Eternity Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

Eternity Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

By Fortino Rosas / April 10, 2019 / 0 Comments

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    Is Eternity waterproof vinyl plank flooring a great value? Or is it a luxury let-down?

    It seems like every flooring manufacturer has a vinyl plank product on the market these days, so it can be challenging to find the real diamond in the rough.

    Eternity vinyl plank may just be that. Each collection features gorgeous on-trend visuals, two types of durable solid core construction, and it’s even eco-friendly.

    While pricier than some other waterproof vinyl plank options, it doesn’t cost its weight in diamonds–we promise.

    Appearance and Style

    Eternity flooring caters to high-end modern, industrial, contemporary, and rustic-modern styles across all collections–think Malibu day spa, modern farmhouse, or urban penthouse loft. Classic, antique, and ultra-distressed rustic looks are not well represented here.

    Eternity flooring offers two types of waterproof vinyl flooring: WPC and SPC. The difference between the two lies in their core construction but we will go more in-depth about that later.

    Between the two, there are 11 style collections to choose from.

    In their WPC offerings, you will find six style collections. These range from basic to luxury in features.

    For example, the Essentials collection has a limited color range and minimal texture. It looks the most like a vinyl. Whereas the Cornerstone and Infinity collections have embossed and registered texture micro beveled edges and more true-to-wood visuals.

    In addition to hardwood patterns, Eternity offers tile-look options as well. The Legacy collection is composed of five neutral stone tile patterns which seem to blend the look of marble with a stained concrete.

    Their five SPC collections are all wood looks. The most notable and unique being the Provincial collection. This is a reclaimed wood pattern that looks like a multi width plank at first glance but is in fact single 6” wide planks.

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    Construction and Durability

    Vinyl planks are sought after for being both waterproof and durable. Eternity flooring, among other brands, has two different types that each have their pros and cons.

    The difference lies in their very cores.

    SPC or “Stone Powder Core” is made of compressed limestone and minerals. Also known as “rigid core,” this vinyl product is highly impact resistant and typically inexpensive to manufacture.

    The other type is WPC. Many people think it stands for “Waterproof Core” which isn’t completely inaccurate. WPC stands for “Wood Plastic Composite.”

    This type of core is considerably thicker. It protects the floor from expansion and contraction more compared to the older styles of vinyl plank, but it tends to dent more easily than SPC.

    It’s important to know the difference when considering the durability of a vinyl floor. When you compare SPC to WPC is like apples to oranges.

    Eternity Flooring offers a wide range of overall thicknesses and wear layers with both WPC and SPC types. There is something for just about every price point within their product ranks, but at no time do they seem to sacrifice quality.

    For example, even their entry level SPC MegaCore collection are 4mm overall thick planks with a 12mil wear layer. They offer a 20-year residential and 5-year commercial warranty on this, which is not typical of entry-level products.

    The top-of-the-line Provincial collection boasts a whopping 6.5mm overall thickness, 20mil wear layer, as well as 20-year residential and 10-year commercial warranty.

    The WPC offerings are no slouch either and have a comparable construction to warranty ratio.

    It’s important to note that these warranties cover things like delamination and buckling. Warranties do not cover scratches, gouging, fading, wear or general damage.

    Keep in mind that no floor is bullet proof and even a 20mil wear layer won’t last forever. Vinyl, by nature is a bit softer and more prone to scratches and gouging.

    However, with proper care, you can expect these high-quality vinyl products from Eternity Flooring to last until long after you are ready to redecorate.

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    When you think about an eco-friendly floor, vinyl plank may not be the first thing that comes to mind. In many cases, you would be right. However, there is a growing movement to add vinyl to the list of sustainable flooring options.

    Eternity flooring, as a company, is committed to the sustainable manufacturing of all their products. Each vinyl plank collection is FloorScore rated and a handful are additionally GREENGUARD certified, which makes these products eligible for LEED building credits.

    In addition, these products exceed indoor air quality standards and are CARB-2 compliant. Therefore, there is no harmful off-gassing after the flooring is installed in your home.

    Interested in learning more about FloorScore and GREENGUARD and tips to make your home an eco-friendly haven? Check out these helpful resources: the Resilient Floor Covering Institute and Greenguard Environmental Institute.

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    Ease of Installation

    Perhaps one of the best benefits to a vinyl plank flooring is the straightforward installation. This flooring is a favorite of DIYers due to the lack of special tools required and the ability to make cuts with only a sturdy razor knife.

    Both the SPC and WPC plank products are a glue-less floating floor with an angle-tap locking system. This ensures the tightest joint possible so that no water gets between the planks.

    An underlayment or pad is completely optional when installing vinyl planks. However, it can be beneficial in areas where subfloor condensation or noise reduction is a concern.

    Eternity flooring does not offer an attached pad on their products, but you may purchase rolls of their recommended foam underlayment separately. The exception is the WPC Cornerstone collection that has a cork pad attached.

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    Eternity flooring is marketed as a luxury brand and has the price tag to match. Expect to pay a retail price of $2.50 – $6.00 per square foot depending on the collection and where you purchase it.

    Some online retailers include and

    Keep in mind that all but one of these models does not have a pad attached. This optional installation item costs between $0.45-0.75 per square foot and is sold by the 100SF roll only.

    Eternity waterproof vinyl plank is not sold in the big box stores. So, whether you order it online or from your local flooring dealer, expect to pay shipping and delivery costs. If you are on a tight budget, make sure to get a freight quote before ordering as this is a highly variable expense.

    You will also want to factor vinyl plank installation cost. If you are handy, installing a room or two of floating vinyl plank is a great project for a new homeowner and can save you a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars.

    Not up to the task? That’s fine too. A local flooring installation professional will be more than happy to take on your project.

    A floating vinyl plank installation typically starts at $3.00-$4.00 per square foot just to put it in. Budget for more if you need removal of your old flooring and any additional subfloor prep.

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    If you are looking for a budget-friendly vinyl plank floor that you can pick up and install this weekend, you might want to keep shopping.

    Eternity vinyl plank flooring is a higher-end, durable floor that will last. It’s a floor option for your long-term or “forever” home.

    It’s also a great option if you want all the perks of a vinyl plank floor but the peace of mind that it is eco-friendly and safe for the health of your family.

    If you don’t mind waiting for a few business days for delivery, your dreams of turning your old bathroom into a serene Malibu day spa can become a DIY reality in the matter of a long weekend.

    Do you have experience with luxury vinyl products from Eternity flooring? Continue the conversation in the comments below.

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