6 Best Vacuums For Tile Floors – 2022 Buying Guide

By Maria Hernandez / February 16, 2022 / 0 Comments

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A good vacuum cleaner makes short work of cleaning carpeted floors, so, why can’t you use the same on tile? We have pulled together a list of the six best vacuums for tile floors, all of which should make short work of your regular tile floor cleaning task.

In fact, vacuuming is a great way to keep your tile floors free of debris, but you need the right vacuum cleaner. If you use the same cleaner that you use on your carpet, not only may it struggle to capture hair and dust, if it has a beater bar it may even damage and scratch your tile floor.

Our Top Picks

  1. Best Overall: Dirt Devil Simlpi-Stik Stick Vacuum SD20000RED
  2. Best High-End: Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum
  3. Best Stick: Shark ION F80 Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum
  4. Best Wet-Dry: Bissell Crosswave Floor and Carpet Wet-Dry Vacuum 1785A
  5. Best for Pets: Bissell Power Edge Pet Vacuum 81L2A
  6. Best 2-in-1: Roomie Tec 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Tile Floor Vacuum Buying Advice

Best Overall: Dirt Devil Simlpi-Stik Stick Vacuum SD20000RED

Floor Critics Rating (4.7):

  • Weight: 4.5 lbs.
  • Corded or Cordless: Corded – 16 feet
  • The High Points: Lightweight, value priced, easy to empty
  • The Low Points: Durability, short handle
Dirt Devil Simlpi-Stik Stick Vacuum SD20000RED
Dirt Devil Simlpi-Stik Stick SD20000RED

When it comes to a value priced, effective dirt eliminator, the Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik is no doubt the best option for those looking for a vacuum capable of handling standard daily tile cleanups.

At just 4.5 lbs, this vacuum is mobile and compact. It’s easy to store and easy to maintain. The bagless design corrals dust and debris into a sizable dirt container.

The Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Vacuum isn’t necessarily recommended for use on carpeted surfaces, but it does an impressive job on tile and other hard surfaces. Some users report success with quick pickups on lower pile carpets, but it shouldn’t be considered a multi-surface vacuum.

Wrapped up into this price-point vacuum package is a crevice tool that allows angled access to tough corners and baseboards. To further diversify its cleaning capabilities, the Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik detaches from the handle to create a handy and portable hand vac.

The filter is easy to remove and can be rinsed between uses. Replacement filters are also available through Amazon and various other resellers.

What Reviewers Say About It

Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik owners generally love their compact, debris-eliminating companions. Most users report that the vacuum is easy to assemble and easy to maintain.

The Simpli-Stik is repeatedly reported to be superior at suction when it comes to tufts of pet hair and other challenging floor defectors. Owners claim that hair and dust is drawn into the little vacuum sometimes from feet away.

As mentioned before, the Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik is not a vac designed for carpet and probably will leave a trail of hairballs and dust bunnies in its wake on that surface.

What’s Good?

The price point is the biggest draw to the Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik. It affords the option to add a couple of these handy vacs to the cleaning arsenal without making much of a dent in the money pile.

The lightweight design makes this vac easy to operate and transport on multiple tours of duty. Some small children are reportedly “big helpers” around their houses once the Dirt Devil is in the mix.

The compact footprint of the Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik aids in easy storage and is also effective for navigation under kitchen stools, chairs, and tables.

What Could Be Better?

The corded power source design of the Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Vacuum keeps the vac simple and affordable. The short cord length limits a user’s mobility, though, and quite often over the course of a cleaning session. This 16- foot cord could use about an additional foot of length to really increase convenience.

In addition to the cord length, the handle height is shorter than some users would prefer. A telescopic handle with height adjustments could offer a solution to this slouchy situation.

The dirt containment cup is easy to remove and to empty, but can also be a bit of a dirty task. Users need to fully grasp the filter and container to effectively dump the collected debris.

Most people aren’t looking to interact with their floor dirt any more than necessary, so a lever action release of some sort could possibly improve this minor but messy detail.

How Does It Compare In Value?

The Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Vacuum is a phenomenal value. Twenty of these vacs could be purchased for the price of one of the higher-end vacs on the market. While durability is a weak point with this simple stick vac, at least the price reflects it.

The value in this unit is found in its simplicity and superior suction capabilities. While the vac delivers on these two fronts, it does lack some features and conveniences that some consumers may be seeking, so it may not be for everyone.

How Has It Improved?

The removable hand vac feature is a recent improvement made to Dirt Devil’s previous stick-style vacuums. This definitely bumps up the mobility and cleaning capabilities of this little super-sucker.

The dirt containment bin has been slightly streamlined to allow for a more seamless detachment and reattachment process during the bin-emptying process.

Best High-End: Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum

Floor Critics Rating (4.5):

  • Weight: 5.75 lbs.
  • Corded or Cordless: Cordless
  • The High Points: Lightweight, versatile operation, easy to empty
  • The Low Points: High price, mobility under low-lying furniture
Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum
Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum

We’re flying over to the opposite end of the price spectrum with the Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum. This sleek, versatile vac would be first on the list if not for the high price tag.

The Dyson V8 Absolute is convenient, lightweight, and cordless. It comes with a wall-mountable charging dock that allows this slender vac to virtually disappear into its storage spot until the next tile cleaning session.

This shapeshifting vac can morph into a handheld vacuum, a far-reaching ceiling sucker, and then back to a slim stick vacuum. Its versatility in function makes it easy to incorporate into multiple cleaning jobs around the house.

high-quality HEPA air filtration system is used to clean the air that passes through the Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum. Not only is the Dyson removing dust and dirt particles from tile floors, it’s cleaning the room’s air as it goes about its business.

Dyson’s fully sealed air filtration design is solid and effective. Allergy sufferers and general sneezers will appreciate the lack of irritants floating around after a vacuuming adventure.

We all know dust, dirt, and animal hair have a way of working themselves into the deepest, darkest corners of the room sometimes. Dyson knows this, too.

In their quest to consistently eliminate microscopic invaders from our living spaces, they’ve developed some key tools to aid in the ongoing battle. A dusting brush, a crevice tool, and a combination tool come with the Dyson V8 Absolute. These accessories should be able to assist in the more difficult-to-reach nooks and crannies that are encountered.

What Reviewers Say About It

Dyson vacuum owners can be very discriminating; no surprise here, as they dropped a few pretty pennies on the purchase of their sophisticated suction system. Not much gets past these users. Dyson’s claims of full dirt domination are bold, and owners expect nothing less.

Suction is reported to be supreme with the Dyson V8. Reviewers note that the two cleaner heads responsible for creating the powerful vacuum effect are solid and definitely do their jobs well.

Users seem to like the optional Max Mode, which allows them to bump up suction power when faced with challenging and crumby situations. It is reported, though, that Max Mode seriously drains the battery and should only be used in dire situations.

Trouble with the grip on the handle is commonly reported. Quite a few reviewers reference issues when holding and operating the Dyson V8 Absolute.

The handle consistently seems to put pressure on a user’s knuckles; some vacuum owners even report developing blisters from this uncomfortable holding position. One user solved the problem by wearing gloves while going about the vacuuming routine.

What’s Good?

The lightweight body and cordless operation of the Dyson V8 Absolute make this vac a mobile and versatile tool. The retractable handle really makes it easy to customize the vac to the size needed to complete the task at hand.

The variety of attachments included with the Dyson V8 Absolute also aid users in conquering hard-to-reach areas.

Battery life and usage times are good with the Dyson V8 Absolute. A 35-40 minute runtime is pretty standard on a full battery charge. Unless you’re in charge of debris eradication in the Taj Mahal, you should be able to complete the job before needing to return the vac to its docking station.

As noted before, Max Mode will drain the battery rapidly, so it’s recommended to reserve usage of this mode for only the most serious of suction situations.

The sealed HEPA air filtration system does a masterful job of capturing extremely tiny particles. Pet owners and allergy sufferers love the way the Dyson V8 Absolute does double duty as it cleans the air while also removing dust and debris from the floor.

What Could Be Better?

A longer battery life is always an improvement. While the runtimes are reasonably long on a full charge, a little more usage time would be a bonus.

The blister-inducing grip situation should really be solved. There are many reports of this problem in various user reviews. It seems like it should be a priority to resolve average pressure usage versus shape of the handle. Or maybe Dyson could start shipping the vacs with white gloves.

While the sleek shape of the Dyson V8 Absolute does allow for diversity when dust sucking, it also hinders the vac’s ability to access low-lying areas like under beds and couches. One needs to get belly-to-floor (no, really, on the belly, on the floor) with the task at hand when attempting to get the Dyson down under these confined spaces.

A hinged mechanism added to the lower part of the vac’s handle could possibly go a long way in resolving the awkward ergonomics involved with low-lying turf.

How Does It Compare In Value?

While its price tag certainly keeps the Dyson V8 Absolute from the top of the value chart, there are quite a few features and design technology incorporated into the Dyson to justify the higher price point.

It’s no budget-friendly vacuum, but the V8 Absolute does seem to be pretty durable and maintainable. When committing to a product in this price range, one should hope to be able to count on a long life filled with debris and dirt removal from this slim stick of a vac.

How Has It Improved?

Battery life has been extended to 35-40 minutes of use with the Dyson V8 Absolute. Previous models could maybe sneak past the 20-minute mark before needing to return to their power source to regroup.

A bigger dirt bin was incorporated into the Dyson V8 Absolute design, adding an extra 20% capacity to that of its predecessor’s bin.

Best Stick: Shark ION F80 Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum

Floor Critics Rating (4.7):

  • Weight: 8.51 lbs.
  • Corded or Cordless: Cordless
  • The High Points: Versatile for any surface, cordless, long battery life
  • The Low Points: Aesthetics, dust capacity, battery charging station
Shark ION F80 Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum
Shark ION F80 Lightweight Stick

This stick vacuum cleaner from Shark, while it might look a little rough, is ideal if you want something versatile that you can use on both your carpets and your tile floors, and pretty much any other hard surface.

It uses Shark’s Duoclean technology, which means it can pick up fine dust and large debris off both carpets and hard surfaces, while the two brush rolls won’t scratch or otherwise damage your tiles.

This vacuum cleaner is also pretty powerful for a cordless, and has a runtime of up to 80 minutes, which is excellent for a cordless, though it does mean changing the rechargeable battery halfway through. You may find yourself needing to empty the dust cup before you change your battery, as it has a pretty modest 0.3-quart capacity.

The vacuum is very maneuverable, as you would expect from a cordless, made more so by multiflex technology, which allows the head to go in any direction and also allows you to get low underneath furniture.

The suction head is also detachable if you want to turn your vacuum cleaner into a handheld for doing the car, corners, or pretty much anything else.

What Reviewers Say About It

Those who have bought this Shark model seem pretty happy with their choice, as 85% have awarded the vacuum four or more stars.

Customers were most impressed by the long battery life, which let them do their entire home without waiting for a recharge. They also liked the maneuverability, and how they could fit the slim head even into tight spots with ease.

Customers did note that if you like to do you vacuuming on full suction power (and who doesn’t?), it will eat up your battery life much faster. So it’s sometimes a good idea to use a lower setting for less difficult spots. Also, the battery charging station only lets you charge one battery at a time.

What’s Good?

The Shark ION F80 is a cordless vacuum with enough battery life and power to let you do your entire home without recharging, if you use the right settings.

It is also a very versatile machine that is effective on both carpets and tiles and other hard floors, plus it detaches to become a hand vac. So you only need one vacuum for all your suction cleaning requirements.

The vacuum is lightweight and has nice maneuverability features, which make it easier to get into those hard-to-reach corners and crannies.

What Could Be Better?

This vacuum cleaner, while functional, doesn’t have the sleek look that we have come to expect from some vacuum cleaners today.

Also, while you get 80 minutes of battery life, it’s not straightforward. You need to change the batteries halfway through, and you also need to charge the batteries separately, as the vacuum only comes with a single battery charging station.

You may also want to use the battery changing moment as an opportunity to empty debris, as this vac has a relatively modest 0.3-quart capacity.

How Does It Compare In Value?

This is one of the most expensive Shark vacuums on the market, as it does more than many of their other models and combines most of the great features that Shark has been developing over the years.

But, long-time Shark fans might wonder if it is really that much better than other models. Those looking at their first Shark might wonder about paying a little bit more for a Dyson.

Best Wet-Dry: Bissell Crosswave Floor and Carpet Wet-Dry Vacuum 1785A

Floor Critics Rating (4.6):

  • Weight: 11.5 lbs.
  • Corded or Cordless: Corded – 25 feet
  • The High Points: Both carpet and hard floors, both vacuums and mops, affordable
  • The Low Points: Needs more attachments, cleaning the vacuum itself is laborsome
Bissell Crosswave Floor and Carpet Wet-Dry Vacuum 1785A
Bissell Crosswave Wet-Dry Vacuum 1785A

If you are looking for the ultimate all-in-one machine for cleaning both carpets and hard floors such as tiles, this wet-dry vacuum is an excellent choice, and surprisingly affordable for what it does.

The vacuum cleaner uses dual-action, multi-surface brush rolls with innovative microfiber and nylon brushes, which allow it to both mop and pick up dry debris by just choosing your setting. It is also easy to switch between the settings with a click of a button.

To deliver a cleaning solution, the vacuum uses a two-tank system that keeps the cleaning solution and dirty water separate, so you are never just pushing dirty water around your floor.

A corded model, it is powerful and you don’t need to worry about battery life. You have 25 feet of cord to get around, which is about average. There is a 0.4-quart tank capacity for picking up debris.

What Reviewers Say About It

Customers who have bought this Bissell model are happy, with 85% scoring the vacuum cleaner four stars or above.

Customers noted how well the vacuum cleaner picked up pet hair, and how easy it was to get hard floors squeaky clean using the wet-clean functionality. However, it could benefit from having a few more attachments to get into tight corners.

While the idea of the machine is that you can clean and vacuum at the same time, most reviewers suggested vacuuming first and then using the wet cleaning mode. Otherwise, the liquid can turn debris on the floor into mud, which is harder to lift up, and will leave you with quite the job of cleaning your vacuum cleaner as well.

What’s Good?

This machine from Bissell is good if you are looking for a single solution to clean all of your floor surfaces. The suction is appropriate for both carpet and hard floors, and you can also wet-mop and vacuum at the same time. This again is great for both hard floors and carpets, as the machine can be used to get up carpet stains.

What Could Be Better?

The main complaint with this vacuum cleaner is that it doesn’t have enough attachments if you want to get into hard-to-reach corners.

Also, while in theory you can vacuum and mop at the same time, you will want to vacuum before you mop, or you can make quite the mess for yourself to clean up (with your Bissell vacuum cleaner).

Best for Pets: Bissell Power Edge Pet Vacuum 81L2A

Floor Critics Rating (4.6):

  • Weight: 7 lbs.
  • Corded or Cordless: Corded – 20 feet
  • The High Points: Can reach tight corners easily, low profile, easy to empty
  • The Low Points: Filters need to be cleaned often, lacks durability
Bissell Power Edge Pet Vacuum 81L2A
Bissell Power Edge Pet Vacuum 81L2A

The Bissell PowerEdge Pet Vacuum made the cut. This sleek vac features a unique v-shaped suction head that can fit around furniture and into tight corners.

Rubber wipers at the base of the vac draw pet hair to the suction. The head shape directs large debris toward the center, while the outer edges scoop smaller dust and dirt.

What Reviewers Say About It

Importantly, users report great success with sucking up kitty litter, plant dirt, pet hair, and dust. Many claim the shape of the swivelable suction head really does assist in efficient pickups.

Owners are really big fans of the PowerEdge vacuum’s rubber base and rubber wheels, designed to protect hard surfaces from gouges and scratches.

Quality and durability of the Bissell PowerEdge come into question with some reviewers. Therefore, some owners report issues with wheels popping out and hinges not moving as smoothly as they once did.

What’s Good?

The Bissell PowerEdge doesn’t utilize a roller brush for its dirt extraction efforts, which means no roller to detangle or maintain. While brushes are effective in carpet cleaning applications, they aren’t necessary for hard surfaces and can sometimes hinder productivity.

Power cord length is adequate with the PowerEdge at 20’ long. Not the longest power cord in the industry, but the vac’s cord provides a reasonable range of cleaning coverage before you have to reposition.

The dirt cup is easy to empty, and the filters are removable and washable. The PowerEdge is pretty simple to sustain.

What Could Be Better?

Improve durability. While the price point of the PowerEdge is reasonably low, add value to the product by featuring a bit beefier build.

Some users report they need to clean the filters between each vacuuming or they lose noticeable suction. Increasing the span between filter cleaning could aid in making suction seeking customers happier for a little bit longer.

Best 2-in-1: Roomie Tec 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Floor Critics Rating (4.7):

  • Weight: 4.5 lbs.
  • Corded or Cordless: Cordless
  • The High Points: Flexible swivel handle, low profile, two operating modes
  • The Low Points: Short usage time on full battery charge, small dust bin
Roomie Tec 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Roomie Tec 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum

We’ll admit it. “Vinnie” got us with his bells and whistles. This handsome cordless vac almost didn’t make it on the list, but after some waffling back and forth, resistance proved futile and, well, here he is.

With bright, shiny LED headlights and a sleek body style, the Roomie Tec “Vincent” Cordless Vacuum is a convertible vac that can be used as an upright or a handheld suction device.

In addition, this vac features a swivel head and a low profile design that allows it to reach under furniture and into tight spaces.

What Reviewers Say About It

The reviews on the Roomie Tec “Vincent” Cordless Vacuum Cleaner are all over the board. Let’s draw the most reasonable conclusion—that the experience of owning Vinnie is a shot in the dark. You’re either going to absolutely love him, or you’re going to want to sink him in the river.

Many users like the bright LED headlights and report their effectiveness in shining light on hard-to-miss dust and pet hair.

Battery life seems to be decent, according to quite a few reviewers. Because of this, one report mentioned an owner being able to cover about 800 square feet of floor before having to return the vac for a charge.

What’s Good?

There are two operating modes available on the Roomie Tec “Vincent” Cordless Vacuum: eco and turbo. Use turbo mode for large debris and pet hair removal. Eco mode is good for most standard dust and small debris situations and will prolong usage times.

The Roomie Tec “Vincent” Cordless Vacuum comes with a removable beater brush. This brush enables the vac to be effective at removing debris from carpeted surfaces, though the key here is that it is removable.

Brushes aren’t best for hard floor surfaces, but having the option to use the brush at times adds to the versatility of this vac.

What Could Be Better?

The price could be lower. While this vac shows well and seemingly performs well for the majority of its owners, it doesn’t really provide the features or higher-end functions to justify its price tag. Except for the lights. Some of us are suckers for the lights.

The Roomie Tec needs a bigger dirt bin. The bin is nearly half the size of some of the other comparable models in its class.

Side by Side Comparison

ProductOur RatingWeightStyle
Dirt Devil Simlpi-Stik Stick Vacuum SD20000RED
Dirt Devil Simlpi-Stik Stick
View on Amazon –>
View on Walmart –>
Best Overall

Overall: 4.7
4.5 lbs.Corded – 16 ft.
Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum
Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless
View on Amazon –>
View on Dyson –>
Best High-End

Overall: 4.5
5.75 lbs.Cordless
Shark ION F80 Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum
Shark ION F80
View on Amazon –>
View on Shark –>
Best Stick

Overall: 4.7
8.51 lbs.Cordless
Bissell Crosswave Floor and Carpet Wet-Dry Vacuum 1785A
Bissell Crosswave Wet-Dry Vacuum
View on Bissell –>
View on Amazon –>
Best Wet-Dry

Overall: 4.6
11.5 lbs.Corded – 25 ft.
Bissell Power Edge Pet Vacuum 81L2A
Bissell Power Edge Pet 
View on Amazon –>
View on Walmart –>
Best for Pets

Overall: 4.6
7 lbs.Corded – 20 ft.
Roomie Tec 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Roomie Tec 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
View on Amazon –>
View on Walmart –>
Best 2-in-1

Overall: 4.7
4.5 lbs.Cordless

The Complete Tile Floor Vacuum Buyer’s Guide

Cost vs. Quality

The notorious HEPA air filtration system is definitely a marker of a higher quality vacuum for tile floors. Nobody wants the little icky allergens and dust particles to be picked up by the vac, only to be shot back into the room to live another day.

HEPA filters are designed to capture 99% of even the tiniest particles and keep them contained. They clean the air in your room while cleaning the dust on your floors.

Cordless technology tends to accompany the higher price point products in the tile vacuum category. This convenient, modern take on vacuum power allows users to mindlessly go about their housework. When you don’t have to worry about a cord that can annoyingly pull from the outlet and shut down productivity, it’s a plus.

Quality materials and the general fit and finish of the vacuum should increase as the price tag rises, though this isn’t guaranteed. Some high-quality vacs still sport a standard plastic body and handle, generally to keep weight down.

More expensive models will also come with a warranty, some of up to five years. So, while you may pay more up front, you could save in the long run as you replace your vacuum cleaner less often.

But we know not to always judge a vacuum by its slightly stingy exterior. It’s what’s inside that counts.

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Tips for Cleaning Tile Floors

When it comes to maintaining tile floors and keeping them clean, it’s recommended that you remove debris at least twice a week, and more often if it’s a high-traffic area.

While there are a lot of different ways to do this, vacuuming is one of the most effective, as it removes the debris completely rather than pushing it around. But use a vacuum cleaner designed to have good suction on hard surfaces, and that won’t scratch tiles like all of the vacuum cleaners on our list above.

You will then probably want to mop to kill germs about once a week. Find a tile cleaner, or use a mixture of vinegar, water, and dish soap for a safe mix that kills germs without leaving behind any chemical cleaning residue.

Every few months, you might also want to clean your grout. This is the part of tile flooring that becomes discolored and starts to look old the fastest. Unlike the tiles themselves, the grout is porous and so is affected by liquids. It’s best to use a special grout cleaning solution or a steam cleaner and brush to loosen dirt for removal.

For more advice on cleaning tile flooring read our article: How to clean tile floors.

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How We Ranked The Best Tile Floor Vacuums

When it comes to perusing for particles across tile floors around the house, some key features come into play. Most importantly, when maximizing the enjoyment of debris domination, variables like weight, power source, and dirt containment tend to rise to the top of the priority list.

Weight, or rather the lack of weight, should be a main determining factor in the quest for the best vacuum for tile floors. Life doesn’t get much better than tooling around the townhouse with a little lightweight suction device. You can eliminate debris invaders and nasty allergens as they meet their final dark destinies within the dirt cup.

Speaking of dirt cups, this term is an important one in the world of vacuums. Many vacs out there on the market today don’t use bags to contain dirt and dust; instead, they’ve tapped into bagless technologies that allow for quick and (usually) easy debris disposal from a dirt cup or container housed within the vacuum.

Take note, all of the vacuums for tile floors reviewed here today are bagless models.

Corded versus cordless power sources continue to be a point of contention amongst tile vacuum consumers. The cordless vacs are pretty handy and obviously very mobile. They do demand down time though, and their cleaning clock is ticking from the first dust suck.

Corded vacs can be constraining. The need to constantly be aware of the cord can add some extra time to cleaning sessions.

The most important variable in determining the rankings comes down to the balance between price, quality, and features.

  • Ease Of Use
    • Weight and maneuverability
    • Dirt containment/handling
    • Corded vs. cordless power supply
  • Value
    • Features and benefits
      • Portability
      • Charge time, usage time (cordless models)
      • Noise levels
    • Price
    • Quality of construction and materials
  • Cleaning Power
    • Suction capabilities
    • Filtration types (HEPA vs. standard)


Is It OK To Vacuum Tile Floors?

Yes, it is OK to vacuum tile floors as long as you are using a vacuum cleaner that is especially for hard floors, or has a bare floor setting that lifts the beater bar so it does not scratch or damage the floor.

Do Robot Vacuums Work On Tile Floors?

Robot vacuums can work well on tile floors, as long as you choose a model designed for hard surfaces. This usually means good suction, and brushes to sweep the floor, lifting dirt and pushing it toward the vacuum’s central suction point.

Is Vacuuming Better Than Mopping?

When it comes to picking up dust and debris, vacuuming has the edge, as it removes debris rather than just moving it around. However, mopping is also important to disinfect and kill germs, something you can’t do with a vacuum. Ideally, you should vacuum tile floors at least twice a week and mop at least once a week.

Why Are Floors Still Dirty After Mopping?

Sometimes your floors can still feel dirty after mopping if you don’t clean and change your mop water regularly. When you clean water off the mop head, it mixes with the water in the bucket, and then, as you wet your mop again, it picks up dirt, which you then reapply onto the floor with the mop head. This is why good mopping machines have two separate tanks, one for clean water and one for dirty water.

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Final Thoughts

Vacuuming is a great way to keep tile floors clean of dust and debris. But, if you have ever tried your old carpet vacuum on your tile floors, you will realize it is not that effective. Why? The technology needed to pick up debris off fibers and slick sources are a bit different. So, if you want to vacuum your tiles, you need the right machine.

We have come up with a list of the six best vacuum cleaners for keeping tile floors clean and free of allergy-causing debris. Our top choice is the Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Vacuum, which is a powerful corded vacuum with an easy-to-maneuver stick style.

If you prefer to go cordless, we recommend the Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum or the Shark ION F80 Cordless Stick Vacuum, both of which work well on both carpets and hard surfaces like tiles.

Do you vacuum your tiles at home? What do you use? And what advice do you have for others? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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