Cali Bamboo Flooring Review

Cali Bamboo Flooring Review

By Fortino Rosas / August 16, 2021 / 52 Comments

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    Bamboo flooring isn’t the “new” option on the market any more. Ceramic planks and new engineered vinyl get to take that title now. But, bamboo is still an option for someone looking for an alternative to the traditional hardwoods. And if you’re considering bamboo, then Cali Bamboo flooring deserves a long look.

    All bamboo flooring is engineered. The bamboo is shredded and the resulting strands are pressed and glued together to form the flooring planks.

    What does that mean for the buyer? Likely, it means nothing. If you go with a high-quality manufacturer, your bamboo flooring should behave the same as any other hardwood flooring.

    That said, it’s suggested that with bamboo flooring, the warranty is key. The warranty may be Cali Bamboo flooring’s biggest selling point.

    This flooring comes with a 50-year warranty. So, even if this floor was poorly constructed (It doesn’t appear to be, but we’ll get to that later), a warranty like that could make you test your luck.


    While it can be argued whether or not bamboo flooring is a sustainable product, what can’t be argued is that bamboo grows fast. That means that the base material for bamboo flooring is easier to replenish. Saving trees and lumber was a driving factor for Cali Bamboo to create its flooring.

    By focusing on bamboo (and eucalyptus), Cali Bamboo flooring estimates that they have saved more than 1 million trees and more than 21,000 acres of wildlife habitat. So, if green initiatives and environmental concerns are part of your decision criteria, then that’s something to think about here.

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    A Variety of Install Methods

    Cali Bamboo is interesting when it comes to installation: there are four different methods you can use. Most DIYers will likely opt for the familiar click-and-lock method that many of us have probably done multiple times.

    But there are other options–floating tongue and groove, nail-down, and glue-down. Each comes with its own benefits, and only experienced crews should attempt some of them.

    Still, isn’t it nice to have options?

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    A Variety of Finishes

    Flooring can make a room and can help define a style. Those floors that are smooth as glass can give a room a very modern look. Floors that aren’t quite as perfect, floors that have a little bit of character to them (even if it’s character added when the planks were manufactured) can create a warm, lived-in look.

    Cali Bamboo floors come with both, so, no matter what your style, there should be a floor here that works no matter what your style is.

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    A Variety of Colors

    What’s the joke? Those aren’t pink, they are “blush” and “bashful.” You’ve probably lived that experience if you’re doing a complete remodel of a room and looking at paint colors.

    With dozens of different greens, the product departments at these paint manufacturers have to get a little creative when it comes to the names, so creative that you don’t really have an idea of what you’re getting without seeing it.

    That’s not the case here. For one, Cali Bamboo comes in a wide variety of colors, from very light to very dark. And with names like bourbon, coffee, and eclipse, you get a good idea of what the floor will look like without seeing it.

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    A Variety of Widths

    Cali Bamboo is all about the options, apparently. The floors actually come in multiple widths. There is a standard plank that is 3 ¾ inches wide. This is good for smaller-room and hallway installations.

    The wide plank is just a hair over 5 inches wide. That makes it good for larger installations, like living rooms, or, covering multiple living areas without transitions.

    Cali Bamboo planks are also nearly a half-inch thick, which means you are going to have a great feel underfoot when walking on these floors.

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    Comparable Pricing to Other Flooring Options

    Bamboo flooring costs similar to other flooring options, anywhere between $2.50 per square foot to close to $4 per square foot.

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    Durable, So it’s Great for Pets

    Cali Bamboo flooring undergoes what it calls a Fossilized manufacturing process that gives it, the company claims, twice the density of any other hardwood floors on the market. That makes the flooring some of the most durable on the market.

    This is something that many pet owners have noted in online reviews. The floor’s durability was a key factor in their decision-making process and they haven’t been disappointed. The flooring has been used by families with multiple big dogs in their homes and by others who foster both dogs and cats, and it still gets five-star ratings.

    This flooring also has a 10-coat scratch-resistant surface that can provide some protection against pet nails.

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    Easy to Maintain

    Like other bamboo floors, Cali Bamboo flooring cleans up easy, with just a hardwood mop & a little soap and water. That makes it great for homes with pets and kids.

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    The Big Red Flag: Bamboo is Temperamental.

    What is the most important thing to keep in mind when buying real estate? Location, location, location. Well, same is true if you are thinking about installing bamboo flooring in that new home.

    Bamboo is a grass, and it naturally absorbs water. Just because it’s now in floor planks doesn’t change that.

    So, if you live in an area with a climate that sees a lot of rain or has high humidity, bamboo flooring may not be the best choice. Several reviews online mention flooring that started to fail after a few months, and in almost every case it wasn’t the install that was bad, it was the climate. If you see pretty wide moisture fluctuations where you’d be installing this floor then bamboo may be a risky choice.

    Cali Bamboo recommends keeping relative humidity between 40 and 60 percent. If humidity exceeds that then maybe bamboo flooring isn’t the smartest choice. If your heart is still set on bamboo flooring, make sure you acclimate the flooring materials to the climate.

    That means pulling planks out of the packaging and letting them sit out exposed for at least five days. This can help you avoid shrinking and gaps later.

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    What is Cali bamboo?

    Cali bamboo is a high-quality bamboo flooring type that will enhance the appearance of your home. You can choose between numerous shades and install them in various rooms in your household. Bamboo is a more sustainable option than other hardwoods, and this type is also ultra-low VOC.
    One of the best things about Cali bamboo floors is that they all come with a 50-year warranty. Since they are produced with a special Fossilized manufacturing technique, these bamboo floors are very durable and are double the density of other hardwood floors.

    Is Cali bamboo waterproof?

    Cali bamboo is not a waterproof flooring type; however, it is water-resistant. In general, bamboo flooring is not waterproof. Instead it can absorb water, so if you spill liquid on your Cali bamboo floors, you should act quickly to dry the area.
    Although the floor is water-resistant, it’s not suitable for humid environments. If you have a room where the floors will get in contact with water regularly, your best bet is to avoid bamboo floors. A spill won’t destroy them right away, but constant exposure to water might.

    Can Cali bamboo be refinished?

    Yes, Cali bamboo floors can be refinished. If you notice that your floors look a little dull, or there are scratches, dents, or discolorations, you can refinish them and bring back the old glow.
    First you need to sand the floors, then use a finish that works best for your rooms. Thankfully, Cali bamboo floors offer various finishes so that you can adapt the color to your wishes. The finish will also protect the floor surface from damage and make it more resistant to scratches and discoloration.

    How much does Cali bamboo cost?

    Not all Cali bamboo flooring types cost the same; the final cost will depend on which style you choose. In general, the average price you’ll have to pay for this flooring type is between $2.50 and $4 per square foot. If you add material and labor costs to the price of the flooring itself, you’ll pay between $5 and $15 per square foot. Bamboo is a much more affordable option than other hardwood floors, and it’s a more sustainable option that looks fantastic.

    Where to buy Cali bamboo vinyl flooring?

    You can purchase all Cali flooring options from the Cali Bamboo website. They offer quite a diverse range of floors, including bamboo, vinyl, cork, engineered, composite decking, eucalyptus, and wood flooring.

    If you have any questions about the flooring you like or want to get free samples, you can contact the manufacturer. The brand’s mission is to promote sustainable sources for flooring and convince customers that sustainable floors can also be beautiful, durable, and high-quality without being damaging to the earth.


    Cali Bamboo seems to have done everything it can to overcome some of the traditional knocks on bamboo flooring. They have created a 10-coat scratch resistant surface that answers concerns about durability.

    The one thing that Cali Bamboo can’t combat is the natural tendencies of the source material. It’s going to be tough to get bamboo to work well in an area that’s humid or sees a lot of rain. There’s little that the Cali Bamboo can do about that.

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    About Fortino Rosas

    Chief Floor Critic, 32 years of experience in flooring installation and sales

    Fortino Rosas is an independent flooring contractor with 32 years of experience in residential and commercial flooring installation and sales. He joined the Floor Critics team to share his expertise with our readers. Fortino has acquired vast knowledge and skills in the areas of product selection, space planning, and installation. He has installed flooring in residential, government, and commercial office projects in the Midwest. Visit Website.

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    52 thoughts on “Cali Bamboo Flooring Review”

    1. Agreed with previous critical reviews – Cali Bamboo, worst product ever, bar none. Installed in large home in Florida (against everyone’s advice) because Cali Bamboo assured me that it works great in Florida, even with the humidity. Looked amazing immediately after installation, but within 6 months it started “cupping” room-by-room despite following Cali’s acclimatization process and utilizing their recommended installation products and procedures. If anything is spilled, or if there is a “pet accident” it stains the wood even if cleaned up within a reasonable amount of time. The Bona product they recommend for it is a joke – nothing can save these floors. Now, I’m left with a whole house that will need to have all floors ripped up and replaced – again, at great expense. My expensive recommendation: Heed the warnings and STAY AWAY from Cali Bamboo. Great sales department, terrible product. Trust me, it will save you wasting much $$$$$

    2. We installed about 2 years ago in the mountains where the temperature goes from 80F in the summer to 10F in the winter. No issues. We have had a great experience and looking to install in our second home

    3. wow! I am about to install a whole house of hardwoods. I came to this site to read some good reviews. I see one. Im scared of this product now.


    4. Y’all got me scared to death here in Eastern NC. The humidity here goes from dry to wet to super wet to dry in the course of a week. We have a saying here, “if you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes it’ll change.”
      I’ve installed this product in our dining room with lots of space all around the perimeter. I took them at their word that it is subject to expansion. I would have never figured a one inch range of shrinkage or expansion but I gave it to them. I hope it holds up.

    5. Cali bamboo sucks , the company gives you the run around if / when you have an issue , they told me it could be glued down to concrete without a moisture barrier using Boston green force , they even sold me the adhesive and all the material , Total fail of 1300 sq/ft of flooring, run away quickly from CAI BAMBOO

      1. Bostik Green Force is a moisture barrier, I used that glue on my install. I do know from calling Bostik tech line for questions that if it does have an issue they will send out a free inspector to look at it.

    6. Cali Bamboo sent me $9,000 worth of defective product and will not take it back. Every plank has a lift in one corner and it is horrible. I even hired a professional 3rd party inspector, as they requested, and all they want to do is blame it on installation – when it was installed properly. Horrible customer service and not taking responsibility for their defective product is a shame. Currently, in the middle of a pandemic, my family and I can not move into our home. Do not buy from them, the pain isn’t worth it.

    7. DO NOT BUY CALI BAMBOO!!! I followed all their guidelines for installation and have given the installer and Installations Made Easy (IME) ample time to correct the problems. The floor moves so much that it shakes furniture when you walk by. Of course, the installer says it is normal. The inspector said there is deflection. Now Cali Bamboo and IME ignore my calls and emails. STAY AWAY FROM CALI BAMBOO!!!

    8. We installed the Boardwalk. We live at the Jersey Shore where it can get very humid. So far about 10 months, we have not had buckling or shrinkage issues. We have 2 very large dogs and the floor stands up well to the . So far, we are pleased with the purchase.

    9. I did everything that was required to install Cali Bamboo and with a month in October the floor started to shrink. My installer has 30 years of experience and has never seen anything like it. Now the floor has shrunk twice as much. Similar to the comment above the customer service is bad they claim they have family emergencies and can’t get back to you. When they do it’s they same rehearsed message. “It must be the

      environment in the house not their product,” They will only pay (give you $300) for a certified inspection from an organization that barely has inspectors and supports the manufacturers and any trim they have in stock which would make my house look terrible and may not work. It is awful ,we have paid so much and can’t possibly replace the floor.

    10. I am having shrinking issues. Cali had a inspection done and pretty much said it is all installation issues. Floor was acclimated for 4 months.

    11. We are in the midst of doing a glue down installation of over 1700 square feet of Cali’s fossilized engineered bamboo flooring. A two day acclimation period was required but, we were unable to begin for about 7 days after receiving. We opened the ends of all 89 boxes & removed the wrapping that showed through at the ends of the boxes. After carefully studying the installation process from Cali & Titebond (the adhesive) we began the project. Phone calls were made to Cali prior to install & all 3 individuals were extremely helpful & only cared about the success of our install. The instructions warn about the possibility of receiving some slabs that are unusable. With over 2/3 of our house complete we have come across only perfect slabs; no defects whatsoever.
      The glue-down install is a bit of a bear. The adhesive ends up all over the floor unless you are constantly wiping with the provided adhesive remover rags. We chose to keep installing & have been removing glue within 24 to 48 hours of install. The glue comes up easily but, I ended up on my hands & knees allot. I’m clean-up crew during this remodel – not the installer of anything : )
      The recommended cleaning product of Bona Pro for hardwood floors is amazing!!! I used it yesterday after glue removal & the floor has a beautiful luster again.
      We live in Central Texas, not near the coast. We’ve watched our humidity levels in our home for several weeks & those levels range from 39% to 60%. We don’t expect much movement in the floor but, we did leave a 1/2″ space (as recommended) at each wall.
      So far so good! We love this floor; it is just beautiful & we should have the rest installed by the end of the week.

      1. Janelle Johnson

        Hello Ms. Bradley, I am interested in a follow-up on your floors now? How would you rate your floors? Thanks! Janelle Johnson

    12. We followed the exact installation guidelines. Our Cali Bamboo was installed in our Living Room, Dinning room and Master Bedroom in August 2019. I have never used anything on the floor except for Bona Products mostly dust mop, that was recommended. I now in 7 different areas have large gaps in Living room and dinning room. I emailed the pictures to Lowes and the installer for recommendations. The installer’s rep come out and asked us to give it more time like Spring and hopefully the gaps may close up. It is Embarrassing to our neighbors and family members to see our floor let alone the amount of money we spent. I hope we can find a resolution to this and would love to send pictures of our floor issues. Awaiting a mutual solution.

      1. Thanks for your comments. Is your bamboo engineered, or solid? Also, what part of the country do you live in? I’m planning on putting engineered bamboo on my bedroom floor in Colorado where it is generally very dry. It is my understanding that in more humid parts of the country buckling may be a problem just as having gaps when the humidity changes from moist to dry.

    13. All of these reviews are about their solid bamboo planks which expand contract etc causing problems. What about their Geowood? It’s relatively new – bamboo laminate on top, limestone core, thin, looks feels like real wood Janka hardness and water resistant. Any reviews?

      1. I have had their Geowood in my home now for a couple of years and it has held up great! No issues with shrinking, I do have heavy furniture so I made sure to use felt, since I live alone I cant lift to move things so I like to push/drag which gives the floor a beating but you cant tell as long as you use felt pads.

    14. We did our entire house with Cali Bamboo about 4 years back. We live in Southern California so humidity is not an issue. We have never had a problem with it. It’s a very hard product. Couldn’t even nail the baseboard it was so hard. I joke we should use it in the walls as the house will never fall down in an earthquake. I’ve used an office chair with wheels over the floor, moving back and forth with no issues or scratches.

    15. We had the Antique Java installed in June 2015. We have had absolutely NO issues with it. We have 5 dogs, 2 of whom are large breeds. This floor looks as good today as it did when installed. I specifically picked Cali Bamboo for its durability and we have not been disappointed. We choose to have it glued down. It is Very easy to maintain. When I have called their customer service, they have been nothing but helpful. Not sure why people are having these issues however, I would highly recommend this product. It was worth it. BTW we live in Tennessee.

      1. Susan-thanks for this review. I too live in Tennessee and am wondering how your Calibamboo floor is doing there in TN now? I live on the west side so warmth and humidity changes are real and frequent. Please let me know! Thanks in advance.

      2. Susan, thanks for the review. We also live in Tennessee, just south of Nashville, and I am curious if you went with the solid or engineered planks. Can you please advise?

    16. Why will Cali Bamboo warranty cover hurricane damage? Oringinal poster’s complaint was that Cali Bamboo no longer has the same kind of material he installed 5 years ago. That is not part of warranty.

    17. I’m not in the habit of expressing my opinion when it is negative. I’m the one who always sends ‘attaboy’ notes to employees’ managers. After my last email communication with the person in customer service, I HIGHLY recommend you do NOT purchase this product. Run! There are plenty of compatible, even better, products that are not nearly as expensive! Initially, I was happy when I called and ordered my floor. It was very puzzled when the man came to drop it off arrived in what looked like a rented van, and I offered to help him take the plank boxes out of the truck. The accessories (thresholds, etc.) had been thrown in an open box and were not even wrapped! I paid nearly 1K for this product and it wasn’t even packaged well. The floor was just too dark for my living room, so I called to find out how to return and EXCHANGE it for a lighter shade, Suddenly, people were not NEARLY as nice as they were when I bought the original product. Finally connected w/ the company who picked up the product. Packing instructions for returns were awful! I was SO lucky to have an experienced older man come and package up the stuff. He said he’d dealt with this company before. (groan!). When I wrote to the customer rep, he wrote back that the refund had not been processed, but he would look into it. Two months has elapsed!! I wrote an impassioned letter to him letting him know I’m dealing lots of stressors, including my loved one’s cancer, being retired, etc..He FINALLY wrote back to me (’cause he never answers his phone!) that he processes 300 items and can’t stop for just one person. He claims he sent the info to me a LONG time ago and I must have erased it. (I NEVER received this detailed information. Never erased ANYTHING from Cali Bamboo,, because I waited to hear from them and grew to distrust them!) He went on to write that his grandmother lost her fight with cancer, “So we all have plates just as full as others,” At this point I thought, I don’t care if they make the best product in the universe, I would NEVER respond to anyone that way in I were in his position and I will NEVER order product from them. I should mention that I sent two friends to them, as I had so much faith when we began this process…WORST customer service ever and based on other reviews I have read here, I will take my paltry refund (I JUST found out my refund was processed, which was LESS THAN 1/2 of what I paid.) and find a great product with excellent customer service. thank you for the chance to comment.

    18. Crap company – Cali Bamboo, listed flooring as 20% off on their website and submit email to get the discount, did not honor it through lowes. Stated that lowes already had the discount figured into the price.
      Looks like they do not stand behind their “50 Year Warranty” either. Avoid the headache, crappy customer service, and bait/switch discount advertising (Yes this is illegal but they do not care).
      I bought the same type of color, wear, and warranty flooring for 25% less at costco, who stands behind the warranty, advertised discounts etc.
      Plain and simple, Cali Bamboo Suck, especially from Lowes, avoid at all cost.

    19. Will never buy again, contractor will never install again. Acclimated months yet product has waves throughout floor for the third time due to expansion. Contractor has been back to cut away from base boards for the third time to no avail. Spoke with other flooring experts and they refuse to sell any longer due to issues. Was never told about problems when purchased. Will be contacting company.

    20. Anyone in southern California care to comment on their Cali Bamboo experience? Particularly concerned if anyone has had shrinkage or swelling issues with long runs in floating installation. Humidity fluctuates a lot in coastal areas.

    21. I went through Lowes to have Cali bamboo floor installed in my house. It was fairly expensive but the Cognac color looks nice. But there were some issues.

      First, the installation with a contractor working for Lowes was bad. They nailed the stair noses instead of gluing them. As a result, most of the noses developed cracks soon afterwards. After the Contractor contacted Cali, it was decided to use a different type of stair nose, and use a special glue instead of nailing them. As a result, the cracks were never an issue again.

      However, my wife and I used a steam mop to clean the floors. With the steam mop on, I rested the mop on a plank for just a few minutes and water damage resulted. I went to Lowes to get the plank replaced because floor was under warranty. Lowes called Cali and the company indicated the entire floor was no longer under warranty because a steam mop was use to clean the floors. Lowes informed me to access the Cali website since it states bamboo floors should not be cleaned with a wet mop.

      Now I discovered the top stair nose has cracks because this nose does not lay evenly with the plank. All of the other noses are evenly leveled with the planks on the stairs, and have no cracks.

      But because of the wet mop issue, I do not believe Lowes will cover this. Even though the cracks on the top stair nose have nothing to do with the mop. If I knew not to use a wet mop, I would have never use one. Lowes or the installer never informed my wife or myself not to use a wet mop.

      As result, be very careful using Cali bamboo floor material. Although bamboo is hard, it can still become easily damaged even if you are using the floor properly as in the case of the top stair nose. In the future, I would not use Cali bamboo flooring for any future projects. Although bamboo might be cheaper than hardwood, hardwood floors will generally last longer.

    22. Robert haverlock

      Hello all, so reading numerous comments here and the BBB’s website complaints on their site, I get the feeling that Cali is a sales only and not so much customer centric company?

      I’ve called Cali to get answers on FSC (Sustainably and Responsibly forested), I couldn’t get a straight answer. They thought so, but weren’t sure, however saying yes anyway?

      So, beware? And, remember, a lot of complaints (they said) were that the warranties didn’t apply to most of those complaints, and became he said, she said scenarios!

      I want to add, it seemed that most of these complaints seemed to be in high-humidity regions…? So my complaint is (I’m in NW) this needs feedback from all areas of the USA, not just Florida or hurricane areas such as Texas!

      Is it really an installation problem, location, or bad flooring? I would ask questions? To buy, or not to buy, I’m concerned!

      1. Hi Robert,

        I am happy to shed light on our manufacturing process. All of our wood is sustainably and safely harvested following the Lacey Act guidelines. Here is a link with more information about it:

        In regards to Cali Bamboo’s warranty, we cover anything that is a product defect from manufacturing. However, the most common issue with any hardwood is cupping or buckling due to moisture issues. If you do some research online you will see the same feedback regardless of manufacturer. It is very important that the installation requirements are followed in regards to controlling the moisture in the home.

      2. I am in Utah and I had my floor acclimated for over a week, have an in home humidifier set at 35-40% humidity and my floor is shrinking, not buckling, I have never cleaned the floor with anything except sweeping it with a dust mop. Cali Bamboo says it is an install problem I totally feel it is a bait and switch, they say the transition piece is too tight and should be raised which then would be a tripping hazard, I would not buy from them I have been in contact with them for 10 months now, not happy so no I would not recommend.

        1. I am in Utah as well, I have already bought the floor, and its going to be installed next week. We also have a humidifier. It makes me ill to read this. What have you done to fix the problem. Has Cali Bamboo done anything?

      3. I live in Charleston SC. I’ve installed Cali’s Fossilized Hardwood flooring December 2018. The 3rd floor was glued to a wood sub floor and the 1st floor was glued to concrete. The installation had a 1/2 inch cut along all the baseboards. The Installers used a GREAT glue called DriTac 7900 Super Grab. This is all about the installation and having the planks acclimate at least 10 days. My floors are fantastic. It’s been 2 years with no issues.

    23. I’ve had my flooring for 5 years. I love the look of my Vintage Pearl fossilized floor. BEWARE: Cali Bamboo will discontinue producing lines of their flooring. I had damage in two rooms of my home from hurricane Florence. When I called Cali about my situation, I was told that they stopped manufacturing my floor 4 years ago. They were not helpful at all and suggest I tear up ALL my floors and replace them. If I do, I will not be using the Cali Bamboo flooring!

          1. Sorry, but that is an insurance claim as the damage was an act of God and sudden and accidental. If you push hard the insurance company will replace the entire floor if all the flooring originally matched. But back to all the complaints about Cali, I am thinking twice about purchasing.

      1. Hi D. Johnson,

        It is true that we do stop producing certain products. This is common in the industry. However, typically insurance will cover the cost, so I would definitely speak to them about it.

        1. That’s a BS answer. You are suggesting this person file an insurance claim which in turn will raise their premium. Why can’t Cali uphold the warranty by offering financial compensation or new flooring at company cost? Josh saying you need to uphold warranty REGARDLESS if product is discontinued.

    24. We were enamored with the descriptions of Cali Bamboo Flooring, the different selections, the widths and the hardness of the product. We installed it paying close attention to your recommendations for acclimation to the environment and literally let the product sit in our house in a latticed stacked position for 3 – 4 months. We installed following directions precisely, leaving minimal 1/2″ space all around at walls, doors, etc. We have had nothing but ongoing bulging, areas raised as much as 1 – 1 1/2 inches. We had to remove baseboard throughout the entire install area, pry the edge boards out as they had expanded under the drywall, re-cut the edge boards 1/2″ back from the wall, put baseboard back and 2 months later have encountered the same problems. Our opinion of this product is — I would never ever use bamboo flooring again unless it was glued or nailed down. But we can’t do that as we have a radiant floor heat system. We were assured this was an acceptable product to use. The local salesman who sold it to us (and the Cali customer service rep we spoke with) said it’s a great product and would work well in our climate. We are in the mountains of North Carolina and our humidity runs 40 – 65%. My recommendation is there are other and better products to be had for less money!

      1. My house burned down in December and now have a chance to remodel (albeit not my way to have the opportunity to remodel!). I will be replacing wood flooring. I have removed a wall between the dining room and kitchen and now will have seamless flooring in my 1300 one story home. I also have two dogs – one big, one medium.

        Never had wood in kitchen – I am intrigued with Cali bamboo geo. Live in Wisconsin – good, bad or indifferent? And if you had an opportunity to do over again, what would you choose? Thank you!!

        1. We live in DE. Replaced our entire first floor with Cali 5 inch click planks. Please note that if you want long running sections you run the risk of shrinkage to the point of the planks coming apart. I am working with them now for the second time on shrinkage. If it happens yearly I’m no longer a happy customer.

          Humidity is an issue, it needs to be fairly constant. They are now making me seek a Flooring inspector to evaluate the install of my floors before providing additional warranty materials. We had ours professionally installed. He is very frustrated with the product.

          I love the look and feel but hate the 1/2 inch spacing where it is separating mid floor for us. One year after install. Read Read Read and be sure it’s the best for your situation. If I knew then – I would have installed the Brazilian Cherry that I wanted to begin with and felt bad about the environmental impact.

        2. Absolutely , whatever you do do not buy bamboo or eucalyptus flooring! Nothing but disappointing! Cali bamboo replaced 1200 square feet for us twice ! and the 2nd time around it did the same thing as it did the 1st time! Major gaps! It’s a beautiful product – but the shrinking is unacceptable! Spend your money on trusted wood! Don’t ignore what many others have found out the hard way!

      2. Hi Jay,

        I see you have been working with Kevin on your support request but want to hold off until summertime to move forward. We are happy to work with you when you are ready.

    25. They actually do do that Daniel. You just need to read the installation instructions, which you can find free to download on their website. What Jarrett mentioned is exactly what Cali Bamboo says in their pre-install information – and I’d place a hard wager that’s the source of his info.

    26. Jarrett, regarding your post on Cali Bamboo flooring, regarding the “natural tendencies” of Bamboo there is actually a lot CaliBamboo can do. One thing that comes to mind is to inform the buyer prior to purchasing of the detriments of installation in such areas, another is if they can’t do that how about not selling in markets with the type of weather that causes problems?

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