locking them down. It helped when fitting the last piece against the wall in the final corner.

  2. Bought and had installed by professional floor installers 900 sq feet of Shaw LVP. Decided on this product due it being advertised as waterproof and one of the rooms I was using it in is the kitchen. The installed product looked good and was happy – until about 3 or 4 weeks later it came apart in a couple different places length-wise.

    Then I noticed in another room the pieces were popping up on the short end! I was freaking out after spending the money I did for the product and the installation! I am waiting to hear from a Shaw representative, but it has been over two weeks and no word. Would not recommend using LVP at this point. Very disappointed and upset!

    1. Obviously the sub floor or surface under flooring was NOT properly prepped! I used 1000’s of square feet of Shaw Matrix Vinyl plank and never had a problem with the product.

  3. I just had my home office carpet replaced with Bella Plus 504SA. I chose it because it was thicker and matched the Mannington iCore I had in the adjoining room. It was just installed this week. I am surprised how easy it is to scratch (the installer scratched it twice) and dent with heavy furniture. I don’t see this product holding up the way my iCore flooring has that I put down in 2002. I am so disappointed in it.

  4. We stopped installation today, one day into a 1600 sq. foot install job! The edges appear buckled, when they took up the pieces the edges WERE actually broken where they are pre-scored to fit / lock together. It just breaks, like manufacturer defect, very brittle material, not at all like a rigid core plastic.

    We are awaiting a Shaw’s representative to contact us, so now we are in a HOLDING pattern with our house tore apart. Very ANGRY! Avoid Shaws FLooring specifically the luxury vinyl plank. Do not fit together, professional installers even struggle to get pieces to lay smooth. If they tap down the pre-score edging snaps, then it looks busted in the light at that quarter inch at every seem! JUNK!

  5. So far the diy installation has been awful. Plus, damaged corners of planks in boxes have rendered many planks useless. Feeling “taken” after spending so much time, money and energy on what was supposed to be a few hours installation. Overrated. Over priced. Over sold.

    Would NEVER use vinyl again. Stay with the “real’ thing. Avoid sales traps.

  6. This product is a nightmare. I live below a family that installed “floorte plus”, and they now sound like they’re in the same room as us. Walls rumble. Dishes and wall hangings rattle. All we hear is STOMP, STOMP, STOMP when they’re walking. It’s just horrible.

    Floorte’s claim of “No need for underlayment” does not add up.

  7. I’ve installed this vinyl plank flooring in a business on concrete. The driftwood grey, and it’s not wanting to lay down on the edges. Could it have been the glue? Might have frozen, or could you give me something to look at were I will know what to do?

  8. I would avoid this product! Seems “too good to be true” and it is. Less than 1 yr after installation this “waterproof” product is buckling and warping after professional installation.

  9. We had a Shaw enhanced vinyl plank 6.5mm thickness 12 mil wear layer a month ago and we have trouble with the ends popping up. Very disappointed in this installation. Not sure if it was an install issue or plank issue waiting on a mediator to issue report.

  10. We installed Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring in our spare bedroom. It looks great but installation was a nightmare. The interlocking edges are rubber and do not slide together easily at all. Many of the planks tore and we wasted a lot. A contractor at Home Depot told me this, after we had already purchased the planks. Wish I had listened to him.

    1. We are thinking about installing Shaw LVP premio in our home. I haven’t talked to many people who have installed it. Do you know which Shaw LVP flooring you installed?

    2. I’ve installed many floors and just this same flooring… other than simple square peel and stick tiles this was the easiest flooring install I have come across. Seems resilient as well but you can damage it, just like you can damage wooden planks.

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