5 Best Carpet Fresheners – 2022 Buying Guide

By Maria Hernandez / February 21, 2022 / 0 Comments

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    Does your carpet smell musty? Are you struggling to find the right product to freshen it up again? Today we review the best carpet fresheners. You can get different types of carpet deodorizers that will eliminate odors from your carpets.

    If you’re looking for additional information about carpet deodorizers, then take a look at the buyer’s guide and FAQ section below. I’ll try to answer all your pressing questions about carpet fresheners, so keep reading to find out more.

    Our Top Picks

    1. Best Overall: Good Natured Carpet Deodorizer
    2. Best Eco-Friendly: Biokleen Bac-Out Fresh
    3. Best Value: PL360 Odor Neutralizing Carpet Powder
    4. Best for Pets: Glade Carpet & Room Refresher
    5. Best for Odors: NonScents Carpet Odor Eliminator

    Carpet Freshener Buying Advice

    Best Overall: Good Natured Carpet Deodorizer

    Floor Critics Rating (4.8):

    Key Features:

    • Fragrance: Eucalyptus and lemon
    • Type: Powder
    • Size: Two pounds
    • Packaging: Zip-Top bag
    Good Natured Carpet Deodorizer
    Good Natured Carpet Deodorizer

    Good Natured is a carpet freshener powder that has a pleasant eucalyptus and lemon fragrance. This powder is a powerful antibacterial product that absorbs the odors from your carpet caused by pets or mold.

    Good Natured carpet powder is a multipurpose product that you can use with upholstery in your home or vehicle. It’s a non-toxic product that’s pet friendly so you can use it on pet beds too!

    What Customers Are Saying

    Customers say that if they could give this product a 10-star rating they would. Good Natured carpet deodorizer is the best on the market. This powder doesn’t have a strong chemical smell and it won’t leave a sticky residue on your carpets.

    Features and Considerations

    Since the Good Natured product is a natural carpet deodorizer, you can use it around children. It doesn’t have harsh chemicals in it that may cause a rash or an allergic reaction.

    What’s more, this powder is easy to use. Simply sprinkle the Good Natured powder over your carpet, leave it on for five minutes, and then vacuum the powder up. After using the product, your carpets will have a fresh scent that will last for a long time.

    Best Eco-Friendly: Biokleen Bac-Out Fresh

    Floor Critics Rating (4.7):

    Key Features:

    • Fragrance: Lemon and thyme
    • Type: Spray
    • Size: 16 ounces
    • Packaging: Trigger spray bottle
    Biokleen Bac-Out Fresh
    Biokleen Bac-Out Fresh

    Biokleen Bac-Out Fresh is made from plant extracts that quickly absorb unpleasant odors trapped deep within carpet fibers. This product is a non-toxic liquid formula you can use to eliminate odors from sofas, cars, mattresses, and carpets.

    There are no artificial fragrances or chemicals in Biokleen Bac-Out Fresh so you can use it on pet beds too. Since the carpet freshener is inside a triggered spray bottle, you can spray the liquid evenly onto the surface of your carpet. It will immediately kill the bacteria within the fibers of your carpet and leave a fresh scent behind.

    What Customers Are Saying

    There’s a reason Biokleen Bac-Out Fresh has such high reviews. Some customers say that this product is the only one that works to eliminate odors from pets. The only downside is that the size of the bottle is too small to address large areas. Biokleen Bac-Out Fresh works wonderfully to eliminate odors from pet beds and mats.

    Features and Considerations

    Do you have pets with sensitive skin? Then you’ll appreciate that Biokleen Bac-Out Fresh is a natural hypoallergenic product that won’t cause rashes or skin irritation. This spray is an antibacterial product so it will kill all microorganisms trapped inside your carpet.

    Biokleen Bac-Out Fresh has a pleasant lemon and thyme scent that will last. The liquid comes in a 16-ounce spray bottle that’s easy to use. Simply use the spray trigger to disperse the liquid over your carpets and leave it to dry. No rinsing is required and it won’t damage your carpets. This spray works well on synthetic carpets.

    Best Value: PL360 Odor Neutralizing Carpet Powder

    Floor Critics Rating (4.6):

    Key Features:

    • Fragrance: Citrus
    • Type: Powder
    • Size: 16 ounces
    • Packaging: Plastic bottle and pop lid
    PL360 Odor Neutralizing Carpet Powder
    PL360 Odor Neutralizing Carpet Powder

    PL360 Odor Neutralizing carpet powder is the best-valued product on the list. You get a pack of six 16-ounce bottles when you order for a low price. This carpet deodorizer is chemical-based so you may want to use it with caution around pets.

    PL360 contains chlorine bleach, suflates, dyes, and ammonia. This product is suitable for commercial use on large wall-to-wall carpets. Additionally, you can use the powder on upholstery, placement rugs, and car rugs.

    What Customers Are Saying

    The PL360 Odor Neutralizer is typically sprinkled over areas on carpets where pets urinate often. This powder absorbs odors from carpets so that pets stop using these areas to go to the bathroom. The powder completely eradicates unpleasant smells and kills bacteria trapped in your carpets.

    Features and Considerations

    PL360 does include chemicals in the powder, so it may emit a strong smell. This is because the powder is used for major tasks such as addressing mold growth and large pet stains. The powder does have a fresh citrus undertone that lasts after a few hours of using the product.

    Simply sprinkle the powder over your carpet and leave it on for about 15 minutes before vacuuming the dust up.

    Best for Pets: Glade Carpet & Room Refresher

    Floor Critics Rating (4.8):

    Key Features:

    • Fragrance: Clean scent
    • Type: Powder
    • Size: Two pounds
    • Packaging: Plastic bottle with pop lid
    Glade Carpet & Room Refresher
    Glade Carpet & Room Refresher

    The Glade Carpet & Room Freshener is ideal to use on wall-to-wall carpets and rugs that have pet stains. If your carpets are emitting a strong urine smell from your pet, then you’ll appreciate how well Glade works. The powder is formulated to eliminate odors caused by cigarette smoke, dampness, and spilled food.

    What Customers Are Saying

    Customers love the clean scent of the powder and how long it lasts after use. Glade powder absorbs the smells trapped deep within your carpet fibers and kills the bacteria causing the odor. It’s perfect to use on pet rugs and beds.

    Features and Considerations

    The Glade carpet powder comes in a large two-pound plastic bottle that has a pop-up lid. It has a fresh detergent fragrance that gives your home a signature clean scent. What’s more, the product is easy to use. Simply pop the lid, sprinkle the powder over your carpet, and then leave the powder on for 10 minutes before vacuuming it up.

    Best for Odors: NonScents Carpet Odor Eliminator

    Floor Critics Rating (4.3):

    Key Features:

    • Fragrance: Fragrance-free
    • Type: Powder
    • Size: 14 ounces
    • Packaging: Plastic container
    NonScents Carpet Odor Eliminator
    NonScents Carpet Odor Eliminator

    The NonScents carpet odor eliminator is fragrance free so it’s perfect for those who are sensitive to strong perfume smells. This powder is formulated to draw out unpleasant odors from carpets, sofas, curtains, and mattresses so your home doesn’t smell musty.

    This product is non-toxic so it’s safe to use on pet beds as well as rugs that your animals sit on regularly. The powder also kills bacteria and mold that’s trapped in the fibers of your carpets.

    What Customers Are Saying

    The NonScents Carpet Odor Eliminator powder has a high rating because it eliminates the toughest odors from your home. It’s difficult to get rid of the smell of second-hand smoke from carpets and upholstery. But NonScents Carpet Odor Eliminator works like a charm.

    Features and Considerations

    NonScents powder may be difficult to disperse on your carpets because it comes in a container with a large opening. The best way to sprinkle the powder over your carpet is to use a small cup. The product comes in a large 14-ounce bottle and a little of the powder goes a long way.

    Sprinkle the NonScents powder on key areas only if you want to make the product last. Even though the product is fragrance-free, it still leaves your home smelling fresh because it eradicates every unpleasant smell from the areas you’ve used the powder on.

    Side by Side Comparison

    ProductOur RatingTypeSize
    Good Natured Carpet Deodorizer
    Good Natured Carpet Deodorizer
    View on Amazon –>
    View on Walmart –>
    Best Overall

    Overall: 4.8
    Powder2 lbs.
    Biokleen Bac-Out Fresh
    Biokleen Bac-Out Fresh
    View on Amazon –>
    View on Walmart –>
    Best Eco-Friendly

    Overall: 4.7
    Spray16 oz.
    PL360 Odor Neutralizing Carpet Powder
    PL360 Odor Neutralizing Carpet Powder
    View on Amazon –>
    View on Walmart –>
    Best Value

    Overall: 4.6
    Powder16 oz.
    Glade Carpet & Room Refresher
    Glade Carpet & Room Refresher
    View on Amazon –>
    View on Walmart –>
    Best for Pets

    Overall: 4.8
    Powder2 lbs.
    NonScents Carpet Odor Eliminator
    NonScents Carpet Odor Eliminator
    View on Amazon –>
    View on Walmart –>
    Best for Odors

    Overall: 4.3
    Powder14 oz.

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    The Complete Carpet Freshener Buyer’s Guide

    Are you still not sure which product to pick from the top five carpet fresheners I reviewed? Perhaps the following buyer’s guide will help you with your purchase decision. In this section, I’ll discuss which types of carpet deodorizers you can get and factors to consider before making your purchase.

    Types of Carpet Fresheners


    Carpet sprays are perfumed or non-perfumed liquids that come in trigger spray bottles. This type of deodorizer is typically used for small areas such as the following:

    • Placement mats
    • Sofas
    • Pet beds
    • Car carpets
    • Mattresses

    The trigger spray nozzle makes it easier for you to disperse the liquid evenly over the affected area. Typically, liquid carpet sprays work well on pet accidents after they occur by removing stains and eliminating the smell of pet urine. Simply spray the affected area and use a towel to blot the mess and to remove the stain and odor from the carpet.


    Powdered carpet deodorizers come in a variety of fragrances. Some are made with all-natural ingredients and others are chemical-based. Using powder is the quickest way to freshen up your carpets because it absorbs unpleasant smells trapped deep within the fibers of your carpets.

    Furthermore, many powdered carpet fresheners contain baking soda, which draws moisture from your carpets and kills mold growth. Powders are ideal for large wall-to-wall carpets as well as rugs and even car upholstery.

    Simply sprinkle the powder over your carpet. Check the label to see how long you must leave the powder on the carpet for it to work its magic. Then use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner over the area as normal.

    Some powders contain ammonia, bleach, or other types of chemicals that are formulated to eliminate mold. Don’t use these powders around pets or children. Instead, pick a powder made with all-natural ingredients if you’re concerned about the health and safety of your pets and loved ones.


    Carpet shampoo is used for intense carpet-cleaning tasks. If you have dark stains on your carpet that give off a musty smell, shampoos dislodge stubborn dirt and debris trapped in your carpets while neutralizing unpleasant odors.

    Typically, carpet shampoos must be used with a carpet-cleaning machine. With most carpet cleaners, you add the shampoo to a water reservoir. Then the machine will spray the water and shampoo onto your carpet, and suck the liquid up using a vacuum nozzle.

    Additionally, there are spray-foam shampoos that work similar to liquid sprays. Simply spray the shampoo onto the affected area and then scrub the stain with a brush. If it’s a foam-based carpet shampoo, spray it onto the stain and then leave it to dry before vacuuming the residue.

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    What To Consider Before Buying Carpet Freshener

    Fragrance of The Carpet Freshener

    Fragrance is the most important feature to consider. If you don’t like the scent of your carpet cleaner then you’re not going to like the smell of your home after using it. Some carpet deodorizers have a chemical smell, so you may consider selecting a product made with natural ingredients.

    Fresh citrus scents are popular as well as natural plant fragrances. Whether you pick a spray, powder, or shampoo, always select a product that has a pleasant scent. On the other hand, if you’re sensitive to strong perfumes, then you may select a non-scented product.

    Does It Have Antibacterial Properties?

    Some carpet fresheners are multipurpose products that deodorize your carpets as well as eliminate bacteria from fibers. Some microorganisms such as mold can cause musty smells. The antibacterial ingredients will kill these microorganisms and neutralize the odors deep within your carpets. These carpet fresheners are perfect if you want a germ-free environment.

    What Type of Carpet Can You Use The Freshener On?

    Before you buy your freshener, make sure it’s safe to use on the type of carpets you have. Most deodorizer products can be used on any type of carpet, whether nylon or acrylic. But you may want to do a patch test if it’s a natural woolen carpet.

    Using powders on shag carpets may not be ideal because the small particles can get tangled in the fibers. Instead, use sprays or shampoos on shag carpets and powders on short-cut pile floors.

    Is The Carpet Cleaner Freshener Easy To Use?

    Another important aspect to consider when buying carpet freshener is how easy it is to use. Some packaging makes it difficult to sprinkle powders evenly over your carpet. Pick a container that has a small opening so you can disperse the powder sparingly over your floors.

    Sprays are easy to use because they’re pre-mixed. All you have to do is spray the liquid over your carpets before blotting the area. Shampoos are probably the most difficult carpet deodorizers to use. This is because you have to use the product with a carpet-cleaning machine, which can sometimes leave a residue behind. So make sure you use a carpet cleaner that sucks up all the water and shampoo from your carpet.

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    How Do I Make My Carpet Smell Good?

    You can make your carpet smell good by using a high-quality deodorizing powder, spray, or shampoo. Pick a product that has a pleasant fragrance that will last. The most popular fragrances are lavender, lemon, and vanilla.

    If you spill drinks or if your pet accidently urinates on your carpet, you must clean the affected area immediately. Use a liquid carpet freshener on the area then blot it with a clean towel to prevent the area from staining and stinking up your home.

    Another way to keep your carpets smelling fresh is to vacuum them often. Before vacuuming you can sprinkle perfumed powder on your floors to add a pleasant fragrance to your home.

    What Is The Best Carpet Freshener?

    The best carpet fresheners are ones that are powder-based such as Good Natured neutralizer. You also want to pick a carpet freshener that’s made with all-natural ingredients, especially if you have pets. Use Good Natured on pet beds and areas where your pet sits on regularly. The natural product won’t cause skin irritation and you’ll love its wonderful eucalyptus and lemon scent.

    Is Carpet Freshener Bad For Your Carpet?

    Carpet fresheners can be bad for natural woven carpets made from wool. But these products are ideal to use on synthetic carpets such as those made from nylon or polyester. It also depends on the type of powder you use. Chemical-based powders can damage your carpet. It’s advised that you use a powder made from natural ingredients to avoid damaging the integrity of your carpets. If you’re worried about using powder deodorizers on your carpets, then consider using sprays or shampoos instead.

    Do Carpet Deodorizers Really Work?

    Yes, carpet deodorizers work if you pick high-quality products. Some low-grade carpet fresheners may add a pleasant scent to your carpets for a short while that will soon disappear. You need a product that will remove the odors deep within the fibers and leave a pleasant scent behind that will last.

    Powders are used as a temporary fix, but if you want a product that will rid your carpets of musty smells permanently, then shampoos and sprays will work well.

    How Long Do You Leave Carpet Freshener On Carpet?

    If you’re using powdered fresheners, leave the product on your carpets for 30 minutes before vacuuming up the particles. If your carpet freshener isn’t chemical-based you can leave it on your floors overnight for the best results.

    Some foam shampoos must be left on the carpet to dry before vacuuming up the residue. But if you’re using a traditional carpet shampoo with a machine, the residue will be sucked up from your carpet immediately.

    If you’re using carpet sprays, you may have to leave the liquid on the area for 10 minutes before blotting it with a dry towel. Every product is different, so follow the instructions on each product’s label to avoid leaving the freshener on your carpet for too long.

    Does Baking Powder Remove Odors From Carpet?

    Yes, baking powder does remove odors from carpets. In fact, it’s the perfect alternative if you don’t have carpet fresheners in your home. Furthermore, baking powder is ideal for carpets if you have pets and children because there are no chemicals in the product.

    Baking powder works exactly the same way carpet powders work. The advantage is you can leave baking powder on your carpet for up to 24 hours before you vacuum up the particles. Another advantage when using baking powder on carpets is that it doesn’t have a scent. So if you’re sensitive to strong perfumes, then baking powder is a great alternative to fragrant products to neutralize odors.

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    Final Thoughts

    For bedrooms and living rooms especially, pick a non-toxic carpet cleaner that won’t cause allergies such as Good Natured. If you want to deodorize office carpets then the PL360 Odor Neutralizer will be the best choice.

    Additionally, if you have pets or children, then use a product that’s made with all-natural ingredients. And if you’re worried about using powders on your carpets, a high-quality carpet spray or shampoo will do the trick. Make sure you read the label so you know exactly how to use your product. So which carpet freshener will you pick?

    Have you used any of the carpet deodorizers mentioned in today’s article? If you have, what was your experience using the product and did it work well for you? Let us know what you think of the top five carpet fresheners on the list by leaving a comment below. If you have any questions about the products listed or the information in today’s article we’d be happy to answer them.

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