Frieze Carpet: 2022 Review

By Fortino Rosas / March 15, 2022 / 0 Comments

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    In order for your carpet to last and for you not to go over your budget, it is wise to do your research about carpets. There are many options to choose from and today we will discuss frieze carpet.

    What is a Frieze Carpet?

    During the ‘60s and ‘70s, shag carpets were famous. These carpets are similar in appearance with frieze carpets. Some of the names by which this type of carpet is known is twisted carpet or simply twist carpet because of its composition. Basically, long fibers are twisted tightly under steam for three to five times in order to create the structure. 

    Since the fibers are twisted really tightly, the fibers will curl back voluntarily and result in a dense texture. This then makes the carpet perfect for areas where there is heavy foot traffic since it is thick and durable enough to withstand it. In fact, its pile lengths are somewhere between 1/2 to 3/4 inches. Those that have fluffy appearances are composed of seven to nine twisted piles. 

    Frieze carpets are durable and extremely soft

    The long piles composing a frieze carpet prevents it from standing upright. Compared to the shag carpets from the ‘60s and ‘70s, frieze is generally made of thinner strands of fiber. Thus, the shag looks bulkier while a frieze looks thinner and leaner. 

    Plush Carpet vs. Frieze Carpet

    A plush carpet, to put it simply, has a cleaner look than frieze carpet. It is known as a cut-pile type because of how uniform the cuts of the piles are. This results in it having denser and smoother weaves. It is denser and lower than regular carpets. 

    To describe the process of how a plush carpet is made, it starts out as a loop of fabric. This loop is then cut, which results in a soft texture that feels relaxing to tired feet. The traditional plush texture tends to reflect light more uniformly compared to other textures resulting in having more of a light and dark effect. 

    Meanwhile, the frieze carpet is twisted tightly. It can withstand constant pressure and, thus, foot impressions or vacuum lines are minimized. Its fibers are short and crimped and will normally rebound when pressure is placed and removed such that the carpet regains its original appearance. 

    The process of creating frieze is more complicated than that of a plush carpet. It starts out as a plush texture material, which is then subjected to a heat setting process. The yarn is then twisted and crimped in order to achieve its casual texture. The heat process makes the yarn more resilient and more likely to be durable compared to other types of carpets.

    Frieze is a design that fits well in contemporary and casual interiors. Rooms with neat and sleek interiors can benefit from the dimension and texture that frieze creates. It will not look misplaced in interiors that have casual designs nor will it look awkward in an elegant interior. 

    How Much Does Frieze Carpet Cost?

    The cost of frieze depends on several factors, the most common of which are material and brand. Other factors include the weight or how much material was used in order to produce the carpet, and the twist level or how many times the fibers were twisted. The average price per square foot is somewhere in the range of $2.50 to $5.00

    It is comparably more expensive than other types of carpet. However, its durability will pay off in the long run. The fiber materials that are commonly used in frieze include polyethylene, nylon, polyester, terephthalate (PET), and wool. Polyester and PET are the more affordable versions compared with wool and nylon. 

    How to Clean and Maintain Frieze Carpet

    Although frieze is highly durable compared to other types of carpets, it requires some effort to maintain it. 

    Since this type of carpet is made of long fibers, the amount of dirt seeping into the carpet is easily masked. It will be insufficient to just vacuum it. Thus, it becomes hard to clean it on your own. You may need to hire the services of professional cleaners at least once a year if you want to deep clean your carpet and maintain it. 

    You can, however, employ regular cleaning methods in order to help it last longer. Among these cleaning methods are:

    1. Adjusting the vacuum cleaner brush to a higher setting when vacuuming the carpet. Putting the vacuum cleaner brush in a very low setting will result in it digging very deep into the fibers of the carpet, which results in fraying. Setting the vacuum brush to the highest setting will allow the vacuum cleaner to just gently glide through the fibers without sucking it in destructively. 

    You will have to regularly vacuum this type of carpet in order for dirt not to crust in its long fibers. It will, thus, be helpful that you do not overly strain the fibers of the carpet by subjecting it to a gentler vacuuming method. 

    1. Using extra suction in order to eliminate water after cleaning it. You will have to shampoo your carpet from time to time in order to clean it properly. However, the carpet’s long fibers are extremely water absorbent. Thus, it is important to quickly and thoroughly dry it. Otherwise, molds can start growing in your carpet. Professional carpet cleaners should use high-powered suctions in order to remove as much amount of water as possible. 

    But if you want to clean your carpet on your own, take care not to spray it with too much water. If you are using a shampooing machine, it is advisable that you go over the carpet for a second time in a “suction only “ mode in order to suction as much moisture as you can. 

    1. Parting the fibers when removing spills. It is unavoidable to spill something on the carpet, especially when there are children at home. Since accidents like this happen, it is important to keep in mind that blotting the stain spot is better than rubbing aggressively on it. This way, you can avoid getting the fibers frayed. 

    In order to remove the stain from deep down into the carpet, you should start by parting the fibers and then pressing down on them. Follow this through by parting the carpet for around an inch or so from the first part that you made and then blot it again. This process can be repeated until the staining material is removed. 

    Benefits and Drawbacks of Buying Frieze Carpet


    1. As mentioned earlier, frieze is very durable because its material and the method by which the carpet is made prevents its fiber from getting snagged or frayed.
    1. The soft texture of this carpet will feel relaxing for the feet. Its thickness makes it feel warmer and perfect during winter and cold weather. It usually comes in contemporary colors that makes it look irresistibly inviting. 
    1. The thickness of the carpet creates a sound insulation property for the carpet. 
    1. Although it is comparably more expensive than other carpet materials, it will pay off in the long run. Its durability and flexibility will eliminate the need to replace it in only a few years. In the long run, you will save more by buying a carpet with excellent quality than if you buy a carpet with less quality every few years. 


    1. It is expensive. If you have a limited budget, you will probably have to put more into it in order to be able to afford this carpet. 
    1. Lacks stain-resisting property. Owing to its long fibers, this type of carpet will have to be vacuumed and cleaned regularly. If there are children and pets running around the house and accidental spillage is a common occurrence, you will have to clean the stain as soon as possible. 
    1. There are limited options for patterns. The designs and patterns currently sold in the market. In effect, you have limited design options when using this type of carpet material. 

    The higher cost of purchasing this kind of carpet can be thought of as an investment. Its quality can last you a lifetime so you can actually avoid buying a new carpet every few years. 

    Its lack of stain-resisting property is also a common problem with carpets, even the most expensive ones. The best way to deal with stains is to just clean it as soon as they occur. This way, the stain does not seep deep into the carpet, dry up, and become harder to remove. 

    The limited options are not really a problem since a lot of interiors and houses nowadays have contemporary designs that the frieze carpet is perfect for. If you are looking to just fit it into a particular room in the house, frieze carpet will work well in halls, family rooms, bedrooms, and stairs. 

    This type of carpet generally looks better when the interior is casual as its soft and cozy appearance will look perfect in it. It can be a perfect piece in a room where the family gathers to spend time with each other just watching television, playing board games, or just lounging. 

    Final Thoughts

    Frieze carpets are among those things that you want to last for a lifetime considering how expensive they can be. Thus, it is highly important that the design of a carpet is one that complements your home. Frieze can complement most contemporary and modern designs that are popular these days. Nevertheless, it also has that classic look that may fit in a home that has more elegant interiors. 

    If you are looking for a seasonal carpet, frieze is also perfect since it is best during cold winter months since it is warm and thick. You can bring it out during the colder seasons and then keep it again during the warmer months. 

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