Moduleo Vinyl Plank Review

By Fortino Rosas / January 15, 2018 / 14 Comments

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    When you think of Belgian products, you may envision velvety chocolate, tasty waffles, and imported beer, but Moduleo vinyl plank flooring? Not exactly the first idea that comes to mind is it? Although that combo would make a great TV show or tasty snack, sadly it won’t get you any closer to finding the perfect floor.

    For now, let’s focus on Moduleo planks — after that feel free to whip up some chocolate waffles. Moduleo is part of the IVC Group and owned by Mohawk Industries. The company got its start in Belgium but has become a major player in vinyl flooring. They have manufacturing plants in both the United States and Europe.

    In the US, Moduleo carries three lines of vinyl plank: Embellish, Horizon, and Vision. All three lines are stain, scratch and water resistant. They can be installed using either a glued or locking method.

    What’s the Difference Between the Three?

    Aside from the price, there are some notable differences.

    Embellish, the companies high-end line, features embossed textures, 11 color variations, and planks up to 9.5” wide. It has a wear layer of 22mil and a lifetime residential warranty.

    Horizon is Moduleo’s mid-range line. It’s available in 21 varieties including wood and stone patterns. The standard size of Horizon planks are approximately 52” long and 7.5”wide. The Horizon series also has a wear layer of 20mil and comes with a 30-year residential warranty.

    The least expensive series is Vision. Vision planks are available in the same dimensions as Horizon. The Vision line has over 16 styles, carries a 20-year residential warranty and has a wear layer of 12mil.

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    How Expensive is Moduleo Vinyl Plank?

    Individual retailers set the price of these planks; it often runs between $3-$6 a square foot. Remember to include the costs of any underlayment, adhesives, and tools in your calculations. These expenses can seem small at first but add up quickly.

    You can find this flooring on several online sites. If ordering online, be sure to check out the companies reviews, return and shipping policies. Buy a few samples before committing to a large order. It’s a great way to see the colors and details of the product up close.

    Whether you order online or from a local vendor, make sure your present the day of delivery. Try to take pictures of any shipment damages. If the driver doesn’t want to wait while you inspect the boxes: sign any delivery paperwork with a “subject to inspection” clause.

    Look the flooring over thoroughly and contact the store immediately if you notice any damages.

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    Are These Planks Eco-Friendly?

    You may have heard stories about vinyl floors emitting toxic chemicals into the air. While there have been concerns in the past, today’s standards are higher than ever. In fact, Consumer Reports addresses these concerns and offers helpful tips for anyone considering installing vinyl planks in their home.

    Moduleo is well- known for being an environmentally conscious company. They manufacture their flooring out of up to 50% recycled material. Their vinyl flooring is certified green and complies with government formaldehyde emission guidelines.

    Moduleo planks are also Floorscore certified by SCS Global. This brand has passed vigorous tests and is considered one of the industry fore-runners in conservation.

    The company manufactures their vinyl planks to be recyclable, even at their end stages. Which means years from now they will be revived into useful materials instead of clogging up landfills.

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    Are Moduleo Planks Durable?

    While Moduleo vinyl plank is considered resilient flooring, scratch resistant rarely means invincible. Most vinyl plank manufacturers advise large pets, high-heels and some furniture can cause damage to your floors over time.

    Moduleo also cautions that any rolling-loads will harm these planks. This warning might be a dealbreaker if you have a family member that uses a mobility aid.

    Don’t expose your vinyl flooring to direct sunlight for prolonged periods. Use window coverings and floor mats in sunny areas, to reduce the effects of fading.

    To avoid staining and damaging your vinyl, wipe up spills and pet accidents. Moduleo provides a cleaning guide detailing how to treat tough stains and everyday spills from your floors. Rest assured though; daily maintenance rarely requires more than a soft-bristled broom or damp cloth.

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    What are Your Installation Options?

    Moduleo vinyl planks are available in both click lock and glueable versions. With the click and lock method, each board connects with the next through attached beveled edges. After locking the floors into place, flatten the seams with a hand roller and tap down the sides with a scrap piece of vinyl.

    Stagger the planks at a 6” minimum and allow for ¼” expansion at the walls and around any obstacles. Never place vinyl planks over expansion joints, it could cause breakage or buckling. The second option is to glue the flooring down with adhesive.

    This option is preferred by many installers to guard against water seepage and shifting. Keep in mind, that gluing requires additional materials, a 100lb roller and extra prep/drying time.

    Whichever option you choose, remember that existing substrates must meet all manufacturer requirements. These floors can’t be installed over carpet, laminate, or cushioned resilient floors.There are also strict humidity, temperature, storage and acclimatization guidelines that you must abide by to prevent damage to the planks.

    While you can lay this flooring over radiant heating, the system must stay off for 24 hours before and after installation.

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    What Do the Reviews Say?

    It seems people are impressed with the realistic appearance of these vinyl planks. Several reviewers on online forums have said this flooring is comfortable and holds up well against everyday abuse.

    On the other hand, multiple discussions can be found describing issues with Moduleo planks such as shifting, separating or curling. Both homeowners and professionals have cited problems with temperature sensitivity, delamination, and faulty click and lock mechanisms.

    As with any product, unhappy customers tend to write more reviews than those who are satisfied. Most of the negative posts tend to center on improper installation, and not necessarily the quality of the flooring.

    Although, when problems arose, reviewers repeatedly expressed frustration at Moduleo’s customer service.

    Many luxury vinyl manufacturers offer the same stain, water, and scratch resistance as Moduleo. You should consider looking at several brands up-close before purchasing. You can search through discussions and forums online for further information.

    Moduleo also has informative videos posted on their Youtube channel.

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    What’s the Final Decision?

    These planks are worth considering but proceed with caution. While Moduleo floors are undoubtedly stylish, they’re not perfect for everyone. These floors seem complicated to install as a DIY project.

    Some reviewers have mentioned the click lock mechanism breaks easily.Moduleo’s product guides are lengthy and filled with fine print. The excessive amount of warranty exclusions also raises some red flags.

    On a positive note, Moduleo vinyl planks unique sizes do make them an attractive choice for anyone looking for a mixture of modern and classic. These floors have much richer detailing and more realistic textures than many other brands.They are reasonably priced for luxury vinyl planks and appear to be available through multiple retailers.

    In summary, Moduleo vinyl planks are a good mid-priced option if you crave the appearance of wood and the convenience of vinyl. However, the installation of these planks might be better left to the pros. If you have these planks in your home, tell us about them and feel free to post any questions/ comments below or visit us on social media.

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    About Fortino Rosas

    Chief Floor Critic, 32 years of experience in flooring installation and sales

    Fortino Rosas is an independent flooring contractor with 32 years of experience in residential and commercial flooring installation and sales. He joined the Floor Critics team to share his expertise with our readers. Fortino has acquired vast knowledge and skills in the areas of product selection, space planning, and installation. He has installed flooring in residential, government, and commercial office projects in the Midwest. Visit Website.

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    14 thoughts on “Moduleo Vinyl Plank Review”

    1. We have Moduleo click-lock tiles through our hall, dining area and kitchen. They have been down exactly a year. They have discoloured quite badly, ( we chose a very light colour), they look dirty despite being damp-mopped nearly every day. We use an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, cleaning fluid so the surface isn’t being damaged by bleach or abrasives.
      The seams between each tile have held onto dirt and dust making them very pronounced. I have to clean each seam on my hands and knees.
      Quite frankly I would not have bought such a labour intensive floor had I known about all this.
      It was the most expensive in the range and we are extremely disappointed.

    2. Jacquelime Ann Brown

      We had this click style installed December and spent the whole of the summer with our independent fitter revisiting to relay sections where sun hits it as it buckles and I will have to endure but it won’t be a choice again.

    3. I have just had a Moduleo ‘glued’ plank floor fitted by professionals and apart from one or two small areas around the edges, where the corners had lifted all seems ok at the moment. Fingers crossed by the sounds of things! Moduleo was recommended to us by the flooring company and I took their word for its durability etc. Perhaps I should have spent time reading these reviews before our purchase as I definitely would not have chosen Moduleo had I done so. Like others, we needed some extra planks for a replaced patio door but the colour had been discontinued within a few months. I now have a different shade of plank by the door which is very noticeable and disappointing. The flooring supposedly comes with a 20 year guarantee but not sure what that means having read the reviews. Only time will tell!

    4. We had these floors installed in my son’s room. Installed on a slab, and in my daughter’s house with combination slab and plywood. Amazing wearability and look. Super easy to clean. Both houses have pets and heavy traffic. I always recommend high quality click and lock system when purchasing luxury vinyl plank.

      1. Our Moduleo floor has proven impossible to clean, owing to the rough surface, leaving an uneven colour on the surface owing to the fact that some tiles trap more dirt than others. cannot believe we put this on top of a cracked limestone floor … just want my limestone back!

    5. This year we won the bespoke fitter of the year award for the London area. So, I hope that gives us some credibility when I advise anyone who is thinking of purchasing any flooring from this company to think again.

      The products are poor and scratch easily. The customer service is the among the worst I have come across in the industry. Luckily we have never fitted any of these products into our customers homes – only 2 floors in our own homes.

      1. Looking at Moduleo Moods at the moment, we like the patterns and combinations. Planning to do the whole ground floor (hall, kitchen, living room and dining room) of about 100m2.

        If not Moduleo what would you recommend?

    6. I had Moduleo-Horizon CL Classic floor installed. Within 6 weeks the floor tiles started separating in numerous places. One place has 1/4 inch + separation. The installer wouldn’t stand by his installation or product. I tried to contact the manufacturer, who I just found out is in Belgium!!! No U.S.A office that I can find. Would not recommend.

      1. Agreed. I had moduleo installed in a 2000 sq/ft two story house. The planks started shifting and separating. I believe the click system is not very well design. They send somebody, an independent specialist (paid by them) to determine that the floor was not perfectly flat and that void the guarantee. I do not recommend this product. I am builder, not a floor specialist, but I know this should not be happening. Bad practice, unfortunately.

    7. I Installed Moduleo click planks in a high traffic area three years ago. It has performed extremely well! It is very easy to clean and quiet (no underlayment was needed). It is not cold in the winter, a big plus for a husband who likes the warmth of carpet. I encourage others to consider lighter shades, because dust and dirt do not easily show. I am about to install glue down Moduleo flooring in the rest of the house. Moduleo gets only one criticism from me: I wanted more of the original color I used, but it is no longer made. Otherwise, I have no complaints. Beautiful appearance- not too shiny.

    8. We love the look of the floors but have had the glue not adhere to the flooring. Has anyone else had this problem? A claim was filed and accepted but now we cannot get the same color floor because the colors have changed. Also, very reluctant to have the same glue applied in a reinstall. Any others with this problem?

      1. Yes. Same problem with ours. Floors look great but the I-grip adhesive seems to stick fine to the underlayment but not the tile itself in many places. Installer has been back multiple times re-gluing but same problem exists. Very frustrating

    9. I am having the LVP installed in a new build very soon. They are being installed over concrete in the great room/kitchen area. I want the floor first, then cabinets. In my research, it’s about a 50/50 on whether floor goes first or cabinets.

      Has anyone had any issues with the floor going in first? Thanks

      1. If you install the floor first, and the cabinets on top of the floor, you’ll have less flexibility to replace the flooring seamlessly.

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