DreamWeaver Carpet Review – 2022 Buying Guide

By Fortino Rosas / March 23, 2022 / 53 Comments

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    If your dream is to add comfort and warmth to your home, one of the brands that you may come across in your search for new flooring is DreamWeaver. DreamWeaver is a leading brand that uses the latest technology and innovation to create comfortable, durable carpet flooring.

    In this guide, we’re going to take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of DreamWeaver carpet across 9 key criteria.

    Why spend hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on a product that doesn’t deliver as promised? See our ratings below!

    Our Overall Rating of DreamWeaver Carpet

    We rated the DreamWeaver carpet across 9 key criteria. Read on to learn more.

    DreamWeaver Carpet Rating by Floor Critics

    DreamWeaver Company Overview

    DreamWeaver is the third largest U.S. carpet manufacturer and was founded in 2009 by Bob Shaw of Shaw flooring. At age 78, Bob came out of retirement and founded Engineered Floors which owns the DreamWeaver brand.

    DreamWeaver is based in Dalton, GA (aka the carpet capital of the world) and proudly manufacturers its carpet in the USA.

    The Complete DreamWeaver Carpet Buyer’s Guide

    1. Durability & Quality

    Floor Critics Rating: 4.0

    DreamWeaver scores well for durability. Its PureColor and TwistX technologies are more than just fancy sounding names. If you are looking for a carpet that can resist stains, give DreamWeaver a closer look.

    Carpet is a popular choice for many households because of its warmth and comfort. However, one of the biggest worries that comes along with owning carpets is durability. Is DreamWeaver carpet able to withstand the daily traffic of a busy household?

    Proprietary Technologies

    DreamWeaver has four key proprietary technologies that they feel makes their carpet high quality. It is worth noting that most high-quality carpet manufacturers have a cool sounding technology that more or less functions the same way.

    1. PureColor – This refers to their solution-dyed fiber that goes all the way through the carpet fiber to prevent fading, stains, and wear. A way to think of this technology is when you cut a carrot you will see orange no matter where you cut. Unlike when you look at a radish, you see the red on the outside, but when you cut it, you will see a white color. DreamWeaver likes to think of their carpet as a carrot and competitors’ like a radish.
    2. TwistX – A durability technology that has a twist multiplier that provides 33% higher bundle sizes which give the carpet more yarn and higher density.
    3. PurBac – A premium backing system that makes installation easier, but also protects the carpet against mold and fungus.
    4. SoilShield – A technology that helps block soil from sticking to the carpet fibers.
    DreamWeaver twistX Technology
    DreamWeaver twistX Technology

    Carpet Material

    Knowing what carpet is made out of is one of the most important buying decisions.

    DreamWeaver residential carpets are made from Polyester (note: their commercial line also offers Nylon). Is that good? Let’s discuss.

    There are four main types of carpet fibers:

    1. Nylon – considered the best carpet for high-traffic areas as it has the strongest fiber, expensive
    2. Olefin or Polypropylene – used more in commercial settings, less costly than wool, nylon, and polyester
    3. Polyester – has a luxurious feel and excellent stain resistance, however, it does not hold its pile height under heavy traffic as well as other fibers, budget friendly
    4. Wool – natural, very soft, and strong, but requires more maintenance than other types of carpets and does not hold up as well to stains

    The right carpet fiber is based on your needs and budget. We feel DreamWeaver carpet is an excellent choice for someone looking for stain resistance at a reasonable price. We suggest you go with a DreamWeaver carpet that has a high pile height and high density. We discuss styles later this in this article.

    DreamWever Carpet Face Weight and PAR (Performance, Appearance and Retention) Rating

    When looking at the quality of a carpet, face weight and PAR rating are two important criteria (in addition to the carpet material discussed above).

    In short, a higher face weight means the carpet should be more durable. Residential carpets on average have a face weight between 35 to 60 ounces. The DreamWeaver carpets we reviewed had a face weight between 20 and 80 ounces, with the average being about 45 ounces (so on the lower end of the average carpet).

    Performance, Appearance and Retention rating is a 1 to 5 (higher the better) score given to a carpet based on simulated foot traffic. It was created by Shaw Industries. The test compares the worn piece of carpet with an unworn piece. DreamWeaver’s carpets range from 2.5 to 4.5, with most receiving a score of 4.

    The issue we see with the PAR rating system is that each person or family uses their carpet differently and a simulation may not reflect actual use. So we don’t recommend picking a carpet solely based off its PAR score.

    Carpet Padding

    Carpet padding is required to qualify for DreamWeaver’s warranties. The Carpet & Rug Institute says the rule for most residential carpet applications is to choose cushion no more than 7/16 inch thick and no less than 1/4 inch with 6 pounds per cubic feet density.

    DreamWeaver carpet padding
    Don’t overlook the importance of carpet padding.

    Does DreamWeaver Wear, Stain, & Fade Easily?

    We felt the carpet did an excellent job resisting tough stains like wine, coffee, and ketchup. See the before and after photos of wine that was spilt on the carpet.

    As you can see, the stain was completely removed by using a simple combination of bleach and water.

    While we weren’t able to test if the carpet truly holds up to prolonged sun exposure, but we feel confident that DreamWevaer can backup their claims. The high quality material used in their carpets paired with their PureColor technology and industry leading warranty helps support our claim.

    Of course, like all carpets, you will eventually begin to see wear and tear. This is especially true with heavy traffic throughout your household, improper care, or improper installation. We discuss warranty in our next section.

    Read more: How Long Does Carpet Last?

    2. Warranty

    Floor Critics Rating: 5.0

    DreamWeaver backs up all of their wear and stain resistance claims with its warranty. While a lifetime warranty sounds great, you must realize most carpet lasts on average 10 years.

    For comparisons sake, Mohawk offers fade resistance warranties that range from 15 to 25 years vs. the lifetime warranty offered by DreamWeaver. Mohawk does offer similar lifetime warranties for stain and pet.

    All PureColor carpets come with lifetime warranties against staining, pet staining, and fading. If your carpets are stained or damaged after proper installation and care, the company will repair or replace them.

    DreamWeaver also offers warranties against soil resistance, abrasive wear, texture retention, and manufacturing defects. The length of the warranties range from one year to 25 years and vary by collection.

    What’s Not Covered?

    • Carpets treated with a foreign substance after installation
    • Non-residential installations
    • Abnormal abuse
    • Carpet exposed to hot substances
    • Crushing caused by furniture
    • Damage caused by tears, pulls, burns, wheel traffic, or athletic equipment
    • Carpet installed in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, stairs, carpets in commercial facilities, outdoor areas
    • Damage due to flooding
    • Failure to follow recommended carpet care and routine maintenance of the product or recommended installations guidelines

    From our experience, getting a claim approved may not be the easiest. It is important to read the warranty before buying and also ensuring a certified installer is chosen.

    Also, the warranty is not transferable.

    Proration Schedule

    Furthermore, you can’t expect to file a claim 20 years after purchase and hope to get all your money back. Most all flooring companies have a proration schedule where they pay out based on how old the carpet is. The DreamWeaver schedule is below.

    Year% Covered

    Read more: DreamWeaver detailed warranty information.

    3. Selection: Styles & Colors

    Floor Critics Rating: 4.0

    The number of styles and color options DreamWeaver offers will make your head spin, but will give you several options that will hopefully help enhance your home décor. We feel having more choice in carpet styles, even if it may seem overwhelming, is better.

    Unless you plan on remodeling your entire home, you want your flooring to complement your interior. You want to choose carpet that looks at home with your furniture, the paint on your walls, other flooring installed throughout the home, and your décor. Luckily, DreamWeaver offers plenty of color and style options to suit any home.

    DreamWeaver Chelsea carpet
    DreamWeaver Chelsea carpet with twistX
    DreamWeaver Picture Perfect carpet
    DreamWeaver Picture Perfect carpet

    DreamWeaver offers hundreds of different carpet styles. Here is how to make sense of their product line.

    Construction Type

    • Texture
    • Twist
    • Loop
    • Pattern

    Styles: Fiber Technology

    • PureColor Solutions (Good)
    • PureColor (Better)
    • PureColor w/twistX (Best)

    Color Shades

    • Beige
    • Brown
    • Grey
    • Ivory
    • Multicolor
    • Taupe

    Construction Type

    DreamWeaver offers four different types of carpet construction. Here is a quick summary of each type.

    TypePros & Cons
    TexturePros: soft and durable, comes in a variety styles to match any décor
    Cons: pile height lessens with high traffic
    TwistPros: soft, the more twists there are, the more durable the carpet
    Cons: harder to clean
    LoopPros: very durable, good for high-traffic areas
    Cons: Not as comfortable and soft as other options
    PatternPros: appearance, spills are easy to clean as carpet is less dense
    Cons: Not best for high-traffic areas

    Styles: Fiber Technology

    DreamWeaver’s latest technology, twistX, was released in 2020. It uses 3-ply yarn vs. more commonly used 2-ply yarn. The third ply is intended to secure the other 2 plies and increase the density of the yarn and thus provide better durability.

    We feel this is something buyers should consider as you are now able to get a high-end carpet that can perform closer to nylon at a better price point.

    Dave Meister, owner of The Floor Meister, said to FC News “The bells and whistles on this are out of this world. It’s what I call ‘a carpet man’s carpet.’ There is no doubt we will sell a lot of this stuff.”

    Which Technology Should You Choose?
    • PureColor Solutions (Good) – If you are on a tight budget, lower face weight so not meant for heavy traffic
    • PureColor (Better) – For lower traffic areas, affordable price point, warranty matches higher end models
    • PureColor w/twistX (Best) – If you are looking for high-end features at a less than luxury price


    DreamWeaver also has a large selection of colors. Choose from lighter shades like Eggshell, Dove, or Porcelain, or darker shades like Summer Bronze, Honey Beige, and Utopia. There are roughly 6 to 20 different types of color options depending on the style of carpet which we felt was more than enough.

    Their colors have various names, but can be grouped into the following color shades.

    • Beige
    • Brown
    • Grey
    • Ivory
    • Multicolor
    • Taupe

    Color choices are a personally preference. Here are some general color selection tips from our team:

    • Order large samples and view them under your own home’s lighting conditions
    • Choose a light or beige color to make a room look open and spacious
    • Choose a color that complaints your existing furniture
    • Darker colors provide a warm and comfort feel

    4. Price

    Floor Critics Rating: 4.5

    The value you receive relative to the cost of DreamWeaver carpet is outstanding.

    Before you tackle your home improvement project, you’ve most likely put a budget in place. To determine if DreamWeaver carpet is a budget-friendly flooring option, let’s look at their price ranges.

    We breakdown the prices based on face weight (the higher the better quality).

    • <30 ounces: $0.70 to $2 per square foot
    • 30-40 ounces: $1 to $2 per square foot
    • 40-50 ounces: $1.50 to $3 per square foot
    • >50 ounces: $2 to $3 per square foot

    While the cost of DreamWeaver carpet varies based on where you purchase the carpet as well as the style you select, you should expect to pay around $1 to $3 per square foot.

    When compared to other brands, DreamWeaver carpet is very competitively priced. The price of carpet varies based on a number of factors, including the retailer you select, the brand of carpet, and the overall quality. Prices vary from less than $1 per square foot to about $5 per square foot.

    However, this is simply the cost of the carpet itself. Professional installation, additional materials like padding, and tools for self-installation will add more to your total project costs.

    5. Availability

    Floor Critics Rating: 3.0

    We like that you can find DreamWeaver in many small retailers and online, however, you cannot find them at big box stores. Furthermore, most retailers do not carry all the styles which is disappointing.

    While you will not find DreamWeaver carpet at Home Depot or Lowe’s, you will be able to find it at many local dealers.

    Brick & Mortar Retailers

    Online Retailers

    6. DreamWeaver Carpet vs. The Competition

    Floor Critics Rating: 3.5

    We find DreamWeaver to be a competitive choice vs. the competition. It has advantages on price and warranty while is lacks behind on selection, availability, and performance.

    DreamWeaver vs. Shaw Carpet

    Key differences:

    • Shaw carpets are generally more expansive than DreamWeaver by $2 to $4 per square foot (most of the savings comes from less production stages in DreamWeaver’s manufacturing process)
    • The DreamWeaver warranty is better, but note, that most carpets will not last through a full warranty period
    • Shaw offers nylon for residential carpets which can provide more wear resistance
    • Shaw has better availability

    DreamWeaver vs. Mohawk Carpet

    Key differences:

    • DreamWeaver adds stain protection in the carpet fibers vs. after the carpet has been manufactured so will be resistant longer
    • Mohawk offers more styles and add-on options
    • DreamWeaver has a better warranty
    • Mohawk’s SmartStrand line is considered by some to be one of the best carpets based on it’s durability, feel, and styles
    • Mohawk has better availability

    7. Care & Maintenance

    Floor Critics Rating: 4.0

    Pretty standard care and maintenance instructions. Some warranty language seemed to make cleaning the carpet harder than it should be.

    To get the most out of your new carpet, you want to make sure that you care for it as recommended by the manufacturer. Not only does this prolong the life of your DreamWeaver flooring, but improper care may cause your warranty to become void.

    Fortunately, caring for your new DreamWeaver carpet isn’t difficult at all. Daily carpet cleaning can be performed using a carpet vacuum cleaner. DreamWeaver recommends using a model recommended by the Carpet and Rug Institute.

    The manufacturer also recommends professional cleaning using hot water extraction every 12 to 18 months. Spills should be immediately cleaned up by blotting with a damp white towel, and spot cleaning can be performed using a cleaning product recommended by the Carpet and Rug Institute.

    DreamWeaver provides a care and warranty guide online that provides all details to consumers. The company also has a spot cleaning guide to help you remove stains safely from your carpet.

    Tips To Extend the Useful Life of Your Carpet

    8. Health & Environmental Safety

    Floor Critics Rating: 2.5

    We could not find much information on how sustainable DreamWeaver carpet is. We did not see the brand listed on Green Guard or receive any VOC information.

    Green Solutions in DreamWeaver Carpet

    • Solution-dyed polyester carpet is free of PFAS
    • Carpet does not use a latex backing
    • DreamWeaver’s energy savings claims: 30 % less energy, 87% less water, 42% less greenhouse gases
    • All carpets produced meet the Green Label Plus Program standards set by the Carpet & Rug Institute.

    9. Installation

    Floor Critics Rating: 4.5

    DreamWeaver carpet is a little easier to install than its competitors due to is PureBac technology.

    Why DreamWeaver’s PureBac Technology Makes It Easier To Install?

    • No latex which speeds up installation as its lighter, more flexible, and softer
    • Does not require acclimation time of 12 to 72 hours in colder climates
    • Seem sealer is not needed

    While it is possible to install DreamWeaver carpet yourself, pros do not recommend it. In fact, improper installation can void your warranty, so it’s best to turn to a professional for the job.

    Since most consumers don’t readily have the skills or the necessary tools to do the job themselves, the wisest move is to hire a licensed professional installer. While you will pay roughly $1 to $4 per square foot just for the installation, the peace of mind that you’ll have in knowing that your flooring has been installed properly is well worth the additional expense.

    You can contact us if you need any help finding a trusted installer.

    However, if you do plan to install the flooring yourself, it’s important to note that there will be additional materials and tools needed to properly complete the job. This includes a carpet pad of the right thickness, a knee kicker, and a carpet stretcher.

    Below is a helpful installation video.

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    Is DreamWeaver a good carpet?

    DreamWeaver carpets are of excellent quality. Thanks to the brand’s innovative technology, these carpets are durable enough to withstand daily traffic and are perfect for homes with pets and kids. The PureColor solution-dyed fiber the brand uses is resistant to staining, wear, fading, etc.

    Another essential point is that the brand offers long warranties for their carpets. This flooring solution is easy to clean and maintain, and it comes at a competitive price. As long as you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for care and maintenance, your DreamWeaver carpets will look as good as new for years.

    What is DreamWeaver Carpet made of?

    The brand uses two different materials in the production of its carpets: high-quality polyester and high-quality nylon (commercial only). .

    DreamWeaver carpets are made using a unique, innovative technology called PureColor. This technology produces high-quality fibers that are resistant to wear, fading, staining, and spots caused by household bleaching agents.

    Is DreamWeaver carpet nylon or polyester?

    DreamWeaver residential carpets are made of polyester while their commercial line also includes nylon. This flooring brand uses each of these materials combined with their PureColor and SoilShield technologies.

    Their PureColor innovation provides solution-dyed fibers that are more durable than traditionally-dyed fibers. As a result, you can expect your new carpets to be resistant to fading even when exposed to sunlight, resistant to wear even in high-traffic areas, and resistant to damage from soil, stains, and bleach spot treatments.

    How do you order DreamWeaver carpet samples online?

    DreamWeaver carpets are available at numerous dealers, most of which also offer online sales; however, not all resellers provide carpet samples online. You will need to work directly with the sellers the manufacturer collaborates with to see if you can get samples.

    Because DreamWeaver carpets are an Engineered Floors brand, though, they offer a visualization feature online. With this feature, you can upload pictures of your room and see which carpet will be the best fit even if you find that obtaining a physical sample is not convenient.

    Can DreamWeaver carpet be installed without a pad?

    No. A carpet pad is required to qualify for the warranty. A padding of 7/16″ and minimum density of 6 pounds per cubic feet is recommended.

    Final Thoughts

    DreamWeaver is a leading brand in the carpet industry, and with good reason. Its PureColor technology and exceptional warranties ensure that you are purchasing a durable product that’s easy to clean and maintain. You’ll have a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from, all at a budget-friendly price.

    On the downside, the product availability and sustainability are areas other brands have an edge on.

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    About Fortino Rosas

    Chief Floor Critic, 32 years of experience in flooring installation and sales

    Fortino Rosas is an independent flooring contractor with 32 years of experience in residential and commercial flooring installation and sales. He joined the Floor Critics team to share his expertise with our readers. Fortino has acquired vast knowledge and skills in the areas of product selection, space planning, and installation. He has installed flooring in residential, government, and commercial office projects in the Midwest. Visit Website.

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    53 thoughts on “DreamWeaver Carpet Review – 2022 Buying Guide”

    1. We have been very happy with our Dream Weaver carpet. We installed the Star Struck – Sawgrass in 2017. It is a 32oz poly carpet with 3.5 par rating. The traffic has worn very well the past 3.5 years and looks just as good as the day it was installed. (No wearing or fading)

      We followed the recommendation of our flooring salesmen and made sure not to use a Dyson vacuum. Apparently most carpet warranties are void because a dyson “works” too well with too much suction and vacuum head agitation where it rips and piles the top layers of carpet fiber.

      I would bet to guess that many of the negative reviewers use a dyson vacuum.

    2. My wife and I were just about to order the Dream Weaver Deep Secret for our home theater room. We don’t have a pet, but we have 4 year old twins. Very afraid to proceed with it now after reading all the negative reviews. More than anything it seems the company denies all claims.

      1. I have my carpet for a little over a year and it is starting to wear in places. It is now a discontinued model which is great. They are replacing everything. No cost very easy claim.

        1. Mine too!!!!!

          The rep. wont even respond to my calls or text messages. You can’t even leave a message on his vm.

          Got 2 pulls during inspection that was below 3 or 3.5lbs . He didn’t include that in his report.

    3. DO NOT BUY! We paid a lot of money for Dream Weaver carpet to be installed in our home. It was marketed to us as “pet carpet” that would be great for us since we have pets. What we got was a carpet where all the fibers come out constantly, and if a pet has an accident the urine goes into the carpet backing! DO NOT BUY IF YOU HAVE A PET! We paid a fire restoration company to come clean our carpets since I kept smelling urine, but I couldn’t see a stain. After they had come out I still smelled urine. (We had 14 year old carpet before that and we never had that problem!) Finally my husband and I pulled back our new carpet which showed a pet accident stain on the backing of the carpet. We couldn’t ever get the smell out of any accident because it would never stay up in the fibers, it went to the backing. The stains were always visible on the backing and no matter what we did, once there never could be cleaned or removed including any odors. We fought with the company. Ultimately they said their product wasn’t defective, basically we shouldn’t have pets that pee on the carpet. The carpet sample met the standard (barely) for what is acceptable for fibers coming out. Like others stated, they were interested in our vacuum cleaner, but ours is a top end Miele so they couldn’t blame that. We are waiting for a class action suit. We pulled up the majority of the carpet after 2 years.

      1. I’m sorry but your issue has nothing to do with the carpet. All dog urine goes through the carpet and onto the backing. Only reason you didn’t smell before is you got used to it. Then it went away with new carpet and once your dogs peed on the carpet again, well, you started smelling it. Letting your dogs pee on the carpet that often will destroy even the best carpet out there. The pee is causing the delamination. It is literally breaking down the latex glue. No matter the quality of the carpet, none would have held up to that.

    4. I’m amazed at the stain resistance of this carpet! We have the Dream Weaver Fisher Island in Destin. I was a little worried about having light grey carpet & 2 chocolate labs, but the carpet is amazing! Just had our carpets cleaned for the 1st time (2 years-ish after install) & they look brand new! Very happy with this carpet.

      1. we install this carpet alot at our shop and so far everyone is happy with the results and it looks amazing down. mexicali is the hot color in our region, going in multi million dollar homes in park city utah.

    5. A suit is futile but the dreamweaver doesn’t wear well and if you try to file a claim, they will even look at the vacuum cleaner you use and say it caused the wear.

    6. Hello! My claim was denied. I was told it is an install issue. Fibers everywhere. I have holes on the edges.

      Anybody gonna start a class action lawsuit I will join.

      I called claims nobody called me back.

      Engineeredfloors.com Dreamweaver carpet sucks!

      My carpet was just installed Feb. 2020.

    7. COMPLETE GARBAGE!!!! Installed end of Feb. 2020 Exceptional II. Started noticing the carpet was shedding. Suddenly holes appeared on my stairs riser. Now, hole on the hallway. Called the installer . They were a no show twice already. After the third try they sent somebody to fix the problem.

      Got a call from the manufacturer. If you try to call the rep. you can even leave a VM since his VM is full.

      Approx. after 2 weeks of waiting inspector came. Agree with one of the comments the warranty is useless.

      Markings are horrible! Seams showing different parts of the house.


    8. this carpet is the worst!!! We bought it since it was supposed to be durable and good for high traffic areas. It was definitely soft and plush but sheds like CRAZY and looks like crap just a few years later. Their warranty is BS-they dont stand by their product. They pulled out carpet off the market because its so bad but they wont honor the warranty!! I have strands of carpet pulling out all over. DO NOT BUY!!!

    9. I cannot believe the number of comments that echo my sentiment. Dream Weaver Carpet is the worst!! We are a senior couple with no pets. Day 1 the carpet looked TERRIBLE. Vacuum marks, footprints, and just plain unattractive. Matting began almost immediately. I was told we should not be walking barefoot on the carpet.
      We should be wearing footies. Who purchases expensive plush carpet with that caveat?
      After less than a year we had a Dream Weaver inspection: Claim Denied.
      Normal wear and tear. Seriously? I am now waiting for some acceptable resolution from the carpet retailer. If no acceptable resolution forthcoming I will be back to add their name to my comments. Right now their suggestion is to steam clean the carpet.
      Refused that option.

    10. When we asked for what KIND of carpet we wanted from the beginning by stating that we wanted a carpet that was wear resistant for high traffic ares as well as we didn’t want to see footmarks and vacuum tracks. Was told by sales person that this Dream Weaver carpet was it. They are installing today and it is horrible. We can see every step we take. Tracks show so much. Nothing like the salesperson said.

    11. All of these comments are crazy!! I bought dream weaver pure color soft polyester 55oz. Had it installed last month. Lol I’ll be watching to see if any of these problems arise in my home. I hope to come back with positive results.

    12. We purchased Dreamweaver Iron Frost pet proof carpet along with Stain Master Pet Padding. Supposedly has a 25 year warranty. It was installed April 17, 2019. The reason we purchased this is because we had an elderly dog in diapers. This carpet is definitely not pet or stain proof. When anything at all gets on it dry or wet it turns brown. On 11/22/2019 I had it professionally steam cleaned. The stains returned. I called the store on 12/27/19. They recommended Sunshine Carpet. On 1/23/2020, Sunshine Carpet came and did a pet cleaning. This carpet stayed wet longer than our other rooms. Also, The stains returned. A carpet inspector came out. He treated a spot, that stain has also returned. The manufacturer agreed to replace this carpet. We were told we needed to pay installation. We charged the installation charge on that date, ordered our carpet. We waited and waited to be contacted with an installation date. We finally called. We were then told the carpet was defective and had to be sent back to the manufacturer. So, we waited and waited again. No one contacted us. So, we called again last Friday and were told there was a hold on this because the installer refused because we were not purchasing new padding AGAIN! We were told the padding was saturated and he refused to install out carpet No one has looked at the padding. Nothing except the cleaning “saturated” this padding. The older carpet was cleaned the same times. It dried much faster and no stains Returned. Pet Proof Carpet with Pet Proof Padding ( we were told we had to get the pet padding) less than a year (when this All began). We spent 2269.00 for living/Dining combo and hallway {Our entire house is less than 1300 sq ft}. If we had known we would have been having this issue we would have gotten something beside carpet. We were looking for something pet proof to make things easier. This has been a horrible stressful experience. Today they called. Their answer is we can purchase a less expensive padding, plus installation. Still costing us over $850.00. Or we can have this cleaned several more times to try to get the stains out, at a cost of over $100.00 per visit! It is insane to me that the carpet is defective, stained and we have to pay to replace it. So, we are stuck! This carpet is absolutely not as they claim. I do not recommend this carpet or Flooring America in Melbourne, FL

    13. Am looking into the Epic 1. I don’t see how it can mat with the nap being so short and tight. Are all the negative comments for the Epic 2 or 3? Because all those naps are much higher so I can se where they might mat.

    14. I’m on my 2nd claim for Dreamweaver carpet. Fibers are everywhere, wearing down and now I have waves throughout my home. Said it was defective last time and it’s the same issues I had then too. Beautiful carpet and very plush but not worth the money to have this many issues.
      I see remarks about the foot traffic and vacuum marks, that’s going to happen when you have such plush carpet. I was vacuuming every other day but it fills my canister up each time I vacuum that I’m afraid I won’t have any carpet left. No shoes ever, no one is home 4 days out of the week and it’s just my daughter and I. It wasn’t a year before things started to go bad with the carpet each time.

    15. I purchased Tranquility by Dream Weaver which was installed the end of November 2019. The salesman went on about how impossible it was to stain this carpet, that the company stands behind this and he has never had an issue! I wish I had read these reviews before purchasing as This is the worst carpet I have ever had. It already shows signs of wear and my dog had two Urine accidents after we moved in which I cleaned up as required and both places have left obvious stains. They sent a carpet cleaning service over as my salesperson had gone on about this carpet not staining. The stains seem to have gone after cleaning but within a day they were showing again as if it was coming up from the pad. My salesman also talked me out of the water proof pad I had always used – BIG MISTAKE. Anyway they are in the process of putting a claim in which is taking awhile but in the mean time I see this carpet looking more and more worn just in two months time in traffic areas. I would not buy this carpet again!

    16. We are in the midst of replacing our SECOND replacement of carpet. Original installation in November 2018, within 6 months the carpet looked 10 years old. Filed a claim, inspector came out, claim was granted – Great! Had the “highest” quality Dream Weaver installed second time around, coughed up another couple thousand dollars to do this, within 3 months I called our salesman out to the home to do an initial inspection – he couldn’t believe it. Another inspector came, 2nd claim was granted. All in all, we have spent $11k in carpet from Dream Weaver and are nsisting we will not do so a third time.

    17. Do not buy this carpet! We bought new carpet for our entire house before we moved in last January. We had 50oz face weight nylon carpet installed with a 10lb pad as recommended by the installer. We purchased Shaw carpet in our last home and it looked better after 8 years than this does after 1 and this is supposed to be better quality carpet. The solution dyed strands are worthless when they don’t stay together. Please take a look at all the review websites for this carpet and notice that most do not allow comments. I am hoping this site will allow my comment to get published in effort to save others the thousands of dollars it will cost me to replace all my carpet way earlier than I should have needed to.

    18. We are getting ready to install Dream Weaver Serenity/Mink.

      After reading all these reviews I’m fearful of moving forward with our purchase.

      Please advise

      1. Hi Marie,

        Definitely avoid it!!! We can’t even clean washable marker off it without it looking 10yrs older. We bought 50oz face weight solution dyed nylon and have had it only a year. We had the installer back and asked him about the wear and why it wasn’t lasting and he said it’s across the industry. Carpet doesn’t last like it used to. Next time I will go to HD. The Dreamweaver company doesn’t stand by their product either. I called to ask them to confirm the carpet I ordered was what we received and they said I needed to work out any questions with the installer.

        For whatever it’s worth, the color hasn’t faded with various cleaning chemicals. Unfortunately, it doesn’t wear well.

        Best of Luck!

      2. Marie I am a flooring retailer in California, I installed over $150,000 of Dream weaver carpet last year alone (approximately 60 homes) we had 1 claim, and dream weaver paid me to replace the customers carpet without any questions. I have this product in my own home as well. For the price and how it performs you can’t beat it. I hope this helps.
        Bill N

          1. I’m also a carpet dealer. For 40 years. I sell some Dreamweaver as well. Mostly for rentals. It’s generally inexpensive carpet. It’s not high end. If you want high end carpet, look at Fabrica or Stanton. Be prepared to pay three times what you likely paid for Dreamweaver. Retailers who sell Dreamweaver as high end product are not doing anyone any favors. It’s a good mill, with good product-for rentals, or homeowners who don’t want to spend a lot, or expect the carpet to last more than five years. Footprints and vacuum marks are not a carpet defect. Some of the finest carpets show these marks. If you don’t want to see them, there are plenty of carpets that don’t show them.

            1. Hi Martin, Is it it better to get the high plush glorious or stunning? or cape cod/east Hampton/Montauk? We got the Glorious and have major problems. After it wore (6 months) only the dark fibers are showing and apparently, they said its defective, so they are going to replace it. Not sure if I should look at getting a lower pile carpet now instead like the cape cod/east Hampton/Montauk?

    19. Hello, I will be purchasing new carpet for my living room. I really liked the Dream weaver “Heavenly” in either the color Buff or Bamboo. After reading these comments I’m very concerned. Has anyone had the “Heavenly” installed? Any advice for me? Thank you

    20. I forgot to say that in addition to the other caveats that carpet manufacturers have for their warranties, the installers said that the company could deny a claim if you used a certain vacuum cleaner. It has to be “approved”.

    21. I bought this carpet in November of 2018. We initially loved it but it has worn very quickly. The areas near doors and other high traffic areas are already showing corn rowing and have a flat appearance. I vacuum every 2 days and have had it cleaned regularly. It cleans up pretty well but the fibers are just not standing up to wear at all. The matting/flat look started within 3 months in hallways, closets and doorways. We haven’t reported as I’m not sure I want it again. I do know that corn rowing is not considered a defect from what other people are reporting. I am careful to vacuum from different angles as a matter of practice to try and combat this but it’s getting worse. I fear we will be replacing this within the year as it is not going to stand the test of time at all.

      1. We have had a similar experience. To make things worse, the retailer marked the carpet wrong and the installers had old and new mixed for seams. One side of a seam would be higher than other and you can imagine what it looked like. Back to the product itself – it seems as though the texture breaks down easily although I haven’t noticed matting, the wear is noticeable. No we haven’t had a professional cleaning since we also vacuum frequently and the carpet is very clean – just worn.

    22. We had our entire house recarpeted with Dream Weaver carpet East Hampton, Linen in the July of 2018. This summer we went to move some furniture and noticed the furniture had bled onto the carpet. The furniture is at least 10 years old. The furniture had been in the same locations on our previous carpet and there was no bleeding onto the carpet. We contacted the supplier Carpet Outlets of Texas and they has a person come out an inspect the areas. They stated that the carpet company needed to be contacted. A represenative of the company came out and did an inspection then we got a letter from the company stating the warranty only covers household food and beverage substances. and declines the claim. We have tried to contact the company on at least two occasions with no resolution or call back. I don’t see how this is not a problem with the carpet since the furniture is not new the furniture did not do this to our old carpet even when our furniture was new and our old carpet was new as well. I would really like some one to contact me or my husband and discuss this problem with us.

      1. Our installers told us that carpet warranty was essentially worthless. Regardless of what the problem is, there is a caveat and fine print that you failed in some way or that particular condition is not covered. Like fire and theft insurance on your house. The insurance denies a theft claim because it has to be while the house is burning (fire AND theft).

      2. I have been carpet searching for the past three weeks. I started wirh looking at Dreamweaver and after all this time, I’ve come back to it.
        My husband and I were thinking that with the lower price, we could replace it again down the road. I would not want to be so disappointed shortly after installation.
        These reviews have assisted me in making my final decision. I won’t be purchasing Dreamweaver.
        Also, EVERY dealer I went to either said they didn’t sell much of this or didn’t even want to show it or discuss it with me.

    23. We had our carpet installed January 2019 and it started matting after 3 months with just my husband and I walking on it, barefoot. Dream Weaver sent out an inspector, then denied our claim. I will be taking them to court if they do no replace! Carpet it way to expensive to wear out in a matter of months!

      1. We have the same problem, Beth Berry. After two weeks in a brand new house my 12 year old son first noticed the problem. They replaced the carpet for us as a “courtesy” and we are having the same issues. Inspector came out, took a bunch of pictures- I was thinking there is no way Dream Weaver can deny this. I then took the inspector into our bedroom where we hadn’t had the carpet replaced yet. After two years the carpet looks like a complete disaster. I will continue fighting them on this. I would never recommend Dream Weaver to anyone. This was supposed to be high end carpet.

      2. Julie Grzadzinski

        I am having the same problem with matting. I have left numerous messages with Diane Gregory (supervisor in claims) With no call back. I was working with Linda Mantooth who filed a claim for me in October and she has since left the company and no one will respond to me. Worst customer service ever.

    24. Joanne Luck
      I had Dream Weaver carpet installed last week. I called the store where I purchased it and complained today. I had no idea it would show footprints and traffic as much as it does. This was not disclosed at the store. I also do not like the vacuum marks. I did not know that textured carpet would be like this. Now I must live with this for years. I spent too much to replace it for this reason. It is in the master bedroom so company will not see it.

    25. We just purchased Dreamweaver carpet and it tracks something TERRIBLE. Vacuum marks are aweful too. Embarrased to have company over and have them see it. Going to tear it back out and buy something different. However, grandkids enjoy making snow angels on it.

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