tarkett laminate flooring review

Tarkett Laminate Flooring Review

By Fortino Rosas / January 19, 2018 / 44 Comments

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    Would you like to redo your floors with European flair? Are the environment and issues of sustainability important to you? Then we recommend you take a look at Tarkett’s laminate line.

    Tarkett is a 130 year old German company that makes a wide range of products and flooring, including sports stadium astroturf (in addition to hardwood, vinyl and laminate). They are, in fact, the #1 seller in flooring in Europe. They started out as a purely European company, but now they are worldwide with factories and offices in the United States.

    Perhaps because of their position as a major European company, Tarkett’s visibility and emphasis on issues such as environmental sustainability and responsible consumption is much higher than its U.S. counterparts.

    The other thing that really stands out about Tarkett is the emphasis on cutting-edge style, sophistication and high-end branding.  Their super-spiffy website is a archetypical example of the kind of continental, minimalist elegance that we often associate with European or Scandinavian design.

    In all, Tarkett is a classy, upscale option that you may want to explore. Please read on to find out more about the company, its options and what people are saying about the brand and its products.

    What traditional styles and colors are available?

    Tarkett has 128 different colors and styles of laminate.  These range from very light (white oak, painted white or snow oak) to very dark (black buzz and dark sand).  The brand seems to offer a wider selection of blue and gray-scale colors and shades than some other major brands of laminate.

    Tarkett’s offerings come in four lines: essentials, Woodstock, premium and commercial. Within each of these lines there is a wide variety of color choices.

    The company offers all of its laminate in 15 different surfaces, from deeply embossed to lighter and smoother, allowing consumers to choose the texture of their floor.  You can choose from a glossier surfaces that are perhaps more traditionally “laminate” and embossed planks that mirror wood grain. Tarkett’s laminate also comes with four different beveling options, double-sided, four-sided, micro-beveled and no bevel.  These choices let you go for a more natural or vintage look in your flooring.

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    Unique stone and artistic designs

    One of the special things that Tarkett offers in its products are a range of unusual and unique embossed designs that can be applied to any of their colors.

    The Stone designs in laminate, instead of mirroring wood-grain, mirror the natural appearance of stones or concrete floor.  The artistic choices in Tarkett’s “Lumin’art” collection feature flowers, patterns and other artistic designs.

    Tarkett also offers a unique “infinite” plank that are beveled along the length, allowing the illusion of longer boards that seem like a plank cut directly from a tree.

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    What are the environmental and health benefits of Tarkett’s flooring products?

    Tarkett positions itself as a world-wide leader in sustainability, and promotes a “closed-loop, circular design” in its manufacturing that goes well beyond the kind of promises and certifications seen in U.S. brands.

    Tarkett does all that American companies do in using recycled materials and seeking certification for indoor clean air standards. However, the company seems to dedicate much more to the project of sustainability (they even have a VP for environment).

    Tarkett’s statement is that they are committed to “good materials, resource stewardship, people-friendly spaces and reuse.” They do this through eco design and manufacturing, by building flooring with recycled and recyclable content, and then collect old flooring to repurpose into new flooring.

    This may all be good public relations and nothing more, but outside evaluators certify Tarkett’s significant commitment and when you click on products, you can actually see pdfs of the chain of custody of materials.

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    Tarkett is available at big box and hardware store chains like Menards and Home Depot. While those stores may not carry the whole variety of the company’s offering in-stock, you can order more specific colors and styles from U.S. retailers

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    What does Tarkett Laminate Cost?

    Now that you’ve read up on how fancy and European the Tarkett line is, you’re probably ready for the price to be huge.

    The reality is, however, our research run in 2018 revealed very comparable prices to other brands (like Armstrong and Mohawk), at least on the more basic and traditional looks in flooring. Menards had both Mohwak and Tarkett choices between $20 and $60 per carton.

    That said, Tarkett is not a bargain option.

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    What do people think: Review roundup

    The reviews I found on Tarkett were mostly positive.  The industry (installer/distributor) reviews were uniformly positive, while the consumer reviews were more mixed, but still good.

    Consumers seemed to have two repeated issues with the laminate flooring they purchased: installation if doing it yourself, and cleaning.

    Some folks thought the flooring was too hard to snap together for your average do-it-yourselfer. I will say though, that others thought the negative reviews must have been people who would have had a hard time with any flooring.  It did seem that the newer versions are harder to get together than the older versions. More than one consumer was a repeat customer, and reported having no problem in the previous installation, but a big problem with the new flooring.

    Overall, it seems that Tarkett may be harder to snap together than some other brands, which is something to keep in mind if you are planning on installing yourself. You may want to watch a few YouTube videos to get some tips.

    The other issue, cleaning, came up more than once, with consumers reporting that a hard-to-remove film developed after a while.  Again, this was an issue that appeared more than once, but not consistently.  Tarkett has a number of products for cleaning, and some consumers have made helpful videos with cleaning tips.

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    Our Conclusions

    Overall, Tarkett laminate seems to be a good option for folks more interested in ecological and environmental sustainability as well as upscale, European finishes and colors.

    Tarkett, a German company with a worldwide presence and significant base in the United States, is widely available at major home improvement retailers and smaller specialty stores. It offers a very wide range of color choices, finishes and unique features that you don’t find in other brands.

    Tarkett is also certified to be a “Cradle to Cradle” operation that reuses and recycles materials while making sustainable use of resources.  This will be a draw for some environmentally conscious consumers.

    While the style and environmental awareness will attract some, the price and difficulty in self-installation will drive others away.  Those consumers who are looking to save the most money on cost of the flooring and on not paying for installation may be better served to look at other choices.

    About Fortino Rosas

    Chief Floor Critic, 32 years of experience in flooring installation and sales

    Fortino Rosas is an independent flooring contractor with 32 years of experience in residential and commercial flooring installation and sales. He joined the Floor Critics team to share his expertise with our readers. Fortino has acquired vast knowledge and skills in the areas of product selection, space planning, and installation. He has installed flooring in residential, government, and commercial office projects in the Midwest. Visit Website.

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    44 thoughts on “Tarkett Laminate Flooring Review”

    1. Very difficult to clean because of the texture—the ridges. If it had a smooth surface, I might feel differently. Dirt gets trapped and other grime is nearly impossible to clean off. It looks very nice and would be perfect for a room that gets no traffic. I would never recommend it to anyone.

    2. NEED ADVICE! We are getting ready to install Menard’s Tarkett Vericore LVP (in Milled Hickory color) on our entire first floor. After reading these reviews, I don’t know what to do! I have not purchased it yet. Do I stay away from this? This is a LOT of money for us and I want to be sure! This particular one is 7 x 48. Thickness: 5mm

      If I do not purchase this, do you have a brand you would recommend more? Thank you!

    3. i just bought tarkett vinyl planks with adhesive backing.looks very durable. bought about 53 boxes. has anyone ever tried them… after reading all the negative reviews think about returning them.

    4. I agree. This product is trash. Absolutely the worse to install. Tap one end and the other disconnects. I am wondering if it can be glued to keep it together.

    5. We installed Tarkett flooring in our basement last Thanksgiving. It was absolutely beautiful. In June the humidity came and now the floor is buckled in some places as much as 3”. The Rep from the company said we needed to put in carpet! Ism not happy!

    6. I had the Tarkett VeriCore flooring installed by my son 3 months ago and I still love it. I haven’t cleaned it with any chemicals yet, but don’t plan to use anything other than mild soap and water on it. My son is a self-taught do-it-yourselfer and likes home improvement-type work. He had a couple of the planks that were difficult to snap together. You have to be sure to get every plank together; otherwise, there is a good chance it will separate just a bit, which will cause all the planks from staying together from that point on. The flooring is beautiful. I am getting ready to install it in my half bathroom and hallway. I have dogs and cats and haven’t seen a single scratch on the floor. I believe it has a lifetime warranty (or 30 years maybe) so I am hoping it holds up for years to come. I do keep an area rug on it in the living room.

    7. i have tarkett trends 12 golden rod in my bedroom. thought i would try there before doing the rest of my rooms. 6yrs later, (i’m a procrastinator) still love it no scratches, wear or tear. I have grand kids dogs cats etc. Looks just like the day i put it in. My husband hated it at first because of the 3 different plank sizes but once he got the hang of it he was good to go. FYI tried all the fancy cleaners and now i just use vinegar and water. Now just to find enough of it to finish my rooms.

    8. Mary Lou Mayfield

      We were very disappointed when we installed the Grovewood Estate Oak flooring because, no matter what we did, it would not lock tightly together as illustrated, and it kept popping apart. There are obvious seams between the planks, and I would not use it in an area like a kitchen, with frequent spills. My husband has installed laminate flooring in many rooms, and never before encountered these problems. He toughed it out, and the room is finished, but not to our satisfaction.

      1. Barely started with my own project using golden amber oak laminate and am experiencing similar problems. I suspect it’s the angle-tap aspect that is causing problems in addition to the issue of base material is too soft to provide any kind of click in place locking. Using poly foam underlayment may actually compound the problem, providing enough spring to unlock the edges. I would return it all if I hadn’t waited 8 months to begin installation. I advise against buying any of their angle-tap product. It’s crap.

        1. I totally agree with Gregg! We started installing Tarkett Solutions series Bayfield Walnut laminate in a livingroom, several days ago. It has been an exercise in frustration. We are about 3/4 done and this morning, I noticed that the flooring is starting to separate in places and coming un “locked”. There is no way to correct the problem without removing all the flooring to get back to that area. I have a message into the Tarkett customer service department. I also called the store where we purchased the flooring. We have followed all the directions, from making sure the room was square and the floors level, to laying an underlayment. This is not the first home improvement project we’ve done, but definitely one of the most frustrating. I’m waiting to see if it can be returned for a refund.

          1. Had transcend vinyl planking installed… won’t stay clicked together and the gaps are getting bigger..called the company and they took an unopened box to look at… 1 month later and no answers… wondering if anyone had luck getting anything resolved

      2. I have never encountered so many issues with a laminate flooring. Ive installed many. Very frustrating when u tap it together to look over and it comes undone in another area. Then the edges are so thin if the tapper slips it chips off the coating. By far the worst flooring ive ever installed.

      3. We had the same problem. My husband is a millwright and has done many home improvements as we own rentals. He will never buy this again. I don’t care how environmentally safe it is. I hope it wears well. We have pets too.

      4. Same problem…waiting now 4 weeks for an answer with no real response…was told that’s just their procedure… not happy… I hope you had better luck

        1. Don’t bother waiting for a reply the excuses are all the same, you didn’t follow directions, your room isn’t square, I wish i had waited another year an installed hardwood

    9. We just installed Tarkett (Pecan Swirl PRALINE Transcend Click) and while it was sold to us with the promise of being very hard to scratch, I keep finding scratches and dents everywhere from just moving our furnitures back in place. Not happy with this product at all as I don’t think it will stand the test of time that was promised to us! We are not a rough family. Our girls are older and our 5 year old doesn’t really play inside with heavy toys. Definitely no skateboards or bicycles inside!

    10. Looking to purchase the Bravado collection barnwood oak suede wood laminate flooring. Does anyone have a review of this product?

    11. Do not buy Tarkett vinyl flooring. It will yellow in spots within a year and they will deny it and not correct the problem.

    12. Be wary of these bad reviews, I have Tarkett flooring from my basement to the loft in my attic and I have had 0 problems with cleaning or anything else. I had a friend put in a floor himself and he ran into problems because he didn’t install the click correctly (only way you run into problems!) Follow the instructions or have a pro do it and you’ll be estatic about how incredible your floor is!!

    13. Five years ago we had the Occasions Tarkett flooring installed – A dream to put down… To match what we had we purchased the same name product (by name) and have been fighting installation. We tried two boxed and have discovered the product is now just a processed paper product and very susceptible to humidity and such. In fact difficult to install. Why change a product that worked? We will be pulling and returning to get a stable product.

    14. Kathleen Margaret Leibowitz

      I had Tarkett laminate installed in my entire home except bathrooms.

      I have had great difficulty with preventing streaking during cleaning. I have tried Bona made for laminate floors, as well as simple Windex. Unless I get down on my hands and knees and clean and dry as I go, I end up with streaks that look worse than if something had splattered on them. All spills are immediately wiped up, we have no kids or dogs.

      The tiny grooves that give it the real wood grain look may be a part of the problem? Any advice?

      1. Hi Kathleen. Which Tarkett floor did you have the streaking problem with? We are looking at purchasing the Progen by Tarkett but I would have big concerns about streaking when cleaning. Thanks for your help.

      1. We are in process of installing it. Very difficult to get them to snap into place. Some don’t connect correctly. Suggestions?

      2. Yes, we just purchased ours and Installed it ourselves. It’s beautiful and wasn’t hard to install. However, the laminate itself chips off the backing very easily. So just be careful.

      1. I am a flooring consultant. NEVER put laminate in a basement. If you want a click-together flooring, use vinyl planks!!

    15. We installed the vinyl sheeting/loose lay, stretched out within a few months and of course that isn’t covered under their warranty. Too bad it’s total garbage because initially it looked really nice and seemed like a great flooring option.

      1. Hi Dave! Definitely not a commercial We don’t accept paid ‘commercial’ spots, and do not do paid reviews. This is an entirely unbiased look at a popular flooring line. If you have a differing experience with Tarkett, we’d be happy to hear about it here at Floor Critics!

        1. Robert Brush Jr

          The tarkett laminate is absolutely the worst flooring I have ever installed in my life. Chat one plank and the previous one immediately gaps or falls out of place. Every seam on every piece needs to be glued. I’ve done Home Improvements for 30 years and put in hundreds of floors and this by far is the worst.

    16. Had Tarkett dark oak laminate flooring installed by professional installer. Surface has started bubbling and exposing timber beneath. Joints along the planks started losing edge 1mm exposing white timber beneath. Not thrilled!

    17. Had the laminate travertine look installed last fall. Absolutely love it! Did it groutless. 12×24 tiles. Stunning! Easy to clean. No problems at all.

    18. Nice article, Elizabeth. We just installed Tarkett vinyl plank flooring in our home and are so far very pleased with it. Installation was not difficult, and it was our first time working with flooring ourselves. The info about their extra environmental efforts is also welcome news. We would definitely choose it again for other projects.

        1. Robert Brush Jr

          Terrible reviews for an absolutely terrible product! I remember years ago I had no issues with installing tarkett flooring. Times have changed.

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