shaw floorte vinyl plank flooring review

Shaw Floorte Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

If you’re ready for the newest composition in vinyl planks – consider Shaw Floorte. While often an afterthought, choosing the right flooring will showcase your style and bring a harmonious feeling to your home.

To determine if Shaw Floorte will create a symphony or fall flat in your space, we’ll have to start with the basics. Shaw separates it Floorte planks into five styles and three levels of protection. They are all considered waterproof resilient floors and come with a scratch resistant layer.

Some lines have variable lengths for customizing, while others are best for creating dramatic settings. The choices can be overwhelming, so let’s examine each collection separately.

Floorte Casa

Casa comes in 18 exotic color variations including Bianco, Grigio, and Gialo. These textured planks are vividly detailed and strike the perfect balance between weathered and warm.

Casa planks have a ceramic coated wear layer of 12 mil. While 12 mil is acceptable for vinyl, it may be too thin for use in active households. Families with children and pets should look for thicker vinyl planks with a layer of 20 mil or higher.

The Floorte Casa collection features 4’ long boards just shy of 6” in width. These resilient floors have a waterproof surface making them an excellent choice for basements or damp areas.

Like most of Shaw’s vinyl planks, Casa utilizes the Fold-n-Tap installation method. It’s a floating floor that locks together at the bevels. Installing these planks are relatively simple as they don’t connect to your walls or adhere to the subfloor.

Shaw warranties the finish of its Casa planks in residential settings for 30 years. Be advised, gloss reduction and surface scratches are excluded from this guarantee.

The next option is Bella plank.

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Floorte Bella

The Bella collection is smaller than casa having only 8 color choices. But, fewer options are not always a bad thing. The nature-inspired Bella line features beautiful deep tones with lifelike detailing.

The Bella collection is available in 4’ long planks just short of 6” wide.

While Floorte Bella lacks in selection, it makes up for in quality. Bella vinyl planks have a hearty 20 mil wear layer designed to hold up in busy homes. Shaw guarantees their Bella planks will last as long as you own your home.

If you plan on installing these floors in an office space, Bella has a 10 year light commercial warranty. Bella planks have a total thickness of 6.5mm and are engineered to float over existing flooring.

If you’re looking for a unique look, try the Largo line.

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Largo Planks and Largo Mix Plus

Floorte Largo is the brands smallest but most diverse collection. Largo Planks come in 6 color options that mimic familiar wood species.

These planks are perfect for open floor plans. Their impressive 8” wide by 6’ long sizing make them a smart choice for anyone wanting a seamless look. Utilizing larger planks will create the same sense of flow and continuity found in many of today’s top designs.

Largo planks sport a durable wear layer of 20 mil and a total thickness of 6.5mm. They are waterproof, scratch resistant and have a lifetime warranty.

A subcollection within the Largo line is Largo Mix Plus. These planks come in premixed boxes of various lengths. Largo Mix gives you the freedom to customize your design and create a one of a kind style. This flooring takes it up a notch for those DIY installers with adventurous spirits.

Largo Mix Plus is available in 6 striking shades not found in the original Largo line. The mixed collection offers a residential lifetime warranty. You can install either Largo line with Shaw’s fold-n-tap system.

If you need a budget-friendly option, consider Mantua plank.

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Mantua Plank

Mantua is Shaw’s line of value vinyl planks. These planks come in 9 beautiful colors that blend with any design style. Mantua planks 6”x 4’ and 5.5mm thick.

This collection has a thinner wear layer of 8 mil. Mantua planks may be a better choice for homes without children or pets.

If you’re updating your home for resale purposes, this flooring is an appealing option. Mantua planks are waterproof and scratch resistant. You can install them on any level in your home.

Shaw warranties the planks in this series will last for 15 years of residential use.

While we have covered the lines of Shaw Floorte, we haven’t quite finished our examination of this brand. There is more to consider.

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Shaw Floorte Reviews

The reviews for Shaw Floorte aren’t exactly promising. Installers, retailers, and customers all note multiple problems with Floorte vinyl planks.

While the line has been revamped, it’s hard to ignore the number of complaints. Common issues include faulty installation mechanisms, excessive wear, and denied warranty claims.

While reviews can be helpful, it’s important to do your research. Make sure you take the bad reviews with a grain of salt.

Considering many of the posts were written before the collections overhaul, the problems may have been corrected.

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The Verdict

Shaw offers Their customers a wide variety of options when it comes to vinyl plank. Floorte planks are available in sizes and color options that reflect the warmth and heritage of yesterday’s era, with a modern twist. The ability to personalize your flooring layout is a unique feature not found in many other lines.

Installation of Floorte appears simple and straightforward. This line offers budget-minded buyers a waterproof solution for basement and kitchen remodels. Designers on popular remodeling programs frequently use these planks.

Shaw is upfront and displays the safety certifications of their vinyl planks on their website. They also allow consumers to download and read the warranties before purchasing.

The Shaw brand has been in business for over forty years. Despite some negative feedback, they have a good reputation in the industry. The company is socially and environmentally conscious and gives back to their community.

While it’s easy to focus on customer reviews, don’t base your decision solely on them. If you’re interested in Floorte planks, visit your local retailer to examine the flooring up close. After all, you’re the best judge of which vinyl planks will work in your home.

If you’ve used Floorte, be sure to add to the discussion by posting your comments.

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