Kane Carpet Flooring Review

Kane Carpet Flooring Review

By Fortino Rosas / August 23, 2021 / 4 Comments

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    When you think of beautiful and unique flooring, what types come to mind? Carpet is probably at the bottom of the list, because after all, carpet has been a household staple for years and all looks the same … or does it? Not with Kane Carpet flooring.

    Kane Carpet is a manufacturer that touts its innovation and attention to detail. Custom colors and patterns are among the benefits that makes it the best, according to the manufacturer. But how true are these claims? Is Kane Carpet flooring really a superior product?

    In this guide, we’re going to explore the pros and cons of Kane Carpet flooring. We’re going to look at features like pricing, style selection, and more to help determine if Kane Carpet really stands out from its competitors… or if it simply offers the same old boring carpet you’re used to.

    How Much Will I Pay For Kane Carpet Flooring?

    Let’s dive right into what we all dread talking about: the cost of our new flooring project. Many of us dread tackling a big home improvement project like new flooring because it can cost thousands of dollars. If price is one of the most important factors when shopping for new floors, is Kane Carpet a brand that’s right for you?

    Unfortunately, pricing for Kane Carpet flooring isn’t readily available online. Instead, you have to visit an authorized retailer in your area to get price quotes, or contact online carpet retailers for more information. However, there is some information available that is an indicator of the price of this carpet flooring.

    One thing that stands out is that Kane Carpet offers products including hand-tufted wool carpets. This type of carpet is considered high-end, meaning that it’s not the best choice for the budget-friendly shopper.

    However, price shouldn’t be the only factor that you consider. Kane Carpet flooring products are softer, more stain-resistant, and come in stylish designs that you won’t find with other flooring brands. Though you will pay a premium for this carpet, it overall durability and beauty may well be worth the extra expense.

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    What Colors & Styles Are Available?

    Carpet doesn’t have to be boring. If you think of carpets that are one solid, neutral color, you’ve never seen what Kane Carpet has to offer. You’ll have your choice of hundreds of different styles and colors.

    While you’ll have your choice of neutrals, you can also choose unique styles, like the animal-print Angora or the ornate Biltmore. You can choose from bolds, brights, and everything in between when you choose Kane Carpet.

    You’ll also have your choice of many different textures. Whether you want a soft and fluffy shag or an outdoor flatweave, you’ll find it all with Kane Carpet. The selection is truly unparalleled and showcases that carpet can be unique, interesting, and just as beautiful as other types of flooring.

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    Is Kane Carpet Flooring Durable?

    You want your flooring to last, and you won’t be disappointed with Kane Carpet flooring. These carpets are more resistant to wear, stain-resistant, color-fast to prevent fading, and (with many products) anti-microbial for a cleaner home.

    We’ve already established that Kane Carpet is a premium-priced brand. However, the money you’ll save on cleaning or replacing your floors could easily make up the additional cost over the long term.

    Of course, there are some concerns about Kane Carpet flooring that is not exclusive to this brand. Your carpet should never get wet. Even though it’s wear-resistant, your flooring will eventually show wear, especially in high-traffic areas.

    Your flooring is also more stain-resistant than other brands, but stains may occur if you don’t take the proper precautions when cleaning and protecting your floors.

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    Do I Receive A Warranty With My Purchase?

    One factor you may consider when purchasing new flooring is the length of the warranty … or if your product is even backed with a warranty at all. Does Kane Carpet flooring offer a warranty that stands up to its competitors?

    One major drawback about this flooring is that warranty information isn’t readily available. Instead, consumers are instructed to contact Kane Carpet’s customer service to learn more. This could be a major drawback for anyone who wants at-a-glance warranty information for a specific product.

    Of course, you can talk to your local retailer to learn more about the warranty. However, for many consumers, the lack of information on its website in regards to warranties may be slightly off-putting.

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    How Do I Maintain My New Carpet?

    While Kane Carpet does not put its warranty information on its website, it does offer plenty of information about caring for and maintaining its flooring products. For daily carpet cleaning, all you need is a standard carpet vacuum with an adjustable beater bar.

    The manufacturer offers additional recommendations to help you get the most out of your new carpet. This includes removing spills immediately, having your floors professionally cleaned as needed, and recommended methods for treating and removing stains.

    The specific products and methods used to maintain your floors varies based on the product that you select.

    While keeping your Kane Carpet flooring looking its best does take some time, it’s worth it to do so. Proper maintenance of your flooring will ensure that your flooring looks great and performs well in the years to come.

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    How much is Kane Carpet?

    Kane Carpet doesn’t supply its products directly to the public, which means they don’t have a standard price list. Carpet dealers will also have different prices depending on the type of carpet you pick; however, Kane Carpet is known to be a middle- to premium-priced carpet brand. They have their own proprietary yarn system called Eurolon which also makes this brand a more costly option than some.

    Is Kane Carpet good?

    Yes. Kane Carpet flooring is designed to handle wear and tear, it’s stain-resistant, color-fast, and antimicrobial. Kane Carpet is made with anti-static fibers, preventing shocks as you walk over the floor.

    Where can you buy Kane Carpet?

    Kane Carpet doesn’t supply directly to the public. Their carpet floor products are only sold through authorized Kane Carpet dealers. You can find a local dealer close to you by using the company’s “Locate a Dealer” page on their website.

    How do you install Kane Carpet?

    Kane Carpet rugs can be laid flat and applied to the floor with velcro to keep them in place. It’s recommended to use professional carpet installers to lay Kane Carpet but DIY is possible. Kane Carpet has a YouTube video showing the installation and seaming application. This video includes a list of tools and other essential items you’ll need to do the job.

    Final Verdict

    Kane Carpet flooring has its benefits and drawbacks. Let’s first start with the positive features.

    One of the best things about this carpet is the many colors, styles, and textures that are available. Whether you want a regal style for your formal living room, a neutral carpet for your bedroom, or bright and unique flooring for your kids’ playroom, you’ll find it all with this brand.

    In addition to many styles and colors, you’ll also be happy with the durability of this carpet. It is more durable, wear-resistant, and stain-resistant than cheaper brands on the market today. While cleaning and maintaining your floors may be a chore, most brands of carpet need this type of maintenance.

    On the downside, though, you will pay a premium for the unique styles and durability offered by Kane Carpet flooring. The lack of warranty information available online may also make it difficult for consumers to make an informed decision as to whether or not this product is right for their homes.

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    About Fortino Rosas

    Chief Floor Critic, 32 years of experience in flooring installation and sales

    Fortino Rosas is an independent flooring contractor with 32 years of experience in residential and commercial flooring installation and sales. He joined the Floor Critics team to share his expertise with our readers. Fortino has acquired vast knowledge and skills in the areas of product selection, space planning, and installation. He has installed flooring in residential, government, and commercial office projects in the Midwest. Visit Website.

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    4 thoughts on “Kane Carpet Flooring Review”

    1. Terrible terrible carpet !!! I tried to get Kane to live up to their fraudulent guarantee, it’s fake.
      After one year started fading and they called it environmental (sun) and also it is not anti-microbial, I had spores growing from moisture , they blamed humidity.
      They are frauds Eurolon is a joke!!!
      California attorney general should investigate their cheap junky carpet that actually is very expensive!!!!’

    2. Awful Quality. Terrible customer care. Our carpet was only 6 months old and began to look extremely / abnormally worn. It’s in our bedroom – no kids or pets.

      We spent a ton of money on this carpet thinking that the quality would hold up to the cost. NOT TRUE !!

      A huge disappointment that we are stuck with this investment and have to look at and walk on it everyday. Luckily I have soft cozy slippers because the carpet is so worn down . Really a shame !!!

      The customer care people don’t care. Don’t waste your money you’ll be sorry.

      Kane doesn’t stand by their product so please don’t buy from them.

    3. Hello, we have solid white oak 3/4 hardwood floors and Kane Carpet throughout our home. Both were installed in May 2005. We have experienced no problems with either flooring types. We bought the best and all are as beautiful as the day they were installed. Looking to build a new home in 2021 and I will only consider Kane Carpeting and no pre-engineered hardwoods. Love the style, feel and color choices. Hate the price point.

    4. Do not buy Kane Carpet!!! Never!!! it is worse carpet i ever had. The Company gives False Advertisement about Carpet! It is very low Quality! This Carpet good for very short period of time!!!

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