Tuftex Carpet Flooring Review

Tuftex Carpet Flooring Review

By Fortino Rosas / October 18, 2019 / 3 Comments

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    One of the first things a person notices when they walk into your home is your flooring. If you have old, outdated, and worn flooring, not only can it make you hesitant to invite guests over, but it also doesn’t make your house feel quite like home.

    If you want to make your home warmer and more welcoming for your guests and your family, you might be considering upgrading your flooring to a brand like Tuftex carpet.

    Anderson Tuftex – or simply Tuftex – is a brand from Shaw Floors that puts an emphasis on craftsmanship and timeless design. Instead of following the latest trends, the brand focuses more on creating beautiful floors that meet (or exceed) the expectations of its customers. Tuftex carpet is designed for the consumer that appreciates quality, durability, and detail.

    Sounds great, right? But, of course, we can’t just take the manufacturer’s word for it. So, we’ve done our research to find out what consumers really think about Tuftex carpet – the good, the bad, and, yes, even the ugly.

    Is Tuftex Carpet Durable?

    Sure, carpet is comfortable, but its durability is what throws some people off. More people are turning to cold, hard bare flooring options because of a bad experience with carpet, i.e., stains, loose fibers, and spots that become worn down over time. Are these issues something you’ll have to face with the installation of Tuftex carpet?

    Unfortunately, some customers have reported that their Anderson Tuftex flooring showed wear in high-traffic areas after a couple of years. Some even complained that matting and wear occurred in areas of moderate traffic, while some further complained that staining and matting occurred just months after installation.

    This isn’t uncommon with carpet, but it may be a disappointment for homes with a lot of traffic. Buyers that spend the extra money to upgrade to a higher-end product like Anderson Tuftex may feel that their money isn’t well-spent if staining and wear occur prematurely.

    However, all hope isn’t lost if you have a home with children, pets, or lots of traffic. Tuftex has several options available made with Stainmaster Tactesse BCF Nylon that is more resistant to staining. Though it may be a bit more expensive, the extra investment may be worth it to prevent costly replacements or professional cleaning as a result of spills, traffic, or pets.

    Shaw offers a warranty on Anderson Tuftex flooring. You’ll receive a 10-year limited warranty for quality, as well as a 10-year limited warranty against soiling and staining. In order for your warranty to remain valid, you must ensure that your carpet is properly installed and maintained.

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    What Colors & Styles Are Available?

    As previously mentioned, Anderson Tuftex focuses on traditional beauty, so if you’re looking for bold colors and trendy styles, try another brand. However, Tuftex does have several collections, offering beautiful, classic styles to suit any home.

    You can choose from several different styles, such as Scout – a diamond-patterned nylon loop carpet available in 12 colors. If you want a solid style, choose Mera, a nylon carpet available in 24 neutral colors.

    For homes with pets, try Fetch, which is a patterned nylon loop carpet made with Stainmaster Pet Protect to help you get the most out of your flooring. This collection is available in 12 colors.

    If you’re looking for a neutral carpet option that will give your home a touch of class for years to come, you won’t be disappointed by the beauty of Tuftex carpets.

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    How Do I Maintain My New Flooring?

    To keep your new flooring looking its best, there are some carpet cleaning and maintenance procedures you need to follow. Not only does this keep your Tuftex flooring looking fresh and help prolong the lifespan of your flooring, but you must take proper care and maintenance in order to keep your warranty valid.

    For daily maintenance, using a vacuum is the best way to keep your Tuftex carpet looking great. Pros recommend using a carpet vacuum with a beater bar that helps loosen up particles of dust and dirt to give you a deeper clean. You can also use mats at all entrances to reduce the dirt and debris that people may track onto your new flooring.

    For spills and other spots, it’s important to act quickly to prevent staining. You can clean up a spill by using a white cloth or paper towel to absorb the spill.

    Then, you can use a cleaner to get up the mess. You can use vinegar and water, ammonia and water, peroxide and ammonia, detergent, or a cleaner like Shaw’s Stain & Soil Remover.

    When applying the cleaner, make sure to blot and never rub. Rubbing or scrubbing at the carpet can damage it. Blot, then rinse off the cleaner and use white towels to absorb excess moisture. You can add something heavy on top, such as a jug of water, to more effectively dry your flooring.

    Pros recommend that you hire a professional to clean your floor periodically. They recommend getting a professional cleaning every 24 months, although you may need one sooner depending on the appearance of your carpet. You may also rent or purchase your own steam cleaner, but it should have certification from the CRI Seal of Approval Programs.

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    How Much Does Tuftex Carpet Cost?

    Now, it’s the part that everyone dreads: talking about the cost of your new flooring. To get an idea of the pricing of Tuftex carpet, let’s look at a few average costs for carpet. Remember, though, these numbers are just estimates – flooring may be more or less expensive based on factors including the retailer you select and the type of carpet you purchase.

    For lower quality carpet, expect to spend around $1.50 or less per square foot. Mid-range carpet is priced at $2 to $4 per square foot. High-quality carpet may cost as much as $5 or more per square foot.

    Tuftex offers several different options. Many of its collections are available for around $2 to $4 per square foot. However, the brand also carries high-end products that cost up to over $15 per square foot.

    Tuftex offers options at every price point. However, remember that you typically get what you pay for. A lower priced carpet may not last nearly as long as a higher-end carpet. You may also want to invest extra in carpets that are more stain-resistant if you have a busy household and want your floors to last for many years.

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    How Do I Install Tuftex Carpet?

    Like other brands of carpet, a professional should install Anderson Tuftex flooring. Installing carpet requires materials and special tools that you would be unlikely to have just sitting around in your garage, such as a knee kicker and carpet stretcher.

    Installing carpet is best left to the professionals for a number of reasons. First of all, you want to make sure your carpet looks great. No one wants to invest in flooring that is buckled, ripped, or improperly installed. Professional installation also helps prolong the life of your carpet and keeps your warranty valid.

    Though you might not want to spend the additional hundreds (or thousands, depending on the size of the job) of dollars to hire a professional, this can save you money in the long run. After all, if you mess up during the installation process, the warranty won’t cover it. If your flooring doesn’t last because it wasn’t installed correctly, it also won’t be covered under the warranty, resulting in a replacement at full cost.

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    Final Verdict

    Anderson Tuftex definitely has its benefits. It offers many different traditional styles and colors to suit your home. There are some inexpensive options available for those on a budget, and all carpet comes with a warranty. Cleaning and maintaining your Tuftex carpet is also no more difficult than any other brand.

    On the flip side, though, there are a few drawbacks. Some customers have complained about wearing and staining just a few years (or even months) after installation. Some of the brand’s collections are also very expensive, there aren’t any bold colors available, and you will have to pay for professional installation.

    Overall, Anderson Tuftex offers carpet that’s similar to its competitors within the same price range. However, there is nothing that truly stands out about this brand that gives it an advantage over other brand.

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    3 thoughts on “Tuftex Carpet Flooring Review”

    1. Nikki,, it is obvious that you know little about carpet. There are several things on the manufacturing side that make AndersonTuftex carpet unique. You missed this for you did not talk to retail ownership. And it you did they are missing what it is that makes AndersonTuftex unique. All companies have this issue with consumer staining. Dirt and staining did not come with the job. People can be pigs. They expect carpet to stay clean when coming in with wet shoes on from the outside. Or walk off from hard surface,. Yes the hard surface has dust and the consumer walks barefoot and caries the dust to traffic areas. I don’t have enough space to talk about all the things that AndersonTuftex do that is different on the manufacture side. This article is written like a 15 year old with little research..

      1. OK , so what are the things that make AndersonTuftex carpet unique? Is this a good choice for our 3500 sq ft home? Please reply. Thank you. JIm

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