AmCork Flooring Review

AmCork Flooring Review

By Fortino Rosas / June 18, 2019 / 1 Comments

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    Who says that you can’t have hard flooring that’s attractive, durable, comfortable, and eco-friendly? Consider cork for your next remodeling or new construction project.

    AmCork flooring products promise to provide attractive and durable flooring options that keep up with the latest trends. But do these products actually keep these promises?

    Whether you’ve already encountered AmCork products in your search for new flooring or you’re just starting to explore the benefits of cork floors, this guide is for you. We did the research for you, so you don’t have to spend hours scouring product reviews, blogs, and other sources on the internet. We’ve put our sleuthing skills to work to see if AmCork is the right flooring for your next project.

    So sit back, and learn more about AmCork flooring. In this guide, we’ll look at the pros, the cons, and everything you should consider before investing your hard-earned money. Let’s get started.

    Is AmCork Flooring Durable?

    If you’re investing your money in new flooring, you want it to be durable. After all, who wants to invest time and money in flooring that needs to be replaced after just a few months or years? Is AmCork flooring comparable to other durable types of bare flooring such as ceramic tile or hardwoods?

    One of the best things about AmCork flooring is that it’s naturally self-healing. This means that while it can dent under the heavy weight of furniture and appliances, it will generally spring back over time. However, you can avoid this problem by using furniture pads and coasters.

    AmCork flooring is extremely durable, but it may be susceptible to scratches. You can reduce the risk of scratching your floor by using furniture pads and leg covers on furniture.

    You can also take off shoes – especially cleats or high heels – when walking on the floors. Also, keep pet nails trimmed. Even though some damage may occur, AmCork flooring is more scratch-resistant than other hard flooring types.

    Another issue that you may encounter with your AmCork flooring is fading and discoloration caused by excessive exposure to UV lighting. This isn’t uncommon with bare floors. You can prevent it by using rugs to cover areas of the floor that are exposed to excessive sunlight.

    You may also use window treatments such as blinds or curtains or window films. That can help prevent this damage from occurring.

    Finally, despite rumors to the contrary, cork flooring is not waterproof. However, a properly sealed floor will not be damaged or stained with exposure to water. So you can install it in rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. This isn’t something that can be said of other flooring like bamboo or hardwoods.

    On average, you should expect to get at least 25 years of usage out of your AmCork flooring. This does fall short of the lifespan of other materials – such as solid hardwoods. They can last 100 years or longer. However, your AmCork flooring could last even longer with proper care.

    In fact, AmCork flooring is so durable, the manufacturer offers a 25-year warranty on all of its flooring products and wall tiles. Your product will be replaced with the same product or its equivalent if there is a manufacturing defect. However, it is important to note that the warranty does not cover damage caused by improper installation, inadequate subfloors, abuse, or inadequate maintenance.

    In addition to durability, you’ll also get features that you won’t with other flooring types. For instance, the insulating features of cork makes it quieter, warmer, and softer. Cork flooring is also one of the most eco-friendly choices on the market today.

    Overall, your AmCork flooring is extremely durable. In fact, past customers sampled other products before finally choosing AmCork because of its superior quality when compared to other cork flooring brands.

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    Is AmCork Flooring Budget-Friendly?

    To determine if AmCork products are budget-friendly, let’s first take a look at the average cost of cork flooring. You should expect to pay between $3 to $8 for cork flooring. Remember, though, prices may vary outside of this range based on where you purchase your flooring, the brand you select, and any current sales.

    Depending on the specific product you select and the retailer you purchase from, expect to pay around $3 to $5 per square foot for AmCork flooring. Compared to the average pricing, these products are in the low- to mid-range, making them a great choice for the budget-conscious.

    Remember, this is only the pricing for the materials. Additional supplies and tools may be needed to complete the job. You also need to take into consideration the cost of installation.

    Professional installers typically charge between $5 to $7 per square foot for the installation of cork. However, these prices may vary based on your location and the size and complexity of the job. Self-installation may be an option to help you save money, and we’ll explore this option a little later in this post.

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    What Colors & Styles Are Available?

    The color and style of your flooring is important because you want it to complement the rest of your home. This includes other flooring, the color of the paint on your walls, your furnishing, and your home décor. If you want a wide selection, will you find it with AmCork flooring?

    First, there are two different products to consider: cork tiles and cork planks. Cork tiles are parquet-style flooring that is made of 100 percent cork. Planks are similar to hardwood flooring, only each plank is made of cork.

    AmCork has 30 different colors and patterns of cork flooring. You can have your choice of natural cork or modern and bold choices like Marble White or Ebony. While there are other brands and flooring types with a bigger selection, there are plenty of great products to choose from to fit the style of any home or commercial space.

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    How Do I Care For My AmCork Flooring?

    If you don’t want floors that are high-maintenance, you’re in luck. Taking care of your AmCork flooring is very easy and doesn’t require any special, expensive products. Your flooring requires very little care and maintenance to always look its best.

    For regular cleaning, a vacuum without a beater bar is a great way to maintain your floors. Look for vacuums designed for use on bare floors. Though using a vacuum is more efficient, you can also use a broom or dust mop for daily cleaning.

    If you need a little extra cork floor cleaning power, use a damp mop to keep your floors looking their best. You should avoid the use of ammonia-based cleaners and chemicals, which can damage your floor. Also make sure to never saturate the floor with water and to always clean up spills promptly.

    Your AmCork flooring is sealed with a polyurethane sealant. While this is long-lasting, it won’t last the lifetime of your flooring. On average, you should expect to reseal your floors every 7 to 10 years in homes and every 1 to 2 years in busy commercial areas.

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    Can I Install This Flooring Myself?

    If you want to save money and tackle your renovation or new construction project yourself, AmCork makes it easy to install your cork flooring yourself. Even if you don’t have any experience with the installation of flooring, AmCork provides detailed guides to help you do the job properly.

    These guides outline the steps you must take before, during, and after installation to get the most out of your floors. This includes prepping the subfloor, using the right tools for installation, and care and maintenance following installation.

    There are two types of flooring to choose from: floating floors and parquet tiles. If you are installing below grade or over a radiant heating system, choose floating floors.

    If you are installing your flooring in a bathroom, want to create a mixed-and-matched look and different effects, or want a more affordable option, consider parquet tiles for your installation.

    Even though AmCork provides you with everything you need to know about installing your floors, it’s important to note that there are a few things you need to bring to the table. This includes the right tools and supplies for the job, as well as the time to make sure each step is followed.

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    Final Verdict

    AmCork flooring is an overall great choice if you’re in the market for cork flooring. You’ll find that this flooring is as durable as other types of bare flooring, with the added advantages of being eco-friendly, soft, and quiet. With proper care, your AmCork flooring can last a lifetime.

    Caring for your floors is quick and easy. You won’t have to invest in special tools or chemical products that can be harmful to the people and pets in your household. You won’t have to spend hours cleaning your floors, although you will need to do resealing throughout the years.

    AmCork flooring comes in a wide variety of styles and colors, whether you like a more traditional look or your tastes are more modern. It also has a very competitive price when you compare it to other cork flooring products.

    You can save hundreds or thousands of dollars more by installing the flooring yourself using the guides and information provided by AmCork.

    While AmCork flooring is susceptible to some damage, taking a few additional steps – such as using throw rugs and furniture coasters – can keep your floor looking its best for years to come. AmCork flooring is perfect for use in any room of your home or commercial space that needs an update.

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