LM Hardwood Flooring Review

LM Flooring Hardwood Review

By Fortino Rosas / August 23, 2021 / 1 Comments

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    If you feel like your home is a little drab and outdated, you’re certainly not alone. Whether you just moved in to a fixer-upper or you’ve lived under the same roof for decades, it’s not uncommon to want to spice up your space. One of the ways to add beauty – and value – to your home is with the addition of beautiful new flooring, like LM Flooring hardwoods.

    LM Flooring has produced engineered hardwood flooring since 2001. The company prides itself on its quality and style, which is reflected in over 150 different flooring options. Whether you prefer classic domestic hardwoods or unique exotic species, LM Flooring offers it through its retailers.

    But it’s not unusual for a company to toot its own horn. New flooring is a big investment, and you want to make sure you select the best … and you aren’t going to do that without doing your research. Fortunately, you don’t have to clear your busy schedule because we’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

    We’ve used various resources to find out the inside scoop on LM hardwood flooring. In this guide, we’ll report our findings, from common customer complaints (if any) to how the pricing stacks up next to its competitors.

    Before you invest your time and money in new floors, keep reading to find out if LM Flooring hardwoods should be added to the top of your list … or taken off altogether.

    Is This Flooring Built To Last?

    One of the most important factors to most consumers purchasing new flooring pertains to the quality. No one wants to invest thousands of dollars in flooring that’s going to wear out in just a few short years.

    LM Flooring boasts of the quality of its hardwoods, but do consumers agree with these claims? Do LM hardwood floors stand up to life’s daily activities … or are they better left displayed in the showroom?

    Fortunately, LM Flooring does not have many – if any – complaints from consumers. This is a pretty big accomplishment for a flooring manufacturer, as there are several brands that have multiple customer complaints surrounding the quality of their products.

    However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t encounter problems with your floors. All hardwood flooring has some common issues to be aware of.

    This includes scratches, dents, dings, and irreparable damage when exposed to water. We’ll explore these issues and how to avoid them a little bit later in this article.

    LM Flooring hardwoods are no exception, but again, these problems aren’t just exclusive to this brand. If you want flooring that doesn’t scratch as easily or doesn’t require a lot of care, consider other options such as laminate or vinyl plank.

    However, if you want classically beautiful hardwoods that will last for decades when properly maintained, you can’t go wrong with LM Flooring products.

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    Is My Purchase Backed With A Warranty?

    To ensure that you’re buying high-quality flooring, all LM Flooring products come backed with a warranty. How does LM Flooring’s hardwood warranty compare to other brands on the market?

    You’ll find that LM Flooring hardwoods come backed with one of the best residential warranties in the industry. With your product, you’ll receive a lifetime warranty. This warranty is valid for the original purchaser as long as they own their home.

    This flooring covers manufacturing defects that could affect the performance of your flooring. However, this warranty does not cover scratches, dents, and other damage that occurs from improper use or maintenance of your flooring. The warranty also doesn’t cover flooring that people didn’t install correctly.

    In other words, LM Flooring hardwoods are built to last a lifetime. However, you have to make sure that you take the proper steps to install and maintain your floors.

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    Can I Install My New Flooring Myself?

    LM Flooring makes it quite easy to install floors yourself. The company actually provides installation guides right on its website so you know every step required to get the most out of your floors.

    There are several installation methods available based on the flooring you select, and LM Flooring provides everything needed to do the job properly, from prepping your subfloors to installing the floors and maintaining them immediately after installation.

    Unfortunately, though, if you look over the steps, you’ll see that quite a bit of skill is required. While it is certainly possible for someone that has never installed hardwoods to go through each step properly, the job is difficult, not to mention extremely time-consuming.

    You may also have to purchase or rent additional tools and supplies to complete the job. This includes a power saw, trim pieces, and adhesives for glue-down floors. These hardwood floor costs could quickly add up. Add in the time you have to invest to do the job, and you may find that it’s worth hiring a professional to do the job.

    One last thing to note is that improper installation will void your warranty. This means that if your subfloor isn’t properly prepped, the humidity levels aren’t correct, or a step is missed, your floors won’t be covered if something goes wrong. Not only that, but your flooring may buckle, separate, or become damaged when not installed correctly.

    Though you may want to take on the job yourself to save a few bucks, it’s important to really understand what installing your LM Flooring hardwoods entails. If you aren’t able to invest your time in the job, it’s time to start researching professional installers in your area.

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    How Do I Maintain My LM Flooring Hardwoods?

    In addition to offering installation guides, LM Flooring also offers a maintenance guide on its website to ensure you’re not doing anything that would damage or shorten the lifespan of your flooring. Unlike other hardwood brands on the market, LM Flooring products are pretty easy to maintain.

    LM Flooring engineered hardwoods can be cleaned daily with a broom or dust mop. When your floors get really dirty over time, you can use a cleaner designed for use on urethane-coated hardwoods. It’s important to use the cleaner sparingly and never oversaturate your floors.

    Other maintenance tips include removing spills promptly, using a hardwood vacuum regularly, using mats at entrances to prevent dirt and grit from scratching your floors, taking off high heels and cleats, and keeping pet nails trimmed. You should also never slide furniture or heavy objects on your floor, as this can cause scratches.

    All LM Flooring engineered hardwoods don’t require waxing, so avoid using waxes, wax-based cleaners, or abrasive cleaners. If your flooring looks dull or scratched over time, you can purchase repair accessories from your local home improvement store or flooring retailer.

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    What Style Options Are Available To Me?

    One of the areas where LM Flooring really stands out is in its selection of flooring products. While some brands only offer a few basic styles, you’ll be able to choose from over 150 engineered hardwood products if you opt for LM Flooring.

    There are a variety of collections available to suit any style. If you love the natural look, take a look at the Nature Reserve collection.

    Want a light, bright, and beautiful floor? Try the Seaside collection. You’ll have your pick of multiple styles, colors, and species, including domestics and exotics.

    There is no shortage of styles when you choose LM Flooring. Whether you prefer sleek and elegant, rustic, trendy, or classic, you’re sure to find the perfect flooring to update your space.

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    What does LM stand for in flooring?

    LM Flooring is a flooring company founded in 2001 that specializes in producing and selling high-quality engineered wood floors. The company offers quite a diverse range of wood floors with over 150 styles for you to choose from. Another great thing about this brand is that they use rapidly renewable and recycled materials when making their flooring.

    The LM Flooring company offers over 23 different collections of hardwood floors, in which you can find numerous exotic species, domestic species, acrylic-infused hardwood floors, etc.

    How much does LM Flooring cost?

    LM Flooring offers numerous collections of hardwood floors, all of which come at a different price. The final cost will depend on which style you choose, the room’s size, installation costs, etc.; however, on average you can expect to pay between $2.20 and $7.20 per square foot.

    The more luxurious, exotic finishes are more expensive; however, you can always opt for more affordable styles that will also look amazing in your home. In addition, LM Flooring gives clear installation instructions, so you can save on labor costs if you decide to do a DIY installation.

    Final Verdict

    If you’re looking for high-quality, beautiful hardwood flooring, look no further than LM Flooring. It won’t disappoint you.

    The company makes all LM Flooring products with the utmost care and highest quality materials. The company even backs its products with a lifetime warranty.

    Taking care of your floors is easy, too. You won’t spend hours on your hands and knees waxing your floors. These engineered hardwoods can easily retain their beauty with just a few quick maintenance steps.

    One of the standout features of LM Flooring engineered hardwoods is its wide selection of colors and styles. There’s something for everyone with over 150 styles to choose from.

    One of the drawbacks of this flooring is how difficult it can be to install. This isn’t exclusive to just this brand, as all hardwoods require some level of skill and a lot of time.

    LM Flooring does simplify the process by providing a detailed installation guide, but if you’re not ready to invest your time, consider adding the costs of professional installation to your flooring budget.

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