armstrong laminate flooring review

Armstrong Laminate Flooring Review

A famous athlete, the first astronaut to step on the moon, and apparently a laminate flooring. The name “Armstrong” conveys stellar and celestial things, so you would think the flooring would hold up to its moniker’s reputation.

You want an out of this world experience. It’s time to pull out your handy computer, phone, or research device and determine whether or not this laminate is as heavenly as it sounds.

What is it?

Laminate flooring first came to the United States in 1994 and quickly became a popular option for affordable housing. The material often mimics the appearance of more expensive alternatives like stone and hardwood but lacks the cost.

A lot of laminate additionally features a vinyl layer on the top to prevent damage to the flooring underneath. Many people choose this type of material over others because it claims to be resistant to scratches and buffs from heavy foot traffic and spills. The material is also safe for residential and commercial uses according to the EPA, which is a plus for people worried about what might be lurking in their homes.

Armstrong itself is a business based in the United States which has been open for 150 years. The company possesses over 17 manufacturing facilities and takes pride if offering individuals a broad range of products and styles. People can pick up the product from most retailers.

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Is it durable?

No one wants to buy flooring which needs to be replaced within a year. One of the biggest questions homeowners often ask themselves is whether or not their brand new floor will truly hold up to the rigors of life.

Thankfully for users of Armstrong laminate, the product is extremely durable. Laminate was designed to be easy to clean and hold up under heavy foot traffic, and Armstrong is no exception. Each of the manufacturer’s products received certification from the North American Laminate Flooring Association, guaranteeing a minimum level of resilience to common household disasters.

Users of this product have discovered that the installed flooring is difficult to scratch, dent, or scuff, especially since the vinyl covering on the top is thick and easy to wipe clean.

However, you will discover that the laminate doesn’t hold up in moist environments, especially around bathrooms, kitchens, or rooms which gather humidity. The moisture can cause the boards to warp and eventually break, bend, or crack, so be sure to read your Armstrong laminate’s information before installing it around the house.

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How much does it cost?

Armstrong laminate boards have a broad price range. You can expect to pay anywhere between $1.50 and $3.50 per sq. ft. As with many other flooring options, the cost of laminate will change based on the style you choose and whether or not you are buying in bulk.

More expensive or popular selections, such as oak or walnut, tend to cost more than lesser options like beech. Styles which mimic stone are also usually more expensive because of the time involved in crafting the product.

Another factor into your final cost will be the warranty. The majority of the laminate additionally features several options for individuals who would like to guarantee their purchase. Different styles come with different warranties, so you want to research your chosen product before you purchase. For example, these lines correlate with the following warranties:

  • Premium Lustre and Premium Commercial Collections – Lifetime warranty
  • Architectural Remnants – 50 Years
  • Coastal Living Collection – 30 Years
  • Timeless Naturals – 20 Years

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Is it high-quality?

Quality is important to homeowners because it determines whether or not flooring will last. Unfortunately, people who purchase Armstrong laminate will not be pleased.

Numerous buyers have found problems with the product. Some of the issues you could face are broken and damaged laminate, gradual staining of the wood because of its chemical composition, and the flaking or crumbling of the laminate’s connecting mechanism.

Some poor individuals also discovered that Armstrong has poor quality control – people throughout the United States discovered powder-post beetle eggs and infestations in their flooring after purchase. Some buyers also discovered that the laminate will chip and leave splinters in the feet of humans and pets who walk over it.

However, other users have found that Armstrong laminate last them for years with no issues. Some people also enjoyed the installation process and discovered that the boards fit together well.

At the end of the day, the quality of Armstrong is like spinning a wheel. Sometimes it will land on something good, but other times it will be bad.

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Is there customer service?

With some of the problems you are reading about, you might ask yourself: What is the customer service at Armstrong like?

One of the most positive qualities of Armstrong is that it is quick to respond to customer questions, concerns, and complaints. The business is willing to work with individual homeowners to determine what the cause of a problem might have been, and many customers are issued replacement boards if something goes wrong during the delivery.

Warranties are additionally honored. This sounds like it should be common sense, but you no doubt have encountered a company in your lifetime that has refused to follow through on a warranty. Armstrong has an excellent reputation and will probably address your needs quickly and efficiently.

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What styles are available?

Unlike some other laminates, Armstrong is available in both wood and stone mimicking styles. Potential customers like yourself can choose from several different style lines which range in price and affordability.

As of 2018, Armstrong features 152 styles. You can choose from popular woods like walnut and oak, buy laminate which looks like traditional distressed wood, or change things up by buying products that look like customized stone shingles.

You can also choose the level of gloss on the surface, ranging from high to low. The majority of the tiles have micro edges, but you can also select models with beveled, pressed, or square edges.

When you do pick a style, be sure to check the tile size and thickness. Each section ranges in size from 5 to 45 in., and needs to be acclimatized to a room to prevent potential swelling or shrinkage.

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The Verdict

Armstrong laminate flooring seems to be a mixed bag for potential buyers, and the majority of problems happen once you have the product shipped to you. If you receive a quality product, you can expect your floor to be durable and last for years.

However, some facilities have a record of shipping out subpar products which can turn people away from this brand. If you’re willing to take the risk, then Armstrong laminate can pay off.

Have you had any weird experiences with this product? If so, share pictures, stories, and information on this website to help others make a decision.

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