Florim Wood Look Tile Review

Florim Wood Look Tile Review

August 14, 2019 / 0 Comments

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If you like the beauty of hardwoods but prefer the durability of tile, you’re in luck. Florim wood look tile flooring is designed to give your home or office the classic look of hardwood flooring combined with the longevity of tile. Of course, the manufacturer touts the quality of its product, but how do these claims hold up among consumers?

Before you drop hundreds or thousands of dollars on new flooring, take the time to explore your options. Luckily, you won’t have to scour hundreds of websites for reviews and information on Florim wood look tile. We’ve done the hard work for you.

Florim USA is a subsidiary of the Italian Florim Group. Florim USA uses innovation and Italian style to offer unique flooring options to consumers through its Milestone brand. The company also prides itself on its sustainable practices.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at the good, the bad, and, yes, even the ugly of Florim wood look tile. We’ve done our research so you can make the wisest purchase decision when shopping for quality flooring.

Is Florim Wood Look Tile Durable?

One of the drawbacks of hardwood flooring is that it’s easily scratched, dented, or damaged, which is why many consumers are looking to wood look tile. When compared to other brands of flooring, how does Florim wood look tile compare?

You’ll be happy to know that Florim wood look tile flooring is extremely durable. It is made of porcelain, so you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty and functionality of your floors for years to come.

Florim’s porcelain tile is more resistant to scratching, denting, and other types of damage that occurs with traditional hardwoods. Your new flooring can easily last a lifetime provided you maintain it throughout the years.

However, don’t be fooled. Florim’s wood look tile flooring may become damaged over time. Dropping something heavy, for example, can crack or chip your tile, or scratches may occur if you drag heavy furniture or appliances across the floor.

One of the biggest benefits is that Florim’s wood look tile floor can be installed in basements, bathrooms, or, in most cases, outdoors. Unlike hardwood, these tiles won’t warp, stain, or become damaged when exposed to water.

But as long as your tile is installed properly and cleaned and maintained according to the manufacturer’s specifications, you won’t have to worry about typical everyday use. Your new Florim wood look tile flooring will maintain its beauty year after year.

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What Styles & Colors Are Available?

Whether your home is shabby chic or clean and modern, Florim has a wood look tile product that works for you. Florim offers many different collections of wood flooring to complement any home or commercial space.

For the rustic look, Florim offers the Charleston line of flooring in a variety of colors, including Timber and Multicolor. Ecowood has a beautiful and distressed look and comes in a multitude of shades. Other collections available to purchase include Forest, Lacquered Wood, Layers, Loft, and Millennial.

Florim’s wood look tile comes in many different shades, from white and light gray to black and everything in between. There are several different traditional wood styles available, including mahogany, walnut, and cherry wood.

While you’re sure to find the right product for your home or business, Florim offers additional flooring products made of its high-quality porcelain. These include concrete look tiles, stone look tiles, and marble look tiles.

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How Do I Care For My New Flooring?

If low-maintenance and easy-to-clean are high on your list of priorities for your new flooring, you’re in luck. Florim’s porcelain tile flooring is easy to care for and maintain, and it doesn’t require special cleaners, waxes, or polishes to keep it looking its best.

To keep your floors looking their best, you will need to do daily sweeping or tile vacuuming to remove dirt and dust. When your floors need a little extra care, you can mop your tile floors using a mild cleaning solution. Never use oil-based or abrasive cleaners, as these can damage your floors.

If you’ve purchased a textured tile floor, make sure to use a soft-bristle broom to sweep. You can also sweep in the direction of the tile and then sweep diagonally to remove all dust and debris.

You can use a pH-neutral cleaner such as vinegar that you mix with water to scrub your floors. Then you can use clean water to rinse off the cleaner to keep your floors looking shiny and beautiful.

One problem that you may have with cleaning your tile is keeping the grout looking new. To ensure that your grout always looks its best, make sure you have sealed it, and clean it regularly with a mild cleanser and a toothbrush.

You may also opt for a darker color, which is easier to clean. If your grout does become too dirty or stained over time, specialty grout paints are available for purchase at your local home improvement store.

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Can I Install Florim Wood Look Tile Myself?

It is possible to install Florim wood look tile yourself. However, you have to know the proper procedures and have the right tools and supplies to do the job properly.

Installing porcelain tile involves prepping your subfloor, laying mortar, spacing each tile, and cutting tiles as needed. Once you have laid all the tiles and the mortar has dried, you will apply the grout – a job that can be quite messy.

You will need several tools and supplies to do the job correctly. This includes mortar, grout, tile spacers, a wet saw or angle grinder, and trim pieces. While it may be tempting to cut corners, remember that improper installation can lead to damaged tiles.

Florim offers tips and tricks on its website for the installation of its flooring products. Prepare to set aside plenty of time to get the job done right. If you find that you don’t have the time, skills, or tools to perform a self-install, consider hiring a professional installer to take on the job.

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Is Florim Wood Look Tile Affordable?

One of the downsides of porcelain tile is that it is more expensive than other types of flooring. However, the beauty and durability often make it well worth the cost to many consumers. Let’s take a look at how Florim wood look tile compares to other flooring.

First of all, the cost of porcelain tile varies greatly. You may be able to find a fairly standard tile for $1 or less per square foot, while designer tile options may run as much as $15 per square foot or more.

Hardwood flooring, on the other hand, typically starts at around $3 per square foot, while exotic hardwoods can easily cost $15 or more per square foot.

Florim wood look tile is priced very competitively. Most styles and colors cost around $3 to $4 per square foot. This does not include the cost of supplies, tools, or professional installation. While Florim certainly isn’t the cheapest brand on the market, its pricing is still quite affordable.

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Final Verdict

Florim wood look tile is a great alternative to solid hardwood. It is more durable, can easily last a lifetime, and can even be installed outdoors or in rooms where solid hardwoods would be damaged.

This flooring can easily last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. You will not need any special tools or cleaners to keep your floor looking its best, and it’s very resistant to damage that everyday use causes. Florim wood look tile flooring may chip, crack, or scratch over time, but you can easily replace the damaged tile.

Florim wood look tile comes in a variety of styles and colors to suit any décor. It is also extremely affordable when compared to other brands and types of flooring. The one downside is that installation can be difficult without the right tools and know-how, so beginners may want to hire a professional installer, potentially adding thousands of dollars to their project costs.

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