mannington laminate flooring review

Mannington Laminate Flooring Review

By Fortino Rosas / August 23, 2021 / 23 Comments

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    Are you thinking about redoing your floors, but are scared of the price? Did your hatred of that sheet vinyl that you grew up with put you off of considering resilient tile or laminate?  We understand. Many of us are scarred by memories of hideous floors.

    There is good news, however, for those of us undertaking remodeling in the twenty-first century: laminate has come a long way in the last fifty years. Some of the oldest brands have the newest and most interesting choices for those looking to remodel on a budget.

    Gone are the days when the same three wood-grained patterns repeated. Today’s laminates, like those at Mannington look more like wood than ever. With modern colors and styles, it’s worth your time to look at manufacturers like Mannington.  Read ahead for an overview on the company and their laminate products.

    The scoop on Mannington’s

    Mannington has been around since 1915, making it one of the older laminate and vinyl flooring companies.  Well known as a maker of sheet vinyl and new luxury vinyl, Mannington has recently also made serious inroads into the laminate market.

    One key thing to think about is availability.  Mannington is not the flooring you are likely to find at your local big-box hardware store: it is usually only available through specialty flooring stores.

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    What choices of style will you find?

    Mannington has three main lines of laminate: the “Restoration,” “Revolutions,” “Coordinations,” and “Value Lock” collections. Mannington’s website is handy in that it allows you to search laminate options by general color palette and shade (light, medium or dark).

    The Restoration collection comes in 12mm (1/2”) planks with a high density core and 6” width. There are more than fifty color and species to choose from, including more than one color choice in such woods as maple, pine, oak and hickory. The line also contains more exotic and fun choices such as “driftwood” and “whiskey mill barrel.” In general, this line offers more cutting-edge and distressed looks.

    The Revolutions collection uses patented NatureForm Optix technology to give more of the impression of real wood. The planks in this collection also come in smaller, 5” widths to further look like real hardwood. There are less color choices in this collection, only 18, from cherry to walnut. In general, these color choices tend to be less avant-garde and more traditional than the Restoration collection.

    The Coordinations collection also uses the NatureForm finish to emulate natural wood grain. The planks in this collection are wider, at more than 7” in width.  The Coordinations line offers the same large number of color choices as the Restoration line, with the addition of their patented “SpillShield” coating, which makes the Coordinations collection unique.

    Spillshield  is a coating designed to resist moisture and spills for up to 72 hours.  This means that any of the Coordinations line products can be used in places like bathrooms and laundry rooms.

    Finally, the Value-Lock collection is designed, as its name suggests, to appeal to the most budget-conscious consumer.  There are only five possible colors in the collection, and these do not have the bells and whistles of Spill-lock or unique patterns and colors.  The Value-Lock collection also has a shorter warranty than the other collections, at only 15 years. The Value-lock collection comes in wide, 7 inch planks.

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    What kind of warranty do the products carry?

    Most of the products that Mannington offers have a patented Melamine Wearsurface coating and an AquaEdges locking technique that protects against moisture penetration between the planks. These products come with a 25 year warranty. Please read below in “Reviews” for more information on the warranty.

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    What environmental and health benefits do Mannington products have?

    Firstly, like most laminate flooring products, Mannington’s laminate floors contain a recycled wood core. This means that the flooring is, in part, constructed from wood that would otherwise be wasted. In this way, laminate can be seen as an environmentally sound choice.

    In addition, all four of Mannington’s laminate lines are FloorScore certified. The floor score is an industry standard developed to promote indoor air quality. Some flooring materials can emit volatile organic compounds that can make people sick.  Products certified as meeting the “FloorScore” are independently certified to comply with California’s strict regulation of those emissions.

    If you are seeking to build in conjunction with LEED requirements for green building, you must use flooring that has a FloorScore certification.

    Long story short, you can feel good that Mannington uses materials to make floors that will not emit anything toxic. That means healthier, cleaner air in your home.

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    How does Mannington stack up to the competitors on price?

    In general, Mannington is described as priced lower than competitors like Armstrong, especially in their “Value Lock” line of laminate.  Especially since Mannington is much less available, however, it was harder for me to try and do direct price comparisons.

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    What do the reviews say?

    A thorough study of online reviews from both consumers, dealers and installers show a worrying trend of Mannington not honoring their warranties.

    You can still find good reviews of Mannington online, however these are almost always older. When I searched in just the last few years, what I found was more than one business owner noted that this problem is a relatively new thing, in which Mannington company policy changed.

    More than one review noted that until sometime in 2015, Mannington was good about honoring all of its warranties, and would always make good on replacement of defective or low-quality product.  After that point, however, company policy changed, requiring a personal inspection of the installed flooring by a company inspector, who never (in the retelling by distributors and installers) authorizes a replacement of refund.

    The new company policy seems to be to send the inspector, who then always finds a way to blame the homeowners or installers.

    These are harsh accusations, and I cannot, obviously, guarantee their validity. I can say, however, that they were plentiful, with many reviewers saying the same thing, and more than one business saying it would not carry Mannington anymore because of these problems.

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    How much does Mannington laminate flooring cost?

    Mannington has numerous collections of laminate flooring, all of which have a wide range of styles. The price will depend on which style you choose, the room size, and the installation. On average, you can expect to pay around $3.50 per square foot for Mannington laminate floors.
    These floors are of high quality, and the brand offers competitive prices with similar quality laminate floors as compared to other companies. One of the best things is that Mannington products come with a 25-year warranty.

    How much does it cost to install 1000 square feet of laminate flooring?

    The total price for the overall installation will vary, because the final cost will depend on various factors including the laminate you choose, whether you pay for installation or install it yourself, etc.; however, since the average price for mid-range laminate is between $3 and $4, you can expect to pay around $3,500 for the flooring materials for 1000 square feet.

    For installation the average cost is between $1 and $3 per square foot, so for 1000 square feet you should be prepared to pay around $2000. Based on these assumptions, the average final cost for 1000 square feet of laminate flooring and installation would be around $5,500.

    How do you clean Mannington laminate floors?

    Laminate floors by Mannington are straightforward to maintain and clean. Sweeping with a broom should be enough for daily maintenance. You can also use a vacuum meant for hard floors to clean your new laminate flooring once or twice a week.

    When it comes to mops, it’s best that you use them with a product that’s specifically formulated for laminate floors. Don’t use abrasive products or products that contain bleach or scouring powder. If a spill happens, ensure that you clean it right away.

    How to install Mannington laminate flooring?

    When your laminate floors arrive, you need to mix the planks from different packages to make sure you don’t have individual sections of varying colors, etc. Next, add spacers to the walls and take off the tongues on the first row of planks that will be installed next to the wall. Start from left to right, with the tongue side facing the wall.

    When you’re finished with the first row, start the second one. Apply the first plank of the second row, fitting the tongue side into the groove side of the plank from the first row at a 20-degree angle and sliding it into its correct horizontal position. Use this technique to install the laminate in the rest of the room.

    Our verdict

    Mannington has been around for a long time, and has some significant brand loyalty.  The company offers good options in style, color and value categories.

    The brand, however, always comes in second to Armstrong in the amount of flooring sold.  This seems to be a product of both availability and a growing sense that the company does not honor their warranties.

    You can generally only buy Mannington laminate in small, specialty flooring stores.  This makes the product harder to find, and when something goes wrong, a smaller retailer isn’t going to have the overhead or deep pockets to cover the cost of replacement like a bigger store might.

    Mannington offers some truly lovely options, and many consumers were delighted with the original look. However, there will always be some problems with some batches of flooring, and if a company is not going to be reliable in addressing the issues that arise, I would exercise caution in buying their product.

    About Fortino Rosas

    Chief Floor Critic, 32 years of experience in flooring installation and sales

    Fortino Rosas is an independent flooring contractor with 32 years of experience in residential and commercial flooring installation and sales. He joined the Floor Critics team to share his expertise with our readers. Fortino has acquired vast knowledge and skills in the areas of product selection, space planning, and installation. He has installed flooring in residential, government, and commercial office projects in the Midwest. Visit Website.

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    23 thoughts on “Mannington Laminate Flooring Review”

    1. Thank you for this review. This flooring was one of the options offered by our builder. The flooring is beautiful, but a company not honoring their warranty is enough to push me toward using the Armstrong and paying a bit more. Thank you!!

      1. I’ve been selling flooring for 16 years, and the end aim of the claims department is to get the company out of having to honor the claim. This goes for all companies. This is not off the top of my head, a sales rep actually told me that. I had a huge Armstrong hardwood flooring claim that was obviously a manufacturing issue, and Armstrong would not honor their warranty. There are good and bad runs of all floors. Take care of the floor the way the manufacturer recommends, and generally you will get the wear and use out of it you need.

    2. I was going to purchase 1200 sq ft of the restoration collection but after reading these reviews forget it sound like a nightmare waiting to happen!Thanks to you all for saving me the stress!!

    3. Our experience with Mannington flooring has been terrible. We would never recommend it. Less than two years old and the top layer of our Mannington Restoration Wide Plank Laminate, Fairhaven: Brushed Natural #28102 floor is peeling off. The builder of the the Arthur Ruttenberg designed home, Beachland Homes, responsible for selling and installing the floor in our new home, is unable and/or unwilling to help resolve the issue. They told us they no longer use Mannington floors. Mannington is completely unresponsive to the issue. Their warranty is useless. Mannigton has not even bothered to send a representative to look at it. I have sent pictures to the designer, but the only response to date, after months, is they’re still checking on it. The installer has said he would attempt to make a repair, by trying to lift the loose top layer and super glue it, and try to color in the exposed underlay, but he hasn’t showed up for a month. Very unprofessional attempt to repair. We are totally dissatisfied with this Mannington product, and our overall experience with all involved, and would advise AGAINST doing business with any of them.

      I purchase Mannington Adura Max Seaport Surf from Regal Floor Coverings in AZ. The flooring is advertised as “weathered Hickory”, a tan to beige to grey flooring. I received a damaged box before I received the shipment. The flooring product was not true to what was advertised. Included in the box of flooring were boards that were dark brown to black. The boards looked like someone dug them up from their backyard. No where in the advertising does the black boards appear. This is false advertising on Mannington’s part. I have contacted Mannginton several times, but never heard back. I will never purchase a Manninton Product or purchase from Regal Floor Coverings. Regal Floor Coverings charged a 25% restocking charge and shipping fees when I refused to accept a false advertised product by Mannington and Regal Floor Coverings.

    5. I put Mannington luxury tile in several rooms of my house. I couldn’t be more disappointed in the fading in color change where natural sunlight enters the room. They tell you it’s a 25 your warranty, unfortunately their warranty doesn’t Cover fading from natural sunlight entering your house. Not sure anyone has a house without windows or patio doors. Very disappointing Considering all the money I had put into the floors. When I contacted Mannington it took a long time to get an answer, and when I did they just explained their warranty doesn’t cover fading from sunlight. Not sure anyone could avoid this issue.

      1. We ordered Adura Max Meridian tile in the color Stucco, but the flooring we received did not look like the sample in color or in finish. The finish, in particular, looked defective, with huge inconsistencies that made the tiles look dirty and cheap. Some tiles were totally smooth, and some were rough at places, some matte with one or two small shiny spots that looked like something had spilled on them, some had a random pebbly surface. Only about two per box actually had an acceptable surface.. I stopped installation and sent them back because I saw them as defective. The Mannington rep was unhelpful, saying the tiles were suppose to look like that to imitate real stone. Unfortunately theses tiles are a very poor imitation! Incidentally, the website says all products are made in the US, but the boxes of tile were labelled “made in China”. I am wondering if the company is having quality control issues? I then ordered a box of Adura Max Century to try, but although this one box had consistency throughout the tiles, they had a completely different surface than the sample I looked at in the store. No, I certainly would not recommend buying Adura Max tiles.

      1. Mannington does NOT stand behind their Spill Shield warranty for the Restoration Collection laminate,. Our laminate is junk after 1.5 years. Choose a different company that’s reputable!

      2. Maryann mansfield

        I had Mannington flooring put in by bathroom. I have NEVER seen or heard of flooring like this. It is completely pitted (like an orange peel). It is absolutely disgusting abd impossible to clean. I have filed a claim with them before I go to BB but am not expecting favorable results. Every time I look at it I get angry. I will fight them with everything I have. It was expensive too.

    6. At the end of December 2013 we bought 3 rooms and a hallway worth of Mannington laminate, it was beautiful. Since then we have had little chips appearing near the edges of the boards, little turned up areas near the edges of the boards, some scratches and most recently buckling at a particular spot near one couch. Definitely disappointed and getting in touch with them currently. I hope they send a technician; if not I have a load of photos I can send.

    7. I purchased the Mannington Luxury Sheet Vinyl Filigree Iron. It’s so hard to pick something out from the small samples from the store. Well, it’s my worst nightmare. I don’t like it. It is so busy and it has these spokes in the pattern. It makes me dizzy and sick to my stomach.

    8. I had MLF installed in 2017. We have picked up some scratches on the flooring since then. I sent emails to their published email address, i.e. for technical assistance to remove the scratches… No response.

    9. We purchased the Restoration Laminate from Mannington 2 yrs ago and absolutely loved it. The floors looked beautiful and held up very well. We just moved to another house and are installing the exact same floors, down to the color. The installation process has been a nightmare.

      I’m not sure what the trick is but the boards come apart days after installed. We’ve had to undo 5-10 rows of laminate 3 times in the same area to re-lock in the boards. Is there some trick we’re missing? Our installer has installed a ton of laminate and has never had this issue before. This install is going to cost me 3x’s as much as quoted because of the difficulties with just getting these planks to lock. I’m worried that something changed in the manufacturing process over the last couple of years. Never again will I buy Mannington.

      1. We had the same issue! Made me and the installer crazy. Called Mannigton. The supplier. Even YouTubed it trying to figure what was going on. No answers. The floor is gorgeous, durable but now at 6 months random end joints are separating! I think there is flaw in the end joint locking system but am not optimistic Mannington will make this right. Very frustrated and dissapointed…

    10. We had Mannington LVT installed in our kitchen and living room areas. We thought we were getting a quality product, however it has been a headache since. It was installed in 2016, within 6 months the seams started to separate. After contacting the flooring company that installed it, they claimed it was a problem with the floor. It took another 6 months before a Mannington representative came out to look at it. It took another 3 months for them to tell us it was the installer’s fault. So, they ripped up over half of the floor, installed new product, same type, and it looked perfect for about 6 months.

      Now the same thing is happening. We have a seam running the length of our living room with a 1/4 inch gap, several seams in the kitchen which are growing by the day. It is now 2018. The installation company will not talk to me because it is the floor not the installation. I firmly believe it is a defective flooring, and I’ve been stuck with a very expensive flooring not worth a penny. Be very careful when making the decision to purchase this type of floor. Being so frustrated I contacted a contractor and another flooring expert and they both said they have a lot of trouble with this type of flooring, from Mannington, that they refuse to install it. Very VERY UNHAPPY!!

    11. I redid my bathroom and the highest ticket item was the Mannington Lattice Gardenia sheet vinyl, which was the perfect color/pattern for my decor. It was easy to install, despite coming with no instructions, no contact information, and no warranty information. The biggest disappointment is that it looks dirty all the time. I thought the pattern would be the type to always look clean, dirt wouldn’t show between cleanings, but instead, it always looks dirty. If something semi-sticky gets on it, it’s impossible to clean because of the texture. It has a dull finish and it’s thinner than I expected, so it’s not comfortable to walk on. I’m really disappointed in my big splurge. Would NOT recommend!

      1. Mannington sells a floor cleaner that they recommend to be used on their sheet vinyl. It works great with a mop! The Lattice pattern is a mostly white floor and just has little spots of baby blue in it. I would not have purchased an all white floor if I didn’t want to see the dirt. Mannington also sells that sheet vinyl in 3 grades, silver, gold and platinum, with the platinum being the thickest and softest out of the 3 options also the most expensive. The glossy finish sheet vinyls went out of style years ago and you would be hard pressed to find one these days. The only glossy sheet goods I’ve seen are the very cheap ones.

    12. We renovated our bathroom and used Mannington Audura Luxury Vinyl flooring. Due to the texture on the tiles the floor looks dirty even after cleaning. We had our installer and the Retail outlet inspect the floor and they both agreed that the floor looked terrible. We are very disappointed. The Retailer suggested we file a claim which we did. Mannington replied to our claim stating that their product is first quality and refused to remedy the situation. I would not recommend this product.

    13. I have the Mannington restoration collection and the stain that is applied to the edges of the planks keeps coming off when I clean, so the floor never really comes clean because of this issue. Kids and pets just roll around on top of it. I’m not happy with that. I think the stain should be sealed so the floor can wipe clean.

    14. I just purchased 2 rooms worth of Mannington laminate. After a challenging install it came out amazing. I love the rooms. I think you get what you pay for with this product. Other than a few boards that were hard to click together it finally worked out.

    15. Thank you very much for such a thorough review, I appreciate your time in research which will be put to good use in making my decisions on which laminate to consider.

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