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Review Of The 5 Best Pool Vacuum Robots For In-Ground Pools

By Maria Hernandez / July 7, 2021 / 0 Comments

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Choosing a great quality in-ground pool vacuum robot can really suck! Pun intended.

Not all models deliver as promised, and with so many on the market, it’s hard to know which will deliver a sparkly clean pool without vacuuming the cash right out of your wallet. Plus, since a vacuum robot is such a large investment, you need a product that will last long enough for you to justify your purchase.

Luckily, this review of the best five pool vacuum robots will help you choose the best model for your pool and your budget. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide and FAQ so you can know exactly what to look for.

Best 5 Pool Vacuum Robots

DOLPHIN Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner
  • Easy to use with drop-and-go tech
  • Advanced whole pool cleaning algorithms
  • Three filter options


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AIPER SMART Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner
  • Cordless for easy cleaning
  • Lithium battery offers 90 minutes run time
  • Drop-and-go technology for easy navigation


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Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner
  • Four wheels suitable for all pool surfaces
  • ActivMotion Sensor Technology aids navigation
  • Seven-day timer and remote control


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PAXCESS Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner
  • Two motors to boost cleaning and propel the unit forward
  • Quality Lithium Ion battery
  • 180 um filter tray for precision filtration


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Aquabot ABREIQ Breeze IQ
  • Low energy footprint
  • Vibrating brush at bottom of unit
  • Hose on no-tangle swivel


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Review Of The Best Pool Vacuum Robots Products

Getting the best in-ground pool vacuum robot cleaner is essential to maintain your pool and enjoy a sparkly freshness with minimal effort and low maintenance costs. These are the five best pool vacuum robot products on the market that’ll make choosing the best one for you as easy as “1, 2, 3, dive in!”

Best Overall: DOLPHIN Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

DOLPHIN Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

This robotic vacuum pool cleaner is by far the market leader thanks to its consistently positive reviews and many excellent features to choose from. Drop this unit in your pool, tap a switch, and let it take care of the cleaning for you!

Key Features
  • Use with the push of a single button; simply drop it into your pool
  • Complete pool coverage with advanced cleaning algorithms and patented swivel cable
  • Dual scrubbing brushes and multiple filter options

As one of the easiest to use and highest quality swimming pool cleaner robots on the market, this product is made by a reliable brand that offers quality service and products.

DOLPHIN offers premium customer service if you ever encounter any issues with your unit. Plus, the product is backed by a three-year quality assurance guarantee.

  • Smart weekly timer to set the cleaning cycles for every day, every other day, or every third day
  • Remote control means you can leave the robot in the water without having to take it out to make adjustments
  • Ultra-efficient twin DC motors for powerful cleaning
  • Once the vacuum bag is full, the cleaner shuts down, which can be a problem with large or messy pools
  • Cleaning the bag filter can be time consuming
  • Can present issues with corners and drain covers in pools

Overall, this is an excellent product. While there are some minor issues such as the difficulty of emptying out the filter bag or the machine occasionally getting stuck, this is understandable as pools are not standard, and a full filter bag means the pool vacuum robot is doing its job.

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Most Cost-Effective: AIPER SMART Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner

AIPER SMART Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner

The best thing about this crafty pool robot vacuum cleaner is the price. The AIPER SMART cordless automatic pool cleaner is one of the best priced robotic in-ground pool cleaners on the market. Additionally, it does a great job, making it a firm consumer favorite.

Key Features
  • Cordless, so no issues with tangled cords
  • Lightweight design to easily pull it from the pool when it’s finished cleaning
  • Fits pools of all shapes 

The convenient zig-zag design pattern is easily modified on the unit by adjusting the nozzle angle base. This means your AIPER vacuum can easily move along the pool surface, cleaning as it goes.

In addition to being reasonably priced, it’s a lightweight and easy to use unit. No matter the size or shape of your pool, you’re sure to get a thorough clean every time.

  • While it moves a little slower than other cleaners, it cleans thoroughly 
  • Suitable for all pool surfaces and bottoms, not just flat bottom pools
  • Two-year warranty on motor and electrical parts
  • While the unit itself is lightweight, it holds a lot of water, so it can be heavy when you’re trying to remove it from your pool
  • Unit sometimes drains silt from the filter, but scooping it out with a large bucket is an easy solution
  • Corners of the pool can be an issue, as the scrubbing brush is in the middle of the unit’s bottom

This is a great unit to consider, and given the vast difference in price between this and other robotic pool cleaners, it’s a firm market favorite as one of the best swimming pool cleaner robots.

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Best Navigation: Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

This is a hugely popular in-ground pool cleaner, and it offers loads of features to consider. Despite being on the more costly end when it comes to pool cleaning robots, it’s well worth every penny!

Key Features
  • Vortex Vacuum Technology for maximum suction
  • 70 ft. cable to enable better reach in all size pools
  • Offers scrubbing of the tile line

This is certainly one of the most convenient models on the market, and it offers many features that are designed for ease of operation such as the “canister full” indicator to help you know when to empty the trash canister.

This robotic pool cleaner is efficient at cleaning and easy to clean every time you use it. Plus, thanks to its long cord, it can clean even the largest pools with no issues.

  • Filter is an easy clean canister you simply shake
  • Convenient seven-day cleaning program to clean while you are away and during the busy work week
  • Four-wheel drive technology allows for powerful scrubbing and easy reach of hard to get to places
  • The filter canister is somewhat small, requiring frequent emptying during a cleaning session
  • Extended water exposure leads to corrosion of seals and filters, so removing it from the water after each session is preferable
  • More costly than other units on the market

This great product is affordable, efficient, and offers practical features such as climbing out of the pool when you need to empty filters or do maintenance.

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Best Ease Of Use: PAXCESS Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner

PAXCESS Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner

This vacuum is a firm favorite on the market, and it’s a great value for your money. With an advanced computer program guiding the Paxcess, you can simply sit back and enjoy a hassle-free clean and a sparkling pool.

Key Features
  • The high quality 5,000mah lithium-ion battery enables a thorough and precise clean
  • Floor and wall cleaning up to the water line
  • Suitable for pools up to 50 ft. in length

This hardworking unit is one of the best robotic pool cleaners on the market. Its great features, while not exactly high tech, certainly offer a great value for your money and simple efficiency.

Compared to the Dolphin, for example, this robotic pool vacuum cleaner is a far better value for the price. It efficiently cleans pools, sucking up leaves, scrubbing algae, and even thoroughly cleaning the waterline. The vacuum’s intelligent design uses water propulsion as a means for moving through the pool.

  • Cordless, so charging required, but it cleans a standard pool on one charge
  • High quality filter tray for easy cleaning
  • No need for a caddy cart to lift this cleaner as it is lighter than other units
  • Can become stuck into the same cleaning patterns
  • In pools with a heavy sediment load, it will take longer to clean as the sediment is dispersed by the motor outflow
  • Algae cleaning brush is too thin for heavy duty scrubbing

This vacuum is ideal for pool owners who want a superb clean at a great price. It’s lightweight, cordless, and has several great features to make having a clean pool simple and affordable.

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Most Energy Efficient And Hygienic: Aquabot ABREIQ Breeze IQ

Aquabot ABREIQ Breeze IQ

This basic pool cleaning robotic vacuum is simple in its design, but it also doesn’t mess around when it comes to cleaning. It’s affordable and gives a thorough clean every time.

Key Features
  • Low energy consumption at only five cents per cycle hour
  • Efficient scrubbing and water filtrations down to two microns
  • Two top filter baskets for easy cleaning and maintenance

The filter bags for this unit are efficient at removing even the smallest particles from your pool. They may require frequent emptying until your pool is fully cleaned; thereafter, they will require less emptying as you use the unit for regular light cleanings.

This vacuum’s features, such as its oversized filter bags and hose to scrub hard-to-reach spots, help to ensure your pool stays sparkling fresh and clean.

  • Large filter bags and swivel hose makes for easier maintenance and efficient cleaning
  • Self-contained cleaner with pump, drive, and filtration centers, placing no additional strain on your pool pump
  • Better filtration down to two microns means less chemicals are required for a healthier pool
  • Replacement filters can be hard to find
  • The filter material is delicate, easily tearing if the Aquabot suctions up something sharp like thorns, rocks, or other debris
  • Unit sometimes struggles to clean the waterline for extended periods of time

If you are looking for hygiene and cost-effectiveness, this is an ideal robotic pool cleaner to get. The computer program is simple, and while you can’t set it for long periods of time, you can definitely use a separate timer to control the unit.

Buyers Guide For Best Pool Vacuum Robots

When you’re trying to find a great robotic vacuum pool cleaner, it is essential to research the units you’re considering in detail. Here are some of the factors you should keep in mind when buying a pool vacuum robot.

Consideration 1: Functionality

When you are paying a substantial amount of money for a robotic pool cleaner, you want to be sure you are getting a good value for your money.You can determine this by examining the unit’s functionality. Features should be efficient, effective, and easy to use.

The swimming pool cleaner robot that offers the best functionality is the AIPER SMART Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner. It even has a tangle-free cord for hassle-free cleaning! Plus, its overall design makes the unit simple even for beginners to use.

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Consideration 2: Cost

While money is not the most important consideration, it ranks pretty close to the top for most of us. Buying an absurdly expensive robotic pool cleaner is not going to sit well with most consumers, and most of us will opt for a more affordable version than something like the Dolphin line of vacuums, for example.

At the end of the day, our preference is the AIPER SMART Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner since it is by far the most affordable with excellent user satisfaction. 

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Consideration 3: Efficiency

The main reason you are getting a pool cleaning robot is likely so it can help you clean your pool with as little effort as possible. While most vacuum robots’ manufacturers claim their products are “drop-and-go,” rarely is this actually the case.

So, when considering efficiency, you should be looking at how well and how quickly it cleans. Whether large leaves, small leaves, silt, sand, twigs, or any other items come in contact with the unit, you want to be sure it cleans like it promises.

Our vote goes to the Aquabot ABREIQ Breeze IQ since it both cleans and filters your pool. This nifty robot vacuum cleaner filters your pool water, removing bacteria up to two microns in size. Additionally, the Aquabot has been certified and approved by the ETL, an independent testing organization.

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Consideration 4: Durability

If you are spending your hard-earned money to purchase an expensive robotic vacuum pool cleaner, then you probably want to be sure it will last for years to come.

When you’re looking for a durable unit that is backed by a long-term warranty, you can’t go wrong with the DOLPHIN Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner, which has a three-year warranty. It’s a well-constructed, sturdy machine that won’t break down easily.

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Best Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner FAQs

What is the best automated pool cleaner?

The answer to this question depends on the size and requirements of your pool, but we recommend the DOLPHIN Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner as the best robotic in-ground pool cleaner due to its great functionality, powerful cleaning technology, and extended warranty.

Can you leave a robotic pool cleaner in the pool?

While most manufacturers seem to indicate that you can leave your robotic pool vacuum unit submerged all day and night, this is actually not advisable.
The rubber replacement seals and fittings can become tarnished by long-term exposure to chemicals.

Rather than leaving your vacuum in your pool overnight, it is best to lift the robot vacuum from your pool when not in use to keep it in good condition for as long as possible.

Where should I store my robotic pool cleaner?

When your robotic pool cleaner is not in use, it is advisable to store it upside down in a covered shelter such as your tool shed or garage. Avoid exposing your pool cleaner to extreme temperatures such as freezing cold and harsh summer heat as these temperatures can lead to the rubber along the machine’s seals becoming damaged.

Can I use my pool robot in cold water?

Extremely cold water is not beneficial for the operation of a robotic pool vacuum cleaner. This is because the units all have delicate moving parts that are encased in oil or lubricants.

When the temperature drops, these lubricants lose their ability to facilitate movement. As a result, the motors can seize up. Therefore, it is best not to operate your robotic pool cleaners in cold weather.

How long does it take a robotic pool cleaner to clean a standard size pool?

Depending on the size of the unit and the speed at which the robotic pool cleaner moves, it can take anywhere between 1.5 to 3 hours to clean a pool once it has already been cleaned of its initial leaf load.

Do robotic pool cleaners really work?

Yes, robotic pool cleaners help keep your pool pump working properly by removing extra debris, filtering water of algae and other particles, and scrubbing the walls of your pool, giving it a better clean than manual scrubbing ever will.

How long do robotic pool cleaners last?

On average, you can expect a robotic pool cleaner to last around four to five years, but with proper care, removing the unit from water when not in use, and regularly replacing worn parts, you can extend the unit’s life by up to eight years.

How do I choose a robotic pool cleaner?

You should consider the size of the pool cleaner’s motor compared to the size of your pool. Additionally, your budget will also be a major factor, as well as whether your pool has any special cleaning requirements, such as being situated under large trees that shed leaves all year round.

The length of the power cord will also be important to keep in mind, as you need to measure the distance from the power outlet to the edge of the pool, factor in the pool depth, and add the pool length to get an accurate idea of how long a cable you need.

In cases where this figure exceeds the 60-70 ft. cable or hose of most units, you may need to opt for a cordless unit such as the AIPER SMART Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner.

The Final Suction

Cleaning up your pool, sweeping steps, scrubbing the tile line, or trying to balance your pool’s pH can be time consuming and costly to do by yourself. Investing in the best swimming pool cleaner robot you can afford will save you time, energy, and effort.

Many people are surprised to learn how efficient and effective these units really are, but you really do simply drop it in the pool and watch it work. Don’t be surprised when you start giving your robotic pool cleaner a name of its own—many proud owners of these stunning units have done just that.

Finally, we decided the award for the best overall pool vacuum robot goes to the DOLPHIN Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner due to the unit’s great functionality, ease of use, and extended three-year warranty.

If you have any comments or first-hand experiences with your own robotic pool vacuum cleaners, please post them below or share your pictures via our social media.

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