mohawk vinyl plank flooring review

Mohawk Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

Mohawk vinyl planks are the latest in a long line of products to feature pets as pitchmen. The company’s top ambassador for their SolidTech vinyl planks is none other than internet sensation“Doug the Pug.” Yes, the YouTube superstar has decided to join his fellow animal kingdom buddies in the high stakes game of selling to humans.

So, should you listen to the newest fuzzy salesman out there? Or, should Doug stick to snoring and snappy dressing?

For entertainment’s sake, we’ll humor him, and take a closer look at this pug’s pick of vinyl plank flooring.

Why Should you Choose Mohawk?

Mohawk Industries has been in the flooring business since 1878. You can bet there have been changes over the years. But, one thing hasn’t, Mohawk’s commitment to manufacturing high-quality and affordable products. The company prices SolidTech with the budget conscious in mind and produces planks under sustainability guidelines set by the United Nations.

Mohawk industries also supports worthy charities and organizations. They take an interest in the environment and are forerunners in promoting employee safety.

Mohawk isn’t the only vinyl plank manufacturer out there but, they’ve earned a reputation as one of the best. A majority of reviewers state they’re satisfied with their Mohawk flooring. Even the negative reviews praise the responsiveness of Mohawk’s customer service.

While helpful agents cant guarantee you’ll love your selection, it’s comforting to know that the company pays attention to customer concerns. It’s not unusual to see Mohawk reps respond to reviews both positive and negative.

Mohawk sells a wide variety of flooring including carpeting, wood, laminate, and vinyl. They’ve recently released a line of luxury vinyl plank called SolidTech. SolidTech is a vinyl plank hybrid featuring waterproof core construction.

SolidTech vinyl planks come in three diverse collections. The three offer identical levels of waterproofing and scratch resistance. Each line varies in price, sizing and shading.

Let’s examine your choices.

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SolidTech Styling Guide

The Grandewood collection features 12 versatile colors and designs. Grandewood planks are pleasing to the eye and compliment the simple lines and deep tones found in rustically elegant homes.  The planks are a respectable 5.5mm thick and are 6” wide x 49” long.

The next category in SolidTech plank is Revelance.

The Revelance collection is slightly more traditional in styling. Revelance vinyl planks closely mimic the coloring and graining found in natural wood. They are constructed of 100% vinyl and feature no recycled materials. These wider planks total 6.5 mm thick with a wear layer of 12 mil.

Mohawk’s final offering is Variations. Variations planks are vibrant and trendy by design. These 7” wide planks are sure to make a statement.

They’re available in natural looking color variations that alter from silver to sand. You can arrange Variation flooring to create bolder patterns or subtle silhouettes. Ironically, your options are limited; Variation planks are only available in 4 shades at this time.

While style plays an essential role in your decision, remember to weigh the pros and cons.

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SolidTech Benefits and Drawbacks

Mohawk SolidTech vinyl planks feature waterproof core construction that can withstand temperature changes, liquid assaults and Matchbox derbies. The Revelance and Variation series both come with a preattached 1mm underlayment for comfort and insulation.

You can keep SolidTech in top shape with a broom, vacuum or damp mop. Mohawk also sells cleaning products that are formulated to work on SolidTech planks.

Mohawk states these planks are nearly dentproof unlike many other vinyl products on the market. They advertise the flooring as pet-friendly with built-in odor protection and stain guards. However, their warranty limitations and guidelines suggest otherwise.

The warranty for SolidTech states that furniture must rest on protective padding. The company encourages using floor mats in high traffic areas to protect the planks from staining and wear.

Mohawk cautions that mold and mildew buildup isn’t covered under warranty. Which means the floorings top layer is waterproof, but there is no guarantee spills can’t get beneath the seams. If you have a family member using a mobility aid, ask the manufacturer for specific guidelines as none appear in the warranty.

Additionally, it’s baffling that SolidTech is warrantied 30-35 years residential, but only 7-8 years for light commercial use. If SolidTech can withstand everyday abuse from lively children and unruly pets, why isn’t it guaranteed to hold up in light office environments for longer? Is Mohawk exercising caution or unsure of their claims?

With any project, it’s essential to determine the cost and aggravation levels. So how does Mohawk vinyl planks stack up?

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Pricing and Installation Factors

SolidTech costs less than comparable vinyl planks. The SolidTech series is available both online and at local retail stores. The average price is around $3 per square foot, making it affordable for most renovation projects.

You can install SolidTech as a floating floor using Mohawk’s Uniclic design. Once you’ve lain the planks; line up the beveled edges and lock them into place.

You will need spacers for expansion gaps, a miter or jigsaw for cuts and a tapping block for securing uneven seams. Preplan your attack, by placing your flooring out first to decide which direction you will run the planks. Use a pencil to mark any areas you may need to cut.

Don’t forget to work from multiple boxes to get the best shading and variation results.

Remember to move furniture out of the way and remove wall trim before starting your install. Once you finish the first few rows, installation should go quickly and seamlessly. Mohawk provides clear instructions, and the versatility of the Uniclic system works well with complicated floor plans.

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Final Thoughts on SolidTech

Every vinyl plank manufacturer touts their products as the superior choice. The truth is most vinyl planks come with the same benefits. While they all claim their flooring is waterproof, scratch resistant and easy to clean, many fail to meet those requirements.

The Mohawk brand has a large following of loyal customers that vouch for their flooring. The warranties leave room for doubt, but it’s common for manufacturers to include escape clauses. The new solid-core technology has made vinyl planks stronger and sturdier.

Luxury vinyl remains an excellent choice for families with pets, active children and busy lives. Mohawk vinyl planks are more affordable than hardwood flooring and softer and warmer than tile. Unlike the latter, vinyl gives you the option to replace one plank if your floor becomes damaged.

While there’s no guarantee and little consumer data to support Mohawk SolidTech planks are worthy of the hype, you shouldn’t discount them. The affordable price and safety ratings combined with SolidTech’s construction and Mohawk’s reputation make it a sound choice. As always, remember to try before you buy and get a feel for the flooring before you make any concrete decisions.

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