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Best Carpet Sweepers

6 Best Carpet Sweepers

You’re getting sweep-y…so very sweep-y. That’s right. It’s carpet sweeping time. Carpet sweeping offers quick clean-ups for the cookie crumbs, the kitty litter trails, and even the bits of popcorn kernels. You know, the ones that escaped during that not so graceful final bowl-to-mouth dump. (You know who you are). To review this collection of …

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best upright vacuums

6 Best Upright Vacuums

Upright vacuums are a classic choice for the family that needs their vacuum to do it all. From stairs to cars, upright vacs are versatile enough to get any job done. Do your stick vacuums seem to break in half just by looking at them? Do canister vacuums always find a way to fall over …

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6 best vacuums under $100

6 Best Vacuums Under $100

We may not be in Pyeongchang, but that doesn’t mean the Olympics have to stop there. Vacuums have been competing against each other for over a century to earn the title of “best cleaner” around. Today’s competition is all about what a vacuum can do the most for the least amount of money. This is …

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6 best vacuums for cars

6 Best Vacuums for Cars

The reason you splurged on a new car last weekend wasn’t because there weren’t great used options, but because of that new car smell. It’s irresistible. There’s nothing like it, and of course, you’re going to do everything in your power to keep your car smelling new for as long as possible. A “no fast …

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6 best cordless vacuums

6 Best Cordless Vacuums

As a kid, you remember making phone calls on phones connected to the walls. If you ever picked up the phone, realized it was your crush, and hid in a closet to have a private conversation, you were elated when the cordless home phone came out. Could you even contain your excitement when the cell …

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best steam mops

The 6 Best Steam Mops

You’ve realized the worst has happened: the scratch you’ve had on your tile for years is actually a scratch in the grime covering your entire floor. Yikes is an understatement. Since you threw out your knee pads when you gave up skateboarding in college, getting on your hands and knees to scrub it away is …

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the 6 best dyson vacuums

The 6 Best Dyson Vacuums

Your local Best Buy employee knows that you’ve been eying up the Dyson vacuums since, well, you started shopping at that Best Buy. If you have to answer another “just looking again?”, you may have to buy something to just to hide your embarrassment due to your lack of vacuum knowledge. Dyson’s product listings are …

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