Stainmaster Carpet Flooring Review

Stainmaster Carpet Flooring Review

By Fortino Rosas / July 22, 2019 / 12 Comments

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    What sets Stainmaster carpet apart from its counterparts? If you have been shopping for carpet at all, chances are you’ve heard of this brand.

    A successful marketing campaign has made Stainmaster a household name in carpet that has been synonymous with durability and stain resistance for years.

    With hundreds of color and style options and one of the best pet warranties for carpet, it’s easy to see why this brand is so popular—but how much of the popularity comes from satisfied homeowners and how much is just hype?

    Construction and Durability

    One would think that with a name like Stainmaster, the stain-resistant properties of this carpet would come from a special topically-applied stain-blocker like Scotchgard, but this is not the case. The secret of Stainmaster lies in the fiber construction—with physical properties so small, that you would need an electron microscope to see it.

    Stainmaster carpet is a different type of nylon fiber they call “type 6.6.”  This unique fiber type gets its name from the dual strands of carbon fiber. While both nylon strands, they differ slightly in molecular structure which allows the fiber to take on a spring-like shape.

    This spring-like shape keeps the fiber from matting down and fraying in high-traffic areas. Even higher-pile carpets that would normally show traffic patterns and wear under these circumstances have a resiliency you won’t find in other fibers.

    The stain resistance aspect also comes down to the fiber construction. Type 6.6 nylon must be solution-dyed. This means the colorant is added as the fiber is extruded and pulled into tiny strands before it is twisted, woven, and tufted into the finished product.

    This process contrasts with the ‘piece-dye” method where the fibers are saturated in a vat of colored solution, much like dying an Easter egg. In this process, the colors do not fully penetrate the structure of the fiber, so a stain blocker solution is used to close the dye sites in the fiber.

    Piece dying creates a more vibrant and wider color range but is not as stain-resistant or colorfast as it’s solution-dyed counterpart.

    The result of this technology is a product that is stain-resistant, colorfast, and durable. Stainmaster has become a favorite in active homes with children and pets.

    Therefore, Stainmaster carpets come with a lifetime stain and soil warranty. Some models come with an all-pet warranty that isn’t limited to just domestic pets like Fido and Kitty but pot belly pigs and reptiles too. Depending on the model, the wear and texture retention warranty is anywhere from 20-25 years.

    It’s important to remember, like with all carpet warranties, you must have your carpet professionally cleaned with hot water extraction once a year to maintain the warranty.

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    Style and Appearance

    If you’ve already shopped for Stainmaster carpet at some point, you may have noticed that it is a brand unto itself but also that several other manufacturers have their own carpets but with a Stainmaster logo. So, you may be asking yourself, what gives?

    Stainmaster is both a trademarked fiber and a brand. As such, the company sells their proprietary fiber technology to other manufacturers in exchange for marketing the product with the Stainmaster logo.  For example, you may see it printed on carpets from Tuftex, Dixie Home, and Phenix as well as Stainmaster branded carpet at big box stores such as Lowe’s.

    As a result, you have a lot of style options.

    Stainmaster has all the options on their website and you can view which mill each style comes from in the product details. Overall, you have five main families to choose from. These include: PetProtect, LiveWell, TruSoft, Active Family, and Essentials.

    Within these main carpet families there are a plethora of collections and within each collection are diverse color palettes, sometimes up to 25 colors per collection. Here, you will find an array of patterns, pile heights, twists, textures, and berber, plus combinations of these styles.

    While there are too many to go in-depth about here, two of the most popular are the Pet-Protect and Essentials. Like the names suggest, the company gears the Pet-Protect toward pet owners with a high-density yet short pile selections in a variety of colors for the purpose of hiding pet hair and are easy to clean.

    On the other hand, the Essentials provides a budget-friendly flooring option in a reduced thickness and style range but still has all the Stainmaster bells and whistles right down to the warranty package.

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    Ease of installation

    When you think of a floor covering that’s easy to install, carpet isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Not to say that it isn’t impossible for a handy homeowner to tackle on their own. A small, square bedroom and closet might be easy enough.

    However, larger jobs with multiple seams, patterns, and are best left to the professionals. Pros have access to special tools to make for a speedy and high-quality install. For example, most DIY homeowners don’t just have a power stretcher laying around.

    Stainmaster carpet has a standard fiberglass backing, also known as an action-bac. This backing type is the most common and requires no special considerations when installing.

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    Stainmaster’s brand is far-reaching, so there’s something for just about every budget. It’s also widely available at big box stores, local flooring retailers, and online. If you aren’t sure where to buy, you can use the store finder feature on the Stainmaster website.

    Carpet prices are reflected in the collection, style, and face weight. Different face weights in the same color will often have a $10 to $15 difference depending on the collection.

    Based on these factors, you can expect to spend anywhere from $18-$50 per square yard for Stainmaster carpet. Their website has a handy budget tool that includes average installation and pad cost based on room size.

    You will also have to factor in the price of the carpet pad as well. A high-quality carpet pad can greatly extend the life of your carpet as well as provide comfort, noise reduction, and insulation. Expect to pay $3-$9 per square yard for a quality carpet pad.

    Many carpet stores also offer in-house professional installation services. These can also run $3-5 per square yard. This often does not include things like removal and disposal of your old flooring, furniture moving, or subfloor prep.

    Coupons for “free installation” with a minimum carpet purchase may tempt you. Just like there’s no such thing as a free lunch, these installs aren’t really free.

    Often, the labor cost is just in addition to the material price. So, you may be getting a lower quality carpet and pad at a higher price with a “free” installation.

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    The Verdict

    In conclusion, Stainmaster carpet continues to put out solid products year after year. They provide both budget and high-end options with ever-changing design trends. At the same time, they maintain a broad classic color selection. So, there’s something for every home style.

    In addition, like the name suggests, these carpets are very stain-resistant and easy to clean—even for homes with pot belly pigs and iguanas. The all-pet warranty is a bonus.

    Have you had experience living on Stainmaster Carpets? Tell us how you like, or dislike it, in the comments.

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