GreenTouch WPC Flooring Review

GreenTouch WPC Flooring Review

By Fortino Rosas / August 23, 2021 / 9 Comments

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    The flooring world is full of acronyms. For the occasional DIYer looking to finish a project, it can all be a little confusing. One of the newer acronyms is WPC, and it stands for wood plastic composite.

    It’s the latest innovation in vinyl flooring, the biggest benefit being that it’s completely waterproof. Unfortunately, for reasons that aren’t related to the actual product, GreenTouch WPC flooring isn’t a WPC option worth recommending.

    The product itself is pretty standard from all appearances, and we’ll get into some of those details in a minute. It’s some of the intangibles, though, around the company that eliminated GreenTouch as an option for me.

    Plank Size

    GreenTouch WPC vinyl planks are a fairly standard size, 48 inches long and 6 inches wide. That makes them a very versatile size.

    They are good for smaller rooms where you’d likely want a flooring that’s waterproof, like a kitchen or laundry room. But because they aren’t too narrow they also work well in a bedroom or living room, letting you avoid an over abundance of seams that can be distracting.

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    Plank Thickness

    WPC planks are typically a little thinner than most other flooring options, like engineered wood or traditional laminate. That’s also the case here. GreenTouch planks are a mid-range thickness, coming in at 6 mm. So, it’s a good choice to install anywhere in the house, both high-traffic and low-traffic areas.

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    Color Variety

    GreenTouch WPC definitely has variety going for it. They offer it in 36 different colors. Most are varieties of acacia, oak, and walnut, but if you can’t find a color that works for you in a list that long – maybe you’re overthinking your choice.

    One more thing to note: All of the finishes are described as hand-scraped, but none of them looked to be too over the top like you can see in some faux hand-scraped finishes. There was enough of the “hand-scraped” look to give the floor character, but not enough to distract from the overall look of the floor.

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    Ease of Installation

    GreenTouch installs like most other hardwood alternatives. The tools required are minimal, and its click-lock system makes laying the floor easy.

    One thing to note is that while some WPC vinyl flooring doesn’t require an underlayment as long as the subflooring is in good shape, that doesn’t seem to be the case with GreenTouch. The GreenTouch site recommends an underlayment for some of its floors.

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    Ease of Care

    Two features about WPC flooring really stand out. First, it’s waterproof, and in a house like mine with small kids and pets that like to spill and drip, having a floor that isn’t going to buckle or warp because of a spill is a must. But ease of care is also critical.

    With WPC you don’t have to invest in special brooms or mops to keep your floor clean. The standard issue will do. And to clean up the mud and grime that inevitably get tracked in requires nothing more than a laminate-friendly vacuum, wet rag or mop.

    Now, for the things that concern me about GreenTouch.

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    Stilted Language on the Website

    This may just be a personal thing, but some of the English on the GreenTouch website is clumsy and stilted, as if it was written by a non-native speaker. I have no problem buying products from companies not based the U.S., so this isn’t a “Made in the USA” rant. Hopefully, it’s not a rant at all.

    What the poor language points to, at least for me, is professionalism. It doesn’t read like the site was sent through a professional translator but, instead, put through some kind of translation software. So, you get phrases like “We will insist and commit to our business concept” and use of the word “satisfactory” when what they really wanted was superior.

    Translation isn’t necessarily expensive, and to skip on that for your website when that’s your digital face to the world says something about your commitment and priorities. That may not be a red flag for others, but it’s something that felt like it was worth pointing out.

    There are also sections of the site that contain paragraphs of dummy content, put in as a placeholder and meant to be filled in later. Again, your site is your face to the world, and when people are starting the buying process online (for anything, not just flooring) having a site that’s unfinished isn’t putting on your best face.

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    Where Are the Reviews?

    Again, this could be another concern that is unique to me, but it’s one I wanted to mention nonetheless. I can’t find reviews online from others who have used this flooring. There are two testimonials on the company site, and one is from the CEO. On all of the other sites where you can usually find reviews of flooring–the big retailers, the DIY specialty sites–there isn’t anything.

    A lack of reviews doesn’t mean that GreenTouch WPC flooring is an inferior product at all. But I like a bit of social proof when I’m making a purchase that could add up to hundreds of dollars or more, and without reviews I don’t have that.

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    There are not many places where you can buy GreenTouch flooring. The major, big box hardware retailers do not carry it. I can’t find it at the major chain flooring retailers.

    You may be able to find it through some of the smaller, more specialty retailers online. And the GreenTouch site does seem to indicate that there are local flooring retailers that carry the product, but the site doesn’t provide any links to where you can buy the product.

    Again, this may not be a concern for everyone because it doesn’t speak to the quality of the product, but it did feel like something worth mentioning.

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    Is WPC vinyl flooring waterproof?

    One of the major benefits of installing WPC vinyl flooring is that it’s waterproof. It handles spills, pet mess, and anything else that results in liquids landing on the floor. WPC flooring doesn’t warp or buckle if there has been water spilled on it.

    How do you clean Green WPC flooring?

    A benefit of installing Green WPC vinyl flooring is that you don’t need any fancy mops or special brooms for cleaning this floor. A standard-issue mop or wet rag will clean this floor well without having to worry about using too much water. If you want to remove dust, pet dander, or mud, a laminate-friendly vacuum will get the job done without damaging the Green WPC flooring.


    It may seem a little unfair to hit a company so hard for an unpolished web site, but when you’re going to make a purchase like flooring, one that can be expensive and also a product you expect to last for years, you need to consider everything.

    While GreenTouch meets all the specifications you look for if you’re considering WPC flooring–the planks are a good size, the price seems to be competitive, and you get all the benefits of WPC–there are just too many red flags unrelated to the actual product to make it one worth recommending. If the company were to make sure that its website was high-quality and informative, that could change.

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    About Fortino Rosas

    Chief Floor Critic, 32 years of experience in flooring installation and sales

    Fortino Rosas is an independent flooring contractor with 32 years of experience in residential and commercial flooring installation and sales. He joined the Floor Critics team to share his expertise with our readers. Fortino has acquired vast knowledge and skills in the areas of product selection, space planning, and installation. He has installed flooring in residential, government, and commercial office projects in the Midwest. Visit Website.

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    9 thoughts on “GreenTouch WPC Flooring Review”

    1. BUYER BEWARE! This company is Horrible, Horrible, Horrible! I ordered approx $4,000.00 worth of flooring and when I found out from my contractor it would not work for our situation I tried cancelling the order, this was before the flooring had arrived at my home. I was informed I would be charged $1,500.00 in restocking fees and delivery fees. Thats over 35% for a canceled ordered that wasn’t even delivered yet. This company is not customer service friendly, they only care about lining their pockets. They never told me it was going to be $1500.00 to cancel. If this company continues to screw customers over like myself and many others, they won’t be in business long! STAY FAR AWAY! I will be spreading the word on all the websites that sell their flooring to warn consumers before they buy! I don’t want anyone to have to be screwed like I was. Good luck!

      1. I’m curious if you recall what it was about your situation they said would make it not work for you. I’m considering it and am a bit concerned.

    2. We had GreenTouch 5 months ago thru most of our home. We love it. It is low maintenance and looks great.

      1. Does the flooring still look good. Any complaints. I am considering doing that green touch flooring in my living room and dining room

    3. Purchased and installed Green Touch vinyl Rustic Oak flooring for our cottage. All you have to do is look at it wrongly and it SCRATCHES! We purchased this to be maintenance free and stand up to traffic. Not the case!! Customer service told us it wasn’t a defect and will not take any responsibility! Beware!

      1. Same with us. Very disappointed – when I purchased they said it does not scratch I watched a company video that showed that even a knife does not scratch it. We have had it for only a few months and the smallest thing scratched it

    4. That is a pretty fair analysis. Clients these days are savy and do lots of research before investing in flooring. If the manufacturer doesn’t provide clear information, and there aren’t any positive reviews, consumers may want to look elsewhere for flooring.

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