Rigid Core vinyl plank flooring review

Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

Are you into the rustic, farmhouse look with wide plank floors that look like they’ve been there forever? What about a sleek, contemporary exotic wood floor?

Sounds great, right? Until you add up the cost.

So many of these beautiful floors come with a not-so-appealing price tag. Not only are the floors themselves costly, the installation can also add up.

And you have to be careful what rooms you put hardwoods in as some are sensitive to humidity and moisture. While these floors are truly stunning, they do have their limitations.

But what if you could have the designer flooring look, even in your wet rooms, for a fraction of the cost?

Armstrong’s Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Flooring may be the solution to your problem. And it has a few extra perks that you probably didn’t think of.

Want to learn more about this great flooring? Here’s our review of it.

Rigid Core Features

If you are looking for a beautiful, natural-looking floor that can withstand the toughest traffic, then Armstrong’s Luxe Plank flooring with rigid core technology just might be the thing you’ve been dreaming of.

It comes in stunningly realistic planks that resemble wood. Or you can choose tiles that look so much like natural stone that it is hard to tell the difference.

And the best part – these luxury vinyl planks and tiles have Armstrong’s innovative rigid core technology.

Rigid Core technology is Armstrong’s answer to uneven subfloors.

Each plank has a rigid composite core plus an acoustic cork underlayment. This technology helps hide the imperfections of a not-so-even floor.

They simply lock together on top of your existing hard surface floor. And they don’t need to be acclimated first.

This flooring comes in several sizes of planks plus natural stone options – so you can find the right look for any room. And they are waterproof, so you can even put them in bathrooms and basements.

You can also feel confident that this flooring will be safe for your home. Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl is FloorScore certified and will not affect your indoor air quality.

So, without further ado, let’s check out some of the beautiful flooring looks that you can achieve with Armstrong’s rigid core luxury vinyl flooring.

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Styles & Options

When it comes to options, Armstrong covers them all, whatever your personal taste may be.

Their Luxe Plank luxury vinyl comes in four different styles. These collections include exotic, rustic, and traditional hardwood looks.

The exotics include distinctive woods like African acacia and Brazilian tiger wood. Each one has rich colors and variations in it.

The rustic look mimics reclaimed wood and features gorgeous styles like Farmhouse Plank and Painted Pine.

If traditional wood is more your style, then you may like their Countryside Oak. Most planks are either 6” x 48” or 7” x 48”.

Or you can choose from a variety of natural stone looks that resemble travertine, slate or stones.

The natural stone tiles vary in size, but most are either 12” x 24” or 18” x 18”. Additionally, there are a few concrete looks that are available in a 6” x 48” plank.

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Installation & Maintenance

Whether you are going for a wood or stone look, with this Armstrong product, you can easily achieve it with much less work. Installing Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl is very easy to do.

In fact, it makes a great DIY project, saving you even more money on installation fees. You’ll need a few tools, but nothing out of the ordinary.

In fact, you may have everything you need at home already.

And if you have ever tried to install tile or hardwoods on your own, you will find this is much easier. If you’ve never installed a floor before, you can likely still do this project with no experience.

Once you’ve installed your Rigid Core flooring, you can begin enjoying it right away. This LVT does not need to be acclimated.

Plus it is very easy to maintain. Simply sweep or vacuum up loose dirt and debris on a regular basis.

This may need to be done frequently in high traffic areas and once a week in non-traffic areas.

For a deeper cleaning, use a damp mop. But avoid the use of harsh chemical cleaners.

With a little routine care, the highly durable floors will retain their beauty for many years to come.

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How to Purchase

Armstrong Rigid Core LVT can be purchased through most major home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s.  You can get it directly from the stores, or order it online and have it shipped to your home or to the store.

You can also purchase it from businesses that specialize in flooring such as Floor and Décor or through an online retailer like WeShipFloors.com.

Unlike some brands that are sold exclusively through one particular store, this product is readily available.

Costs may vary depending on where you live and the style you choose, but in general, you can purchase it for between $2 and $3 a square foot. One case covers around 20 square feet.

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The Verdict

If you know that your subfloor is uneven, then Armstrong’s luxury vinyl flooring with rigid core technology could be a great solution.

You have the option of either the hardwood look or natural stone. And the selections are both realistic and attractive.

Plus, the cost is much less than if you were to install hardwoods or natural stone tile. And you don’t have to tear out any old flooring.

Unless you have carpet – then you would need to remove it. Otherwise, this luxury tile will fit over just about any subfloor including old tile, laminate, or hardwood floors.

It’s relatively easy to find either in stores or online, so it is also a convenient option. Plus, it has received outstanding reviews from other shoppers.

Overall, this is a great looking and excellent quality product. What do you look for in new flooring?

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27 thoughts on “Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Review”

  1. Avatar

    I have had mine flooring installed 13 months ago and I am not having any issues. We laid ours directly over our engineered hardwood. About 2 months after install our washing machine leaked and so much water spilled, we had to use a carpet cleaner to suck it up. I only found this site because I was trying to find information about voc emission to see if I wanted to extend the flooring into the next room

  2. Avatar

    I feel Rigid core waterproof planks are a good choice for all the rooms when one doesn’t mind spending few extra for a long-lasting flooring. And of course, one can save a lot from installing it by themselves like you mentioned. It was a good read all together. You have mentioned quite a lot of information on it. Great!

  3. Avatar

    Hi Ms. Jennifer
    My husband is about to do our kitchen and hallway with the Armstrong VPL. Most of the reviews so far are negative. We will be putting this over ceramic tile that has been professionally installed and is smooth and even. Will we have problems like most of your other viewers have talked about? I don’t want my husband to do the install just to have it removed it six months down the road? Also we have a dog. Does it easily get scratched? Doesn’t seem to have the sheen of most other laminate flooring.

  4. Avatar
    Cindy Dahlberg

    My floor was installed in November 2018 and just recently the planks are pulling apart or separating in three different spots. The installer can’t come out until July and says he can fix. But after reading these reviews it sounds like it might keep happening.

  5. Avatar

    I’m looking at 20 questions regarding this product, Rigid Core Elements, and only two questions have been responded to. I’m interested in Mannington Adura but LOVE the pattern in this Armstrong. Was really looking forward to some info. I saw lots of cons on this RCE by Armstrong. :0(

  6. Avatar

    We just replaced all our flooring on the lower level of our home. About 900 sq ft. Now it’s popping up. How can we stop this from happening? Other than this issue it seems to be fine. It hasn’t been down but a couple of months and would hate to have to replace it already.

  7. Avatar

    My contractor is almost complete with the install. Now sharp edge chips have started appearing on several tiles. So disappointed. Are these tiles defective? Please respond so we know what to do.

  8. Avatar

    Looking to install Rigid Core in cottage where temps range from +10 in winter to 75 degrees in summer. Will the locking system stay locked? So many reviews show that the tiles will come apart. Don’t want an expensive DIY project to turn into a nightmare. We are very fussy with our installs so need to know if the product is worth it. Please advise asap.

    1. Avatar

      Don’t do it! We installed in our kitchen, and while spills clean up fairly easily, RCLVF does NOT do well over uneven flooring (think of laying fondant over breadcrumbs). I read the reviews before posting this… I see we’re not the only ones who had/have issues with the planks popping apart. My husband just took half of the flooring up yesterday and smooth sanded the plywood underneath and the RC still pops apart. We’re looking at hardwoods/bamboo now… so disappointed.

      1. Avatar

        We installed bamboo hardwood flooring last year here in southern California. Big mistake. Too sensitive to humidity changes in the air and on the floor surface. Warped incredibly, and now being removed and replaced at company’s expense.

  9. Avatar

    Wanting to pull up a stinky, icky indoor-outdoor carpet in basement. Concrete underneath the carpet. Looking at Mannington Adura Max versus Modin Rigid Core luxury vinyl planks. Cannot not find any site where these two are compared or pros and cons of the two are discussed. Anyone know where I can find this info?

  10. Avatar

    BEWARE, this flooring WILL NOT stay snapped together. we installed it about a year ago in 3 connected rooms and during install we had lots of issues of it coming apart. Would get 8-10 rows in then 4 or 5 rows away from where we started it would separate and would have to take it all apart and redo, would keep coming apart all during rest of install and would keep taking apart and redoing. Finally got it down it looked fantastic, then within a week it started separating and keeps coming apart. And it is not scratch resistant. Stay away from this product.

    1. Avatar

      What product did you use? We would like to use the Piazza Travertine, Armstrong’s Rigid Core Luxe Plank in a cottage. Installing over old 6 ft. wide congoleum they used over 20 years ago. Are the tabs the problem and do we have to watch for broken ones during the install or what would you recommend?

  11. Avatar

    They look great but are not scratch resistant! I have only had my floors for two weeks and I am noticing scratches everywhere! I am so upset. Had I known they were so prone to scratches, I would not have purchased them.

      1. Avatar

        Don’t confuse scratches with scuffs. Scuffs can be mitigated with WD-40 and a rag. Try it.

        Real scratches on good quality Armstrong Rigid Core are rare.

  12. Avatar

    Be careful. You can’t install LVP over wood floors that are glued down to a concrete slab. All websites and installers should advise this fact.

  13. Avatar

    Is this suitable for bathrooms? If it is …. do i cut around the toilet or is it rigid enough to go under without the toilet rocking?

  14. Avatar
    Catherine Mushaw

    I have a mobile home. Can this flooring be installed over Allure florring ? This Allure flooring turned out to be horrific, it has seperated in numerious areas.

  15. Avatar
    Peggy Armstrong

    So, are you saying that this flooring can be installed over ceramic tile, eliminating the costly and messy task of removing the tile?

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