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Best Car Vacuums

Best Car Vacuums

A clean and dust-free driving experience is right around the corner with a little help from one of the best car vacuums out there. While any suction system can probably do the trick, a portable, lightweight vac designed to handle automotive applications can chop cleaning times in half while effectively removing particles from the deep …

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Best Miele Vacuums

Best Miele Vacuums

It’s safe to say that most of us expect a vacuum cleaner to last for a number of years under normal use when we buy a new model. The more we spend on it, the longer we anticipate it will operate without failure. Luckily, the best Miele vacuums feature the high quality and sturdy construction …

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Best Cordless Vacuums

Best Cordless Vacuums

All cordless vacuums are not created equally. Some have higher suction power but less battery life, and others come with a broader selection of attachments and tools. Since there is no single type of cleaning situation, we’ve listed our choices for the best cordless vacuums across a variety of cleaning categories. Your choice should be …

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Best Dyson Vacuums

Best Dyson Vacuums

Prepare to get caught up in the whirlwind of rankings for the best Dyson vacuums; sweeping across the open floor planes, these superior suction systems of European descent can handle most household applications. There’s a Dyson out there for just about every scenario, from handheld vehicle particle evacuations to whole-house, multi-surface floor cleaning situations. Lengthy …

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Best Shark Vacuums

Best Shark Vacuums

Shark has become known as the value brand in an otherwise crowded, competitive market. These days, that value is related more to price point and the distribution channels it services rather than any shortcuts in the product. Depending on what your cleaning needs are, we have a high performance, quality solution for you in this …

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Best Vacuums for Hardwood

Best Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

We’ve zoned in on the six best hardwood floor vacuums. These are designed to easily eliminate dust and debris while never, ever scratching the surface. Soft rollers, suction settings, and a combination of corded and battery-powered cordless vacs, some of which are enjoying an independent robotic existence, line up to assist in eliminating the evidence …

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Best Carpet Vacuums

Best Vacuums for Carpet

If your house is like mine, you have different heights of carpet and rugs, plus bare floors, steps and furniture, all of which need vacuuming. The hardest area to keep clean, it seems, is the carpet, particularly with active children and pets on board. The best vacuum for carpets is therefore central to keeping the …

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Best Pet Hair Vacuums

Best Vacuums for Pet Hair

If you share your household with a dog or cat or some other hair-coated creature, you need a vacuum for designed to suck up the inevitable resulting pet fur. When you’re lucky, your breed has the kind of hair that doesn’t stick to every surface it comes into contact with. Even if it doesn’t, though, …

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Best Hardwood Floor Mops

Best Mops for Hardwood Floors

No matter how often you sweep or vacuum, your hardwood floor will lose its luster and shine under a film of life’s residue. You don’t want to scratch those shiny surfaces, nor can you scrub it with harsh materials or chemicals. A gentle touch is needed, and for that, you need tools appropriate for the …

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