Smartcore luxury vinyl plank review

Smartcore Ultra Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

We’re taking a closer look at a particularly popular vinyl plank brand: Smartcore Ultra Flooring.

With so many different options in flooring, how do you choose just one? Even if you narrow things down to one type of flooring, you still have a TON of options.

Even though luxury vinyl plank is relatively new to the flooring market, it’s now being produced by numerous manufacturers.

As big brands have begun to recognize vinyl plank’s demand, a huge range of styles and features have become available.

So, what is so great about Smartcore Ultra Flooring?

This unique flooring brand has some stand-out features the company is looking to patent, and offers a diverse product line. Lets dive a little deeper into those features, and find out what consumers are saying about the Smartcore Ultra line.


Smartcore Ultra flooring is a premium engineered vinyl plank flooring that is available exclusively through Lowe’s. It is durable, attractive, and very easy to install.

It is a glueless floating floor that can be installed on top of most hard surface subfloors. So, you don’t have to remove old tile, laminate, or another flooring first.

While there are many great vinyl flooring products on the market, what makes Smartcore unique is its patent-pending rigid construction. It is designed to hide the imperfections on your subfloor.

This unique construction also prevents telegraphing, which sometimes happens if the subfloor isn’t clean and clear of debris. Unfortunately, many of the alternative vinyl flooring options can show even the smallest speck of dirt or debris left behind.

Another great feature of Smartcore is that it is 100% waterproof and will not warp or swell if exposed to water. So you can install it in wet rooms like bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.

In addition to its waterproof core, Smartcore Ultra flooring has a resilient top layer of luxury vinyl plus a 12 mil. protective wear layer to prevent staining.

It comes with waterproof, structure, and residential wear lifetime warranties. And there’s also a five-year warranty for commercial use.

Smartcore also rates as an eco-friendly option, as it has the GREENGUARD GOLD seal of approval.

Not only is this line a practical option, it is also a very attractive one. Let’s look at the different styles and options available.

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Styles & Options

This vinyl flooring comes in several different sizes of planks or 12” x 24” tiles. You can also order moldings and trim work to match for a finished look.

The vinyl planks offer a number of wood looks in shades of brown and gray including Tahitian Walnut, Canberra Acacia, Rustic Hickory, and several variations of oak. You can also choose vinyl tiles that resemble stone.

Smartcore has a variety of looks to fit different tastes and designs. So, whether you want a trendier look, or prefer something classic, you can find a style to suit you.

Each carton covers anywhere from 15 to 28 square feet and costs between $3 and $4 per square foot. Of course, this can vary slightly depending on where you live.

And with a reasonable price point, this flooring is a great option for most budgets.

Even though Smartcore looks like wood flooring, it is as easy to install as laminate. So, you can save even more by laying it yourself.

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Installation & Maintenance

Smartcore’s 5” planks use drop/lock installation. They are fairly easy to install and only require a few tools such as a circular saw, rubber mallet, spacers, and a tape measure.

Simply lay them over your hard surface subfloor in a staggered pattern. To make sure that your planks have a nice blend of shades, remove them from the box and shuffle them up before installing.

The 7” planks are installed using the tap/angle method. You’ll need a crosscut power saw, tapping block, hammer, and a pull bar to install these planks.

But the process is still relatively simple and can definitely be a DIY project.

If you live in a colder area and want to install in-floor radiant heat, this flooring works well with it.

Whatever type of Smartcore you choose, maintaining these floors is easy to do.

Try to keep them away from too much direct sunlight and use floor protectors under your furniture.

To clean them, a broom or vacuum with a hard surface setting works great. You can also mop them for a deeper cleaning, but avoid using harsh chemicals on them.

With routine maintenance and a lifetime warranty, you can potentially enjoy your Smartcore floors for a very long time.

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So what do people think of Smartcore Ultra flooring? On average, these floors have received 4 stars across the sources we assessed.

Many people who purchased and installed this flooring were extremely pleased with the results. They loved the look of these floors.

A number of people even felt like they closely resembled wood.

Smartcore Ultra received mixed reviews on installation. Some felt they were very easy to install while consumers had more trouble.

However, many people noted how forgiving these floors were with imperfect subfloors (thanks to their patent-pending construction).

Overall, most people who purchased these floors were very happy with the result.

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The Verdict

If you are in the market for a long-lasting, durable flooring that can hold up to a variety of elements, then Smartcore Ultra could be the right choice for you.

It comes with a lifetime warranty, is reasonably priced, and is touted as being 100% waterproof.

It looks like hardwood, without the price or hassle of true hardwood. And it is relatively easy to install.

Smartcore works on most subfloors and is designed to avoid telegraphing. It even has a patent pending on this feature.

You can find it in several sizes, including a tile option, and there are some really nice wood species and colors to choose from.

However, you can only find them at Lowe’s. So you may have to order online if there is not a store in your area.

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194 thoughts on “Smartcore Ultra Vinyl Plank Flooring Review”

  1. Avatar

    I just installed the Blue Ridge Oak in my bathroom and I love it! We have to replace our kitchen floor and we wanted wood floors but they are expensive. I’ve fallen in love with our bathroom floor that I’m going to extend it into the kitchen. And yes, it looks like real wood and feels like real wood, love it!

    1. Avatar

      I am trying to get a sample of the Smart Core Naturals Rivers Edge Oak and the Hot Springs Hickory engineered hardwood that is 100% waterproof. Lowe’s never has any samples left when we go there. Also the tiny little samples are not big enough to really show what the floor will look like. It is very difficult to choose a floor you want to be in the kitchen for a lifetime from tiny samples.

      I do wish you had an arrangement with Lowe’s that we could take a large sample home after leaving a deposit. I have seen too many samples look totally different from the pictures we see on the website. Also, I need rigid Core construction and the click together planks. No glue down floor.

      Thank you for any help you can give me

      Rebecca Shroyer

    1. Avatar

      I want Vinyl Flooring to go over my tile! I will pay top dollar but only if it is a “Healthy Option”, such as one “FREE OF VOCS”! Is it even made? Cuz if not, I won’t jeopardize my familys health nor my animals for flooring that is not a healthy option. Thanks

      1. Avatar

        If you find out, please let me know ASAP. We are looking for flooring now. I’m trying to learn all I need to know before making a purchase.

  2. Avatar

    We are putting this thoughout or house. We have tile in some areas. can we bring up other areas with plywood and put it right over the tile or do we need add some sort of under layment.

  3. Avatar

    Am installing this right now, decided to look for reviews after having issues installing this. It doesn’t “snap” together, joints are all loose, floating is a nice word when in fact it is always shifting around because the joints are all loose. Poor product, buyer beware! Would have been better using cheap vinyl tile squares. The product I am installing is gardena marble.

    1. Avatar

      The customer got this floor it looks very nice tried to get it to lock together and had all kind of problems we boxed it up and they are taking it back

    2. Avatar

      I am having the same problem with the same product Gardena marble, I have taken the floor up now and called Lowes to hire an installer. Would like to know if installers can make it look good like the sample at Lowes display?

  4. Avatar

    I was seriously considering this flooring in several rooms. However, after reading so many negative results I have changed my mind. The potential problems are obviously not worth the risk. Thanks to all for your help.

    1. Avatar

      Mr. Ramey,
      I appreciate your taking the time to share important information. I am a research scientist and engineer when it comes to a decision to invest a major amount of cash and especially when I will be walking on and maintaining flooring. I did a major amount of research and testing to determine first and foremost should I even consider put down vinyl flooring and what would its cost and functional value be compared to other even more expensive products. I found two issues with all vinyl flooring planks, except Home Depot’s Life Proof: (1) scratches easy and does not wear well, and (2) not truly water proof that can lead to microbial issues, stink, and human or animal health issues. Now I am not in love with Home Depot at all and don’t agree with everything they do, but the Life Proof product after my very thorough extensive testing is the only product that is worth the investment. I might note that I absolutely hate having to do things twice and in my estimation Life Proof was the only product I would select over expensive tile. I installed the Life Proof and it functions as I expected and even better. I had some other work done by a contractor and thought that some of the things they did, like drag the table saw over the Life Proof flooring, but nothing happened. This stuff is tough and interestingly looks good and a lot like wood. Thank you Mr. Ramey for reaffirming the decision I made. Wallace Weiss

  5. Avatar

    Just installed the SmartCore Oak in my kitchen, living room and hallway. It looks faboulous! Our installers had no problem what so ever laying down this flooring. It snapped together easliy and we do not have any issues with the flooring! I would recommend this product to everyone!

    1. Avatar

      Love this product!! Went from concrete floor we stained ourself to this product! Took installer 2 days to install. Went from I hate my house to I love my house in those two days. Easy to vacuum and clean with a bucket of warm water. It was a bit expensive but well worth it. Love how the colors flow and looks like real wood.

  6. Avatar

    I just installed the Canberra Acacia in my 7 x 6 foot bathroom over a cement floor and it looks beautiful. It was a little tricky to get snap them at first, but once you get the hang of it, it goes fairly quickly. The important part was the tapping block and a mallet. I saw another you tube video where the guy snapped the long edge then whacked the short edges with a mallet to get them to snap. Worked like a charm. They also cut fairly nice with a straight edge and a utility knife. I can send pictures for anyone interested. I am very pleased with the results and hope this lasts for many years.

    1. Avatar

      Yes please send pictures. We are considering purchasiNg. We’re doorways Troublesome to cut. Did you use an additional moisture barrier. Thanks.

    2. Avatar

      I am new to lvp flooring and i am concerned about the voc toxicity of this product being it is made with pcv material i have asthma

  7. Avatar

    I wish I had read these reviews before buying smart core pro, it doesn’t lock together like it should and Yes it does look cheap due to not fitting correctly. I will never buy it again!! Actually, I wish I hadn’t purchased it the first time.

    1. Avatar

      I watched a few you tube videos of other people who installed it and practiced a bit. It is tricky but if you can get it, it looks great. Maybe it was a bad batch?

      1. Avatar
        Samantha Stephens

        Just installed mine 2 weeks ago and I’m in love. I have 4 large dogs and they are seeming to hold up to their nails very well and clean easily.
        I can’t seem to attach a picture though. If you want to send me your email I’ll be glad to attach 🙂

        1. Avatar

          please send me pictures of your 4 large dogs and any scratches they made. I am very seriously ready to purchase the Smartcore Pro and want real-world review

    2. Avatar

      I regret buying this flooring. It did not want to lock together. The spacing between the tiles moves all the time. I wish I could rip it all up and return it. Not happy at all

      1. Avatar

        I feel the same exact way. I left a comment on the website and was contacted by Smartcore to email or call them directly. When I emailed them, they told me to contact Lowes. Feels like one big run around. I want to cry whenever I walk into my kitchen.

    3. Avatar

      I bought a box of smart core hybrid to test the lnstalation and or locking of the material . I am a 30 yr union carpenter. I had no issues . My Wife and I thougt it was as close as you can get to the real deal . I will agree it takes a little finesse to get the process down . I would suggest getting an installer if your not experienced. .

  8. Avatar

    Jeff Schmitt,

    You seem quite knowledgeable. We are just starting to look at flooring for a rental. Stairs and the main level. What would you recommend? I want durable wear for rental with possible pets. I was suggested to look at Any thoughts you have would be very appreciated. It is kind of overwhelming!!

  9. Avatar

    We are preparing to install Smart Core Ultra Travoli Travertine (12 x 24 approx.) in our bathrooms, kitchen and utility room. My understanding is to install around kitchen cabinets. Do we install around the refrigerator and stove or do we lay the Smart Core on the floor and then put the stove and refrigerator on top? We have new bathrooms and a new utility room. The showers and bathtubs are already installed so we will install around them. What about the vanities and the toilets? Do we install the Smart Core and then install the vanities and toilets on top?

    1. Avatar

      I just had the travertine installed in my cabin and I LOVE IT! Best decision ever! I did not do the install, Lowes did a great job. They moved my refrigerator, washer and dryer, and the toilets. My oven is built in, and they just did up to the edge on the dishwasher. They did around the cabinets, and then did 1/4 round matching molding.

    2. Avatar

      Excellent choice!
      Go around cabinets and finish with quarter round.
      Pull out refrigerator and stove. Install flooring. Push appliances back.
      Around vanities and tub. Quarter round to finish.
      Pull toilet. Install flooring. Purchase spacers and shims. Set toilet. This approach is more appealing to the eyes. And is never a good idea to caulk around toilets in older structures. Reason being caulk could prevent you from spotting a leak if one happened possibly resulting in a large area of rotting wood under and around the toilet.
      A miter, table and jig saw along with a multitool will help you breeze through this project!
      Have somebody separate and hand you planks. You install and measure. They keep the work area organized and make most cuts.
      A lot can be laid in a day. No acclimation needed.

    1. Avatar

      You are right! In my case, Lowe’s sold me the “same” flooring from two different sources; China and U.S. The notches were very slightly different, resulting in poor locking across the edges. Check to see that the labels on the end of the boxes are EXACTLY the same. If not, get back to Lowe’s and have them replace one or the other. Currently (6/’19), only the Chinese manufactured planks are offered.

    2. Avatar

      I agree! There is something wrong with ours. The contractor has pulled it up twice because he can’t get it to snap together as they should. Not sure what we should do now. There are a few that go together but many will not. What is the answer?

      1. Avatar

        Did two rooms and a hall way about three years ago and it worked great. Decided to finish the rest of the house with it. It was much harder to put down because some of the interlocking pieces of the based used for the new floor were snapping off. Managed to finish laying it down but now (three months later) interlocking pieces are snapping off and the floor is now separating and sharp edges stick up when walking on it. The base material used on the new floor is very brittle. While the original floor is holding up well, the new floor is terrible. Will probably have to redo or replace it.

        1. Avatar

          I feel your pain. Sounds just like what our floors are doing. We put down about a year ago and had issues with several boxes not wanting to connect took back multiple boxes and half my floors are great while the other half is coming separate with sharp ridges as well and now they tell me I cannot even buy the color I have to fix so we may have to redo everything so disappointed because this covers half my home!😡

    3. Avatar

      I agree this product was tough to snap together properly. However, I just finished my whole house and it looks great. I took my time, a very long time, and I am pleased with the results. It was strange, out of 60 boxes one had full length and half length pieces. The other 59 boxes had 1/3, 2/3, and full length pieces. I had no issues using the one boxes, but I wish all the boxes had the half pieces. I have a huge stack of 1/3 pieces left and they will go to waste.

  10. Avatar

    Just had Ultra smartcard installed. Question: what to do for protection of floor from casters on computer chair?

    1. Avatar


      I installed LVP in a previous house and am getting ready to do the same in our new house. I replaced all the casters with natural rubber casters instead of the plastic that generally comes on them.

      The floors were installed in 2015 and we sold the house two months ago, and the floors got rave reviews from every potential buyer. here were no marks from any of our office chairs (mine and two sons who had friends over to play video games).

      1. Avatar
        Elizabeth Welcher

        I have just had smartcore pro flooring installed. We have closet doors that were installed with screws and have been told that if we put screws in this flooring the warranty will be void. They are on tracks at the top. Please give me a reply or send me a phone no.

      2. Avatar

        Well to start with we love the floor, my two sons and I put it down in the kitchen and my wife loves it, easy to install . Now the question what can you use to mop with? Is there a specific brand that you use to clean with

  11. Avatar
    Gaylyne (Gaye) Hurst

    We’ve hard this flooring for several years, it looks nice. I find cleaning it to be difficult since I was told not to get much water on the floor. I use an O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop & Bucket System and Armstrong Once ‘N Done Floor Cleaner. I noticed yesterday a small corner of molding looks like a piece of what looks like contact peeling on it!!

  12. Avatar
    Robert Geiser

    I just laid 500 sf of Smartcore Ultra vinyl plank flooring Blue Ridge Pine. It went over a basement concrete floor that got wet in last winter’s huge snowmelt runoff.

    While I like the look, feel, cost and water resistance, the floor is challenging to lay. The side joints are difficult to engage and have a tendency to pull apart unless everything is PERFECTLY in line. I’m talking like 1/8″ in 45′. That is hard to attain when you are driving planks home with a rubber mallet and moving the whole floor around a bit.

    By all means, get yourself a rubber driving block, a flooring bar, a good sized rubber mallet, a monofilament fishing line (to check straightness) and consider spacing butt joints 8″ to 12″ away from adjoining joint. This makes it easier to deal with alignment issues rather than staggering joints at mid plank. It is essential to put lots of perimeter spacers to keep the floor from moving around when you are driving things home.

    I also found it essential to put a heavy flat weight over the butt joint when driving it home to keep things lined up. (I used a 16″ section of railroad rail) The occupied shoe of your significant other would also probably work. I would not consider putting this product in areas with wide temperature swings. I think it would pull apart.

    Also be sure all your Smartcore is made in China. Do not mix USA and China made products. I have read that they are incompatible.

    1. Avatar

      Thank you Robert,

      We are looking to install this very product in the majority of our living space to protect our hardwood flooring from puppies. Your advice is very clear.

      Thanks again,

  13. Avatar

    Okay, so we just installed our vinyl plank flooring in the kitchen, dining room and hallway. It came out really nice. Just my husband and I did it and it was not that hard. Now, I need to know if anybody can tell me what kind of rugs to buy to put in the hallway and in front of my sink. It says no rubber backing. Something about something in the rubber and vinyl will have a chemical reaction causing staining. So, today I went to Lowe’s and asked what they had and they said they had never heard of that. So, am I safe to have rubber backed rugs??? Thank you

  14. Avatar

    We just installed 24 boxes of ultra vinyl sienna stone flooring in the kitchen. It worked really good and looks great. My only concern is what kind of throw rugs can I put down because they’re saying not to use anything with rubber back, or any kind of rubber pad. So what am I supposed to use? Also cleaning the floor? I always have used steamer on my floors and it has worked great. But you can’t use a steamer on these luxury vinyl planks. If anybody wants to see pictures I will send them through email. I know when I purchased the floor I looked online for pictures of complete projects but couldn’t find much. It looks great.

    1. Avatar

      Please send pictures. What do you clean with? Would you buy again? Where did you find that steamer cannot be used. Also what rugs did you use.

      Thanks so much


    2. Avatar

      I looking to install Smartcore Ultra Sienna Stone in my kitchen and hallway to laundry room. Would love to see pictures of completed project. I have seen several reviews stating difficulties with the interlock system, but I will be having a professional contractor do the install along with new countertops and painting.
      Thank you,

  15. Avatar

    As the owner of a flooring store in Northern California I am very familiar with Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) and Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT). LVP is the fastest growing product in our industry, combining the best benefits of Laminate and sheet vinyl flooring. To say that Smartcore is something special is a bit of a stretch. The features listed above are common to most LVP & LVT products, and many surpass the specs of the Smartcore. A 12 mil wear layer is very common, and on the lower end of the spectrum. Many products have a 20 mil wear layer, and most carry a lifetime residential warranty, and many carry a 10 year commercial warranty, compared to Smartcore’s 5 year commercial warranty.

    Some posters were complaining about transitions, or lack there of. Transitions are one of the biggest headaches in flooring today. In the past, an aluminum strip was a perfect solution, but todays consumer wants something better. Most of the transitions for LVP & LVT are worthless and ugly, to be honest. we have transitioned to unfinished wood transitions, for the most part. We can put a clear finish on them or stain them and then use the finish. They come in a stairnose, T Molding, Reducer, and End Cap or Baby Threshold, and they come in either Red or White Oak, Hickory, or Maple. The mini transitions are designed for Luxury Vinyl Flooring and they are not too costly, around $20 or $30. I hope this helps some of you finish your projects.

    1. Avatar

      What brand would you recommend that will be good for kitchen, bathroom and living room. All purpose in other words.

  16. Avatar

    Some of the locking tabs broke off while installing. I used up about 2 boxes of flooring re-doing the ones that broke. I followed the instructions, and was pretty careful, but it’s just too thin on the tab areas. My big concern was that the way they lock together, it’s not possible to replace one tile, or even a row of tile, if they get scratched. You have to tear them all out, all the way to the wall, in the reverse direction they were laid down. Sure enough, when we moved our refrigerator back in, even though I placed cardboard down underneath and carefully slid it with 2 people, it left 1/4″ wide stratches along the length of floor it was slid across. The scratches are white, so they stand out and look hideous, and they won’t come out, even with the “repair kits” they sell. It somewhat masks them, but don’t slide anything across this flooring, ever, at all. Even plastic and cardboard sliding across it will leave huge, ugly scratches. Drop a fork or knife, scratch. Have a pebble in your shoe, scratch. Google scratch repair for this type of flooring, and you will see the extent of the problem. Buyer beware!

    1. Avatar

      I’m not sure if it works with vinyl plank, but you could try Tibet Almond Stick, designed for scratches on furniture, but it works wonderfully on wood flooring. Also, never, never, never slide appliances or furniture on ANY flooring, except maybe carpet, and then only for short distances. The friction can cause the carpet to literally melt. We use an air sled whenever possible, but you can always use a couple of pieces of clean plywood or particle board to protect the floor from scratches or dents. Simply leapfrog the pieces across the floor until your appliance is in place, then pull the board out from underneath. Good

  17. Avatar

    The instructions say “Do not install cabinets or fixed objects on top of the flooring”. What about a toilet? Should that be installed first then cut the flooring around the base of the toilet then caulk the gap or joint?

  18. Avatar

    Looks great. Still installing, but Lowes, after I bought a house worth, tells me that they don’t stock the trim or thresholds…. ugh, really throws off the install plan!

    1. Avatar

      I’m having the same problem just ordered 21 boxes of the Siena stone flooring and was looking for the tea strips and could not find them online. Then one day later I get an email from Lowe’s asking me if I was missing some pieces that I want to complete my flooring that I ordered. So it showed me the T strips that I was looking for. So I go to order them and cannot get them. They’re out of stock and discontinued, so now what am I supposed to do?

      After searching for a floor for 3 months that would work well with my cherry cabinets I am highly irritated and annoyed. I will bash this company upside down and to the left and right. It is total garbage I’m so mad right now. I hope you got your problem resolved and if you have any extra sienna Stone t-strips please let me know.

  19. Avatar

    Having issues with the product I purchased at Lowe’s. I am using the 12X24 Tivoli Travertine flooring with a few consistent problems. The locking edges are crumbling coming out of the box. The few that we were are to lay down so far don’t lock in place. This has been a costly mistake so far. Lowe’s offered to sell us new flooring but no credit for open boxes. Of course I opened all the boxes to see the extent of damage.

  20. Avatar

    Taking this back to the store after I attempted to install and then had a professional attempt to install. We both came to the same conclusion. The locking system would not stay locked and whole rows would come apart. I installed our dining room and had issues with it and we had scheduled a professional installer for the kitchen and laundry area. I did not tell him what problems I had but within 30 minutes of his attempt he called me and said he could not get the locking areas to stay locked. Will not be purchasing anymore of this product.

  21. Avatar

    I have used this in several of my rental houses and in our lake cottage. It is a fabulous product. I have had no problems with any of the houses where we have installed this product. I am very pleased with it and have recommended it to several of my friends. The water proof factor is what sold me. I plan to put the Ultra into my personal house later this summer. I would and have recommended it to a lot of people and every one has come back and said they loved this product.

      1. Avatar

        Do NOT install under the cabinets. This is a floating floor, and the cabinets can pinch the flooring, not allowing it to expand and contract properly. Also, if you damage a tile or plank, you need to unsnap the floor to replace a tile or plank. That is much easier to do if you don’t have to remove the cabinets.

  22. Avatar

    I just purchased Smartcore Ultra from Lowes for install in my foyer, living area, kitchen, and dining. After reading some of the comments I’m a little concerned about a proper install as well as the tiles staying together. I spoke with Rushing Floors who will do the install for Lowes. They indicated they had not had any problems with installing Smartcore. I am hoping that’s true.

    Not sure what magic they have that some of the commenters on here do not have. It’s a big purchase, and hearing US Floors is not interested or concerned with fixing issues makes me wonder if I made a huge mistake. Little worried here!

    1. Avatar

      We installed Smartcore about a year ago. Installation was done by an experienced remodeling senior. The install process was horrible and took a lot of time and much frustration. Planks would separate and show white cracks… tap them back together and then somewhere else comes slightly apart. I even went to see a sample floor section in the Lowes store and it too had separations showing white slits. Otherwise the floor looks fine.

      1. Avatar

        We just installed the Shaw Resilient Vinyl flooring planks in my sister-in-law’s house in San Antonio, TX. That product is very similar to Smartcore. Just thinner and no extra layer to quiet the flooring. It too is a floating floor.

        We did have to thoroughly clean each and every imperfection/sheetrock mud off the sub-floor to avoid the “lumps”. What we found was if you put the two planks at not quite a 45 degree angle and start at one end working your way to the other end, you would see the planks actually seating themselves with a seamless edge. The rubber mallet and the tapping block were totally necessary. Also, her room was far from square. Her house is well over 40 years old. So, we ended up having to cut some of the planks with a slight angle from one end to the other. Then we used quarter round trim mouldings to cover the edges around the finished room. Looks beautiful and no “white” cracks. Yes, we did have to make sure we didn’t skew the already placed planks when we used the tapping block.

    2. Avatar
      Debbie Powell

      I’m surprised to hear about people having issues with this product. Maybe something changed since US Floors was acquired by Shaw. We installed Smartcore vinyl plank throughout our house, including the bathrooms over 2 years ago and it still looks great. The installers had no problem at all installing it. We have 4 dogs who race through the house and it takes a beating. We needed something that had high water resistance. The only thing I wish is that the finish were a little shinier (it is a matte finish).

      1. Avatar
        Vincent Curra

        Debbie, I am considering using this flooring in my house as well and I also have a crazy dog that races around the house. She also has accidents on the floors once in a while. Do you have the same issue? How do the floors hold up to pet urine?

        1. Avatar

          Vincent, Luxury Vinyl Flooring (Plank and Tile) is built for pets, and holds up very well, although it will scratch easier than Laminate flooring. Laminate flooring has always had a problem with water, but there are new products out that marry the laminate surface to the waterproof backing of the LVF, creating a tougher waterproof product. They are a little more expensive, but well worth the extra dollars.

          1. Avatar

            In addition, virtually ALL of the luxury vinyl flooring is manufactured in China, and the new tariffs have added 25% to the cost of the material, making the waterproof laminate (manufactured in the US) a much better value.

      2. Avatar

        I just installed this last week. What I learned was that the original Smartcore Ultra was made in China. Then they opened up a USA production of it and the USA product was bad. My Lowe’s had some from both productions and I made sure we used the China produced product. My guys didn’t have any problems putting it down. Time will tell as to how it wears.

        1. Avatar
          Tim Dinwiddie

          I knew about the possibility of getting the bad stuff made in the US when I started putting this flooring down back in January. I am doing one room at a time so I am ordering the flooring from Lowes as I go room by room. I had been fortunate to have gotten my first three orders from a Chinese batch.

          Today I picked up my forth order and it was made in the US. I was leery and decided to try to put it down. I could tell after just three pieces that it was far less superior to the China made flooring. First off it is very brittle and the tabs break off if you breath on them. Secondly they DO NOT lock end on end. The ones from China are almost difficult to get the ends of the planks to snap together which in the end means that once you do get them to click together they actually stay together. The ones made in the US snap together way to easily and I can literally just lift up on them and they separate.

          I took the US made ones back to Lowes. They were no help at my local Lowes and said they had no way of ordering more and getting them from China. My big issue is that I am halfway through my home renovation project and I CANNOT do half the house in good flooring and the other half with crap. I am going to contact US Floors tomorrow. They are the distributor for SmartCore and they distribute both of them made in China and the US. They have to know that the US made flooring is crap. If they give me the runaround then I am going to put this back on Lowes. I will take this as high as I can at Lowes to ensure that they make this right and find me China made flooring. Somebody is going to make this right. I will not accept that nobody can make sure I get the Chinese made. Somebody knows somebody that knows somebody that can walk their happy rear end out into the warehouse wherever it is and make sure it says China on it! Nothing is impossible. I will not stop until I get this corrected. I will reply back with what I find out.

          In closing I just want to say this. If you buy this flooring and it says that it is made in the US on the end of the box, STAY AWAY! Send it back and do not attempt to install it or you will be sorry. If you get the China made flooring then you will be fine. I love mine. Who would have ever thought that Chinese made is better than US made?

      3. Avatar

        We installed Smartcore in a commercial space. A couple of us tried installing it in some of the rooms and had a horrible time. We had commercial installers come in to do the rest and they made us look like the wannabes that we were. They did it fast and made it look easy and it looks great. I think that it all depends on the installer’s experience.

  23. Avatar

    I just had the vinyl floor installed in my bathrooms. Is it possible to use the wet swifter to clean them?

    1. Avatar
      Debbie Powell

      I have used a swiffer on mine but usually damp mop with murphy’s oil soap because the manufacturer recommends not using harsh chemicals on it.

  24. Avatar

    Run run far away from Smartcore Vinyl flooring. Just installed 37 boxes of flooring in a house. Within two weeks the protective cover is coming off in several areas. Lowes is not much help with getting it fixed or someone to come look at it.

    1. Avatar

      Dan Griffith, had the same problem with 52 boxes installed in my mother’s home. The matte finish started to come off showing a high gloss sheen. However, Lowe’s has been very cooperative getting it resolved through Shaw. Shaw agreed after sending a floor inspector to take a look. They concluded it was defective. They have agreed to replace the entire floor, but they want to replace it with the same product and I have a problem with that. We are currently in the process of negotiating what to do.

  25. Avatar

    How can I put a shine on the 12 x 24 Light Travertine Ultra flooring just installed in my kitchen and mud room? I wasn’t prepared for the flat finish! And would rather have a shine without making it slippery or affecting the finish.

  26. Avatar

    We purchased this floor in October 2018. (SmartCore Ultra Lucca Stone). It is gorgeous!! However we needed two T Mold transition strips. It is now the end of February and we are still waiting for them, Lowes has told us each month it will be shipped in two weeks, on backorder. We can’t finish molding at our staircase or the other entry because of no transition strips. Most unhappy with Lowes and their attitude.

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