coretec plus vinyl plank review

Review: COREtec Plus Vinyl Plank Flooring

The cat is out of the bag when it comes to high style flooring on a budget. Most people have discovered the benefits of luxury vinyl plank flooring.

With so many choices, how do you know which one to choose? Despite its newfound popularity, you can still have the edge over your friends with one specific brand – COREtec Plus vinyl plank flooring.

This gorgeous luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring looks more realistic than virtually any other brand. And it offers something that none of its competitors do.

So, if you want to be on budget and on the cutting edge of flooring design, check out COREtec vinyl plank flooring.

What is COREtec Plus?

COREtec Plus is a high-quality luxury vinyl plank flooring that is manufactured by US Floors. With high-end design and construction, it looks and feels like hardwood floors.

In fact, when you pull the planks out of the box, you might even think they are engineered hardwood planks. COREtec looks that much like hardwood.

Unlike some of the other LVP products on the market that use simulated graphics, COREtec has real texture and real graining.

These planks also have a micro bevel edge for a true, hardwood flooring look. But the great part is that with COREtec, you don’t have the same maintenance issues that you would with solid or engineered hardwoods.

COREtec Plus comes in a variety of beautiful wood grains including rustic looks, multi-tone planks, and even extra wide and extra-long planks. So, there are plenty of different design styles that will work with COREtec LVP.

Not only do these planks look extremely realistic, they also have many great notable features.

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COREtec’s Vinyl Plank Flooring Design

COREtec LVP is designed with a patented construction that makes it highly durable and extremely attractive.

Each style of COREtec Plus vinyl planks features a 0.5 mm wear layer that protects your floors even in high traffic or commercial areas. As a bonus, it helps make this product easy to clean and maintain.

Underneath the wear layer, COREtec vinyl planks have a luxury vinyl top layer. This layer is highly resilient and made of virgin vinyl.

Below the layer of vinyl is the heart of the matter – COREtec’s core structure. This well-constructed inner core is very stable and will not expand or contract in normal conditions like other products do.

This LVP also comes with an underlayment made out of cork. The cork layer adds extra insulation to your floors and absorbs sounds, making it quiet to walk on.

COREtec’s design is a patented product exclusively for USFloors.

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Installing COREtec Vinyl Planks

A great benefit of COREtec LVP is that although it looks like hardwood flooring, it is much easier to install. In fact, if you are somewhat handy, you can even do it yourself, and save even more money on your flooring project.

Unlike many of the other types of luxury vinyl, COREtec planks do not require any acclimation.  Plus, there is very little floor preparation needed before laying the planks.

Since COREtec is a floating floor, you can easily install them over your current hard surface flooring. And since they come with an attached cork underlayment, you don’t even need to lay one first.

COREtec’s cork underlayment also helps to hide any subfloor imperfections. And with its resistance to mold and mildew, your family is protected from effects of these allergens.

To install COREtec vinyl planks, make sure that your subfloor is clean, dry, and clear of debris.  Your subfloor must be flat and structurally sound.

You’ll need a few simple tools (most of which you probably have already) like a tape measure, hammer, and blue painter’s tape. You will also need a crosscut power saw and a tapping block.

Once you have your COREtec planks and supplies, the process is pretty simple. Full instructions from the manufacturer on how to install these floors can be found here.

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Maintaining COREtec Floors

COREtec vinyl planks are highly durable and easy to maintain. But if you want to get the most out of your floors, there are a few general rules to follow to prevent damage.

First, when you move furniture on your floors, always use a hand truck or furniture dolly. It’s also a good idea to put felt pads under pieces of furniture that you frequently move.

For floors in sunny areas, use drapes or blinds to shield your floors from sun damage.

To clean your COREtec floors, simply use a broom or vacuum with a hard surface attachment. For deeper cleanings, a damp mop works well.

However, you should avoid harsh cleaning products and chemicals. Instead, use a diluted pH neutral cleaner like Bona or Hilway.

Allow your floors to dry after mopping and make sure to clean up any spills quickly.

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Different Styles of COREtec LVP

COREtec features a variety of beautiful styles of their vinyl plank flooring.

COREtec Plus Design uses a variation in colors and sizes of its planks. It is the brand’s original line of LVP.

This style comes in both 5” and 7” wide planks that are 4’ long. With this style, you can create a really custom, authentic-looking floor design.

The COREtec Plus HD line is extremely realistic-looking because it uses a registered embossing technique. The surface of each plank mimics the graining of wood.

It also has thicker planks at 8.5 mm and comes with realistic-looking four-side painted micro-beveled edges.

COREtec Plus XL and XL Enhanced are the largest luxury vinyl planks on the market at 9 inches wide by 6 feet long. Because these planks are larger, they are more expensive than the other options.

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In Conclusion

If you are looking for a well-made, high style product to install in your home, then COREtec vinyl plank flooring may be the answer.

Its patented design is highly durable, so it stands up to things that wood can’t. Plus, it doesn’t warp or shift like wood.

Yet, it is extremely realistic looking. With specialized embossing and a variety of styles, it is hard to distinguish it from solid or engineered hardwood flooring.

COREtec vinyl plank flooring is easy to install – you can even do it yourself. And it is easy to maintain.

Would you try this flooring in your home? Do you have any personal experience with this brand? Let us know in the comment section below.

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176 thoughts on “Review: COREtec Plus Vinyl Plank Flooring”

  1. Avatar

    Just installed and major regret . Shows every mark and drop of water and scratches . Seams don’t go together property . . DON’T do it.

  2. Avatar

    Has anyone installed the COREtec Plus Enhanced Tile (12″ X 24″)? I am considering installing in the entire house, but don’t want to make a mistake with over 2K ft of flooring.

  3. Avatar

    CorTec flooring is the worst flooring I have ever had. I cannot believe the money I put out for a more durable floor. The installation was completed last weekend. We haven’t even moved in the furniture and there are many obvious scratches. Every little thing scratches it. I feel like we should walk around with felt on the bottom of our socks. It also always looks dirty. I am greatly regretting not sticking with cheaper laminate.

  4. Avatar

    I am considering Coretec Plus Brockport Oak as part of our upcoming remodel. After reading a ton of specs on all the different Luxury Vinyl Plank floors, I ended up picking Coretec for a few reasons. First, I like the sturdy 8mm thickness. Some brands I liked the color of but we’re only 5.5 mm thick and seemed flimsy. Didn’t have the 20 mil wear layer either, only 12 mi. Also we need floating floor as it’s an old house from 1958 that has some linoleum tile that likely has asbestos glue at the least. Safe if covered, it’s inert unless disturbed by scraping it up, which means expensive removal costs for safety. Our floors are concrete slab underneath and are stable and level, so no issues there.

    Also, we have four cats in a small house and one of them can make some serious mess. So want something much easier to clean than the nasty, nasty cream shag carpet that is on there now.

    Many reviews of other brands had a lot of reports of planks coming up or arriving badly chipped. If the worst thing people are complaining about is spots or footprints, this will be a grand improvement for our house. The Brockport Oak looks pretty natural, unlikely to show dirt, and neutral enough to complement any paint changes we might make over the years. I do not mind putting pads or couch coasters under heavy furniture (we don’t have any particularly huge pieces anyways).

    What would you recommend we put under bookcases? Maybe rectangular boards underneath? Or if bottom is flat is no padding ok? Not talking floor to ceiling or anything, but we do have books.

    Will let you know how it comes out. Will be several months. Gonna buy the flooring now because my builder’s supply place is having a lovely sale in October. Flooring will be last in our remodel, so don’t expect a quick review. We did order a couple samples, and I can post what they feel like, and am gonna stress and scratch test them first. Water damage is unlikely, I live in a dryer part of Texas with a house that will never flood.

    1. Avatar

      We bought the CoreTec because of the the MIL wear layer but it didn’t help. Scratches everywhere and we haven’t even moved in the furniture yet. The thought of how much we spent makes me sick.

  5. Avatar

    Just curious if anyone has installed this product right over a concrete floor? I have an enclosed porch that has a concrete slab on grade which is currently carpeted with a thicker pad underneath. Which acts as a great insulator in the winter months were you don’t feel any cold through the flooring on your feet. With this product having only a cork backing does it act as a barrier against the cold coming through the slab? I don’t want to install this stuff if it doesn’t help prevent the whole room from being frigid during the cold winter months coming up through the concrete slab.

    1. Avatar

      I’ve had this floor for over a year and am very happy with its insulated properties during our winter months of 40 degrees. It’s on concrete and it is warmer than the previous carpet that was on the concrete slab.

  6. Avatar

    I renovated my home and had Coretec flooring installed in the basement because it is not cold to the touch and it is supposedly “waterproof”. Shortly after it was installed, my sump pump backed up. I cleaned it up with the wet vac and had a new sump pump installed. In that process a couple boards were removed. I hired a contractor to reinstall new board. What we found is that while the top of the board is “waterproof”, water can still seep into the floor between the seams…..and apparently it can spread as I have so far removed 1/3 of floor trying to figure out how far it had spread. And if water sits there for awhile, guess what you get???? MOLD! I just called the consierge service for Shaw and was told that I need to remove the floor, dry it out and reinstall it. Lets just say I am not happy. So I ask them what to do with the mold….answer…..we are not responsible for that. The rep says that if the floor ever gets wet, you need to remove it and dry it before reinstalling it. Buyer beware. I asked how is one to know if water underneath if the product is supposed to be “waterproof”? No answer…..just pull it up and dry. This product is very deceptively marketed and unless you are happy pulling your baseboards to check and see if anything seeped in every time water gets on the floor, be prepared to have a mold farm in your house.

  7. Avatar

    Can you please tell me. Do I need to off gas Cortec large Tiles? I plan on doing my 2 bathrooms soon. Have picked the color but cannot find the answer to my question…any where. 🙁 I have MCS so must be very careful so need this answer. I have even contacted the company without them ever getting the answer for me. The company must know since they know everything else about it. PLEASE help so I can continue with my project. Thank You…

  8. Avatar
    having read all of the reviews, the above link is what we’ve ordered. it is very neutral, which is what i want and will go into a living room, kitchen, dining area and den.
    we have four dogs….
    and we are going through costco. this stuff is not cheap, but the local flooring is even more expensive…
    we are replacing laminate. this is not a fancy house. i’m okay with a floor that isn’t high gloss but i’ve had hard wood and am not doing that again…….i have heavy furniture but i have rugs everywhere……
    i hope i don’t hate this.

    1. Avatar

      I have this exact flooring, but got it cheaper than that!! I love it, but it does get scratches at times from dog bones with sharp edges, but nothing noticeable unless I’m down on my hands and knees cleaning them. Watch little stones stuck in shoes because it will cause little marks.

    2. Avatar

      I installed this exact same flooring 2 years ago and I can honestly say it was money well spent. It looks as good today as when it was first installed. I have 2 very busy grandkids and one english bulldog. Not even the tiniest sign of scratches or wear.The flooring has been put through its paces. Very easy to clean and maintain, and it is trully waterproof. Just a very good product.

  9. Avatar

    I recently built a new home and did all Cortec Plus through out. I have been in the house only a week and already hate it. It is so dull and every drop of water leaves a spot. I love to go bare foot and it feels like walking on sand. I am sick!!!

    1. Avatar

      I do agree that it does feel like walking on plastic while going barefoot (because that’s what the wear-layer basically is!). However, I’m kind of used to it, but I do really miss the feel of the hardwood under-foot.

      However, I DO NOT miss the instant scratches and denting of the hardwood. Between the scratches from the dog’s nails, dents from dropping utensils, and scratches from sliding chairs, our maple floors went to crap in 2-3 years.

      As for the “dull” feature, I think of this as “matte”. We have the ivory oak (a light-colored floor), so maybe this is an advantage (the dark flooors tend to show more water spotting). Frankly, our previous hardwood showed everything, so I don’t miss it any longer.

      As with anything, there are tradeoffs…

  10. Avatar

    These reviews are clearly in the love it or hate it, so it is confusing. Thinking about putting COREtec Rocca Oak in two basement bedrooms. Want waterproof flooring with the insulation that COREtec seems to provide since it can be chilly down there. I guess I would put felt pads on furniture, but my 13-year old sleeps down there and feel sure he may destroy anything.
    We figured if it worked in the bedrooms, we would put it in our large tv room downstairs as well. We’ve gotten water in there from the stairwell door just once in 7 years (we live in PNW so downpours can be frequent), so we definitely want waterproof floors. I was also thinking about for the laundry room that connects to TV room, but am worried about weight of appliances damaging floor. Of course, the salesperson gives glowing reviews but I’m wondering if anyone has used COREtec in a laundry room. Thanks.

  11. Avatar

    Worst product we have ever had. We live on a lake and only have one small dog under 10 lb and our floor is scratched everywhere. We have only had it a year and a half and are going to need to replace already. It is absolutely not durable, scratch resistant or waterproof. We got water in our basement and the planks literally crumbled when we pulled them up. We also get lots of spots showing up on the floor and dull spots here and there even though nothing was spilled. We have only used the recommended cleaners and run a Roomba daily. And despite pads under furniture it still dents the floor from the weight of couches and chairs. This product does not hold up to normal wear and tear.

    1. Avatar

      Heather, what type of Coretec flooring did you install? They have Coretec Plus, Coretec Enhanced, etc. I’m looking at this brand so would love to know which one you had trouble with.

  12. Avatar

    Very hard to keep clean. Scratches easily. Water
    spots if you drip water. Very disappointed! Considering replacing.

    1. Avatar

      I agree with Sue. I don’t find it easy to clean at all. I end up on hands and knees with a Mr Clean sponge to try to get spots off. And there are so many scratches already. I put this in my whole house and with the new baseboards too, it was $9,000. I wish I had gone with engineered wood. What a huge mistake.

  13. Avatar

    Our vet’s office remodeled and got Coretec pro plus in a darker color and it looks great. You can order 3 samples for free, so I would recommend getting them and “testing” them out. We just got our samples in the mail and I tried scratching it with keys and it did not do anything. We have three dogs and cats and we foster, so once we get ours installed, I will post a review. I think we are going with Monterey Oak Coretec pro plus. Also, they already told us to use Hillway or Bona cleaner only because it’s ph neutral. Nothing is perfect but I have done lots of research and Coretec seems to be the leader in this type of product. Fingers crossed.

    1. Avatar

      Thanks for your review. Any follow up? Can I get the name/contact info of your vet? I’m trying to figure out if I should take the plunge into coretec. Thank you again

  14. Avatar

    I am looking at Coretec Plus in Rocky Mountain Oak. I have a large sample and continue to walk on it to see how I would like and compare the haze look that most have complained about. What I know is that dark colors of most type flooring will show prints. I am removing laminate I had on my floors since 2006 due to water damage. When I would clean my laminate, it was beautiful for about a week or so, and I would wear footies to keep oils from my feet from showing on the floors. So even on my light laminate floors, I could see my footprints. Hard to clean as well.

    I have a southern view and get a lot of sun. My laminate NEVER faded. My concern is will the CORETEC fade?

    Also, hardwood has its pros/cons too (as everything in life does). They are hard to clean, footprints show up on them as well. The great thing about hardwood is they can refinished 2-3 times depending on layer!

    As one commenter said, no floors are perfect. I do believe it is finding what is perfect for you. With that being said, it is a 50/50 chance.

  15. Avatar

    I have some ten year old 12″ square vinyl tiles in black slate with slate texture that look a little dated but are in perfect, like new condition, despite kids and dogs. I mop it with a Murphy’s Oil Soap solution, about 1/4 C in 4 gallons of warm water. I do not rinse. The floors look great for a couple weeks, then I sweep and mop again.

    I want to buy 1,500 sf of Coretec. Will Murphy’s Oil Soap, in a water solution, hurt Coretec floor finish?

  16. Avatar
    cheryl klenow

    I am thinking of installing COREtec plus ivory coast oak very light in my Florida home.

    Looks like wood grain but light wood grain. I have two small dogs. This is a kind of wood-look that would not show footprints. I have read so many negative reports. I cannot believe it. It would cost me quite a bit to have my living room and all bedrooms done. But I do not move furniture. Any thoughts? This is a light white look.

    1. Avatar

      We had the Ivory Coast oak installed in April and just finished a re-model of our house. Yes, we did things backwards. We have had paint spills, and other construction going on, and everything cleaned up well. We have 2 dogs, an 80 pound lab mix, and a 10 pound mix. I have not noticed any scratches from their nails, and clean up is easy. Yes, the finish is dull and sometimes footprints show, but I never thought of that as an issue. I can’t say enough good about this product. I would definitely do it over again!

  17. Avatar

    The title of the article is the ‘pros and cons of” but the author didn’t include any cons because she is attempting to be an “influencer” and gain the praises of this manufacturer and others to line her pockets. It’s an advertisement, not a genuine opinion.

    1. Floor Critics
      Floor Critics

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for your thoughts! All of our reviews are written objectively, and without compensation or incentive from manufacturers (we don’t accept paid-for review offers).

    2. Avatar

      Steve I agree… glowing reports the floor cleans it’s self it’s so perfect…. makes me look to 30 other sites where real moms have mopped the floor and comment on their findings.

  18. Avatar

    I’m considering buying Coretec cork back flooring. After reading all the comments I’m so sure. It seems if you go with a darker color you see more marks from shoes and water spots. I want to go with a lighter color and wonder if this will be a issue. Also my biggest concern is hollow sound or clicking sound when walking on it. It would be installed on a concrete slab. I want my floor to sound solid.

    Any help here would be appreciated.

    1. Avatar

      HATE IT! Husband thought this was the way to go in entire house we bought/Reno’d. It looks AWFUL. Dull, dull, dull & shows every footprint! Thank goodness we are downsizing so have lots of big Oriental rugs/runners/areas. I DO NOT RECOMMEND! A garage the home? BIG mistake!

      1. Avatar

        I have been considering this in my living room. Wow, I am not sure now. Are there other floorings that you feel will look better, and be scratch and water resistant?

      2. Avatar
        Patty Woytassek

        We also hate this flooring!! It shows every footprint! And after being on my hands and knees scrubbing this floor it looks dirty!! Never again!

        1. Avatar

          This was in a beach home on Hilton Head that I visited recently. It looked great! I didn’t notice any problems and want to install it in my home now, too.

    2. Avatar

      Hi Jacqueline, in 2016 we installed a glued down, dark Mannington floor which showed footprints, dirt and water spots immediately after mopping. We hated it. The glued boards separated so gaps could be seen and with 2 very large dogs the drool spots were noticeable even after mopping.

      Just recently, we installed a lighter color rigid core, click coretec flooring with the cork backing. My husband was also worried about a hollow sound because we have a fairly large house with cathedral ceilings. The floor is on subfloor and we hear zero hollowness or clicking. And, the coretec product is far superior in quality and looks more real.

      We haven’t had the floors very long but the footprints are not as noticeable and the feel of the floor has a more “real feel”. Feel free to email me in a few weeks. The process of picking out flooring can get overwhelming. Good luck with your floors.

    3. Avatar
      Janine Guarriello

      We removed our hardwood flooring due to scratches from our dog. We installed Coretec Waddington Oak wide plank flooring. It is absolutely wonderful!

      We get so many compliments. Friends find it hard to believe that it is not wood flooring. It does not scratch, it’s easy to clean and always looks beautiful. I have recommended this flooring to other people and they are satisfied as well.

      1. Avatar

        We’re looking to install Waddington oak as well.. Beautiful color!
        I’m seeing reviews about some of the coretec products scratching easily and leaving footprints. What has been your experience with that so far?

  19. Avatar

    Has anyone installed the Coretec Plus Plank HD in Sherwood Rustic Pine? I’m reading a lot of reviews where customers say their floors look dull and hard to clean. Looking for some feedback before I purchase. Also have a 90lb lab.

    1. Avatar

      With that big dog I wouldn’t get Coretec if I were you. I used to recommend their products to my clients but no more. Big dogs seem to tear their floors up too quickly. Now I recommend Flooret’s rigid LVP line to all of my clients. That’s what I’d recommend for you too with a large dog.

    2. Avatar
      Christine Combs

      The installers are laying ours as I type. I researched thoroughly before deciding on a Cortec plank. My reasons for choosing this were 1-the highest wear layer (20ml) that I could find. We have a Pitty that loves the inside much more than outside. 2-She is also a digger which resulted in muddy paws occasionally and more often, simply wet feet. (Regular laminate not an option and carpet had to go.) I chose a dark color to work well with our fireplace colors, furniture, as well as muddy feet. 3-I also wanted a quieter, softer step (dog again) and found that the cork back would provide both. They are halfway through a 15×30 living room now. They have walked in tennis shoes, handled, pounded and hand wiped all over and I have yet to see any prints. It’s too soon to tell, and I’ll update if my review changes any , but so far I love it! It really is a beautiful floor.

  20. Avatar

    Reading lots of comments about the floor being “dull” or “hazy.” I wonder if that varies by the finish. We were looking at Red River Hickory and Dakota Walnut, and these samples look dull. We are also looking at Carolina Pine and Gold Coast Acacia and those sample do not look dull. I would love to hear from anyone who has any of these as to what you think of them. Thank you!

    1. Avatar

      Hi Glen, the haze on floors comes from using the wrong cleaning product. I know this because it happened to me. Once I went with a recommended cleaning product the haze went away. You can also use warm water with cider vinegar to clean your floors.

      1. Avatar

        This product’s maintenance instructions specify using a *neutral* pH cleaner. Vinegar is certainly NOT neutral.

  21. Avatar

    Very difficult to keep clean and we don’t even have pets. We were told to use Armstrong Once ‘N Done for cleaning purposes with just one of those stick push pads like E-cloth or Norwex. Junk gets stuck in the crevices and grooves and I swiff it first but that doesn’t really work, so I have to vacuum first. Had to put felt pads on every single chair and piece of furniture that is on that floor. Also was told that the floor was UV protected which it isn’t. Now I have to keep my curtains closed. Nice.

  22. Avatar
    Hilary Barrett

    We had a kitchen sink leak in Dec 2018 that damaged our engineered hardwood floors. Since our whole downstairs was hardwoods, our insurance paid to have our whole downstairs flooring replaced. We researched for over a month before choosing CoreTec Enhanced Manila Oak. I love the light color, how realistic it looks and the beveled edges. My only complaint after 2 months of having it, is the haze look it has.

    We have 3 big dogs and we are a family of 7 so lots of foot traffic. This haze makes paw prints constantly show! I mop, they look beautiful and then not even 5 min later when foot/paw traffic comes through, they look dirty with all the smudge prints. I can’t figure out how to clean this haze off to prevent the smudge foot/paw prints from showing up. I googled “how to get paw prints to stop showing up on LVP flooring” and discovered this is a common issue, with other brands too. I will continue to find a solution. If CoreTec Enhanced Manila Oak floors didn’t have the haze, I would say they are perfect.

    1. Avatar

      After cleaning floors with detergent/cleaner, rinse the floors with water only mop and will remove the haze. If there is a lot of build up on the floors from cleaning agents, it may be best to use a sponge mop (water only) to get a good clean. Side note: same as if you clean countertops with a cleaner they should also be wiped with water only (actually indicated in the directions.)

  23. Avatar

    Did anyone get the COREtec Plus Premium 9″ flooring? Wanted to see if anyone reviewed that particular one? Thanks.

  24. Avatar
    gerald downing

    Purchased 300sf of Coretec tile, 18″x24″ with cork backing. Shaw’s product claims it is waterproof. Well, the product cupped on the edges which was installed over a brand new linoleum floor. There was no moisture or direct sunlight that their inspector said caused the product to cup. It was the cork that swelled from regular humidity. All cork swells and is not waterproof because it swells. The width of the cork underlayment was 18″x24″ which is a lot of cork to be covered. Had to throw it away. No help from Shaw.

  25. Avatar

    I agree with the comments regarding dull and “dirty”. My mistake was to choose a rustic-look floor. It is hard to clean. I should have read reviews first. We were sold on the waterproof feature. My mistake!

    1. Avatar

      Agree, it appears dirty and filled with smudges. I have 2 small dogs and walk around in socks or slippers 99% of the time. Shoe free house. Highly disappointed… I researched these floors but it wasn’t until I had them installed (1300 SF) and experienced the smudges, and tried to see if others experienced this and lo and behold, seems like a known issue. $12K later and waiting years to make the “right” choice, I wish I had gone with hardwood floors for the same price. So much for ease of care, wear and durability if it looks dirty all the time it negates all of that.

    2. Avatar

      Just got the Coretec Vinyl Floor and I am soooo disappointed ! Shows all footprints and is way too dull and worn looking! Would not recommend!!!

  26. Avatar
    Mary McCarrick

    Is coretec dent proof? Planning on having many parties. Also, if it is not dent proof how do you rearrange furniture?

    1. Avatar

      Stay away!!! This stuff is incredibly easy to scratch. If you’re going to rearrange furniture you’ll be sorry.

  27. Avatar

    Understand that no rugs with rubber or latex backing are to be used on Coretec flooring? Can you use these types of area rugs if you use a felt padding?

    If there is an area rug that is NOT rubber or latex backing, can you put that rug down without a pad and not scratch the floor? What do you recommend for an area rug on Coretec?

    1. Avatar

      I’ve had my Manila Oak Cortec for almost a year and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I had about 1000 sq ft put in my walkout basement. There’s a bedroom and large quilting room, bathroom, laundry room and tv area. Tons of snow just outside as well. I have felt pads on furniture that needs to be moved. I’m buying another home and installing Cortec in 2600 sq ft. It holds up so well under traffic and 2 dogs as well. Everyone comments on it when they see it saying “I love your wood floors,” then I educate them on vinyl.

      1. Avatar

        Hi Susan~ What style/color/quality wood plank did you get? I’m very concerned about the above comments stating it looks dull after cleaning.. I’m thinking of the lighter variety of wood colors.


      2. Avatar
        Hilary Barrett

        Susan, what do you clean your Manila Oak floors with? Our whole downstairs is Manila Oak and I love it minus how it easily shows paw prints. I can never seem to keep them looking clean with the haze it has which allows paw prints to constantly show.

  28. Avatar

    Got Coretec LVP flooring through COSTCO and Shaw and had them install it August, 2017. We got the Ivory Coast oak color for our 750 sf condo. It was every bit as expensive as real hardwood would have been BUT its superiority became very evident not long after we had it installed. The day after Christmas, 2017, we awoke at 5 a.m. to the sound of dripping water and walked into the living room to find almost 1/2 inch of water covering the entire area!

    An under sink water filter had failed and had been squirting water for an unknown length of time. We immediately shut off the water main and proceeded to mop up using every towel we owned. We were afraid we would have to redo all the flooring but once it dried NONE of the planks buckled, mildewed, discolored or needed to be replaced. It has been over a year since that day and our floors still look great. They REALLY are waterproof.

    I’d hate to even imagine the issues we would have experienced had we gone with hardwood. We love them. They are easy to keep clean, look natural and worth the money.

  29. Avatar

    I installed Distinction IPE on my 1st floor and stairs. It has been 6 months and I only have a couple scratches. This is a dark floor, and as others mentioned it is dull and shows footprints easy. Every time I clean it wet it looks great. HD and colors. Dry it looks boring, dull, and dusty. I probably voided my lifetime warranty by top-coating the floor with Rejuvinate All Floor Restore from Home depot. This product made the colors pop out and gave a nice shine to the floor like clear-coated lumber. Looks 10x better than out of the box.

    Six months later the topcoat is showing some wear… mostly from where my boy dog has been trying to mark his territory around the furniture. I clean it up with the Rejuvinate LVT cleaner and it works great, but eventually I miss a spot for a day or few and after I clean it the top coat has been damaged. This brings back the dull finish, and I need to be careful not to overlap the top coat I applied or it will be visibly shinier. But after all I would do the same thing again, but maybe apply 2 coats to the floor. This was done by using a 12″ x 24″ microfiber flat mop (like an oversized Swiffer) and working my way out of each room one at a time. Pour a 1/4″ line of coating every 2-3 feet and swab the deck following the grain of the planks.

    My only complaint installing the product was that there were more defects and small scratches from people who packed the boxes. They were stacked randomly face to face, then cork to face, etc. They were not stacked by machine! Self install turned out better than the so-called wood floor installers that crawled around with dirty knee-pads, and kept trying to work it like a wood floor.

    You are better off installing it by yourself than using a flooring contractor… unless the installer has done a few LVP floors previously.

    BTW: Anyone who gets gaps didn’t take the time to click and tap the interlocking sides / ends first. Manufactured click and lock is not idiot proof, but take the time and look at your seams prior to running the next course or you will create your own problems… you can’t just smack it into place after it is down.

    Happy with the product for my house, but not sure about rental property installs.

  30. Avatar

    I bought coretec plus XL 9″ x 6′ plank and a absolutely love it. When buying this product I didn’t like the enhanced xl beveled edge in this size. It wasn’t realistic looking to me, being a floor finisher. I own a 120 lb Rottweiler who is very rough and floor is holding up very well. Also get a lot of compliments on this floor.

  31. Avatar

    I absolutely HATE my Coretec and we spent a ton to get it in our entire house. The dull finish always looks dirty and it shows every single footstep. It never looks clean. I care for it as recommended and it always has streakmarks, smudges and prints. Biggest regret ever. I can’t believe it is allowed to be sold.

    1. Avatar

      I’m wondering what your color was as well. We are getting ready to install Duxbury Oak in coretec pro plus. Did you install a really dark color?

    2. Avatar

      If I can save one person from not buying these floors, please read the reviews. These floors are horrible and Cortec does not stand by their product. Mine were completely scratched after the first month.

      1. Avatar

        I am considering both products. In your professional opinion what about the floret flooring makes it superior? The flooring people near me say the 20 mm wear layer vs 40 in flooret doesn’t mean anything in scratch resistance or wearability. I have 3 large dogs and need flooring that I won’t want to replace in 3-5 years.

    3. Avatar

      Karen, I’m with you on this. My floor shows every footstep and never looks clean. I’ve been on my hands and knees too many times trying to get rid of water spots and tracks left from “socked” feet and tennis shoes. I really hate this stuff.

    4. Avatar

      Karen I could have written your review! Exactly my complaint. I spend way too much time cleaning! Grrrrr.

    5. Avatar

      This product is crap. I use the recommended cleaner, and I still have shoe tread marks, paw prints, drips, dents, everything. You have to mop it several times a day and then it only looks good when is still wet; otherwise, it is dull. And as soon as one person or pet walks on it, all of your hard work is gone.

    6. Avatar

      We hate ours too. We have a really dark color to match all our woodwork. Always looks dirty. Wish we never did this.

  32. Avatar

    I had purchased a trafficmaster water proof flooring from Home Depot in attempt to replace the cheap laminate I purchased there two years ago. I spent over $1000 to have a 300 s/f area done and a year and a half later just couldn’t take it any more. My floor started to reek from my 15 year old Jack Russel Terrier having accidents. Oh believe me, I cleaned up with neutralizers and pet defense cleaners, but that did not stop the order. As well, my laminate swelled up everywhere…

    So I went back and pretty much had to do my own research on the materials. I started to install the Traffic Master LVP and the edges where very brittle and easy to break. I had gaps that wouldn’t close all the way and the flooring felt really hard and cold. So I started to go with my gut and returned the flooring. After I continued to research I came across COREtec again. I had a friend who didn’t like COREtec because of the price, he was the one who suggested HomeDepot, lol.

    I decided to take the plunge and paid extra to get the COREtec. I have the Red River Hickory COREtec Plus. And me and ESPECIALLY my wife and Dog love the flooring. It’s been about a year now and no more nasty smell, very easy to clean but still have a couple of scratch marks only because I dragged a box across it which had a staple underneath. The same box scratched my garage slab as well, lol (my fault). Overall I absolutely love my COREtec floor and would highly recommend this product to all who are looking for a stable LVP floor. The price is worth the extra expense in my book.

    1. Avatar

      Has anyone installed CoreTec Plus Carolina Pine? Thinking of installing in 1300 sq ft condo, including kitchen. Any comments appreciated.

      1. Avatar

        That is exactly what I’m looking at. It’s not super dark so I don’t think the shoe tread would be an issue.

      2. Avatar
        Clay Schmelling

        We installed it in the kitchen and love the warm color and the rustic look of it. It does have dark areas as well, so I made black walnut thresholds into the surrounding rooms and it matches very well. One of the cats like to be frisky and runs in there and spins on the floor. We put it in an old 1890 victorian and it looks a lot like the old tongue and groove subfloor might have looked after so many years of wear. We are happy with it.

        1. Avatar

          We’ve been looking at various LVPs for many months from Home Depot Lifeproof to retailers Paradigm and now COREtec Plus. We live in a humid climate but have ac on most of the time. Reviewers here are lovers or haters of COREtec so I am very confused.

          We have no pets and houseguests occasionally so the wear is not heavy. I am concerned about the description of haze, the swelling of the cork strata and fading in sunny rooms. We have a modest budget for 2000sq’. Currently there is a $3.99 sale on some of their Pacifica line at American Carpet One and we are very inclined toward the Ash Koa or Rosewood they carry. Reviewers suggested Costco (which we are big fans of) but wonder if they carry a lesser level? Any comments will be much appreciated. Thank you.

  33. Avatar

    We had Cortec HD installed in the lower level of our home about 6 weeks ago. We live on a lake with a 40 lb lab mix and have a hot tub that is right outside our door, so lots of water exposure and pets. Replaced linoleum and carpet with this product and love it. Yes, we have to vacuum it daily as we can see the black dog hair much easier now. Yes, we have felt pads on all of the furniture legs. No scratches from the dog or shoes so far. We had Tigerwood cherry floors in our previous home with children, dogs and a pool and decided never again due to scratches, water exposure and fading. No flooring is perfect for every situation but we are happy with our decision.

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