ivc balterio laminate flooring review

IVC Balterio Laminate Flooring Review

June 1, 2018 / 14 Comments

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Today, we’ve zoned in on the IVC Balterio laminate flooring line. Weeding through industry terms and actual user feedback has exposed some pretty useful information, and we’ll cover the (seemingly) most notable points on the IVC Balterio laminate.

Laminate flooring tends to be a common floor covering consideration in today’s flooring market, though terms in the industry like millimeter thickness, floating, underlayment, and *gasp*… glue can start to pile up and overwhelm a potential buyer.

Before we get started: it’s important to note that laminate, in general, isn’t for everyone; or that is, it’s not for every application. Entryways, bathrooms and kitchens with laminate flooring might require some serious water wardening.

Also, the fit, finish and lasting durability is directly tied to proper installation methods, so minimizing the installation process can quickly backfire.

Now, lets get into it. IVC Balterio laminate is a Belgian produced laminate, manufactured in an eco-friendly factory and offers three style categories with two thickness options.

Style Options

IVC offers three style categories with their Balterio Laminate line. Within the categories, there are two thickness levels available: the 8mm and the 12mm.

Not all colors and styles are available in either thickness, and the color variety is more limited in the 12mm quality than in the 8mm options.


Mostly warm color hues are found in this style grouping. Saw marks and rustic touches are prominent. Options like Spiced Hickory, Sweet Magnolia, French Barrel Oak and the intriguing Mystic Everwood provide a pretty versatile lineup.


The Metropolitan group brings a European-esque feel to its style profiles. Catering to a more modern style, color choices include Parisian Fig, Stormy Willow and Vulcanic Pine (that last one is not a typo, it’s definitely Vulcanic).

To say that some of the choices in this category are “niche” would be an understatement. And while a few choices are fitting for most style applications, a couple are quite, erm… unique.


Wood patterns like Maple, Oak, Cherry and Teak are covered within this group. The category name sums it up accurately: all colors are relatively neutral & reminiscent of traditional hardwood colors.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

IVC seems to take their green initiative very seriously. According to their website, IVC is striving to cover all of the bases when it comes to being green: during production, in the consumer’s application, and even after disposal.

The company uses solar power, wind and even a heat reclamation system to reuse heat energy created during manufacturing. IVC recycles their scrap materials, which are repurposed into automotive floor mats. They tout a 250% lower emission rating than other flooring manufacturers.

There are some eco-friendly benefits passed on to the consumer and beyond, too. The inks and dyes used to create flooring patterns are water-based & can be recycled and/or reused. Adhesives used are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

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IVC Balterio Tips & Costs

Chances are you can keep it local when shopping for IVC Balterio laminate flooring. Various local, big-name suppliers carry the product and are searchable via the IVC retailer locator. Some options are also available through a few select online retailers.

When comparing the different thickness options, consider the application. A number one complaint of laminate flooring in general is noise. Due to the lack of insulating material to absorb sounds, footsteps might be amplified & you might notice general echoing.

A 12mm thickness floor (that’s about the thickness of 8 stacked pennies) with a quality laminate underlayment will provide quite a bit more sound insulation than an 8mm thickness with minimal underlayment. For main floor or upper story applications, it may be worth it to go with the 12mm. In a basement floor application, where sound won’t be traveling to a living space below, the 8mm should be just fine.

Prices vary a bit between the different color choices and tend to range between $2.50-$4.00 per square foot. There doesn’t seem to be a huge price difference between the 8mm and 12mm thickness levels, with the 12mm averaging about 10% higher than the 8mm.

The warranty always comes up in the floor shopping process, and there’s no exception here. The 8mm comes with a 25 year residential warranty, while the 12mm is warranted in a residential application for “life” (careful: that actually equates to 33 years, per the warranty outline). While the coverage time advertised seem extensive, the warranties are prorated and warranty coverage percentages drop as the years go by.

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What Do Consumers Say?

After digging through the interwebs to find consumer and professional feedback on the IVC Balterio laminate, 3 conclusions were drawn.

First, apparently if you want to know the down and dirty details on just about anything, visit a Mommy Forum. These ladies tell it like it is on just about anything, including laminate flooring.

IVC Balterio gets great reviews here and on various other sites. The consensus seems to be that Balterio laminate simulates the look of real wood as well as or better than most other laminate products out there.

The second conclusion: flooring installers tend to be pretty passionate about the products they install and give some balanced feedback on the Balterio line.

According to various professional opinions, Balterio laminate finishes off well and provides a higher-end finished-look. Another common theme reported was that the IVC Balterio is packaged extremely well compared to other laminate products;  this can be a problem in the industry, to say the least.

Lastly, installation seems to be the main weak point with the Balterio laminate product line. Homeowners and professional installers both report that the “tilt and lock” method required to install the product can be tedious at times.

The planks can be extra challenging to install under door frames and along cabinets. Sometimes it requires cutting and gluing the laminate panels to get them to fit.

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Bottom Line

For the right applications, the eco-friendly IVC Balterio laminate flooring could be a good option for most homes. Consumers report a higher end finish with Balterio laminate than many others in the industry, and IVC offers a variety of designs to fit different decors.

Installation can be a challenge, and professional installation is probably a good idea. If only to prevent the almost certain discord that’ll manifest in a home thanks to a more-than-stressful DIY project.

In fact, laminate tends to be extremely susceptible to its installation method. The Balterio line follows that general rule. If installed incorrectly, the durability, quality & appearance of the product will be short lived.

Laminate flooring is fairly easy to clean & maintain. Just be sure you have a laminate-friendly vacuum cleaner, keep a keen eye out & a spare rag handy for water spills, and you’re off to the races.

Already purchased IVC Balterio laminate or something similar? Share your experiences and room pics in the comment section below.

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