Coreluxe vinyl plank flooring review

CoreLuxe Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

What if you could have a beautiful hardwood flooring look at a fraction of the cost? And it can go in any room including basements and bathrooms?

Enter CoreLuxe Vinyl Plank flooring.

CoreLuxe is an engineered vinyl flooring from Lumber Liquidators that closely resembles wood.

Yet, it comes at a fraction of the price. So, it’s easy on your budget.

It comes in several sizes that fit any taste from classic to modern, or trendy to traditional.

Want to know more about this flooring option and how CoreLuxe stacks up to the competition? Read on.

CoreLuxe Features

CoreLuxe is a type of engineered vinyl plank flooring that is sold exclusively through Lumber Liquidators.

It is phthalate-free, scoring highly on the “healthy” side of things. In fact, all CoreLuxe products are both FloorScore and GREENGUARD certified.

Another great feature of CoreLuxe is that it is truly waterproof. So, if you live in a flood zone or coastal area, this is a truly worry-free flooring for any room in the house.

It works great in wet rooms like bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.

Because of its hard, PVC core, it is very stable. CoreLuxe is also a durable product that holds up well against stains, scratches, dents, and even just normal wear and tear.

CoreLuxe is both easy to clean (just use a simple wet mop) and easy to install (it can be placed over any hard surface subfloor). And it requires no acclimation time, so you can start enjoying it right away.

While all these features are important when deciding, what you probably want to know is: how does it look? Because aesthetics is also important.

The good news is that it is very attractive and has an authentic wood look and texture to it.

Let’s take a look further at the different CoreLuxe Flooring options.

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Styles & Options

CoreLuxe offers three different lines to choose from: CoreLuxe, CoreLuxe Ultra, and CoreLuxe XD.

The original CoreLuxe engineered vinyl flooring is available in three species of wood: oak, maple, and pine. It ranges in price from $2 to $3 per square foot.

Each plank is 5.3 mm to 5.5 mm thick and is 48 inches long. It also comes in several stunning color options like Weathered Gray Pine, Sawmill Oak, and Natural Maple.

The warranties vary for CoreLuxe by product, with most being a 10 to 30 year warranty.

CoreLuxe Ultra has the largest selection of styles of the three brands. It comes in a variety of species including ash, Brazilian cherry, hickory, oak, pine, and walnut.

You can find this flooring in both 48 inch and 60 inch long planks. And each one is 7 mm to 8 mm in thickness.

The tones and colors are beautiful – some that are classic, and some that are trendier. Some have brown tones, red tones, and even gray tones.

Prices range from $2 all the way up to $5 per square foot. And each of these styles comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

The third brand of CoreLuxe flooring is CoreLuxe XD. CoreLuxe XD offers cross-hatch texturing and some deep, dark colors for a stunning flooring design.

The wood species found in this line are acacia, hickory, and oak. Each one is 7 mm in thickness comes in 48 inch wide planks.

It has beautiful wood looks in colors like Driftwood Hickory and Beach Cottage Oak.

CoreLuxe XD ranges from $2 to $3 per square foot and comes with a 50 year manufacturer warranty on each style.

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CoreLuxe flooring is easy to install and uses click floating floor technology. Simply click it together on top of your existing subfloor.

As long as the surface below is hard, there is no need to remove or secure your new flooring to the old. CoreLuxe will literally float on top of your old floors.

Several of the CoreLuxe Ultra flooring types also include a pre-attached pad for added comfort.

Because installation is fairly easy, and very few tools are required, CoreLuxe is a great DIY project.

And since it is waterproof, it can go in virtually any room in the house. This includes basements, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Lumber Liquidators also sells corner pieces and other finishing products to help give the flooring a finished look once it is installed.

Another benefit of this product is that it does not require acclimation. So, once you install it, you can begin enjoying it.

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The Verdict

If you are looking for a vinyl plank flooring that is extremely durable, the Lumber Liquidator’s CoreLuxe is a great option. Its engineered construction and PVC core can hold up in high traffic rooms, wet rooms, or just about anywhere else you want to install it.

Plus, installing it is a breeze with click lock floating floors that fit right on top of your subfloor.

CoreLuxe is also a very green product, meeting multiple eco-friendly standards.

Lumber Liquidators experienced some bad publicity a few years back because of concerns over the safety of their products. However, they have made efforts to ensure that the flooring they sell is up to speed with safety requirements.

Aside from very practical reasons to buy, this product truly looks good. With planks in both 48 inch and 60 inch lengths, you’re flush with options.

CoreLuxe also has a nice selection of reasonably priced wood grains and species ranging from classic to trendy.

Additionally, each of the three CoreLuxe brands are backed by warranties with most ranging from 10 to 30 years. And a few options even offer lifetime warranties.

But you can only find it at Lumber Liquidators. If there is not a Lumber Liquidators near you, you have the option of ordering most selections online.

Have you ordered your flooring online before? What tips do you have for people considering this option?

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41 thoughts on “CoreLuxe Vinyl Plank Flooring Review”

  1. Avatar

    Can Coreluxe be installed under an island with quartz counters, or can other cabinets be installed on top of the flooring?

  2. Avatar

    Do not buy this product! I made the mistake of buying it and the locking system takes a sledge hammer to get it to click into place. This is too expensive to be this bad of a product.
    Do not buy Coreluxe flooring.

    1. Avatar
      Linda Sçhwone

      I bought the CorLuxe tile look. Yes, it takes more than just a tap to get the seams (especially on the short side) to lock. I’m using a dead blow hammer. I’m hoping because it is such a tight seal that no water will swap through the seams. It is more effort than the laminate I’ve installed in other rooms. It cut easy and can even use a utility knife to trim spots. I really like the look, feel and time will tell as far as durability. AND NO GROUT LINES.

      Have patience, take your time, the results will be worth it.

  3. Avatar

    I am vacillating between this coreluxe and the lifeproof. Coreluxe seems to have lower VOC’s is all I am able to gather. My real question is can I secure this flooring down and not have it float so much? I hate the lift these tiles have when walked on, they seem to be to easily lifted out. I am installing this over a cement floor that I will be treating with a laticrete water-proofing product (liquid material applied with a roller) and would really like this flooring to feel a little more solidly secured down.

    What’s the skinny on using any type of very moderate adhesive?

    Thank you all

    1. Avatar

      Once the floor is locked in place together, its not coming up easily. The term floating floor is to be used loosely. You aren’t going to be stepping on it and feeling it moving underneath you.

  4. Avatar

    I am getting an odor from my Coreluxe vinyl flooring. I have had the windows and doors open and have changed air filters. It has been over 1 month. Any suggestions? Should I be worried about any bad emissions?

  5. Avatar

    What does one put under the rubber-backed mats and rugs to protect Coreluxe from discoloration? We were told FELT pieces would work from the folks at Lumber Liquidators. We were told to go to Home Depot. They had no clue. We need to have something as we live in Minnesota and need to have mats and rugs by the doors.

    1. Avatar

      Please let me know what the temperature range is for this flooring. The hottest and coldest it can get – as in putting it in an enclosed 3 season porch without heat or AC?

  6. Avatar

    Has anyone purchased the 8mm flooring and what has your experience been? I’m getting nervous about making this purchase as I can find little to no reviews on the product.

    1. Avatar

      Yes, I purchased the 8mm with attached padding: Urban Loft Ash. It is absolutely phenomenal. Great quality product, for sure. Installation went smoothly.

      1. Avatar

        Have you had any problems with dog scratches? We purchased the whole floor for our house, specially asked about dog wear and tear and got the 8 mm, and we have very light dog scratches everywhere. Lumber Liquidators is saying it isn’t covered under warranty. You can only see the scratches when wet, looks great dry. So I am thinking there must be some sort of cleaner that takes this off, help??

  7. Avatar

    We purchased coreluxe Brazilian Koa for our sunroom. We then read the instructions and it says not to install this in areas when there are temperature changes. It may get down to 30 degrees in the winter and 90 or so in the summer. Can we still use this product or will it warp or crack from the temperature changes?

  8. Avatar

    Can (should) I glue the tongue/groove to reduce or eliminate squeaking? Just a very light bead of wood glue with my fingertips before floating on the concrete slab floor?

  9. Avatar

    We have this in most of our house. It’s great for a waterproof floor but is shows dust and scratches easy. Is there anything we can put on it to keep that from happening? I have seen a vinyl floor sealant product and my friend put it on her floors and it looks great. The floor is more shiny and doesn’t show the dust as much and doesn’t scratch as easy. Is there a similar product we can use on the core luxe ultra that you recommend?

  10. Avatar

    I’m thinking about installing Coreluxe vinyl plank flooring in my den and kitchen. This is a farmhouse with heavy traffic into the den from outside. I like the looks of the coreluxe 5mm bourbon barrel flooring. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. Thank you.

  11. Avatar

    I just purchased a large amount of engineered vinyl flooring earlier today and about an hour ago just came across an article that mentions how toxic this type of flooring is, and now I am extremely nervous, especially being that I have young kids and my wife is pregnant. I had planned on doing my whole house in engineered vinyl flooring. Should I send it all back? Or is it safe?

    1. Floor Critics

      Hi Nick! We always suggest for shoppers to look for vinyl plank floors that are FloorScore and GreenGuard certified, as Coreluxe is. FloorScore certification ensures the flooring has passed indoor air quality (IAQ) requirements.

  12. Avatar
    brent meredith

    I have corelux with underlayment and they overlapped so it has a lump. Will that affect the integrity of the floor?

  13. Avatar

    Anyone know the wear layer in mil? Trying to compare to shaw tivoli plus which is a little more expensive in comparison to coreluxe xd driftwood hickory. The shaw is 12 mil wear layer but they dont say the wear layer for coreluxe which concerns me.

    1. Avatar

      Driftwood Hickory is 20Mil…..if you go into the store they have the wear layer on the display planks. My question (which i haven’t found an answer yet), is there any enhancements or additives to the wear layer (ie ceramic beads)?

      1. Avatar

        Sometimes that information is in the Specs or Faqs tab on the Lumber Liquidator online page for the individual Coreluxe design you are asking about. If it is not call the Lumber Liquidator Customer Service Helpline and they will get that information for you. I am installing the Walnut Hickory 7 mm Coreluxe Ultra and a Customer Service Representative let me know that the one I chose has a 28 mil wear layer.

  14. Avatar

    I purchased the CoreLuxe reclaimed barn oak 5.5mm. Do you put this directly over flooring or do you put a underpayment first? Thank you

    1. Avatar

      Depends on which grade of Corelux and which style you choose. The Corelux Ultra pattern we chose has a 29 mil wear layer. Some styles have 12 mil, some have 20…it really varies by grade and style.

  15. Avatar

    I have a guy coming out to measure for my Coreluxe 5.3mm. Would it be worth it to upgrade to the Coreluxe Ultra for kitchens and bathrooms?

  16. Avatar

    Do you know how this stacks up to LifeProof or do you have another article on it already that I can read through?

  17. Avatar

    We just installed this product. It far exceeds our expeditions. It is absolutely beautiful and easy to install. Highly recommend, also I have pictures if you would like.

      1. Avatar

        I am about to purchase Coreluxe engineered vinyl plank flooring. It would be nice to see Roxanne Beevers’ pictures. Where can I see them?

    1. Avatar

      I would very much like to see pics. And are you still happy with floor? Do you have pets? Does it scratch? Is it easy to clean? Was it hard to put down? Thank you so much. This is a big decision for me.

    2. Avatar

      Well, it certainly was not easy to install… We are thinking of hiring someone. It would never join tight together, there wer gaps. We took Lumber Liquidators’ advice and did it the way they said, and it still would not join tightly.

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