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Best Backpack Vacuums

6 Best Backpack Vacuums

Strap it up, strap it in, it’s time to begin our rankings of the six best backpack vacuums. Become immersed in the diverse world of portable backpack vac systems and prepare to learn how cleaning times can be cut nearly in half, arm and shoulder fatigue can be nearly nixed, and ninja turtle-style cleaning methods …

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Best Steam Mops for Hardwood

6 Best Steam Mops for Hardwood

Put down the mop and sponge and make your life easier with one of the best steam mops for hardwood floors. Keeping your hardwoods looking their best can be one of the most difficult chores. Why not make it easier on yourself (and your knees and back) by purchasing a steam mop? Steam mops use …

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Best Handheld Steam Cleaners

6 Best Handheld Steam Cleaners

All right, the spray-cation is over, it’s time to zone in on the six best handheld steam cleaners. These handy and portable steam machines mean no more cleaning chemicals, less scrubbing and no more germs, except that elusive 0.1%, of course. These high-temperature (around 200°), bacteria-boiling, grime-getting steamers are like little magic wands. They send …

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best wet dry shop vacs

6 Best Wet/Dry Shop Vacs

If you’re searching for a slurpy, sliding, super suction device designed to handle even the messiest, stickiest and sloppiest of situations, you’re in luck. Somehow, you have found your way to this, a sometimes exciting, sometimes cheesy review of the six best wet/dry vacs and shop vacs. Are you looking for an effective dirt eradication …

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best shag carpet vacuums

6 Best Shag Carpet Vacuums

Shag carpets are making a huge comeback in popularity these days. And why not? They are fluffy, comfortable, warm and add interesting texture to a room’s décor. Though people love the look and feel of shag, many of them find the one major drawback to be keeping the rugs clean. Like shag rugs, soft, high-pile …

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Best Carpet Sweepers

6 Best Carpet Sweepers

You’re getting sweep-y…so very sweep-y. That’s right. It’s carpet sweeping time. Carpet sweeping offers quick clean-ups for the cookie crumbs, the kitty litter trails, and even the bits of popcorn kernels. You know, the ones that escaped during that not so graceful final bowl-to-mouth dump. (You know who you are). To review this collection of …

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best steam mops

The 6 Best Steam Mops

You’ve realized the worst has happened: the scratch you’ve had on your tile for years is actually a scratch in the grime covering your entire floor. Yikes is an understatement. Since you threw out your knee pads when you gave up skateboarding in college, getting on your hands and knees to scrub it away is …

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