Coreluxe vinyl plank flooring review

CoreLuxe Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

What if you could have a beautiful hardwood flooring look at a fraction of the cost? And it can go in any room including basements and bathrooms?

Enter CoreLuxe Vinyl Plank flooring.

CoreLuxe is an engineered vinyl flooring from Lumber Liquidators that closely resembles wood.

Yet, it comes at a fraction of the price. So, it’s easy on your budget.

It comes in several sizes that fit any taste from classic to modern, or trendy to traditional.

Want to know more about this flooring option and how CoreLuxe stacks up to the competition? Read on.

CoreLuxe Features

CoreLuxe is a type of engineered vinyl plank flooring that is sold exclusively through Lumber Liquidators.

It is phthalate-free, scoring highly on the “healthy” side of things. In fact, all CoreLuxe products are both FloorScore and GREENGUARD certified.

Another great feature of CoreLuxe is that it is truly waterproof. So, if you live in a flood zone or coastal area, this is a truly worry-free flooring for any room in the house.

It works great in wet rooms like bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.

Because of its hard, PVC core, it is very stable. CoreLuxe is also a durable product that holds up well against stains, scratches, dents, and even just normal wear and tear.

CoreLuxe is both easy to clean (just use a simple wet mop) and easy to install (it can be placed over any hard surface subfloor). And it requires no acclimation time, so you can start enjoying it right away.

While all these features are important when deciding, what you probably want to know is: how does it look? Because aesthetics is also important.

The good news is that it is very attractive and has an authentic wood look and texture to it.

Let’s take a look further at the different CoreLuxe Flooring options.

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Styles & Options

CoreLuxe offers three different lines to choose from: CoreLuxe, CoreLuxe Ultra, and CoreLuxe XD.

The original CoreLuxe engineered vinyl flooring is available in three species of wood: oak, maple, and pine. It ranges in price from $2 to $3 per square foot.

Each plank is 5.3 mm to 5.5 mm thick and is 48 inches long. It also comes in several stunning color options like Weathered Gray Pine, Sawmill Oak, and Natural Maple.

The warranties vary for CoreLuxe by product, with most being a 10 to 30 year warranty.

CoreLuxe Ultra has the largest selection of styles of the three brands. It comes in a variety of species including ash, Brazilian cherry, hickory, oak, pine, and walnut.

You can find this flooring in both 48 inch and 60 inch long planks. And each one is 7 mm to 8 mm in thickness.

The tones and colors are beautiful – some that are classic, and some that are trendier. Some have brown tones, red tones, and even gray tones.

Prices range from $2 all the way up to $5 per square foot. And each of these styles comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

The third brand of CoreLuxe flooring is CoreLuxe XD. CoreLuxe XD offers cross-hatch texturing and some deep, dark colors for a stunning flooring design.

The wood species found in this line are acacia, hickory, and oak. Each one is 7 mm in thickness comes in 48 inch wide planks.

It has beautiful wood looks in colors like Driftwood Hickory and Beach Cottage Oak.

CoreLuxe XD ranges from $2 to $3 per square foot and comes with a 50 year manufacturer warranty on each style.

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CoreLuxe flooring is easy to install and uses click floating floor technology. Simply click it together on top of your existing subfloor.

As long as the surface below is hard, there is no need to remove or secure your new flooring to the old. CoreLuxe will literally float on top of your old floors.

Several of the CoreLuxe Ultra flooring types also include a pre-attached pad for added comfort.

Because installation is fairly easy, and very few tools are required, CoreLuxe is a great DIY project.

And since it is waterproof, it can go in virtually any room in the house. This includes basements, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Lumber Liquidators also sells corner pieces and other finishing products to help give the flooring a finished look once it is installed.

Another benefit of this product is that it does not require acclimation. So, once you install it, you can begin enjoying it.

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The Verdict

If you are looking for a vinyl plank flooring that is extremely durable, the Lumber Liquidator’s CoreLuxe is a great option. Its engineered construction and PVC core can hold up in high traffic rooms, wet rooms, or just about anywhere else you want to install it.

Plus, installing it is a breeze with click lock floating floors that fit right on top of your subfloor.

CoreLuxe is also a very green product, meeting multiple eco-friendly standards.

Lumber Liquidators experienced some bad publicity a few years back because of concerns over the safety of their products. However, they have made efforts to ensure that the flooring they sell is up to speed with safety requirements.

Aside from very practical reasons to buy, this product truly looks good. With planks in both 48 inch and 60 inch lengths, you’re flush with options.

CoreLuxe also has a nice selection of reasonably priced wood grains and species ranging from classic to trendy.

Additionally, each of the three CoreLuxe brands are backed by warranties with most ranging from 10 to 30 years. And a few options even offer lifetime warranties.

But you can only find it at Lumber Liquidators. If there is not a Lumber Liquidators near you, you have the option of ordering most selections online.

Have you ordered your flooring online before? What tips do you have for people considering this option?

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Jennifer Lester

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Jennifer Lester is a freelance writer, blogger, and home improvement finatic. She loves to write about things that will transform your house into your dream home. Jennifer is a graduate of Texas A&M University. LinkedIn.

95 thoughts on “CoreLuxe Vinyl Plank Flooring Review”

  1. Avatar

    Just bought this product a week ago. Coreluxe EVP. Looks really nice but when I tried to install it the planks would not fit together tight and would not lay flat. Been reading other reviews on here with same problems. I am thinking of trying to return it but I’ve heard very negative comments on lumber liquidators. I can’t put this on my floor. It will not lay flat.

    1. Avatar

      I also purchased it and my floors in an older home were not completely flat. That caused problems trying to fit together but with some extra patients it went in and has held up for about 18 months with no problems looks great

    2. Avatar

      There is an install error then. I’ve done multiple homes with this product with a variety of color options, beveled edges, and flat edges and no issues. This by far is my favorite floor to lay

    3. Avatar

      Try beeswax on seams .See if that works neighbors used on vinyl flooring.They said it helped their installation.🤔

  2. Avatar

    We just finished installing coreluxe ultra roman marble in our masters bathroom, closet & room. The look is great but the installation process was not fun in general as there were inconsistencies in some of the tiles. We had OSB subfloor then placed a new plywood on top of it, & purchased their recommended underlayment. Locking mechanism was not at all times great – tons of patience was tested here & it was our first time to do this kind of thing. We followed ALL the instructions to a tee but still noticed some areas with gaps. When I went back to lumber liquidators I asked them what to do with those areas with gaps & they told me to put clear silicone. I haven’t done it yet. Any advice?

  3. Avatar

    Bought CoreLuxe flooring for my kitchen several months ago. Due to some unfortunate circumstances—and the pandemic—, I’m finally getting it installed. It chips—easily. The click lock breaks off before you ever get it out of the box. It would look pretty good if the above manufacturing defects didn’t leave gaps between the tiles. I’m super annoyed especially having had to wait SO LONG to have it installed.

  4. Avatar

    I here so many good comments about Corelux Ultra and then negative ones. After looking for almost 2 months and I feel like I have to start over.

    Can others that have installed this product give some input? Do the joints come apart or break easy? and has anyone had the product for any length of time that can give some feedback. It seems like Lumber Liquidators never takes any responsibility for the product, but blames it on the installer everyime.

    Floor Critics has great things to say about Corelux esp the higher end products. I am so confused. Thinking about going with Coretec which is about the same cost as this product but it isn’t exactly the color I was desiring.

    1. Avatar

      I had my Coreluxe Ultra 8mm floors installed by a contractor in the first week of Feb 2020. He did not appear to have any problems installing the floor from what I could see anyway. It was all done in a day living room, dining room and kitchen. They look amazingly beautiful and so far so good even in high traffic areas.
      It’s even handling my spin bike with no problems that I can see so far. Hopefully it keeps holding up for many more years to come.
      Hope this helps you even if just a little. I actually didn’t even research anything, which I usually do. My sister told me to go to Liquid and the price was right, the financing was a bonus and much needed when you are doing a whole reno plus I loved the look of the floor. Everyone that come over loves the floor as well.
      Much luck to u!

      1. Avatar

        Did you also purchase the the padding & barrier (acoustial underlayment) or simply have the Coreluxe installed right on top of your existing floors?

      2. Avatar

        Hello! We installed about 2100 sq ft of this flooring in a “flip” house and it looks beautiful. Our guy didn’t seem to have any trouble installing it, He is meticulous with all of his work and took his time. I would put it in my own house without hesitation! We installed Hay Bale Oak, sadly a discontinued color.

    2. Avatar

      I purchased the cheaper one the hometown hickory with no backing. My carpenter said the locking system was difficult. I had to tear it all up due to floor under it failing and had to throw it all out. It would not relock. I’m reacing and probably going with duraluck from floor and decor. Heard there locking system was better.

    3. Avatar

      Hi Kim,
      I have installed this flooring in several rooms in my house. I needed help from a handiman to pick up the necessary tricks to click the flooring in place and get tight joints. I would suggest this if you struggle at all with installation. I found a chop saw very helpful for cutting planks. As for the way the floor looks, I’ve been very pleased. The floor is very easy to maintain and so far I haven’t had any show signs of wear. The first floors I did have been getting pretty heavy use for the last 3 years.
      I would suggest taking out baseboards if you have them, or adding quarter or half round trim to the baseboards if you leave them in place. Also, as my subfloors under the cheap carpets I replaced with this flooring, are a very cheap, uneaven composite board, I had to hammer down nails, remove staples and fill in cracks and uneven spaces with thinset (found in the tiling section at your local home improvement store). Get pre-mixed, easier if you’ve never mixed it. Very easy to do and worth it.

    4. Avatar
      Christopher North

      If the product is installed correctly you won’t have any issues. The negative comments may be your average Harry home owner thats watched 1 video thinking it’ll be easier than it is. I enjoy laying this flooring

  5. Avatar

    I just finished installing 4700 SF of this Coreluxe Ultra Engineered Vinyl in a custom home in the Phoenix area. Installing the product was a bit tough to get used to in the beginning; however, we got used to what needed to be done. It seems to be an exceptional product with an exceptional wear layer of 28m with a lifetime warranty. We opted to float the floor instead gluing it down. I’ve noticed one day after completing that we’ve got a few “soft spots” or spots where the finished floor doesn’t sit against the concrete subfloor completely and when one walks on these areas one will feel a bit of a squish or softness. I have read that I should give it a couple of months to conform to its subfloor before trying to fix anything. My mind is spinning thinking about how to perhaps fill in these soft spots if over time the planks don’t conform. Maybe squirt a little glue under the areas? This would mean drilling little holes into the beautiful finished product. Any ideas out there to help mitigate soft spots?

    1. Avatar

      HORRIBLE FLOORING! We installed in our condo in Kitchen and within 2 months it started separating near the refrigerator. Fast forward 2 months … the entire floor is Showing gaps and separating. Floor was installed properly, professionally. Manager at store could not even get this product put together without gaps and lying flat. Customer Assistant told my husband they recommended using super glue!?!? Yep, he has it in an email from the rep at Corelux. We bought this to replace vinyl flooring in 2 condos! Corelux said it was an installation problem!

  6. Avatar

    We are thinking of purchasing Coreluxe New Point Coastal Pine 5mm with pad for our office over cement. Do you think we would get gaps?

  7. Avatar
    Harold Johnson

    I bought CoreLuxe 7mm Acacia EVP. I’ve spent about $4000 or more to cover 1500 square feet. I have eliminated T-molding in doorways and it flows into every room and closet. To do this, undercut each doorjamb and molding to allow the plank underneath. I have weaved in, out, and around bars and under a dishwasher and range. The trouble spots are entry doors and under refrigerators. Exterior walls are not straight so you may find a gap somewhere. My fridge separated the plank just in front. I tried everything to get it to come together with no success. Tips would be keeping the work area and plank vacuumed during install and don’t remove baseboards as some suggest. Occasionally you’ll find manufacturing defects of the edge. I used a table saw, jigsaw, micro plain, laminate tamping tools, and adjustable square. I didn’t have a lot of luck gluing plank together on the edge at walls or doors. The glue sets too fast leaving a gap. I have glued plank together in the middle of the floor successfully where there were defective edges. I used no underlayment as instructed although idiots at the store suggested it. I found the stores not helpful. They didn’t tell me the acacia was discontinued when I started. That left me scrambling to find old stock in neighboring states to finish my floor. Buy extra because you will make mistakes and you have to allow for walls and other structures. It scratches easily so do buy scratch repair at Amazon. In my case, I had to remove and replace old particleboard flooring with plywood. A lot of work which could have been made easier with helpful sales staff providing good tips.

  8. Avatar

    Do you guys manufacture anything close in color & quality to the 5.5 Sandbridge Oak Evp? We have purchased this product before and we’re happy. We did additional remodeling and would like to continue with this floor.

  9. Avatar

    I have had extreme difficulty with Coreux EVP contacting edges when laying 6 inch planks on a kitchen floor. The small male-female connecting edge is made with thin material which makes it difficult to firmly click them together and they are subject to coming apart after installation. I have covered another room with another companies flooring and found it very easy to make a firm connection between planks and there were no problems with them coming apart. Hopefully Corelux can solve this problem because otherwise it makes a good product.

  10. Avatar

    I purchased this flooring in September 2019. In December we noticed the floor gapping. Called Lumber Liquidators and they say it is installed incorrectly. Had installed by a contractor and he claims to have followed all the instructions to a tee. He has installed many floors. They did not even come out to look at the floor. I am going to fight this one to the end, because this is a bad product and Lumber Liquidators do not stand behind it. The short ends of the planks are gapping.

    1. Avatar

      Gapping isn’t an installation issue. Cupping might be but gapping means the product is shrinking. There is no possible way an installer can prevent a product from shrinking or literally disappearing. This is a defective product and probably has to do with either temperature or sunlight exposure or both. Virgin vinyl won’t expand or contract, recycled material will.

    2. Avatar
      James & Judy Atkins

      I purchased 4mm TRQ XD 4mm Click Brazilian Cherry in 2018 and the boards now have gaps. I had a professional company install it. The contractor that installed it said he has no idea why it has gaps and has never had this happen before. I am finding mores places Everytime I clean the floor. Anyone else having this problem??

  11. Avatar

    I’m still in the process of installing this floor. It looks great in the box and laid in place. I have a decade of construction knowledge under my belt, but flooring is not something I’ve ever done. After reading the instructions, it’s been a cinch to install.
    It only take a few taps to click it in. If you’re using a sledgehammer, you’re doing it wrong.
    I was able to install in the bathrooms and kitchen over existing linoleum. Cutting has been easy too. Just score and snap, and use a small coping saw or hack saw.
    So far it’s holding up very well against two large, excitable dogs and a rambunctious 10 year old. Cleaning is a breeze with dust mop and some light wet mopping.
    I love this floor and couldn’t be happier with it

  12. Avatar

    Installed in one room in our house, with it being a concrete pad I had no easy way to lay wood like the rest of the house. It was down for approximately ONE year before the joints started to split and crack and bow up. Looked great on initial install, has held up horribly.

    1. Avatar

      Corn lux is a horrible product. Beware there is no warranty. We installed it in our house and there are gaps and chipping. Planks are fragile. We purchased $4000 of the 4 mm thickness. The manufacture is now making a thicker product that will not work for repairs. Obviously there was something wrong with the original design. We are screwed. Do not buy from Lumber liquidators.

      1. Avatar

        What line did you put in your house? i was going to put in Corelux Ultra Brazilian Cherry vinyl which is 7mm and SPC. It costs so much and i am a little worried since there is so little information/reviews on this product. Thank you

  13. Avatar

    Hi. I purchased over 1900 sq ft of a evp corelux floor this year and installed myself. It was done correctly but immediately we started noticing some black substance accumulating on our feet. I’ve cleaned the floor with several types of cleaners, even getting on my hands and knees to get a thorough cleaning in thinking it was something from the factory. Visually you’ll see no dirt, and no black specks on the mop, but yet our feet will have all of this black stuff on them within an hour of mopping even with no one having gone outside. Lumber Liquidators is coming to inspect it but will only offer store credit if they deem it a warranty issue. There is so much wrong here. My advice, stay away from vinyl floors (my second terrible experience with it) and stay away from lumber Liquidators.

    1. Avatar

      Update: they are refusing to give us any refund of any kind. They say it is our fault due to the cleaner we used which is total bs considering we’ve only used recommended cleaners. They won’t submit the substance found on our feet to an actual reputable lab. I simply got the run around and am out thousands of dollars and countless hours of my time to not only install, but remove. I will also add that ours is gapping in places where it shouldn’t despite having been installed correctly. I went against my gut using lvp and lumber liquidators. My advice? Be patient and save for a better product. Perhaps bamboo.

  14. Avatar

    Can Coreluxe be installed under an island with quartz counters, or can other cabinets be installed on top of the flooring?

    1. Avatar

      It is not recommended to install any floating floor underneath cabinetry This will not allow the floor to float freely and can Cause the floor to come apart over time. You will need to go up to the cabinetry and trim out unless you glue the floor down then you can go under the cabinetry

  15. Avatar

    Do not buy this product! I made the mistake of buying it and the locking system takes a sledge hammer to get it to click into place. This is too expensive to be this bad of a product.
    Do not buy Coreluxe flooring.

    1. Avatar
      Linda Sçhwone

      I bought the CorLuxe tile look. Yes, it takes more than just a tap to get the seams (especially on the short side) to lock. I’m using a dead blow hammer. I’m hoping because it is such a tight seal that no water will swap through the seams. It is more effort than the laminate I’ve installed in other rooms. It cut easy and can even use a utility knife to trim spots. I really like the look, feel and time will tell as far as durability. AND NO GROUT LINES.

      Have patience, take your time, the results will be worth it.

      1. Avatar

        Hi Linda,

        How has the Coreluxe tile held up? We really like the look of the Seminato Shale 5mm w/pad but are worried about the quality.

        Thank you!

    2. Avatar

      You had no clue what you were doing, I have installed over 70 rooms with this product and most of it can be installed with just your hands. A 12′ x 12′ room for one person should take no longer than 2 hours to complete.
      If you were using hammers, sledges, or whatever to install this product, ask for help where you bought it!

      1. Avatar

        I had it the blue installed in my kitchen and adjacent hallway and like it a lot and would like to put it on the adjacent stairwell. Would you recommend it for a stairwell? I don’t want to put another carpet on the stairwell but like to use a runner on top of the vinyl plank.

          1. Avatar

            Hi toni, I just installed corelux on my stairs and through the home it looks beautiful. But im now a bit scared reading all these carb2 compliant air quality reviews. I hope it won’t make my family sick. But so far I am happy with the floor..

  16. Avatar

    I am vacillating between this coreluxe and the lifeproof. Coreluxe seems to have lower VOC’s is all I am able to gather. My real question is can I secure this flooring down and not have it float so much? I hate the lift these tiles have when walked on, they seem to be to easily lifted out. I am installing this over a cement floor that I will be treating with a laticrete water-proofing product (liquid material applied with a roller) and would really like this flooring to feel a little more solidly secured down.

    What’s the skinny on using any type of very moderate adhesive?

    Thank you all

    1. Avatar

      Once the floor is locked in place together, its not coming up easily. The term floating floor is to be used loosely. You aren’t going to be stepping on it and feeling it moving underneath you.

  17. Avatar

    I am getting an odor from my Coreluxe vinyl flooring. I have had the windows and doors open and have changed air filters. It has been over 1 month. Any suggestions? Should I be worried about any bad emissions?

    1. Avatar
      Phyllis Blaske

      I would Lao like an answer to this question. Just installed our floor in a addition glass enclosed room, on cement floor. Odor is really evident.
      Please advise…..

  18. Avatar

    What does one put under the rubber-backed mats and rugs to protect Coreluxe from discoloration? We were told FELT pieces would work from the folks at Lumber Liquidators. We were told to go to Home Depot. They had no clue. We need to have something as we live in Minnesota and need to have mats and rugs by the doors.

    1. Avatar

      Bought and installed CoreLuxe
      3.2mm Buttercream Maple Engineered Vinyl Plank Flooring about two weeks ago. Very fragile stuff, very difficult to get most of it to seat properly, being brittle and having to tap “even gently” will crush and break all the edges, very stiff as well. My floor “not my first fifth or sixth time” has gaping where it shouldn’t and chipping at weakened click joints. I was as gentle as I could be…..never again from lumber Liquidators or at least anything CoreLuxe. Cheap for a reason.

      1. Avatar

        I was about to purchase the CoreLuxe 3.2mm Buttercream Maple vinyl plank flooring when I came across this review. I am so grateful to find out how bad this product is. I could have made an expensive and time consuming mistake. Thank-you for the information, it is very much appreciated.

    2. Avatar
      Betty E Bedsole

      Just found this site & see your post from 2019. I use felt padding under my rugs. It can be purchased on line. I measured all my rugs & bought a large section of felt & then cut to size.

    1. Avatar

      Please let me know what the temperature range is for this flooring. The hottest and coldest it can get – as in putting it in an enclosed 3 season porch without heat or AC?

      1. Avatar
        In an area that is not heat and cool so has temperature variances

        I also wonder about using In an area that is not heat and cool so has temperature variances

  19. Avatar

    Has anyone purchased the 8mm flooring and what has your experience been? I’m getting nervous about making this purchase as I can find little to no reviews on the product.

    1. Avatar

      Yes, I purchased the 8mm with attached padding: Urban Loft Ash. It is absolutely phenomenal. Great quality product, for sure. Installation went smoothly.

      1. Avatar

        Have you had any problems with dog scratches? We purchased the whole floor for our house, specially asked about dog wear and tear and got the 8 mm, and we have very light dog scratches everywhere. Lumber Liquidators is saying it isn’t covered under warranty. You can only see the scratches when wet, looks great dry. So I am thinking there must be some sort of cleaner that takes this off, help??

        1. Avatar

          The Bellawood range of products have a scratch remover. That is listed in my warranty document as the products to be used.

  20. Avatar

    We purchased coreluxe Brazilian Koa for our sunroom. We then read the instructions and it says not to install this in areas when there are temperature changes. It may get down to 30 degrees in the winter and 90 or so in the summer. Can we still use this product or will it warp or crack from the temperature changes?

  21. Avatar

    Can (should) I glue the tongue/groove to reduce or eliminate squeaking? Just a very light bead of wood glue with my fingertips before floating on the concrete slab floor?

  22. Avatar

    We have this in most of our house. It’s great for a waterproof floor but is shows dust and scratches easy. Is there anything we can put on it to keep that from happening? I have seen a vinyl floor sealant product and my friend put it on her floors and it looks great. The floor is more shiny and doesn’t show the dust as much and doesn’t scratch as easy. Is there a similar product we can use on the core luxe ultra that you recommend?

    1. Avatar

      I just purchased the coreluxe rigid vinyl plank flooring -SS RVP8CG-SS
      My husband is in a power wheel chair and I was planning on glueing and clicking the kitchen the store says it can be glued with no problem however it has rubber on the back.
      Will this work with the rubber backing.

    2. Avatar

      Same question on cleaning floor . We purchase same flooring this week & installed living & hall & dinning and would like to know what we can use besides Bellawood?
      We got smudges .
      We hear maybe mineral oil? Please reply. Thank you l

  23. Avatar

    I’m thinking about installing Coreluxe vinyl plank flooring in my den and kitchen. This is a farmhouse with heavy traffic into the den from outside. I like the looks of the coreluxe 5mm bourbon barrel flooring. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. Thank you.

  24. Avatar

    I just purchased a large amount of engineered vinyl flooring earlier today and about an hour ago just came across an article that mentions how toxic this type of flooring is, and now I am extremely nervous, especially being that I have young kids and my wife is pregnant. I had planned on doing my whole house in engineered vinyl flooring. Should I send it all back? Or is it safe?

    1. Avatar

      Hi Nick! We always suggest for shoppers to look for vinyl plank floors that are FloorScore and GreenGuard certified, as Coreluxe is. FloorScore certification ensures the flooring has passed indoor air quality (IAQ) requirements.

  25. Avatar
    brent meredith

    I have corelux with underlayment and they overlapped so it has a lump. Will that affect the integrity of the floor?

  26. Avatar

    Anyone know the wear layer in mil? Trying to compare to shaw tivoli plus which is a little more expensive in comparison to coreluxe xd driftwood hickory. The shaw is 12 mil wear layer but they dont say the wear layer for coreluxe which concerns me.

    1. Avatar

      Driftwood Hickory is 20Mil…..if you go into the store they have the wear layer on the display planks. My question (which i haven’t found an answer yet), is there any enhancements or additives to the wear layer (ie ceramic beads)?

      1. Avatar

        Sometimes that information is in the Specs or Faqs tab on the Lumber Liquidator online page for the individual Coreluxe design you are asking about. If it is not call the Lumber Liquidator Customer Service Helpline and they will get that information for you. I am installing the Walnut Hickory 7 mm Coreluxe Ultra and a Customer Service Representative let me know that the one I chose has a 28 mil wear layer.

  27. Avatar

    I purchased the CoreLuxe reclaimed barn oak 5.5mm. Do you put this directly over flooring or do you put a underpayment first? Thank you

    1. Avatar

      Depends on which grade of Corelux and which style you choose. The Corelux Ultra pattern we chose has a 29 mil wear layer. Some styles have 12 mil, some have 20…it really varies by grade and style.

  28. Avatar

    I have a guy coming out to measure for my Coreluxe 5.3mm. Would it be worth it to upgrade to the Coreluxe Ultra for kitchens and bathrooms?

  29. Avatar

    Do you know how this stacks up to LifeProof or do you have another article on it already that I can read through?

      1. Avatar

        Hello, Floor Critics
        Are you able to answer a question for me?

        I purchased the Corelux XD in Smokey quartz. Ur was installed today and It’s lovely except for one thing- the “micro bevel” is truly not micro… It’s huge! It’s going to be a dirt trap.
        . Is this product groutable so that I can fill in that bevel and have a smooth floor?


  30. Avatar

    We just installed this product. It far exceeds our expeditions. It is absolutely beautiful and easy to install. Highly recommend, also I have pictures if you would like.

      1. Avatar

        I am about to purchase Coreluxe engineered vinyl plank flooring. It would be nice to see Roxanne Beevers’ pictures. Where can I see them?

    1. Avatar

      I would very much like to see pics. And are you still happy with floor? Do you have pets? Does it scratch? Is it easy to clean? Was it hard to put down? Thank you so much. This is a big decision for me.

    2. Avatar

      Well, it certainly was not easy to install… We are thinking of hiring someone. It would never join tight together, there wer gaps. We took Lumber Liquidators’ advice and did it the way they said, and it still would not join tightly.

      1. Avatar

        You need a dead blow hammer and a dowel to strike for a perfect joint. We are watching an installer do our whole house and he said this was the best product he has ever installed ibis 20 year experience

        1. Avatar

          Vince, What was the product you specifically purchased? Was it Corelux Ultra?

          I am reading so many negative comments I am afraid to make my purchase. And did your product give off fumes? Thank you.

      1. Avatar

        I have purchased the corelux ultra for my house and would like to put it down in most all of the rooms. Is it possible to put it throughout without expansion joints at the doorways or between rooms? None of my rooms are over 50′ long or wide ane the house is only about 60′ long.

      1. Avatar

        CORELUXE IS A NICE FLOOR. Locking mechanism was not at all Good. The lip to lock in is about as thick as a tooth pick and just a light tap it will tear off. I have personally installed aprox 10.000 Sq feet of different floating floor and this is the worst. They should stop making and fix the problem.

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