Bissell CrossWave vs Tineco

Bissell CrossWave vs Tineco – What Are Their Differences?

By Maria Hernandez / March 4, 2022 / 0 Comments

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Do you want to know the differences between Bissell CrossWave vs Tineco wet dry vacuums? Bissell and Tineco are both excellent brands, but there are many differences between their wet dry vacuums that set them apart. You may want to choose one over the other based on the features and specifications they offer.

That’s why we’ve provided a complete comparison of the two brands’ most popular wet dry vacuum cleaners. You can find out how these appliances differ in terms of cleaning performance, handling, and ease of use.

Additionally, we’ve also done reviews of the top three products by Bissell and Tineco so you have more options to choose from. To find out how to pick between the two brands, refer to the buyer’s guide below.

We’ll be covering three different vacuums in the Bissell CrossWave line:

  1. Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max
  2. Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro
  3. Bissell CrossWave All-in-One

The three Tineco vacuums we’ll cover are:

  1. Tineco iFloor
  2. Tineco Floor One S3
  3. Tineco iFloor 3

Bissell CrossWave vs Tineco Buying Advice

Bissell CrossWave vs Tineco

Bissell CrossWave and Tineco vacuums have similar specifications, but certain models may have a superior cleaning performance compared to others. Read on to find out which wet dry vacuum is the best in terms of these specifications in this first section.


The Tineco iFloor vacuum has a swivel-neck cleaning head and wheels so you can clean under furniture and cabinets easily. It also makes pushing the vacuum across your floor easier.

You can expect the same type of swivel technology on the Bissell Crosswave that provides effortless turning ability and handling. It also has wheels to help it glide across your floors with ease.


The Tineco iFloor is an upright vacuum cleaner that weighs 6.5 lbs. Unfortunately, this cordless Tineco product doesn’t have the fancy display that some other Tineco vacuums have, meaning you won’t know when it’s time to charge it.

The Bissell CrossWave weighs 11.5 lbs, so it’s much heavier compared to Tineco’s models. Additionally, this vacuum is also an upright cordless appliance. Unlike the Tineco vacuum, however, the CrossWave has a bright LED light display to give you status on battery life. 

Cleaning Performance

Tineco offers wet dry vacuums that can clean up dust and spills. You can use their vacuums to clean hard floors such as tiles, marble, and vinyl. However, they are not ideal to clean carpets with.

If you’re looking for a wet dry vacuum that can clean both hard floors and area rugs, then you should consider the Bissell CrossWave instead. This vacuum comes with a multi-surface brush suitable for cleaning carpets, and it has a brush roll ideal for vacuuming hard floors.


The Tineco line of vacuums has a mopping ability that easily cleans up messes on hard floors. The vacuums have dual water tanks: the 13.52 oz is for dirty water the vacuum sucks off of your floors, whereas the 18.59 oz tank is for clean water the vacuum uses for mopping. This ensures the dirty water is separated from the clean so you’re always vacuuming your floors with clean water.

What’s more, the Tineco iFloor vacuum has a Spot Mode that allows you to clean up tougher messes off of your floors.

The Bissell CrossWave also has a dual tank design for mopping, but it has a larger capacity compared to the Tineco vacuum. It has a 14.20 oz dirty water tank and a 28 oz clean water tank. Once the dirty water tank is full, the vacuum will automatically shut off the motor and provide a signal to let you know it’s time to empty out the container.

Furthermore, the Bissell CrossWave has two spray levels and a trigger to regulate the cleaning solution inside the vacuum.


The Tineco vacuum cleaner has a spinning brush roll that lifts dirt so the powerful suction can remove dirt floors easily. This vacuum doesn’t come with a HEPA filter, so it may not be suitable for homeowners that suffer from allergies.

If you’re looking for a vacuum that has a HEPA filter, then consider getting a Bissell CrossWave instead. You’ll also appreciate that the Bissell CrossWave has a powerful suction motor that can lift all types of dirt easily. Additionally, it has an integrated dual-action brush roll that rotates at 3,500 RPM and a nylon brush that works great on carpets.

Power Options

The Tineco is a cordless vacuum that operates on a 2,500 mAh battery that’s 120W. This vacuum has a 22-minute run time and 4-hour charge time.

On the other hand, the Bissell CrossWave offers 25 minutes of run time, which only gives you a three-minute difference. It operates on a 36V lithium-ion battery. It also has a 4-hour charge time.


For one-handed operation, the on/off switch and Spot Mode button are located on the Tineco vacuum’s handle. Maintaining the Tineco vacuum is easy because it comes with a 3-in-1 cleaning tool and a self-cleaning mode.

The Bissell Crosswave also has a self-cleaning mode that flushes out all dirt inside the vacuum cleaner. Additionally, it comes with a 3-in-1 docking station for easy storage and recharging its battery. It also has Wi-Fi connection and allows you to connect a smartphone app to the appliance. The app allows you to manage your Bissell vacuum while you’re on the go.

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Top 3 Best Of Each Brand

Review: Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max 2554A

Floor Critics Rating (4.8):


  • Can connect to the Bissell app
  • Swivel head technology
  • Bright LED light display


  • Short run time
  • Longer charge time of 4 hours

User Manual 

Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max 2554A
Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max 2554A

The Bissell CrossWave is a 3-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaner that’s designed to vacuum carpets and even hard floors. It offers 25 minutes of run time, and it has a bright LED light display to let you know when it’s time to charge your vacuum.

It has a dual tank system to separate dirty water from the clean water you use to clean your floors. What’s more, it has a self-cleaning system to rid your vacuum cleaner of all types of debris including hair. It comes with a docking station for easy storage and charging.

Review: Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro 2306A

Floor Critics Rating (4.6):


  • Large capacity water tanks
  • Easy to handle
  • Cleans carpets and hard floors
  • Separates hair from water for easy cleaning


  • Can be heavy for some users
  • No automatic cord rewind

User Manual 

Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro 2306A
Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro 2306A

If you’re a pet owner, then you may want to try the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro. It washes and dries floors using a powerful 3,000 RPM multi-surface brush roll. This means it can be used on carpets as well as hard floors such as tile and marble.

This vacuum cleaner is designed to clean up muddy paw prints, pet hair, and dust from your floors. The appliance comes with a dual water tank system to separate dirty and clean water. It doesn’t have a self-cleaning mode, but it’s easy to empty out and clean out the appliance thanks to its strainer system.

Review: Bissell CrossWave All In One 1785A

Floor Critics Rating (4.5):


  • Easy maintenance
  • Has swivel steering
  • Ideal for pet owners
  • Comes with docking station


  • Can be heavy for some users
  • Not a cordless device

User Manual 

Bissell CrossWave All In One 1785A
Bissell CrossWave All In One 1785A

The Bissell CrossWave All in One vacuums and washes your floors at the same time. It’s designed to clean both hard floors and carpets. The 4.4 amperes caters to its powerful suction capabilities, and it has a dual action multi-surface brush to remove all types of debris from floors.

This wet dry vacuum has a two-tank system to keep clean and dirty water separate. It has smart touch controls on the handle so you can switch between cleaning modes easily.

Review: Tineco iFloor Complete

Floor Critics Rating (4.2):


  • Comes with additional accessories
  • Easy to handle
  • Lightweight
  • Large capacity water tanks


  • Shorter run time of 22 minutes
  • Longer charging time of 4 hours

User Manual 

Tineco iFloor Complete
Tineco iFloor Complete

The Tineco iFloor vacuum is a cordless, lightweight device, which makes it fully portable. It comes with a 3-in-1 cleaning tool so you can maintain your appliance, and it has a self-cleaning system. For easy handling, it has swivel head technology so you can turn it around corners and furniture.

This vacuum cleaner has a Spot Mode so you can clean tougher marks off of your floors. It has a dual tank system to separate clean water from dirty water. The Tineco iFloor comes with a charger and a deodorizing cleaning solution.

Review: Tineco Floor One S3

Floor Critics Rating (4.8):


  • Easy to maintain
  • Comes with app integration
  • Comes with a 3-in-1 docking station
  • Dual water tanks


  • May be difficult for some to use
  • Can be heavy for some users

User Manual 

The Tineco Floor One S3 vacuum is bulkier than the iFloor appliance. However, it has a longer run time of 35 minutes and works on a 4,000 mAh 21.6V battery. It has a charge time between 4 to 5 hours and charges on a docking station.

This vacuum has an auto control water setting and suction control so you don’t have to manage it manually. Additionally, it has app integration and comes with accessories such as a deodorizing floor cleaner and cleaning tool.

Review: Tineco iFloor 3

Floor Critics Rating (4.6):


  • Comes with a 3-in-1 docking station
  • Has dual water tanks
  • Comes with accessories


  • Doesn’t have auto controlled water flow and suction
  • Doesn’t have app integration

User Manual 

The Tineco iFloor 3 vacuum has a 25-minute run time and operates on a 3,000 mAh 21.6V battery. It’s quieter than the standard iFloor vacuum at 78dB, whereas the iFloor appliance is 82dB.

This vacuum has a bright LED display that tells you when it needs to be charged. Unlike the original iFloor vacuum, this one comes with a HEPA filter, so it’s ideal for allergy sufferers. It has a self-cleaning mode, so you don’t have to maintain the machine yourself.

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Our Winner

The winner of this roundup is the Tineco Floor One S3. Even though it has a shorter run time compared to the Bissell products and other Tineco vacuums, it offers better value. It is more affordable and offers more features such as the following:

  • Auto control water flow and suction
  • iLoop sensory interaction
  • Voice assistance
  • App integration
  • Self cleaning and docking

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Our Verdict

The standard Tineco iFloor vacuum doesn’t offer much when compared to the Bissell CrossWave, but if you choose Tineco’s Floor One S3 series vacuum, you’ll get a bit more bang for your buck. Additionally, the Bissell CrossWave has HEPA filter integration, and the Tineco iFloor doesn’t.

What’s more, the Bissell CrossWave has an LED display to tell you when to charge your vacuum, and the standard iFloor doesn’t have this feature. Lastly, the Tineco iFloor doesn’t have app integration, whereas the Bissell CrossWave does.

Overall, the Bissell CrossWave vacuums clearly have more features to offer you than the Tineco iFloor and iFloor 3 models, but the Tineco Floor One S3 is still a better choice than both.

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Buying Guide & Reviews

To help you decide which vacuum is better for your cleaning tasks, we’ve provided a complete buying guide for you to follow. In this section, we’ll discuss the important features you need to consider before making a decision between Tineco and Bissell CrossWave.

Self Cleaning

You want a vacuum cleaner that’s not going to be difficult to maintain. Fortunately, there are units on the market with a self-cleaning mode, so you don’t have to remove dirt and debris yourself.

Both Tineco and Bissell CrossWave vacuums are self-cleaning devices. Simply fill the clean water tank with water, press the required button, and the unit will clean itself out so you don’t have to.

HEPA Filter

Most high-quality wet dry vacuums have HEPA filters. It’s a pleated mechanical air filter that removes 99.9% of dust, mold, bacteria, and pollen. This air filter is suitable for homeowners who have pets and suffer from allergies because the filter traps particles so they don’t float around in the air.

The Bissell CrossWave has an integrated HEPA filter, but the Tineco iFloor models don’t have this filter. If you want a Tineco unit with a HEPA filter, you’ll have to choose the Floor One S3 model.

Suction Control

Some vacuum cleaners have suction control so you can manage the intensity of the suction. If you have stubborn dirt on your floors that requires a more powerful suction, you can set your vacuum to a higher CFM. However, if you need a lower suction power, you can adjust it accordingly.

The Tineco iFloor vacuums don’t have a suction control mode, but the Bissell CrossWave does. Simply press the Hard Floor or Rug button to change the modes.

Noise Level

Vacuum cleaners are noisy appliances, but there are some that are less noisy. You want to choose a vacuum with a lower decibel unit, especially if you live in an apartment building and don’t want your neighbors to hear you vacuuming.

The Bissell CrossWave is quieter because it has a noise level between 62 dB and 66 dB. On the other hand, the Tineco iFloor vacuum has a noise level of 82dB, which means it’s noisier than the Bissell CrossWave.


Most modern vacuum cleaners have swivel head technology with wheels on the bottom so you can maneuver the device easily. The head turns easily around furniture, and the wheels make it effortless to push or pull the vacuum back and forth.

Both Tineco and Bissell make vacuums with swivel head technology, so they’re both easy units to handle.

Run Time

You want a vacuum cleaner that’s going to have a long run time if it’s a cordless device. You don’t want the unit to shut off halfway through your cleaning project. The expected run time on the Bissell CrossWave is 25 minutes, whereas the Tineco iFloor vacuum has a run time of 22 minutes.

There’s not much of a difference between the two types of vacuums in terms of run time, so you should also take a look at how long it takes for them to charge before deciding between the two units.

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Do wet dry vacuums really work?

Yes, wet dry vacuums do work well, but you have to use a high-quality product. Some people prefer to use canister wet dry vacuums because they offer a more powerful suction and cleaning capabilities.

Can you get handheld wet dry vacuums?

Yes, you can get handheld wet dry vacuums. One of the most popular units is the MOOSOO handheld wet dry vacuum cleaner.

What’s the best small wet dry vacuum on the market?

The best small wet dry vacuum on the market is the Craftsman wet dry shop vac. It’s lightweight and easy to handle and powerful enough to clean up tough messes.

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Final Thoughts

When comparing the Tineco vs Bissell CrossWave lines, we think the clear winner overall is the Bissell vacuum. The Bissell CrossWave vacuums have a longer run time, an integrated HEPA filter, and an LED light display. These are all the features that the Tineco iFloor vacuums don’t have.

However, there are other great Tineco wet dry vacuums on the market, such as the Tineco Floor One S3, that offer more than both the iFloor models and the Bissell CrossWave line, which you can see in our reviews above.

If you have any comments or first-hand experiences with Bissell CrossWave or Tineco vacuums, please post them below or share your pictures via our social media.

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