Daltile Wood Look Tile Review

Daltile Wood Look Tile Review

By Fortino Rosas / August 28, 2019 / 0 Comments

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    Can you picture your home updated with beautiful wood floors, but you don’t think your new floors will last through the chaos of everyday life? Children, pets, heavy traffic, and spills are just a few of the worries you’ll have after installing your expensive new floors.

    Fortunately, though, there is an alternative that may work better for your busy household: Daltile wood look tile.

    This floor look is trending for all the right reasons. Not only does wood look tile mimic the beauty of classic hardwoods, but it has durability that’s truly unmatched. Active kids, running pets, and foot traffic day in and day out isn’t a worry with Daltile wood look tile flooring.

    Sounds great, doesn’t it? While there are some definite benefits to updating your space with Daltile flooring, there are a few considerations to keep in mind before you make your purchase. In this article, we’re going to take a deep dive into Daltile wood look tile flooring, giving you the inside scoop to make the most informed flooring purchase.

    Will Daltile Wood Look Tile Work In A Busy Household?

    One of the things that makes Daltile wood look tile stand out from other types of flooring is its durability. Even though it looks like hardwood flooring, you don’t have to worry about scratches, dents, or fading. With proper care, your flooring will easily last a lifetime without the need for expensive refinishing.

    Daltile wood look tile looks just like solid hardwood flooring but consists of strong porcelain that can withstand the daily activity in a busy household. Active pets and children or heavy traffic in and out will not take away from the beauty of your flooring.

    Daltile is a leader in flooring products and has won awards for design and quality. You can install your wood look tile in any room – yes, even bathrooms and basements – without worrying about water damage. You can’t say the same of hardwood flooring.

    Daltile does offer a one-year limited warranty on its wood look tile flooring products. This covers defects in craftsmanship and does not cover damage from misuse or improper installation.

    Even though this flooring is extremely durable, there are some precautions you must take. Dropping a heavy item on your floor can result in chips or cracks. Heavy furniture or appliances may also cause damage to occur.

    The good news is that if a tile is damaged, it can be removed and replaced. You will not have to refinish your entire floor or rip out all tiles if a plank becomes damaged.

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    Is Daltile Wood Look Flooring Affordable?

    If you want an affordable alternative to solid hardwoods, look no further than Daltile wood look tile flooring. While this flooring isn’t the cheapest tile on the market, it is priced competitively when compared to other wood look porcelain tile, and it’s a steal when compared to high-quality solid hardwood flooring.

    The price of your new tile flooring will vary by a number of factors, including where you make the purchase and the style that you select. However, you should expect to pay roughly $2 to $4 per square foot for your tile.

    When making out your budget for your project, remember that this isn’t the only expense you will incur. You will need additional tools, materials, and supplies if you plan to install the tile yourself. You may also add additional costs if you hire a professional installer.

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    How Do I Maintain My New Floors?

    Maintaining your new Daltile wood look flooring is easy. This is one of the main advantages of this type of flooring. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on expensive cleaning products or spend hours scrubbing your floor, Daltile flooring may be the right fit for you.

    You can do everyday cleaning using a broom or tile vacuum cleaner to get up daily dirt and debris. If you use a vacuum, make sure that you purchase a vac specifically for bare floor use to avoid damaging your floor.

    For heavier tile cleaning, you can use water on a sponge or tile mop. Because this flooring is waterproof, you don’t have to worry about damage that may occur when exposed to moisture. You can also use a pH-neutral cleanser to keep your floors looking their best.

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    Is There A Color & Style That Fits My Home?

    Daltile wood look tile comes in many different colors and styles to fit any space. You can choose from a variety of shades from light to dark and everything in between. Daltile products are available in classic shades, as well as more stylish colors.

    There are several different styles to choose from. Daltile offers tile flooring that mimics the look of popular wood species including hickory, walnut, and spruce. From reclaimed vintage to sleek and modern, there is something for every home when you purchase flooring from Daltile.

    Daltile also offers wood look floor and wall tile in a variety of sizes. For instance, you can use the company’s herringbone mosaic tile to create a look that’s uniquely yours.

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    How Do I Install Daltile Wood Look Tile?

    People install Daltile wood look tile flooring the same way as any other porcelain tile. Before you take on the job yourself, make sure that you have the manufacturer’s installation instructions, a little knowledge under your belt, the right tools and supplies for the job, and plenty of time.

    While people can complete a smaller job in just a few hours, larger and more intricate jobs may take several days or longer.

    Steps to install your tile are pretty standard. They include removing your old flooring, prepping your subfloor, and using the right mortar or adhesive to affix your flooring into place. You’ll also need to use tile spacers and add grout after your adhesive has dried.

    Other steps include measuring your space, laying out your tile, and cutting to size as needed. You’ll need a few basic supplies for the job, as well as specialty tools including a float, tile spacers, and a wet tile saw.

    Be prepared for a lengthy and messy project. Make sure that you read through all of the steps if you tackle this project yourself. Remember, improperly installed tile will not only become damaged more quickly but also isn’t covered under warranty.

    If this sounds like it’s too much for you, consider hiring a professional installer. Pricing for professional installation of your flooring varies based on who you hire, pricing in your local area, and the size and difficulty of the job.

    On average, though, you should expect to spend approximately $4 to $5 per square foot for installation in addition to the cost of the flooring.

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    Final Verdict

    Daltile wood look tile flooring allows busy households to enjoy the beauty of hardwoods without having to worry about their floors becoming easily damaged. Daltile flooring is extremely high-quality and is an industry leader when it comes to quality, innovation, and design.

    The many benefits of this flooring include the wide selection of styles and colors, the ease of care and maintenance, and the competitive pricing. The durability is also unmatched, and you can enjoy your floors for a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

    One of the drawbacks is that installing tile can be quite a complicated and time-consuming task if you don’t prepare for it. The additional costs for hiring a professional installer may put you off of this flooring product. However, many consumers have found that a floor that lasts for many years is well worth the investment.

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